Friday, October 10, 2008


UPDATE: ALASKA REPORT INDICATES GOV PALIN ABUSED HER POWERS. The NY Times article is here. The issue is not that she did this, it is that she is so simple minded that a petty dispute with a former brother-in-law occupied so much of her time. It is because she is not a deep thinker and does not view her office or any office other than a means to a personal end. It is a national embarrassment she is on a ticket to be vice president of these United States. 

Here's a group of attorneys near and dear to our heart: defense attorneys in Baltimore, fed up with the petty misdemeanors that are being filed have struck back by demanding and receiving jury trials. The system is grinding to a halt. 

The title links to the Baltimore Sun Article. 

And while we're on the subject of Baltimore, here's an article about a judge who got a little to enthusiastic in trial: the conviction was reversed when the Judge asked over 125 questions. To quote Paul Newman in The Verdict "If you're going to try my case for me judge, at least try not to lose it." 

Here is a  headline from the BBC. We don't know if they were exactly quoting the president, or they were trying to be funny, or if they made a mistake: "Bush vows to Stabilise US Economy" (for our robed readers, the BBC misspelled "stabilize")

How long before Bush/Cheney blame the banking crisis on Iraq, and plan a new invasion to deal with the threat?     

Football picks this weekend, suicide pool labours on. 
Enjoy this beautiful fall (long) weekend. See You Tuesday, ready for trial. 


Anonymous said...

President Palin's Inaugural Address

Gosh hi! Oh my, hey! I see lots of you out there!

Hello America and welcome to my inaug . . . inau . . . gosh darn it.

First presidential address! Couldn't see that but I'm OK now, thanks.

It's just so amazin'! Bein' a hockey mom, you know. And a proven maverick. And then one day some guy from some political thing, like a year ago maybe, asks about bein' vice president. And of course you don't blink. Just don't blink. And now I'm here on this podium! So I never expected to be here, that's for sure. I thought, you know, "it's the VICE president, right?" Not the real deal at all. But America, hey, that's our country. Thank you.

I understand, too, what with all that's happened, John McCain--bless his heart--just leaving us like that. Just dropped to the ground, then didn't move. Like a shot, real sudden, but I didn't hear gunfire. He was a stiff guy--didn't move well, as was known. But I didn't expect him to go so quick! But if you're a maverick, I guess that's how you go. One minute a fightin' maverick, taking those shots, and the next, game over. That arm, you know. Definitely a concern. And I said, about the decision on those medical records I said, "I don't know." But that's what's done and his reward's in heaven, as they say.

But geez. I mean, he sort of left us in the lurch, don'tcha think? Nothin' against him, but I thought he'd be around at least a year, right? I mean, just bein' honest, I thought that was the deal. A year of on the job training, at least. That's what I was promised. But to not even make it to Inaugural Day. To just be thrown into this.

And then the Democrats, you know, sayin' we need a do over, right? Which I don't blame them. But that Supreme Court up in their chambers they said, "No, President elect keels over like that, it's the Vice-President is the new President." And that's what they said and the thing about that court? It's the law when they say it. That's our system.

And so now, though, the American people wanted change, and believe me, with Aunt Sarah, change is what you're gonna get. And those Democrats were sayin' they were change, but I have two words for them, which are: Just wait. They may have won a Congress majority but we'll see just what we need Congress for, exactly.

Now, as for Katie Couric. First off, there's a war on. And I don't know if everyone realizes? But there's press-a . . . press . . . precedence for in times of war you are not allowed to embarrass the President. So I have an announcement, which is that we have some things down at Gitmo that require Katie's immediate attention. If you know what I mean. Sorry, Katie. God love ya.

Let that be a lesson to all the press, too, from here on.

And that Tina Fey, too. You know, I laughed at that, but there are lots a things you do on the trail that maybe you don't like. So Tina Fey, you'll be hearing from us as well.

Now, as for the Second Coming, which is, of course, much on everyone's minds. As many of you know, and the Wasilla Bible Church of my hometown also said, the Second Coming is real, and Christ is already come for those with a true servant's heart. And you know who you are. That is why I'm proud to announce today my first initiative as President: War with Iran. As a great man once said: The bombing begins in five minutes.

Now, for the earmarks. I know John McCain stood against those, because he was a brave man. Very brave, standing like that. And a maverick, too, lest it be forgotten. And also known. So we'll be exercising the line-item, whether Congress likes it or not. And those signing statements, too. Gonna enforce those, finally. So that's one thing.

I have other plans, too. After Iran, there are probably other countries we need to obliterate. Northern Pakistan, for instance. Don't know if that's a country, really, but seems like it might need to go. Then we have North Korea. And then maybe Russia. These are some of them yes.

We also have a list of books, and of my enemies, and there's also a certain state trooper in Alaska who can kiss his pension goodbye, and who better be looking to move to Canada if he know what's good for him. Mike, if you're listening, Todd is already on a flight to Anchorage, and he's got his shotgun and dog team waiting for him at Ted Stevens International.

Well, that's all for now. I'm just so excited to be movin' into the White House. I'll be giving more speeches as we get more into this President thing, sorta figure it out, you know. No press conferences, though. I've learned my lesson on that one.

Thank you, America, and God bless!

Anonymous said...

That's how they spell stabilize in England. Well, at least how the government and news media spell it.

Anonymous said...


For one who loves to masquerade as a Brit, you should definitely know that the British do not recognize the spelling of "ize" on the ends of words such as stabilize and instead use the s instead of the z. In fact, the BBC spelled stabliSe correctly for British spelling. Tsk Tsk for not knowing that!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's not just the British spelling of stabilize?






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Anonymous said...

Baltimore Circuit Judge Wanda Heard is quoted in the article saying: "I have 40 defendants today. Have you ever heard of 40 defendants on a misdemeanor docket?"

Hahahahaha!!! C'mon, Judge Heard! Ask any county court judge in South Florida that question!

Anonymous said...

I thought Rumpole meant to poke fun at those robed readers who are not likely to know that "stabilise" is the British spelling of "stabilize".

CAPTAIN said...
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Anonymous said...

It was the best time.
It was the worst time.
It was Shumie time....

Thus begins my new Shumie novel. I want to cash in on this hollywood shumie craze. The guy who sold the shumie time website is in LA right now optioning the movie to searchlight pictures (Adam Sandler as Shumie, Jim Carrey or Tom Cruise as his boss who fires him for taking time off of work) and a television series comedy to Fox about a lawyer who quits his job at a high powered law firm and goes to work as a short order cook to be able to spend more time with his family. But his wife gets upset and leaves him and then he has a romance with the nanny.

Any way shumie time is hot and this is the start of my book.

Anonymous said...


"I woke up that morning like any other morning. I didn't feel like working and I was already scheming how I was going to leave work early when I was shaving in the shower. My boss is a jerk, but a dumb jerk. I'm a lawyer...they call me Shumie."

Who's next?

Anonymous said...

Laughing my ass off. The best thing on this blog since Fake Alschuler and Real Fake Blecher had a fight.

rejected-and-depressed-attorney said...

3:29- With the way the economy is going I needed a laugh!

Get out while you still can Palin!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that you might give some thought to adding someone to the BLOG who has ever considered the possibily that someone that is conservative or that a conservative point of view may have some merit. I have decided that the really valuable benefit that this BLOG once had about letting people know what is happening in the courthouse that perhaps could help the victims that are right before within our area of influence escape unfair justice or which might help us be better lawyers no longer has a chance as you worry about blowing your cover and focus on football scores and your radical left points of view.
For instance, about 10 lawyers were standing in Judge Adrien's courtroom on Friday when he put two African American male witnesses who claimed that they knew nothing in jail until Tuesday to have their depositions taken so that he could show what a decisive judge he was instead of ordering them to appear again on Tuesday in his court or ordering that the deposition be taken right then, including a working man who had come down from Tallahassee. It was an embarrassment to everyone with a law degree in the room.
As to your politics, half of the people in this country do not agree with you. You obviously consider them idiots. Moreover, when a report that concludes that Gov. Palin did not act improperly contains dicta that suggests that she abused her power by not reigning-in her spouse - Give me a break. Why don't you read what you write about before your write about it. Maybe she will be one heart beat away from the presidency, but Obama with great promise and zero experience will be the heart that is beating in the president's office, and that doesn't bother you because you believe in his leftist line.
If you and your fellow travellers have their way, in January we will have a president who is so inexperieneced that he will need advice on every issue regarding management since the largets group he has managed is his Senate staff. Running this country is not an on-the-job training matter. What is a shame is that if he is elected, he would not have the good sense to step aside in favor of Joe Biden who would be an excellent president and who could decide any number of issues without convening a panel of Harvard profs to decide what to do.

Rumpole said...

Lets see- TR, Truman, Kennedy- all inexperienced. IKE had never held elective office. Ditto Wilson I believe.

You can make all the conservative arguments you want. I was an original Reagan Conservative. Read what he did in his first year as Governor of California and you will see what I mean. I repeatedly bemoan what Bush and his henchman Rove did to McCain in south carolina in 2000, and I repeatedly say McCain would have been a good if not great president these past 8 years and that the world would have been a much better and safer place. What distresses me- and insiders know this is true- is that McCain wanted- really really wanted Joe Liberman to be his running mate, with Tom Ridge a second choice. But because they both believe in abortion rights (something I am hesitant to agree with them on) McCain faced rioting by the religious right and he caved in. He sacrificed his ideals and his beliefs when he was told that if he picked either of those two, the religious right would abandon him and he would surely lose. The old McCain told them to go to hell. The new McCain sold out. And he sold out with a woman so dumb, so inexperienced, so stupid and so just moronic (she believes in banning books and does not believe in evolution and does not believe humans caused global warming) that I am forced to vote for Obama. Now here's the thing- every person grows into the Presidency. Obama is very very smart and he will surround himself with very smart and competent people and I do not believe his relative inexperience will be an issue. For instance, I have no political experience but I have spent my life studying the presidency and reading biographies of leaders in tough situations, not to mention the life and death decisions I help my clients make, and I am 1000% certain that I would have been a much better president than this idiot from Texas. So would about a dozen lawyers and Judges I know. I know this- on 9.11 I would NOT have kept reading that stupid book to those kids and I know that I would have LISTENED TO THE CIA PROFESSIONALS WHO SAID THERE WERE NO WMDS IN IRAQ. AND 4000 AMERICANS WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.