Wednesday, February 18, 2009


New policy north of the border: in lieu of issuing traffic citations, officers will now let female motorists go with a warning that next time they will "spank their bottom" and a kiss. 

Check it out here.   Courtesy of the Broward Blog. 

Want to win friends and influence people? Want to be the talk of the town, or at least the federal courthouse? Then go ask our favourite federal blogger David O Markus to be his guest blogger. David will be in a month long federal disorderly conduct case, and he is looking for a little blogging help. Take it from us, blogging can lead to fame, fortune, hot chicks,  and entre' into the hottest parties on SOBE. 

After we turned them down (again) powerhouse law firm Dedevoise  & Plimpton has hired former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Above the Law has the details here. 

BREAKING NEWS. This just in- the rest of people waiting in line for court on Tuesday have now be admitted into the courthouse.  Judge Slom had "no comment" on the warrants issued for these people because they were "late to court". 

"Get out of bed a little earlier!!!" That's what we say. Every judge in the REGJB manages to make it to work by 11, why can't the defendants? Enough is enough. Stop coddling these miscreants. 

No "Auto Czar" for Car.
Obama promises to make money go far. 
Most Detroit workers go to a bar. 

That was Rumpole's Haiku of the day.
See you in court. 


Anonymous said...


Yesterday I went to TTC to see a new client. I was denied enter bc some public defender was monopolizing the interviewing room. I came back again and now there are TWO PD's using 2 of the 3 rooms. One of them has 30 clients to see

Again, after the family has paid for a lawyer, I can't see said client bc the PD feels it approrpriate to monopolize the interview rooms.

Having never been I private practice, you should know that after court private attorneys like to see their clients. Then then to the office to run our business

It is very selfish and inapprpriatr for a pd that usually leaves at two or three to monopolize one or two of the interview rooms all morning ( and to see 30 clients)

Chances are they won't remember three of their names

What a justice system we have when a privately retained atty has no access to their client bc a PD is building stats by clogging up the interview room by asking those useless questions on that ridiculous pd form

If you say you care about the accused in dade county you wouldn't deny access to their attys (unless they are your clients, of course)

Anonymous said...

don't be a little bitch

Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel like whoever hired the attorney at 11:01 a.m. should demand a refund. How did you get through law school with grammar and spelling like that? It was absolutely incoherent!!

Carlos, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Keep up the good work.

A former 12 year veteran.....

Anonymous said...

1:23--my sentiments exactly.

ASAs, watch your filings to see if any have the wonderful grammar and lack of punctuation of the distinguished 11:01 A.M writer. Then report which hack he/she actually is.

Anonymous said...

look out! the grammar police is issuing citations again. if you cant get the point without perfect grammar then you are a moron. perfect grammar is for briefs, not blogs.

Anonymous said...

If the pd was only using 1 of the 3interview rooms the first time you went, why didn't you see your client then? Even if the pd was using 2 of 3 when you came back, why didn't you use the remaining room then? Don't blame the pd's office because you are lazy.

Fake Ben Bernanke said...

Rump--is it just me or does the current state of the economy scare the living shit out of you?

Anonymous said...

Even the fucking JA's and the bailiffs can get in without being screened but, the defense lawyers wait in a faster but, long line.

Thanks Sam and Stan.

Anonymous said...

How you I do this without getting personal yet still deliver my important message?

There was a mutiple defendant sex battery case. It was very defensible.

Of the 5 co-defendants, 3 had the same exact defense. One of the 3, my client, passed a "Slattery" polygraph test. All were out of custody.

Of the 3 co-defendants with the same defenses and same exact issues...2 had private lawyers and they received (better term would be "earned on the merits" ) nolle prosses.

The 1 that had "regional counsel" actually PLED TO THE CHARGE two months ealier.

The regional counsel was not a member of the RJG family (ie Bailey, Parke) Rather it was an unfamiliar, inexperienced face.

We really did not have to move mountains to get the nolle prosse...just doing the expected job.

The defendant that pled received dismal legal advice and was screwed by his own attorney! It is a bad, current system. Some of these regional counsel are very inexperienced.

Anonymous said...

Michael Mathers, a real gentleman, gets a NOT GUILTY on all charges in a first degree murder case before Judge Jimenez. The defendant was accused of being the hitman in the killing of a federal witness who had testified against his codefendant, Fat Tony. The evidence consisted of a flipped codefendant who participated in the murder and a supposed confession to a federal prisoner serving almost 23 years on an unrelated matter.
Fat Tony was convicted in December in a separate trial and is now serving a life sentence. After many years and two prior mistrials, Sally Weintraub waived death on both defendants. CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHAEL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To call you a moron would be an insult to all real morons. You have a ways to go before you can reach the heights of being called a moron.

I want to make sure I understand what you are saying: you are angry because the PDs are seeing their clients and doing their jobs.

Where do you get off saying the PD leaves at 2 or 3. Did you ever think that they went back to the office to do a mountain of depos, see their out-of-custody clients, prepare pleadings, and the many other tasks required to handle a huge caseload.

You claim that after you see your clients you go back to run your business. With your command of the English language I can only imagine what that business must be.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if some cop was kissing girls he stopped for traffic back in 1981?

Anonymous said...

I care.

How would you feel if a cop stopped your daughter or wife and fondled them or kissed them?

I guess that would be different.