Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Joel Brown vs. Ivan Fernandez.

Predictions anyone?  Our poll has Fernandez ahead 46% to 36%. 


The Senate passed the stimulus bill on Tuesday 61-37. Now the Senate and the House have to conference to work out the differences. 

Query: Which party will have the most clout in these negotiations?

If you said "the republicans" you are correct. If you said "the republicans, and more specifically the three moderate republicans in the senate that voted for the bill" you really would be correct. 

You see, without Senators Snowe, Spector, and Collins, the three moderate republicans who voted for the bill, the bill could not be brought for a vote. If the House does not give these three moderate senators almost all of what they want, they withdraw their support and the bill will not get passed. 

Thus we see the strange and deliberate rules of the Senate at work.  House Democrats are not a happy bunch, but they can count to sixty with the best of them, and they realize they have to deal with Senators Spector, Snowe and Collins. 

In watching the coverage of administration officials trying to explain the stimulus package, we get the distinct feeling that nobody is really sure what is going on, and what impact the bill will have. 


Anonymous said...

joel brown is a better fit. fernandez is a wonderful man but need a bit more seasoning

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else feel that our stock market is going to go to zero and that the world will suffer from a global DEPRESSION with unprecedented unemployment, homeless, hungry and suicidal people?

I hear from my colleagues that the criminal defense world is really hurting right now and financially that it has never been worse. true?

More lawyers will be forced to run for judge. Incumbents: be prepared secondary to the economy, plus it will be impossible to raise money this time around as lawyers need to hold onto every dollar that they have.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

If you did a dead on vote Brown v. Fernandez then Brown would take it. Do us a favor and take down "BRING BACK WETHERINGTON" as brown supporters have a sense of humor.

Fake Dale Ross said...

Why did you not include me in the poll? I am shortly to be transferred to Mia-muh and will be installed by the Governor as Chief-Judge-For-Life.

CAPTAIN said...



Well, it's nearly done.

The House & Senate have quickly agreed in conference on a $789 Billion dollar bill.

Obama can get his pen out and put us in even more debt for the next 20 years.

Cap Out ...