Friday, April 25, 2008

Judging Ana

UPDATE: For those of you who follow these things, three NYPD officers were acquitted today in Queens, NY, by a Judge, of all charges in the shooting death of an unarmed man exiting a Queens strip club the night before he was to be married. The trial lasted seven weeks. The trial was heard by a veteran and well respected Judge.
The NY Times Story is here:

It is not believed that the Judge was drinking with or having sex with any of the attorneys related to the trial.

Now to Judge Ana Gardiner, of North Of The Border, where apparently we cannot say the same thing:

These links are on the Broward Blog but the stories are just too juicy for us to ignore here.

First, here is the link to the New Times story on the many loves and friendships of Broward Circuit Court Judge Ana Gardiner.

And here is the link to Bob Norman's story on the nasty letter the Judge had her attorneys send him:


All in all another day North Of the Border.

How about our colleague Fred Haddad's comments? "judges and prosecutors and defense attorneys have been drinking together and having sex with one another for years in Broward County."

"Not with us" Rumpole replies.
Of more concern to us is who was paying for those overpriced drinks at those snooty Broward pick-up joints?

Well there you have it. Flirting with attorneys while on the bench.
Canoodling with prosecutors who are trying a death case before her and everyone having a good laugh at the horrible crime scene pictures. But for the conscience of a law student who witnessed the event, we might never know of the pleasures of prosecuting a case in Broward.

See You In Dade County Court, where no Judge has ever bought us a drink, much less made a suggestive comment.


Anonymous said...

It is a bit annoying that the subject of the article is female. That we care about her "artificially red hair" and her dating choices. In essence, how many male judges are schtupping defenders/prosecutors/ and court staff and/or court reporters. I mean its ALL unethical behavior, but why no expose on the men who do it? It's not like this is new- this is MIAMI for crying out loud! Oh, because thats not news when its a man banging his way around the courtroom, its life...
love the bigPHATbitch

MEMORIES said...

the memories:


Anonymous said...

Judges in Miami don't buy us drinks because they are too cheap.

Broward needs a real clean up of the mess they have created.

Fire the weakest link said...

American Lawyer Media Lays Off 42

Thu Apr 24, 2008 at 10:18:46 AM

American Lawyer Media, which owns The American Lawyer magazine and 12 newspapers nationwide, announced last week in a memo from CEO William L. Pollak to staff that it is laying off 42 employees nationwide, which amounts to about four percent of its workforce.

Locally, the only employee that was terminated was Miami Daily Business Review editorial assistant Sergy Odiduro, nee Tabuteau, who also happens to be an officer in the local chapter of Society of Professional Journalists.

Great, fire an employee at the bottom of the ladder who also happens to be someone who volunteers for the good of journalism. And a minority and new mother, as well. This from company that publishes The Minority Law Journal and often criticizes law firms for failing to hire minorities. Way to keep our dim view of the values of corporate America alive and well, ALM.

lazy said...

Is there any official time that is Shumie time, or is it whenever you feel like quitting for the day?

Anonymous said...

Not only was there a dozen Jon Blechers, but there was a Joan Blecher PD who was a super hottie.

The John H Blecher who went to california also has a condo in Vegas and we were there this past Christmas through New Years. It's five bedrooms; only one other unit on the floor; private elevator, and Blech keeps a Hummer in Vegas to tool around in. Great guy, very successful; very humble; sexy wife; great life.


To: Mike Satz, SAO
From Jake Thompson, Gadfly.

RE: Sex outside marriage

Dear Mikey boy:
It has just come to my attention there is a Judge in Broward County (Ana Gardiner) who has been having sexual relations while not married, and on the bench. As you know, it is against the sacred laws of Florida for any two human beings to couple, canoodle, or engage in sex without the sancity of marriage.

Please open an investigation and proceed with all due haste.

This should be fun.

Yours truly,

Jake Thompson, Gadfly, and Esq.

Divorced and happy said...

The weather's great; my boat at the dock on Grove Isle is fueled and the 2nd year U/M law student with the longest tanned legs I have ever seen is in my Grove Isle condo waiting. We did some tutoring last night. It is the obligation of senior attorneys to mentor young attorneys or law students. Especially ones that look like her.

It's Shumie time and I'm ouuta here. have a great weekend Rump. I know I will.

Fake Jake Thompson said...

To: Prez Bush
From: Jake Thompson, Gadfly and Esq.

RE: Loyalty oath and Public Records Request.

Dear Mr. President;

It has just come to my attention that you, me, VP Dick Cheney and Justice Clarence Thomas are the only four americans who have executed the required loyalty oaths as enacted in the sedition laws of 1812. Everyone else is screwed.

OK Mr. President, lets roll up our sleves and get to work. I DEMAND the records of every amercian so we can begin prosecutions post haste. I would like to start with a Dava Tunis, Joe Farnia, Steve Chaykin, and several other members of the Florida Bar, but as you are the president, you may also have a few disloyal americans you want to send to Guantanamo first.

OK, lets get to work. This should be fun.

I will meet you at Camp David this weekend and we can start pulling files.

Your Pal,

Jake Thompson, Gadfly and Esq.

Anonymous said...

Migna v. Tauler and Cueto v. Velis.

C'mon this is a joke right? You can't be serious. These jokers have no business deciding what toppings for the pizza let alone...

gamepolitics guy said...

Rump, whoever is writing the "Fake Jake Thompson" comments is right on the money. The writing style is dead-on. ANd it's funny as "heck".

Take a bow who ever you are. You are rapidly developing fans. And keep the comments comming.

Anonymous said...


Naional Association of Fax machine producers to bestow for the 9th year running, it's "FAX MAN OF THE YEAR" award to Fake Jake Thompson, Gadfly & Esq.

Dinner and cocktail reception to follow. June 1, 2008, 4 Ambasssadors On Brickell Key.

blonde pd intern said...

Hey divorced guy- I thought I was going on the boat this weekend. I'm pouting. I'm blonde. I'm beautiful. No fair.

fake pannunzio said...

Dudes! I am confused. Have a great weekend. No court Monday right?

Anonymous said...

Rump, as interesting as the Ana Gardiner article is, this is exactly the type of unsourced, unverified rumor and innuendo that you would never allow posted on your blog.

I'm confused...is unsourced, unverified rumor and innuendo only acceptable if it's appeared in a newspaper first?

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about running for Judge, but do not want to hire Bob Levy, Armando Gutierrez or Al Lorenzo. Can someone please provide a recommendation of a few consultants with a winning record as well as brains that I can talk to?

By the way, I heard about being ripped-off with outrageous prices, thus I want someone who is priced fairly and works. Thanks.

Scott Saul said...

The article against Judge Gardiner was chauvenstic and unfair. It seemd to be bad reporting based upon innuendos and rumors rather than on hard evidence.

She is a tough but fair judge. She is personable and approachable to the attorneys.

When you are single, common sense dictates that your social circle will also be your professional circle as well. That is why many lawyers are married to fellow lawyers, court reporters, Clerks, secretaries and other people that work in their area.

If you had an intimate moment with someone or are close friends with someone, your communications will and should be more informal than usual. As you get older and your colleagues become Judges, your demeanor loosens up as opposed to when you first went to court.

Lastly, most of us try to parlay relationships that (hopefully) will yielded "fruit" later on. It is called "networking". Just because she schmoozed with Jenne, etc...all you wanna be Judges would do teh same thing!

Ana Gardiner is not cheating on anybody, making disasteruous rulings that result in an unusually high reversal rate and rating low in the judicial polls. She is respected from all sides of the bench.

Bob Norman rips her for not discussing her private affairs...who would? If a reporter inquired about the intimate details of any of our lives, would you discuss it? It is none of anybody's business.

That article was based upon gossip in the courthouse. Just like there are tons of nonsensical gossip on this blog, there are tons in the Broward County Court house as well.

We all live in a large metropolitan area. Don't you think in smaller areas the people know each other and there will be the inevitable crossing of paths?

The article did not describe any bad rulings, any favoritism or any lack of professionalism.

I think it just dumped on Gardiner because she is an attractive, assertive and politically motivated woman.

In that courthouse, that was the wrong Judge to pick on.

Anonymous said...

The thing that ticks me off is how
these Broward Judges and State Attorneys act like they walk on water, when they really walk on
cow dung. Whole system up there needs to be revamped.

Phil R said...

Scott, I think you make some fair points. And you can call me idealistic, but I have always believed Judges should be held to a higher standard. That means strictly interpreting the "appearance of impropriety" rule. And that means limited socialising with attorneys who practice in the area of law the Judge is ruling on. Judge Gardiner had NO business being out with a prosecutor who was trying a case before her.

Without mentioning names, I know for a fact that there are criminal defense attorneys who are socially close enough to certain judges that both parties have agreed the judge will automatically recuse themselves if the attorney gets a case in that division. And that is just a social friendship. A romantic relationship, whether current or in the past surely mandates that a Judge recuse themselves if for nothing more than upholding the appearance of impropriety.

Judge Gardiner has yelled at my clients for doing stupid things. She needs to look in the mirror. Which act has a greater potential to damage the justice system: a client who has money but does not pay court costs, or a Judge who sits on a murder case and then goes drinking with the prosecutor?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fact that Judge Gardiner is a succesful Cuban female in a WASP-male-dominated judicial system led Bob Norman to pick on her.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole (or whoever took over for Rumpole after April 1), next time someone posts an unverified rumor about a judge having sex with a prosecutor/defense lawyer/judicial assistant/clerk/court reporter/etc., will you delete the comment or will you do with the New Times article on Ana Gardiner and post it in the front page?

Rumpole said...

I admit to "bootstrapping" the Gardiner article. If they printed it, I am assuming they stand behind it. I do not think it is my obligation to research the veracity of every article printed. I don't do it for the NY Times and I did not do it here. I will note that neither the Judge nor her defenders have denied her relations with attorneys who have appeared before her.

And let me be clear on this. There is one and only one Rumpole. Yours truly.

Rumpole said...

BTW- an intelligent conversation between two veteran lawyers about an interesting issue. On My Blog. I may just faint.

Anonymous said...

Rump, come on! Comparing the NY Times to the Broward New Times?!?!?!

So what you're saying is, if I can whisper in a Miami New Times' reporter's ear, "Tammy Forrest did..." "KFR was seen..." "Judge Butchko got into a..." "David Weed had a..." and the reporter prints it, you'll then link to the article?!?!?! An article that is pure gossip and innuendo?! And yet you won't allow the VERY SAME gossip and innuendo to be posted on your blog?!

For an avatar of the new media, you sure are deferential to the old media...

Anonymous said...

well one more week and election 2008 is almost history. Where;s GINA when u need her?????????????????

Personal Assistant to the Captain said...

So who was investigated by the Elections commission you ask? Who got the biggest fines? Who was found to be not guilty?

The names of 6 Judges and Candidates from the 2006 elections made the list:


Captain will do the honors of digging through the 7 page report and inform you of the names.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words said...


Anonymous Liberal said...

I'm with Phil R.

Scott, you made a gross factual error that Phil did not raise. The article does mention a bad ruling involving one of the attorney's the Judge is rumored to have been involved with:

"The episode vividly reveals how the mere perception of a relationship affected Gardiner's courtroom. And that perception can be traced at least back to 2002, when Gardiner made some questionable rulings in Patanzo's favor.

One example is the case of Dario Thomas, an 18-year-old charged in 2001 with two counts of armed robbery in Broward County."

To recap, Judge Gardiner allowed the State to exercise a PC on an African-American juror (and the Defendant was African-American) because the juror had been silent during voir dire. Never mind that the juror answered every question asked of him, which alone would be enough to rule that the State was using a pretextual reason to justify its PC. The greater crime in my eyes is that in 2002 this Judge still denied the Defense's challenge because:

"'Based on the court's observation of Gasana's demeanor and based on the fact that it has not been a systematic striking of minorities in the panel by Mr. Patanzo, I do not find it to be a pretext and find it to be a race-neutral reason,' she ruled."

Of course, the 4th DCA reversed her. You're entitled to your own opinion Scott, but not your own facts. By the way, it's great you post in your own name, but I've noticed a trend that every time you sign your name, on a comment about a Judge controversy, it is to defend the Judge. You wouldn't be trying to curry favor by playing Judicial White Knight on this Blog, would you?

Judge Reversed Twice on Emergency Motions to 3rd DCA said...

Move over pill case Judge and throw black children out of the court room Judge. You have competition, meet Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Nushin Sayfie.

Reversed twice on Friday by the 3rd DCA on two emergency petitions and motions of the DCF.

The Herald Story is here:


On Monday, DCF begged Judge Nushin Sayfie to leave twin infants in custody due to abuse, DENIED, two days later while in the abusive parents care one infant is dead. At a Thursday hearing over the objection of DCF Judge Nushin Sayfie gives custody to grandmother.

Friday, 3rd DCA reverses Judge and gives custody to DCF.

Another case unrelated, Judge Nushin Sayfie gives custody to clearly abusive parents of two teenage 13yr olds.

On Friday, for the second time in one day Judge Nushin Sayfie is reversed by the 3rd DCA on a separate case and emergency motion of DCF.

Judge Nushin Sayfie, are the lights on upstairs? The State is yelling, begging and doing there job why can't you. If they are wrong the 3rd DCA will reverse. Time to protect children.

Dear, Chief Judge Farina:

Can we get this Judge transferred out of Juvi before another child is killed?

Rumpole said...

9:43 PM. I cannot win this argument with you. Whenever there is a news media story you don't like, even if it is CBS news (remember the Dan Rather fiasco that got him dismissed?) you can say I did not research the facts.

The fact is that the New Times has been around a while as have these reports about Judge Gardiner. The New Times is distributed to the extent that I do not feel my blog brought to attention a story that otherwise was about to be ignored.

Anonymous said...


Fake Alschuler.
Hot rising rookie Fake Jake Thompson; JOA Joe; Fake Bogenschutz; Fake Peckins and MORE!!!

Anonymous said...

even lunch, phil?

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:18 a.m., you are completely right. I typed faster than I read the article. However, jury challenges are very subjective with the Judge. All of us trial lawyers have been on the receiving end of irrational and bizarre rulings concerning jury selection. It is part of the wacky trial process.

I remain firm that Gardiner, who I have only tried 1 case in front of, been on the receiving end of many denied motions and suffered at her calendar calls when she takes the bench late, is nontheless a quality Judge. If Judges did not make errors, there would have been nothing to study in law school. Everybody makes error.

A bad jury ruling is usually good for the defense...automatic reversal appellate issues!

I also agree that I may look like a pathetic butt kisser defending people. Yet, keep in mind, the only time I post something is when I "disagree" with the tone or theme of the comment. I do not blog on my thoughts of the day (who would care), would never dump on anybody (It is more fun to do that in person) it is only interesting in the world of blogging to take a "counterpoint" to what is here.

I hardly ever go to fund raisers, I rarely cavort in the cafeteria, I am completely apolitical and never succumb to anything in court. I feel that I am a pretty uncompromising, in-my own-world type of guy. How can I be a White Knight?

Fake Fact Checker... said...

Oh c'mon the New Times is a tabloid newspaper everyone knows that.

I mean just read:





It's just tabloid trash. Right?

fake jake thompson said...

To: CJ Farina
From Fake Jake Thomson

RE: Public records

Dear Judge Farina:

Exactly 22 days ago I asked you for financial records of every judge who has ever served in Dade County.

I believe there is a vast conspiracy between the video game industry and the judges of dade county. Specifically, by examining credit card records I intend to prove that virtually every Judge in dade county has purchased a video game. As you can see, this would prove my contention that no Judge in Dade is fit to serve judging me. As has been prominently mentioned on 60 minutes, I am a gadfly who sues the video game industry. I have yet to receive those records. As such, I am filing a RICO action against you.

Put on your trial suit. You're going to need it. This should be fun.

Fake Jake Thompson, Gadfly & Esq.

dictionary dan said...

Gadfly" is a term for people who upset the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or attempt to stimulate innovation by proving an irritant.

The term "gadfly" (Gk. muopa)[1] was used by Plato in the Apology[2] to describe Socrates' relationship of uncomfortable goad to the Athenian political scene, which he compared to a slow and dimwitted horse. The Bible also references the gadfly in terms of political influence; The Book of Jeremiah (46:20) states "Egypt? A beautiful calf of quality pestered from the North". The term has been used to describe many politicians and social commentators; in modern Hebrew, which knows many more idioms than those used by Jeremiah, gadfly is "mekhapes pagam" literally "fault finder".

During his defense when on trial for his life, Socrates, according to Plato's writings, pointed out that dissent, like the tiny (relative to the size of a horse) gadfly, was easy to swat, but the cost to society of silencing individuals who were irritating could be very high. "If you kill a man like me, you will injure yourselves more than you will injure me," because his role was that of a gadfly, "to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth."

blog general manager said...



Scott Saul said...

Whoops! Forgot to say I was Mr. 10:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...

8:40 a.m.,

When you make up your own facts, as you have, things can look much worse than they are. You don't even have the Herald story straight, let alone anything else you've made up in your holier-than-thou post.

And where is it written that whatever the Third D.C.A. says is "right?" They say what they say, and the rest of us, for the most part, live with it. That doesn't make it "right."

"If they [DCF] are wrong, the 3rd DCA will reverse." Let the Delphic Deciders give us the TRUTH from on high!!!

Gimme a fucking break.

Anonymous Liberal said...

Scott, you are forgiven.

Important back story to the Gardiner article:

CAPTAIN said...



(thanks to 7:10 am)

After reviewing the report, there was only one result worth reporting.

In Re: Dennis Murphy

The Final Order's Findings Of Fact states that Murphy's Campaign Treasurer's Report was filed late.

Murphy appealed the ruling of the FEC claiming "unusual circumstances".

The Commission concluded that, pursuant to Rule 2B-1.0055 FAC, that there were no unusual circumstances justified.

Based upon the foregoing facts and conclusions of law, the Commission finds that Murphy failed to file the report on the designated due date.

They ordered him to pay a fine in the amount of $2,127.50.


Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

For what it's worth at 3:55pm- the Chiefs needs to select Glenn Dorsey to stop the Raiders selection of Darren McFadden. The Saints are offering picks for a trade, but the Chiefs need to take Dorsey.

Anonymous said...

Miami has the dolphins
jake long is our pick.
he can't run or throw the ball
but parcells says he'll do the trick.

he blocks and blocks and blocks some more
he knocks guys to the ground
because when you say miami
they usually blow the first round

Anonymous said...


Will one of you please run against Ivan Fernandez, the Scolas, Siegler, Zabel, Karlan and Farina?

They are so beatable people.

If you do, I promise to work for you for free.

For the record, I know what I am doing.

Truly yours,

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to run against Judge L. Firltel, I got your back. Enough is enough. My firm and I will work to get you elected. This clown needs to leave the Court and go join the circus.

Anonymous said...

Ivan Fernandez-Eminently qualified, tries hard and real nice off the Bench; Bobby Scola--smart, intelligent and nice on and off the bench, Zabel--seems to have her heart in the right place, Karlan--yea, big pain, but she cares and cares and has the hardest job in the building, Farina-give me a break, no doubt one of best and brightest, Jackie Scola-Hogan, however seems to be making more and more enemies by the second--stupid, she is not, calculating, vindictive and mean-spirited to lawyers, often, as we all experienced, but work hard and make your client extra-ordinary, and even she responds, but she is vulnerable to a candidate of serious substance.

Anonymous said...

8:40 pm-

If you look at the case-law coming out of the third, you'll see that Juvi Judges were reversed repeatedly in the past year for stripping parental rights. It seems to me that the judges took note of the Third's attitude and, not wanting to be reversed, followed their lead. They may look like the "good-guys" in this instance, but they've been leading the Juvi lawyers and judges in circles.

Anonymous said...

Leave Jackie alone, she's scared.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you chicken sh@t lawyers who bitch about certain judges run against them. "I've got your back" or I'll finance the campaign is so lame. You are a bunch of pussy coward Defense Lawyers.. Run--Bring it on. Quit complaining.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I disagree with ripping Firtel. He is one of the best criminal judges around.

I do not know about his performance in the civil arena but the man has the attribute that should be the primary objective to being a good Judge...he strives to do the right thing.

He does wear his heart on his sleeve and, sometimes, his being tempormental gets almost cartoonish. Anyone that is intimidated by him would be a puss.

I do not think that he yields to political pressures when it comes to his rulings.

Any of his quirks are easy to read and therefore it is easy to tell what to do and not to do.

Anonymous said...

rump censored my appeal to him and the captain. what gives?

Personal Assistant to the Captain said...


My boss the Captain may have further details.

Anonymous said...

I have a question.

Why do all the new Judges end up at the Juvenile Court House as the first appointment? Is it because the proceeding are confidential and any mistakes would be hard to expose?

Maybe it's just me but I think the most fragile litigants children should have the most seasoned jurist protecting them from the bench.

A child's welfare should not be a training exercise for new judges.

Anonymous said...

Judicial qualifications are coming to a conclusion in the next few days.It has been suggested that some incumbents need opposition.If they deserve opposition so be it providing a qualified person is the candidate;not someone merely running because of wanting an increase in salary,not wanting to work hard in private practice,ethnic grounds or just believing they can win.
For those running in open seats,it is suggested the same.Do they wish to continue working on the public financial program,believing they can do less work for more pay etc.
Look at the "history"of those running as to work ethic,numbers of different positions(different firms etc),community service(not just recent as often occurs).Talk to those who know the candidates as colleagues and peers or the judicial officers whom they have appeared before.This provides some indication as to the type of individual seeking to be a judge as well as the reasons why.

Run if you are qualified;don't if you are not!

Don't complain later about the members of the judiciary if you are qualified and have been in the practice for a number of years and have not thought of helping out our community.*

Also if you run don't use any position,County,or Circuit Court as a mere stepping stone.This has occured all to often in the judicial system.

Anonymous said...


I'm all for the First Amendment and a censor-free blog, but as long as you're screening, does 12:12's "pussy coward defense lawyers" really contribute in any way to the purposes of the blog/free exchange of ideas, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's qualifying week. Time for the "BIG MOUTHED" anonymous's to put their money where they talk from or shut the @#%$#% up about the problems with the bench. You wished for someone to run against Migda and look what you got......

Rumpole said...

I did not post a comment because it mentioned where a judge lived.

5:52- the comment was stupid, insipid, and crude, but it did not attack anyone by name. so it made it. Barely.

The One to call the Judges out. said...

Firtel has been in the circus for many years. You should have seen the act he used to put on with Manny Crespo. Incredible!!!!

The judges in our town are butt awful. Yes, there are a few good ones (Emas, Prescott, and Pineiro), but there are sooooo many horrible ones in County and Circuit. I mean come on Firtel, Pando, etc.

Anonymous said...

It's MIGNA, people, not Midna, Migda, or any of the other misspellings you've come up with!

Anonymous said...

Migna is going down! I tell you, this so called candidate needs to learn not to be a pupper to Hector Lombada and the crew. Yes, a puppet.

Migna, you know who I am.

My name is revenge and I am best served cold. Bob is not going to save you, nor is Armando. As a matter of fact, if you keep them you will lose again. You and Josie Vidal should become friends since you will join her in the losers column on election day.


Anonymous said...

The best part of it is that Migna neither reads this blog nor wastes her time with the 2 or 3 misogynist members who fester in their anonymous cesspool. She has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Captain, can you post about which judges are being supported by which members of judicial mafia here? Who's who's treasurer, gatekeeper, etc....

Need to make my decisions.....

Anonymous said...

Boy do I disagree with the bad comment about Judge Firtel.

He is a great guy, is fair, is well liked by all and whoever you are, you are in a very small minority.

I find Leon to be one of the nicest and fairest of all of them.

Anonymous said...

9:07, migda may not read this, but about 600 others a day do. I'm glad she has your vote, you probably don't know her too well.

Anonymous said...

Migna has nothing to worry about, and she will beat all contenders. Migna has the protection of none other that Hector Lombana a/k/a Tony Montana Soprano Corloene!

Anonymous said...

Leon is a very nice guy. No question about it. However, Firtel is an awful judge. We are not talking about individuals, we are talking about intelligence and judicial ability!

Anonymous said...

There is so much nastiness and malice in this blog. It’s such a shame that some people have made it no better than a public restroom wall.

Anonymous said...

At least in some restrooms, while you are reading the wall, you can get a blow job by some guy and your wife will never find out..........

Anonymous said...

I have nothing bad to say about Leon Firtel as a person - he's a nice man. But he is horrible as a judge - he was awful when he first became a judge appointed on the criminal bench (somewhat understandable b/c criminal wasn't his background) but when he returned, he obviously hadn't learned a thing. His calendars were a joke - long lines, tirades by him when he was mad that his calendar lasted forever - he ran hot and cold. There was no consistency, no efficiency or respect in his courtroom. If he always tried his best, and this was in fact his "best," then he is clearly not fit to be on the bench. Even everyday decisions that other judges can make quickly and knowledgably were excruciating. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Leon's harmless. I wonder if the Scola people are writing all of this to deter focus from a certain plane ticket bought to join de la o in tally.......

The Free Terrell Omar Project said...

is the same thing that happened in the innocent man Terrell Omar Gibson case. The Judge Ana Gardiner even threaten to put the juror in jail creating a hostile juror. there was no justice for mr. Gibson in Anna Gardiner courtroom.