Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This has been a very difficult and unusual day to say the least.

I know many blog readers believed that I was running a prank for April Fools day. Did it ever occur to anyone that I was the victim of an April Fools prank?

I have known for many months that someone was trying various combinations of passwords to get into the blog. I was a little too confident in my BTOT password. In retrospect I have bandied the "think outside the box" clue a little too much and today I paid the price for my hubris.

Everything on this blog today, including the last post by "Google Administrator" suspending the blog, was and is a fake.

During the time the blog was taken over there were comments that were made that violated the rules I have for this blog. I have reviewed the comments today and removed the offending ones. However, if I missed one, please let me know immediately. To those individuals who had their personal appearance ridiculed, please accept my apologies.

I have learned more about passwords and internet security today then I ever wanted to know. There are a number of random password generators on the web, and I can assure you I will be using one frequently to make sure something like this never happens again.

What happened today is part of blog history, so while I have removed the offending comments, I will not remove the posts.

The individual destroyed the blog poll about who should be the next PD and also removed the picture that accompanied my comments. I will search for a new Rumpole picture. But other than that, things should remain the same.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

This blog has jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God. I thought for a moment I would have to go back to practicing law and not have an outlet to trash other people behind a veil of anonimity.


Oh, and by the way Rumpole, I do believe you are completely full of shit and were behind the whole thing today.

I thought it was pretty funny, for a while.

Anonymous said...

Here's a bunch of photos for you Rump:


my favorite is on page 2- http://www.thrillingdetective.com/images/rumpole.gif

fake pannunzio said...

Dude. I'm totally confused.

Anonymous said...

free mary jane

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that the fakes were very upset today and considered moving to the Broward Blog - then that judge resigned so they realized they would be swallowed by comments on him and instead spent the day pouting.

Fake Blake did post though, keeping his "every 2 weeks" facade going.

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy the blog from the hacker. We were in negotiations through the howardroark21 email - we were close to settling at $250k it would have been a steal. Did you know the hacker got into your email too rump?
I was hoping you didnt leave those pics I sent you in your inbox. Now that I see you did, Im just grateful he didn't post any of me naked, for everyone to see the "RUMP...KISS ME HERE" tattoo. Come home soon my king.
Your Porn Star

CAPTAIN said...

welcome back

Anonymous said...

I gotta lay off the bottle and the pills -- I have no idea what just happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't fun. As a person that has programmed websites that run off of CGI and that has had to worry about security concerns, I feel for you Rumpole.

I will admit though that in a sick way, it was crazy to see the site in chaos as the world of the blog was turned upside down for a day was an unexpected and random turn of events.

But glad after all is said and done, that this site wasn't demolished as there's a lot of history here and a lot of work in these pages.

Anonymous said...

You want a Rumpole image?


Just have to use an image editor to crop and resize it to the right size perhaps, if the Blogger software doesn't do it for you automatically.

Anonymous said...

free mary jane

Anonymous said...

"Everything on this blog today, including the last post by "Google Administrator" suspending the blog, was and is a fake."

Faked by you.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, how did you get the blog back from the "hacker"?

batman said...

The unfortunate part of yesterday's events, whether a joke by Rumpole or a true highjacking of the blog, was the exposure of the true charecter of so many who post comments on this blog. The vindictiveness and maliciousness of the comments made with moderation turned off was disheartening and repugnant.

The "silver lining" is that Rumpole now knows nothing has changed since he imposed moderation and the need for it is even more apparent.

Welcome back, Rumpole. I for one tend to believe you were the victim of a prank, if only because after the levity of the situation had abated you would have acknowledged (or some might say bragged of) your creativity.

I'll be looking for the highjacker in the dark alleys of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Yay Rumpy, glad you're back. Gotta hand it to the Blogger peeps for taking quick action.

You must be serious hot stuff if you've got legal eagles so obsessed w/ you they'd spend so much time (per their acknowledgment) trying to hack you.

Only serves to convince me all the more you must be hot.

Now how about you answer your email?

Thank you darlin'.

Anonymous said...

This blog is over for me. Good-bye.

CAPTAIN said...

finally, a return to normalcy

Faux Fakey Fakerstein, Esq. said...

Wow...That post triggered the old saying in my head.

"Everything I say is a lie."

If that EVERYTHING on the blog today is Fake, that would mean your comment is fake too.

It's like that Simpson's episode where Lisa asks Bart -- What's the sound of one hand clapping

Rumpole said...

You know, yesterday was what it was. To quote a great piece of American literature and Theatre,


Rumpole said...

For those of you who think yesterday was a fake, I still don't have my picture back, and the PD Barzee/Martinez poll was zapped.

Query: When I do end this blog, what will become of the archives? There are some great pieces of REGJB history recorded on these humble pages.

I acknowledged that as a lawyer, I could have and should have used more precise language other than "everything on these pages today was and is a fake."

Anyway, we have some catching up to do, including the resignation of that Judge North of the Border and Judge Tobin BANNING him from the Broward Courthouse. My first thought was how can I get banned?

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:


That North of the Border story is pretty amazing. First, CJ Ross is "ousted" (resigns), along with him goes his Administrative judges, including Spechler.

Tobin takes over and sends Spechler packing to a branch court doing parking tickets. Ouch !!!!

He tells Spechler that he is "banned" from the main courthouse. (Are you serious???)

Now, the DBR is reporting that, one of the reasons for all of this, is because of a run-in that Spechler had with County Judge Peggy Gehl. Apparently, Spechler said something to Gehl about her femininity.

Now this is finally starting to sound like the "old" North of the Border we have grown to love and admire!!!

Time for their JNC to start interviewing again.


Not a Nazi said...

Isn't the real quote, "Lighten up Sandy Baby."

Anonymous said...


i got to say that you did not handle this very well. no humor only sadness. why not tip your hat to the man/woman when you are bested? get your game together, regroup and move forward. and all the pandering by captain was bizarre....

Anonymous said...

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."


Anonymous said...

"Too many good docs are getting out of the business. Too many OB-GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country."


Anonymous said...


Not a day should pass without some sort of update about the cuts to court staff.

It may not be amusing, exciting, or fun, but it stands to affect virtually every reader of this blog.

I think some defense attorneys are imagining this will play to their advantage... they imagine client after client walking because of the inability to provide for speedy trials. That's unlikely. The quantity of cases decided will not suffer so much as the quality of the decision-making. More than ever, the innocent will be found guilty, as the guilty go free.

The Profiler said...

"Women want to to be with him and
men want to BE him"-Mrs.Kensington

the captain hacked you rumpole.
he wants to be you.

Anonymous said...

Enough already. It's time to find out who Rumpole is. I put out a challenge to all the private investigators out there. I promise to use your services and to recommend your services to my colleagues if you can confirm the identity of Rumpole. It shouldn't be too difficult to do. You'd be hailed as a hero and get tons of work. Make it happen!

Rumpole said...


For upwards of the next 20 days I will not be able to post new comments. Neither will the Captain. Something happened during the time the blog was hijacked that has caused Google to FREEZE my blog in that I cannot post new posts. I can still post the comments. And Google is reviewing the matter.
As soon as the Blog is UNFROZEN I will go back to my normal funny posts.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, we hardy knew ye. Sniff.
Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I have been waiting to say this since the day I started reading this blog:

RUMPOLE- CALL THE Q!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Now this is freaking hysterical !

If Rumpole was pulling a joke and one of you morons took it as real and therefore you reported the hacking to Google. Well now Google needs to known was this a joke or not? Rumpole is anonymous and I assume with Google he is anonymous. So Rumpole may have created his own demise by making this joke.

Now was this a real hacking (doubtful)? Google needs to know who truly owns the blog. Rumpole will be forced to reveal at least to Google his identity.

Problem for Mr. Florida lawyer?

I, predict we will either know who Rumpole is very soon or this blog will be come history. Rumpole has two choices and I do not think he will be stupid enough to identify himself to Google, if he did the Miami Herald will have his identity published in a matter of hours.

Rumpole said...

Close but no cigar. There is no issue of who owns the blog. What happened was that when the blog was unmoderated one of our readers (one guess who) did something that caused Google to think this blog was not real, but one of those blogs that just advertise something (like a porn site). That caused Google to automatically freeze the posts until a human can review it. I am confident we will pass review. Until then, no posts. Just comments.

Anonymous said...

so rumpole--cant you post your posts in the comments section?

Only in Florida said...

An Appeals Judge on the First District Court of Appeal has asked the Supreme Court to halt the JQC from its prosecution of him.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


If a posting "while unmoderated" caused Google to "automatically freeze" the posts, how is it that you were able to create the "I'm Back" post? Given that THAT post was subsequent to the period when the blog was unmoderated, wouldn't it have been frozen?

Rumpole said...

because it took a little while-like 24 hours- for the damage to be noticed by google- and it was an automated google robot that has frozen the blog. with everything thats going on in broward you think I like this?

Rumpole said...

905 Posts, last published on Apr 1, 2008

This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.

This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review.

Your blog is locked
Blogger's spam-prevention robots have detected that your blog has characteristics of a spam blog. (What's a spam blog?) Since you're an actual person reading this, your blog is probably not a spam blog. Automated spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and we sincerely apologize for this false positive.

We received your unlock request on April 3, 2008. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.

Find out more about how Blogger is fighting spam blogs.

Anonymous said...

Get off Rumpole, dorks. You all read the blog, can't resist the blog, and won't know jack about what's going on in the REGJB without the blog.

Anonymous said...

Jack has lost his rehearing request in the Supreme Court of Florida.

Judge Dava Tunis, report is due this month and I would be shocked if the recommened sanction is not to take away his license to pratice law.

Will JT became the new Captain Prose?

Rumpole said...

I posted the message that is on the part of the blog I use to run the blog. As you can see, it was Google's robots who froze me- and they have received my request for a review. I have also spoken with someone but it still takes time. I could use a break anyway.

fake pannunzio said...

Dude- its your blog
its not your blog
it was an april fools joke
it was not an april fools joke
you're back
you're not back.

I am so f'ing confused. I'm gonna read the supreme court blog for some easy reading until you straighten this out.

Anonymous said...

Where's captain with the names of the applicants for Mills-Francis county court seat?

Anonymous said...

can you still get emails?

can you delete comments still?

What Judge let this nut out!! said...

Next time this kid does a massacre at the nearest school, you can thank the NRA for allowing any fruitcake to buy an arsenal of guns and ammo.

Don't be alarmed, he was just using his 2nd amendment right to "defend" his home in case World War III broke out in his Homestead condo.

Thank you NRA, I feel so much safer already.

Why the heck should anyone be allowed to buy AK47's anyways? This isn't Afghanistan, but looks like it will be soon if this moronic insanity will be allowed to continue...

Read the story here:


Anonymous said...

I've been requested to donate money to Jorge Cueto's camgaign. Can anyone give me any info on Jorge and/or his opponent, Josie? I would prefer constructive feedback with legitimate reasons of why I should support one over the other rather immature comments like s/he's a moron.


Anonymous said...

only thing Wong was charged with was for making written threats.
It's a bondable offense.
There's no proof yet that the guns he owned were illegal or that he had done anything else wrong. Obviously, they're still investigating and when they come up with more, I'm sure he'll be charged.
Time to change our gun laws, folks.

Anonymous said...

Velis has never done anything as a lawyer, so to call her a moron would be inappropriate. Those supporting her are only doing so because they brokered a deal with her. Its disgusting. These are the same people who opposed her last time-ill never forget what she did to murphy.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing but good things to say about Jorge Cueto. I knew him slightly when I was a PD, but had heard very good things about him. I later worked with him in private practice on a pretty tough case and found him to be fair, decent, respectful, smart, and reasonable. He also has a wonderful temperment. He was a Lt. with MDPD for yeears, and a prosecutor. It is my opinion he will be very good as a Judge. Dave Seltzer is having a happy hour for him which I think will be a good chance to get to know him foor those who don't.

Anonymous said...

Dear 8:57, you are the moron for posting something so fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...


U.S. opens inquiry into Miami-Dade jails

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched a civil rights investigation into Miami-Dade County's beleaguered jail system, eyeing allegedly excessive force against inmates and a pattern of suicides at the county's six main facilities over the past few years.

Read Here:


Anonymous said...

Any other time the cops make up lies, fabricate evidence and the one time we all agree that a lie would be a good idea to keep that Chung guy off the streets what do they do...

That kid is going to kill someone. He said so himself!! Would someone please fabricate charges, or at the very least get this kid some help.

Anonymous said...




ta da!

Anonymous said...

This is Miami. Every afternoon at 5pm is SHUMIE time.

IONQ said...

Don't forget the Q!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Which of the three racially-mixed men would make the best President? Barack Obama says that he has the best judgment to set foreign policy because he went to Harvard. James Blake says he would have gone to Harvard after he was accepted, but his tennis career was a detour. Tiger Woods reminded the other two that he went to Stanford, his judgment is impeccable, and told them to shut up during his swing. All three of the men are well-liked by huge crowds.

Anonymous said...

Where are the opponents for Migna, Jackie (both of them) and Figarola?

Anonymous said...

Kubiliun is representing four inmates who died in custody at Metro West, a pretrial detention center:

• Lazaro Diaz died of a heart attack in his jail cell about 10 months ago. Kubiliun says the man complained of chest pains and may have been ignored by jailers.

• Rodolofo Ramos, an accused kidnapper, who suffered from diabetes and sarcoidosis and who died at a hospital after he was found unresponsive in his jail cell in March. His family says he was covered in insect bites and denied his medication. The corrections department says Ramos was given proper care and had severe medical problems.

*See Rodolfo Ramos' individual page - click "Home" to find the link to his page.

• Eugene Smith, 21, was found dead inside a single cell in April. Kubiliun says he had no medical history and a cause of death has not been determined. He was awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge.

• Kippo Pruitt, 57, awaiting trial for a drug charge, died May 21 after 10 days in the hospital, ubiliun said. The attorney believes Pruitt may not have been given his insulin while at the jail.

Hall, the jail spokeswoman, said investigators are reviewing all the cases.

''Sometimes they come into our custody with preexisting conditions but nevertheless, we are conducting full investigations into those cases,'' Hall said.

Claude Erskin-Browne said...

"Kubiliun is representing four inmates who died in custody at Metro West,"

Will they testify? Do you think they can beat these charges? Am I the only one offended when the state nolles a charge merely because the Defendant is dead. What kind of example does that set for the youth of today? If you die awaiting trial they let you out of jail! No wonder so many inmates are pulling this trick.

Anonymous said...

Migna Sanchez Llorens in particular deserves opposition.Judge Jackie Schwartz and jUdge Figuerola are incumbents.If they have done a good job we should consider that.If they have not,then they should really have opposition.
With Llorens,few people like her.Ask the Judges who she appears before,as a
supervisor".Until a few months ago she was not even courtious to them,nor anyone else.Until relatively recently she dos little community service.Lets ask if she is qualified fine,if not she should have opposition.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Cueto is a hack and should NOT be elected judge.

Anonymous said...

Velis has not reached the high level of hack

Anonymous said...

Judge Figarola should be re-elected; Judge J. Schwartz should definitely not.

Anonymous said...

migna is a hacks hack

Anonymous said...

Cueto is a hack's hack hack.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, April 05, 2008 1:47:00 PM... I am not sure what you mean by "hack" but I have known Jorge E. Cueto for several years and can attest to the fact that if elected, I believe that he will make an excellent judge. Jorge has been a member of the Florida Bar for over fifteen year. Before working for the State Attorney's Office, he was an executive for a multinational corporation in Chicago. Prior to that he was a Miami Dade police officer where he was a Lieutenant. He went to law school and received his JD while working full-time as a cop. If you ask any attorney that has had a case against Jorge, I am sure that you will hear that he is fair, open minded and has something that many people who practice in the REG lack, and that is perspective. He knows what cases are crap and handles them appropriately. You may not agree 100% with him as a prosecutor and the decisions he has to make, but you will know that he is fair and does what the law requires while still making sure that whatever outcome he strives for is fair....and if you have been practicing law at the REG for a long time you will know that sometimes what the law requires is not necessarily what is fair. But you have to give a guy credit when he tries and usually succeeds in finding ways to do both. You claim that he is a hack, but do not support your opinion with any facts and hide behind the cloak of anonymity that this blog gives. Like many before you, you simply attack someone while maintaing your identity a secret. Although I do not know who you are, I will encourage you to get to know Jorge and you will find that he is an excellent candidate for judge and will make an excellent judge if elected.

Luis Caso

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I should not have shut down this blog:

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

April 6, 2008

Chief Justice and Justices
Florida Supreme Court
500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Dear Chief Justice and Justices:

Because I respect more than you do the offices you hold, the task that is now before me is either to force The Florida Bar to comply with the Constitution of the United States or destroy it. What makes this both interesting and fun is that this is the Lord’s battle, not mine. For twenty years I have taken the side of children targeted by the very people who have filed Bar complaints against me. Jesus said, “If any of you should cause any of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for you that a millstone be tied around your neck and that you be cast into the uttermost depths of the sea.” Get your swimsuits on.

I am not alone in this glorious job you have unwittingly given me. Respectable, talented, and fearless people have come my way as result of your stumbles, and their intentions are my intentions. You, by thumbing your nose at due process, at equal protection, at freedom of speech and religion, at U.S. Supreme Court rulings, and even at your own rulings (see Bar v. Brake), have made a joke of the very notion that yours is a court of law. One among you, “Justice” Raoul Cantero, announces to our profession that people who do not conform to his notion of “manners” must be denied the right to practice law. By his ahistorical divinings, all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence who were lawyers should have been disbarred. Tell us, Justice Cantero, did Jesus of Nazareth comply with your rules of etiquette when He called the Pharisees “liars and hypocrites?”

I gave both The Bar and this Court every opportunity to resolve this matter; so don’t blame me, then, for what is about to happen. What you should truly fear is that I use the law and I obey the law, unlike all of you. When the law wielded by those who respect it, it is a tool that frightens scofflaws like you—and it should.

This coming victory of right over wrong, of liberty over tyranny, of decency over depravity, of grace over greed, will not be confined to courtrooms. There are legitimate weapons in a free society that complement what lawyers typically do, and believe me, there is nothing typical about me. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Cheers, Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

should be "hack's hack" and she is

CAPTAIN said...


So you want to be a judge:

The following 37 attorneys have applied for consideration to replace Judge Karen Mills Francis on the County Court bench.

If you have any comments about their qualifications, please contact a member of the JNC.


This is on top of the 27 attorneys that applied last month for the seat of Judge Sarduy. Notable names on the above list that did not apply for the Sarduy seat include: former judicial candidate Catherine Bardawil, 2008 candidates Jorge Cueto and Abby Cynamon, long-time APD Gary Pont, and former Judge Jeffrey Swartz.

Bardawil lost in 2006 in a three-way race for Circuit Court that included Jose Sanchez Gronlier and eventual winner Valerie Manno Schurr. With Migna still running unopposed, will Bardawil try again in '08?

The JNC will conduct interviews and forward up to 6 names to Gov. Crist for his consideration.


Anonymous said...

mechanic has not been in a courtroom in 30 yrs. and he has never tried a jury trial. he was a nonjury guy in front of paul baker.

Anonymous said...

The "hack"a/k/a "Hacks Hack"a/k/a
Migna Sanchez Llorens still has no opposition.Most certainly someone must have the intelligence to oppose her.Anyone with trial experience and integrity will win.Talk to the Domestic Violence judges.Speak to the prosecutors.Even speak to her colleagues,present or former(Brummers office or Federal P.D..Ask wahy she left the Feds.or perhaps was advised would be good idea to leave.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Rosenbaum was one of the most obnoxious prosecutros that ever did that job. She was mean and rude. No judgship for her, please.

Bill Altfield and Fluer Lobree are two of the best prosecutors that have ever applied.

Anonymous said...


Jorge Cueto has a reputation among many of the "pit" prosecutors as someone who will throw you under the bus in a New York minute. He is viewed as overly ambitious, under-qualified, and as someone who looks out for number one, even if that means hurting friends and co-workers. But you wouldn't know this because you live on the fifth floor.


Anonymous said...


How many on that list can that quote be attributed to?

Anonymous said...

bonnie riley wants to be a judge? i thought her father is a big democratic union man.

that should go over well with the republicans up north.

plus, she is a nasty and vindictive person

Anonymous said...

Jack's comment translated says: "I'llllllllll get you my pretty, and your little dog too.

Remember what happened to her right? Someone poured water on her and she melted

Anonymous said...

Thompson, do you even realize how scary, how threatening your comments are? If you had a brain in that big head of yours you'd just stop. Don't be surprised if the authorities come crashing through your door to take you away--either them or the men with that nice white jacket.......You seriously need help.

Anonymous said...

Luis Caso,

On this blog, "hack" is not an insult. Rumpole is a elf-described "Old Bailey hack" who defends any and all clients, and never pleads guilty.

CAPTAIN said...



Huge news on the election front today as a new candidate has joined the races. In Group 19 of the Circuit Court, (a seat presetnly held by retiring Judge Roger Silver), it has been a two person race until today. Attorneys Patricia Kopco and Stephen Millan have previously filed to replace Silver.

Today, attorney Yvonne Colodny filed to run in that Group. That is slightly confusing as, one Group above, in Group 18, Migna still stands without an opponent.

Colodny was most recently on the short list to replace Judge Mercedes Bach. The Governor picked Lisa Walsh.


Anonymous said...

Okay.. What the fuck..?

Rumpole said...

UPDATE: I'm expecting the blog to be UNLOCKED by tomorrow, but no guarantees.

I AM A SELF DECRIBED HACK, and I see nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Fake Anonymous says:
1) Clearly Rumpole is merely on "spring break". Well deserved.
2) To the poster who is indignant that Judge Jackie Schwartz is an incumbent and should not have an opponent....helllllloooo! She ran against and beat Judge Eric Hendon who was an incumbent at the time.

Anonymous said...

Let me pose this question to the "regulars" that apply for every judicial seat that comes up?

If you didnt get past the JNC or didnt get an interview with the governor, why do you still keep applying? How many times do you apply for a job before you realize it just might not ever happen?

The JNC process is all about politicking and ass kissing. If you havent gotten the point by now, maybe it's time to move on.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the input. With your negative experience with Cueto, do you think Velis would be a better option as a judge? Not criticizing your opinion, but just wondering which of the two is a lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Cueto is an arrogant , self serving ASA. It is true thatJorge Cueto threw many under the bus to suit his own agenda! When he started at the SAO, he told anyone who would listen that he was only there until he became a judge. As an ASA, Jorge ignored his DCs and career criminal chiefs and made his own deals. He told the pit prosecutors that he was given special authority to make plea offers when he did not and when they were called out for the plea ,Jorge played dumb. ( admittedly, they were stupid enough to listen to him and sadly a few are no longer with the SAO). He ignored the wishes of victims against SAO policy also made plea offers without victim approval because he just wanted to close cases. When called on his behavior, he simply reminded them that he was soon to be a judge either by appointment by his good old buddies in Tallahsaasee or through his connections with the Cuban community. There are actually people there that have been KISSING HIS ASS since he was in County Court, afraid to say anything negative towards him and there is also a chief assistant... uhm(J.A.) that tried and was shut down by KFR! I do not know who is running against him, but Jorge is an EGOMANIAC that should not be a judge. This is only anonymous because I do not want to lose my job...

Anonymous said...


Migna was not asked to leave the federal public defenders. She resigned. In 2000, Migna made significant choices in her work life that arose after a medical condition was diagnosed involving her daughter. This was a personal decision that she does not speak about and, frankly, is no one’s business. In fact, Kathy asked Migna to stay as a federal pd on a part-time basis, but Migna declined. Before you besmirch someone’s reputation with false information, think of your actions.

Anonymous said...

Is 5:00PM everyday officially SHUMIE TIME?

Anonymous said...

Kubiliun has upwards of 20 cases with former inmates against the County - supposedly DOJ knows about all of them. Maybe something will finally change in those cess pools.

noduiguy said...

Rumor is that Zack now that he's ZackBack is granting those old DUI Kotzin motions like their going out of style. He's not happy with the state. Let the DUI party North Of the Border begin. File those Kotzin motions. If you got em.

Anonymous said...

As to Migna - it appears that we have another "mommy track-this is my comeback job-judicial candidates". Not to mention another one of those federal public defenders who know nothing about the state system and think that this is an easy thing to do. Little do they know. Practice a while in the state system and then come back and see us. She will not be unopposed, I guarantee that.

seeing the E said...

Any EZEE E update?
I like him.
He's cool.
He's smooth.

Maybe he's no Q.
But he's Ezee E and that's good enough for me.

Update please.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in being a "mommy"or a "daddy"!What is wromg with believing that being a judicial officer,a judge being a part time position.Courts are to function and be available as the song says"Nine to Five"not 9:30,10:00 or 11:00 till 12:00 AND THEN 2:00 to 3:00 or 4:00.Judges chambers are not playgrounds for childre and J.A.are not to be baby sitters not dog walkers.
Miss Llorens has been a P.D.in both state and federal system granted.But what is her experience.What do others think of her,judges,adversaries and even her own colleagues.We are sorry if her child is ill,but that was not the information provided by the office of the federal public defender.

Anonymous said...

I hear there is a opponenet for Migna as we speak. Papers are in motion and filing deadline is still a few weeks away.

Rumpole said...

Click here to see what I mean when I say my blog has been frozen by Google robots.
or cut and paste into your browser.


Should be unfrozen by tomorrow hopefully.

Anonymous said...

bonny r.

not fit to be judge.

Anonymous said...

The spinner clerk was not in 2-11 today, where was she today? I missed her beautiful smile. where could I find her this week... does anybody know?

Anonymous said...

3:21, I know not of the incident where KFR overruled JA regarding Jorge Cueto, but I do know that Cueto applied to be a DC having tried like 5 cases, and JA, HP, and KH rightly told him to go pound sand. The difference between Cueto and Josie Velis is that Josie is stupid and ambitious, whereas Cueto is of average intelligence (but believes himself to be truly smart) and ambitious. That makes him much more dangerous than Josie.

Nonetheless, they're two very bad options. Perhaps a third candidate who is truly qualified might consider doing the citizens of Dade County a favor by running against them.

Anonymous said...

To the guy that doesn't want to lose his job so he posted anonymously. You should lose your job if you are a prosecutor, not for posting nonsense about a judicial candidate, but because you are posting at 3:21 pm from the office. And if you posted from home, why aren't you working. I though that the State Attorneys and Public Defenders were complaining about budget cuts. The 3:21 pm poster is an example of why government lawyers have a reputation for being lazy. Cut down on the blogging and get back to work before they take that stained white hat away from you and give it to someone who does not whine and post anonymously negative things about someone he knows nothing about.

Anonymous said...

migna leaves fed pd where they top out at 140k and have less stress than dade pdo and come back for half as much money. was she fired from FPD's office?

Anonymous said...

I have worked with Jorge Cueto and find him to be a good guy and saw absolutely no evidence of what a previous person said. Jorge is intelligent and a pretty good guy. I am sure that like all ASA, he has had disagreements with his supervisors, but he never used anyone. The opposite is true. He will be a good judge and I will support him.

Anonymous said...

I see that things have not changed much since I left the SAO. If you think that the administration treats you like shit, you should see what your colleagues do! There are still petty little jealous people with an ax to grind that try to bring others down in order to feel good about themselves. To your face, they will smile and be friendly, but when they can hide under a rock and behind your back, they will trash people with lies in order to make their own miserable existence seem better. That is the main reason I left the SAO. Too many hypocrites and too many petty people work there. Monday, April 07, 2008 3:21:00 PM and Monday, April 07, 2008 10:17:00 PM are perfect examples of this. They will gladly tell lies about another prosecutor so that they can feel self important. With these losers, if you are too ambitious, they will trash you. If you are not ambitious enough, they will still trash you. And God forbid that you show some independent thinking, more than their tiny brains can comprehend because then they will call you stupid or claim that you are just of "average intelligence" and trash you. It is amazing that these losers are still working there. I know that not all ASAS are like this, there are many hard working positive people who do not need to bad mouth others, but the few that are losers seem to be the most vocal.

I do not know Jorge Cueto well, but from the times that I have spoken and worked with him, I can tell you that he is very intelligent...perhaps too intelligent for the simple minded losers who unfairly trash him to understand. The times that I had to deal with him as both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, I found him to be fair, affable and a pretty interesting guy. So those of you who get your kicks by writing bad things about him, maybe you should look at yourselves and wonder why you have to hide in this blog in order to give your "opinion." Unfortunately, there are many like that at the SAO who are just losers who cannot stand to see someone else try to succeed because it is a threat to their own self worth. Regardless of what some of these losers say, I will vote for Jorge Cueto because he is the best candidate and will make a better judge.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Cueto has my vote because i find him to be reasonable and his willingness and ability to see both sides of the argument. To those who don't like him or much care for him due to one reason or other, you can always vote for his opponent.

2nd floor pd said...

This day is d..r..a..g..g..i..n..g.. on forever.

I wish it was Shumie time already. (sigh)

fake pannunzio said...

Dude. What is with this blog. Enough is enough already. No new posts. Cuerto this and Cuerto that.

I'm royally pissed dude.

Anonymous said...

I stand by my opinion of Cueto. He is arrogant and would not make a good judge. It would be the law according to Cueto and contrary to Florida law. If you are a criminal defense attorney- vote for Cueto. If you are a citizen of Miami Dade-vote for the other guy.

I stand by the comments I made earlier. When you work with someone day in and day out you see things that the average hack attorney trying to get a good plea does not see. Some think he is a great guy with a great personality. Hell, i would have a beer with him. I think he is a pleasant enough fella. However a great personality does not make a person a good judge. If that is all you need,vote for Jorge! It amazes me that you private counsel and ASAs that socialize with him gleem your information about him from that time you had a 5 minute wait -make that a 15 min conversation with him when he told you some old war story. The point is that someone wrote and asked for an opinion about him. That is the purpose of the blog. It is not trashing someone if it is true. If you have a problem with that- visit the disneyland blog or that fantasy blog in your head where everything is oh so sweet and nice and no one has a bad thing to say about anyone. Oh wait, you cannot do that because it does not exist and you were trash talking someone just this morning... right?

Anonymous said...

anyone ever deal with this attorney named DAVID SHENKMAN?

This guy is the biggest jerk I have ever met.

comments on him? How good or bad is he?

Anonymous said...

FYI Compare and Vote:




Anonymous said...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 3:28:00 PM, you just proved my point. You are one of those losers who will have a beer with the guy and then turn around and bad mouth him behind his back while you sit in your cozy window office at the SAO wondering how you can get out of actually working at 3:30 in the afternoon. You are nothing but a hypocrite! Face it, you are just a bitter little man (or woman) who will smile in someone's face and then stab them in the back. When you have that beer with him, will you tell him what you really think or wait until you crawl back under your rock to do it. You are a sad little person. And by the way, I trash you because you deserve it. I am not smiling in your face and then turning around and telling others what a jerk you are. I cannot tell it to your face because you are too afraid of losing your job for sitting around writing nonsense on this blog. Now get back to work and earn what tax little payers pay you.

Anonymous said...

FYI... The correct site is www.jorgecuetoforjudge.com

Anonymous said...

Shenkman is the biggest a--hole

Anonymous said...

Shenkman ran against former Judge Jeff Swartz possibly in 2000 and lost the election.Believe his practice was located in Miami Beach doing real estate and some commercial litigation.He tries to hard but really is not that bad a person.His capabilities are adequate,no,not in the top 100.

Anonymous said...

Shenkman is overly aggressive and disrespectful to women. He is pushy, intimidating and yells for no reason.

Anonymous said...

a cop or a moron. that is the question.

Anonymous said...

You know Jack, every time I see something you've written I'm reminded of a single quote. This quote comes from a fairly good game, which has almost no visible violence even in combat despite it's story (perhaps more because of the limitations of the system it's on rather than a choice not to include it, it was a game about Valkyries, Einherjar, and Ragnarok after all). I'm sure it's difficult enough for you to comprehend that there's other religions out there, as this game is based on one and my initial purchase of this game was actually to see how well they represented my beliefs, but that's not important now. What is important is a single quote the Valkyrie often said when she encountered monsters much weaker than the party, which is simply "Get thee hence, oblivion awaits."

It really seems to fit for you whenever you post or file something, since every time you claim some big win, doing it for "God" and "justice" and all sorts of other things that is obviously not being supported by what you say, and every time nothing happens from it. Well, sometimes you face a disciplinary hearing for your actions, but that's what any sane person would call a bad loss, not a win nor a "big win." There's been nothing that's happened to you that will give you any basis for some unfair treatment/persecution/1st Amendment violation case because everything that's happened to you has been because you broke some various rule. At the very least, even when you haven't actually done anything wrong by the rules of man, I doubt there's anything you've done that a person who knows the Bible can't quote several examples of how your actions are a sin and an affront to your God.

Of course none of that should matter since there's a separation of Church and State, so why even bother making a letter/filing that contains so many references to "God" and your apparent "divine mandate to clean up the corruption." It doesn't lend you any credibility in this situation, and even a child would know this. Really, just give up, go away, and never return. Your kind of crazy is not welcome in any court room and will never be welcome so fix up your life and your mind or follow the quote above. You're not going to win anything by brining God into it when you're the biggest hypocrite around based on your words and deeds, and when you lose there's going to be little you can do especially if you limit yourself to things that won't send you to jail for contempt.

The quote gives 2 options, flee or fade into nothingness. What you do is up to you, but I see you losing badly and fading into figurative nothingness should you keep on the path you're on now.