Sunday, December 16, 2007



It was 3rd and 8, with 8:30 remaining in overtime as Cleo Lemon coolly stepped to the line and surveyed the vaunted Baltimore Ravens defense lined up before him.

Earlier, the Dolphins had surrendered a last second field goal in regulation - stopping the Ravens at the one foot line with 12 seconds left to play.

Then in overtime, Ohio State Phenom rookie QB Troy Smith marched the Ravens to the Dolphins 26 yard line. Ravens kicker Matt Stover, who was 5 for 5 in overtime field goals confidently strode out on to the field to kick the 44 yard game winner.

But today in the rain of Miami, it was a day for aquatic mammals and not birds, as the bad snap on the attempt caused the field goal to drift wide left, giving the Dolphins a sliver of hope for the game and the season.

The offense ran on to the field with a determined glint in their eye. It was now or never.

1st and ten from the 34 was a running play for a loss of three yards.

2nd and 13 saw Cleo Lemon scramble away from the blitzing Ravens for a 5 yard pick up.

And so with 8:34 left to play, on third down and eight, the fickle fingers of fate and history intertwined just the right way for our Dolphins.

The Ravens opened with 6 defensive backs.

The Dolphins countered with 4 wide receivers and Lemon in the shotgun.

Greg Camarillo, number 83 was in the slot to the right. Discarded by the San Diego Chargers earlier in the year, Miami had become his hope for redemption in the NFL. Camarillio returned the favor.
Lemon sent him into motion.

The ball was snapped and Lemon dropped back to pass. At about the Dolphins' 47 yard line a bullet of a pass hit Camarillo right between the 8 and the 3 and suddenly there was one man standing between the Dolphins and the trash pile of an inglorious 0-16 season and history.

The race went to the swift today as Camarillo scored on a 64 yard pass play, which just happened to be both Camarillo's first touchdown reception of his career and the longest play from scrimmage for the Dolphins this year.

What followed was a re-affirmation of love and faith between hopeful fans and tired but unbowed players. There was a celebration in the end zone, along with jubilation in the stands that spread all the way up to the owners box, where television cameras caught Wayne Huizenga with more than a tear in his eye.

Come what may, the Dolphins are no longer losers this year.


fake alschuler said...

Thank you Rump.. Oh thank you.
Thank you Cleo. Thank You Camarillo. Wayne, don't sell the team. We have super bowl dreams for 08.

reverend dolfan denny said...

Chapter 22
Verse 11
Book Of Shula

Then upon the three sad men
Cam and Wayne and Jason Taylor came upon the Shula in a manger/steakhouse.

Oh wise one, can you help us?
Sure said Shula, try Nurtisystem, Maryanne and I lost 35 pounds this year.

"No not that" said Wayne. "When will our team win."

The Shula closed his eyes for a moment. And then another moment. Soon he was snoring.
Wayne cleared his voice and Cam coughed. The Shula awoke. "Where were we? "Oh yeah. Yes, you shall win a game this year. And a Lemon shall lead you to the promised land. Now about Nutrisystem..."

Wayne and Cam walked away talking to themselves..."And a Lemon shall lead the way..imagine that?"

Rumpole said...

Let me be the first to point out that next week two teams riding winning streaks clash as the Dolphins take on the Cheaters.

Anonymous said...

A sad day in the Miami blogging community. Stuck on the Palmetto has been closed down. Rumpole--beg them to come back!

Anonymous said...

Memo from Wayne Huiszenga to the esteemed RUMPOLE; It is with a heavy heart that I have accepted the applications for head of coach of the Dolphins from, Vicky -Head Dolphins cheerleader, Domique- night shift Hooters waitress- Giselle from Scores, and Enrique Iglesias. Due to Cam's victory today I have no choice but to ride this hot winning streak for the next 2 games.

Anonymous said...

no one remembers 1-15, everyone remembers 0-16.

Anonymous said...

No reason why the Fish can't take the Cheaters. Ravens nearly did except for the divine intervention of the refs.

Kinda reminds me of the US Army vs. the Germans in summer of 1918. Inspired amateurs versus the pros. Guess who won? (You're not speaking German now, are you....?)

CAPTAIN said...


Jimmy The Rump Rumpole ...

After three straight losing weeks, Rump returns to the winner's bracket going 5-2, with the Colts responsible for both loses.

On the year, ATS, Rump is 51-43-3 and $100 bets put you up $535.

Give him credit, it's all documented. Two weeks to make some money before the playoffs.

Next week's burning question: which number 83 will catch more passes in the Pats - Fins game?


Anonymous said...

Let's see...can we think of a worse coach in the NFL than Cam Cameron? How 'bout B. Billick? Forgot not going for the TD/win on 4th down...what was up with the play selection leading up to the missed FG in OT? Smith had come in and led the team to the tying FG...now after a couple of decent runs he runs dive plays 'cause he's satisfied to stay put and try a 44-yarder?

Rump, what say you on Sunday's coaching?

Anonymous said...

I'm sad... Why did Camarillo had to mess with the imperfect season record?

Rumpole said...

11:25 PM- it's a close call. Billick choose to go against the Miami Defense with a kicker who has never missed in over time. Now, that being said, there was no guarantee the Ravens were going to win the toss. But they do have a good defense.

On the other hand, the Ravens had lost 7 straight and really had nothing to lose. 4-1, roll out the QB and call and option pass/run. It's a close call either way. Can't second guess him.

Query: Did Cam save his job for next season?

fake david young said...

Go Dolphins. Yea! Yea! Rah! Rah!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else hear read SoTP and misses it.
Rump, send Rick a note on how to stay anonymous and tell him to bring it back.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Rumpole, the Miami Dade Police Department is conducting a murder investigation into the death of Greg Camarillo, the Dolphin player who caught the game winning touchdown pass which saved the Dolphins from going winless. It appears that he died from a massive heart attack after being forced to submit to repeated acts of sexual intercourse without his consent perpetrated by the Miami Dolphins cheerleader, Hooters Calendar girls, and Miami Heat Dancers. It seems that the aforementioned bombshells were going to be tapped as the Dolphins coaching staff for the last game of the season. The win on Sunday ruined the opportunity for these vixens to win an NFL game and prove that it isn't so hard and pass the way for the first female nfl coach. A loss to NE , was expected so the key was a loss to Baltimore. An alleged coconspirator is the Ravens coach who did not try to win the game on the goal line with time for at least two plays before trying a field goal. Billick is missing in action and presumed to be a kidnapping victim of the vixens due to his victory. If he reappears in public and is not upset at his loss it either means he too was sexually assaulted by the vixens or was paid to not try to win the game so the Dolphins could win a game. Look for Billick to be rewarded for throwing the game if he can survive the wrath of the vixens who promise another sexual interrogation. Meanwhile, owner Huizenga has cancelled the use of the Dolphins cheerleaders for the final two games because of their interview with major crimes prosecutors scheduled for the next two weeks which explains the sighting of three major crimes prosecutors get Brazilian bikini waxing, teeth bleaching, and purchasing ear hair trimmers at Sharper Image at Bayside. More to follow.

Anonymous said...

Great football narrative. Brought a tear to my eye, and made up for the spoiling of what could otherwise have been the 'fins infamous imperfect season.