Tuesday, August 21, 2007


THIS IS A JUSTICE BUILDING BLOG SCOOP: We're out in front of the media on this story.

Just when you think it may be safe to go back into the courtroom…Broward Lawyer Hilliard Moldof will be getting a rude awakening Wednesday morning, as Rumpole and the Blog scoop the media and report that the two prosecutors in the murder case in question: Mr. Sheinberg and Mr. Chuck Morton have written the Florida Bar (motto: disbarring lawyers every day and in every way…is fun!!! ) to say that they are “extremely concerned that testimony that was never given (by us) could apparently be the crux of the final report. " The prosecutors respectfully ask the Bar to issue a “Corrected Report” and ask the committee to reevaluate the whole mess.

To remind the less alert readers and robed readers among us, Mr. Moldof was arrested and prosecuted by the Dade State Attorneys Office for allegedly paying a witness in a murder case North of the Border a hundred bucks to change his story.

The Dade SAO gave Moldof PTI in the belief that the Bar matter would be vigorously prosecuted and that Moldof would be suspended. Then the Dade SAO was blindsided by a Bar investigation that resulted in a finding of only minor misconduct resulting in a public reprimand. Most of the voices in support of the result cited the position of the Broward Prosecutors in the Murder case.

Rumpole has learned that the prosecutors ordered transcripts to support their contentions and the basic gist of their letter is that they feel that their comments in the matter have been misinterpreted and they do not want that misinterpretation to be the linchpin of the Bar’s decision to slap Mr. Moldof on his lawyerly wrist.

Rumpole says: Can the Bar reverse itself and issue new sanctions? When the Bar issue was resolve we certainly were impressed by references to Chuck Morton’s “testimony” in support of Mr. Moldof. However, if that is not the case then we certainly reserve the right to change our opinion in the matter. But has “jeopardy attached” as far as Mr. Moldof’s case?

We shall see. This is a breaking story and we may well know more by the end of Wednesday than in the beginning of the day.


You know, the “other” PDs office.

A Mr. Joseph P. George, Jr was picked from a large pool of…..uhhh…one.

It seems Mr. George was the only applicant who didn’t withdraw, and thus he wins the “prize”- 80 K a year to run a second PD’s office. Good luck Mr. George, you’re going to need it.

Mr. George assumes the post with a well rounded area of expertise in…ahh...welll..Trusts and Estates.

Yes, you read that correct. Mr. George, who will be responsible for representing defendants in everything from possession of cocaine to first degree death penalty murder prosecutions has spent a decade or so litigating Estates. Mr. George will find that not many of his clients have wills, nor –by virtue of the fact that they qualify to be his client- any property to dispose of after they leave this earth.

We admit to a bit of rancor in our feelings in this matter. We are sure Mr. George is a nice guy. And lord knows this half assed system of funding conflict counsel was not his idea. But he assumes the figure head position of the person who is taking money and work away from very qualified and talented lawyers, some of whom have spent their entire careers in criminal defense. I guess you could say that we would not be so inclined to email Mr. George and his merry band of lawyers any of our motions. But, best of luck.


In fair Miami, where we lay our scene.
From ancient grudge
break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life;
Whole misadventured piteous overthrows
Doth with their death bury their parents' strife.

It’s not exactly like that, but we did receive an email from a “Romeo” who later admitted his Juliet works on the other side of the aisle. Love blooms between the Prosecution and Defense. Romeo has asked our advice and we agreed to help.

This is a well worn route traveled by many other ships passing in the aisles of court. Beware the rocky shoals that lie in your path. However, plug in your Garmin and let Rumpole lead the way.

1) Keep it quiet. There is nothing the REGJB loves more than a good love affair except for….a better break up. The courthouse has ears and rumors fly (witness the birth of this humble blog).

2) You may think you and your honey are the first to consider carnal knowledge inside a courtroom, but as several posts confirmed a while ago, you would be treading (not to mention huffing and puffing) where many other lawyers and Judges have gone before. And to be caught
in flagrante delicto would mean instant ruination. There are several motels nearby that serve the purpose of true love.

3) But we are jumping the gun.
You asked our advice on a first date.
Avoid the Lincoln Road stroll. You will definitely be seen, probably by us.
Try Ft. Lauderdale. There is the car ride up and back to chat, and several nice restaurants and places to stroll afterwards. Plus you are less likely to be noticed.

If you are the more active type, things are tough this time of year because of the heat, but a snorkeling or dive boat trip out of Pennekamp Park in Key Largo one Saturday morning is a great way to start. Then go to the Fish House on the Ocean side of the highway for lunch and sip one Pina Colada before the long drive home. It’s a nice way to spend a day and its always important to see how your intended looks in a wetsuit before committing too much to a relationship.

We wish you the best. Please keep our blog readers updated on the status of this budding romance. We cannot yet claim responsibility for a marriage, so there is always a first time. And if your Juliet has any qualms about dating a lawyer from the other side, just remind her of this:


'Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What's Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

See You In Court trying to figure out who is Romeo and who is Juliet.


Anonymous said...

"If your Juliet has any qualms about dating a lawyer from the other side, just remind her of this"

Rump this seemed to mean that Juliet was from the State and Romeo from the defense (Maybe he is our favorite federal blogger D.O.M...we could only hope Romeo!). Any correction or explanation of that?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of overreacting I have to say that if this probate lawyer is only going to administer the office- hire people , deal with budgets etc. than I say give him a chance. I worked for a pd who was not in court in over 10 years and was borderline incompetent but his district liked him. If, ON THE OTHER HAND, this man is going to have to appear in court for motion calendars, and represent people if someone quits or is sick, if the caseload becomes unbearable and the murder defendant with 8 priors is giving the office fits so an attorney quits and this guy has to represent people facing life in prison then this appointment is an absolute abomination and the judiciary, sao and pd and facdl is do a combined PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION TO NOT LET THIS MAN ASSUME OFFICE. This will make Florida a laughing stock again like with the voting scandal. Imagine this guy in court on a case the media is covering and he knows less criminal law than a summer intern at the sao or pd. There is a reason why the most serious felony cases were appointed to people on the wheel. The intricacies of Miranda, Williams rule, hfo laws, dna, depositions, pre trial motions etc. The Governor should have extended the application period, gave Dade a special exemption because of its caseload so the person would get more money or other options. This is not funny because the pd conflicts off the worst of the worst cases and these people are going to be represented by someone with no experience. This is a slap in the face to the poor, the constitution, the judiciary and sao who know have to babysit this guy so the cases don't come back. Good god almighty this country is going to hell in a handbasket. What is next? Hey governor- would you have a foot doctor do your heart surgery?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
meanwhile, Robin Faber is sitting back and laughing and saying to himself "gee that was easy. All I had to do was write 'stan sucks' and my name is dropped like a bad habit.Hahahahahaha."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 4:32:00 PM

Thats unfair I was at the beach soaking in the sun with my blackberry not sitting back when I wrote the comment

Anonymous said...

Ruling may jeopardize some DUI cases

(AP) -- Blood-alcohol breath-test results were thrown out in four DUI cases after a Leon County judge ruled Tuesday that results can vary depending on how long someone breathes into the device.

Attorney Lee Meadows, who is representing the four men arrested in 2006, said the ruling could have a big impact on others facing DUI charges.

''At this point, it will potentially stop the prosecution of every DUI case in Leon County that has a breath-test result,'' Meadows told the Tallahassee Democrat.

State Attorney Willie Meggs told the newspaper that the ruling likely will be appealed.

''We've got the newest and best technology out there to determine a person's blood-alcohol content,'' Meggs said. ``It's been approved by FDLE and used all over the country.''

Aiken's decision regarding the Intoxilyzer 8000 is similar to a ruling by Bay County circuit-court ruling, which said, ``Rules that permit a test operator to have the subject blow into the machine as long as he, in his undirected discretion wishes ... is insufficient to create a scientifically reliable test.''

Meadows said he planned to file motions seeking to adopt the ruling for 30-35 other clients he's representing.

Rumpole said...

10:17- Romeo told me in a second comment that Juliet was a capulet and he was a Montague. I took that to mean one was a pd and one was a ASA although I do not know which is which. Perhaps we will get another comment.

Anonymous said...

advice the the blond: a great way to get off to a bad start at the sao and your reputation in your career is to have a relationship with a defense attorney. do the words homestead branch court or hialeah mean anything?

Anonymous said...

Fake George Costanza: Hi, blondie, I was noticing that after our talk the other day you winked at me. Blondie: Excuse me. G: you know we were talking about the animal shelter and how you were new to town and didn't know anybody. B: Oh yeah I winked at my girlfriend behind you to let her know I could go to lunch with her. You know we were in court and I didn't want to yell to her. G: I was wondering if I could have your phone number. B: You seem like a nice guy but I have a boyfriend- he's coming down this weekend-know any good restaurants on south beach? That's where he wants to go. G: Try the Outback steakhouse at 25th street.

Romance in the Air said...

There would not be enough space on this blog to list all the people who have found love in the criminal courthouse. PD's with PD's, PD's with ASA's, ASA's with ASA's, ASA's with cops, JA's with Judges, court reporters with judges, privates with all of the above... It almost all become incestuous. And I love it!

Anonymous said...

Playa Haters, ask yourself this: Prior to appointing George, do you think Govenor Crist discussed his appointment with judges on the criminal bench as well as prominent defense counsel of the eleventh circuit? (Hint: yes.)

The quasi-pd office is a bad one, but attacking George is silly. While we lose judge after judge to Hollywood's lucre, George is giving up a successful practice to serve the indigent. Would that Ferrer, Millian, Young and Peryra-Shuminer had such mores.

Anonymous said...

Give Joe George a chance. He has been defending Baker Acts for a long time and doing guardianships...and if you know the system, that can be a greater deprivation of rights than criminal with less due process. It's a sucky job and somebody has to WANT to do it. Della Street

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mr. George was not picked from a pool of one. There was a list of three applicants sent to the governor which had been whittled from something like 50 statewide applicants. Mr. george, of the three finalists for our district was the only pne FRM the 3rd, but the nominees could be appointed to districts other than where they lived. There was no residency requirement to live in the district that you were nominated for. SO, while Mr. george was the only nominee FROM this district, he was not the only nominee FOR this district.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else make the (apparently false) assumption that, based on his name, Joseph P. George was Haitian?

Anonymous said...

An ode to my good friend menachem mendel mohairsuit:

You are the Dancing Jew
young and sweet
only thirty two.
Dancing Jew
Feel the beat
on the tambourine.

You can dance.
You can daven.
Having the time of your life.
see that girl
Watch that scene
dig in, the dancing jew.

Your "Irish" Brethren

Anonymous said...

There aint a single judge in Miami with balls or overies large enough to grant the motion and throw out all the breat readings simply because the 8000 can easily be manipulated by the cop.

Anonymous said...

Just remember that it is all fun and games until they have seen you naked. The face time in the courtroom can be brutal after the break up.

As a side note, it does sometimes work out... Jon Datz and his PD were married if I recall. I believe there will also be wedding bells between former ASA Anthony Heary and APD Amy Weber...

Rumpole said...

I did not publish one comment. But I will re-phrase it. One careful reader is interested in the exact measurements of our young Juliet.

Anonymous said...

You have mis-summarized my post Rumpole. I said that it does not matter if they are an ASA or PD, the only thing that matters are Juliet's breast measurements. Now, go have some wine so you won't sensor my racy, but fun humor.

Anonymous said...

Seen on the second floor MBJ today.. Robert Rudolph! What is he charged with?

Anonymous said...

Everyone would like to see the new conflict PD fail. They had to bring in an outsider. The govern can not have the new appointee take a dive.

Anonymous said...


What does the "21" in your email address refer to? I can't imagine there are 20 other dorks that want "Howard Roark" in their email address.

On another note, do you think lawyers should be required to do pro bono work? And I mean true pro bono (for poor people) not a ticket or a coke possession for a friend. If so, should they be suspended for not doing so?


Anonymous said...

Wow ! I was on Phil R's boat over the weekend with my two boys. Was I in for a surprise. He sheepishly admits that his 72 foot Hatteras is more like a yacht. Let me tell you

Romeo said...

RUMPOLE!!! OMG What a day! WHat a morning!!. I went to work and I was agonizing over what to do. I kept walking by her courtroom and peaking in. Then as I peaked in and turned to walk away, there she was walking down the hallway!!!Busted!!!! (sorry about all the !!!points.) She breezed on by and said "follow me." In to the courtroom we went-it was empty because the Judge was on a break, and I followed her into the jury room. My heart was beating so loud that I could barely hear anything. And then...DISATSER. "Was I coming to the courtroom to look for her? Had I peaked in earlier in the morning?" she demanded to know. What could I say? She seemed angry. I stuttered for a minute or two and then said yes, but I didn't mean to embarass her.

Then before I could apologize, the baliff walked in and before I could do anything she walked out. I sat down and thought about my options and figured this was the end.

I walked out into the courtroom and she was talking to someone else. I walked by her and towards the door and then I became aware she was coming up behind me. Before I could do or say anything she whispered in my ear "I was hoping to see you" and then put her phone number in my hand and then walked away.

Rumpole, I nearly fainted.

OK. So do I call tonight? Ask her out for Saturday? Help me, I'm paralyzed by fear.

Rumpole said...

CK- you may be a careful reader of the blog- but not a longtime reader. The 21 has often been discussed. Indeed, I have even said the 21 specifically does not mean there were 20 other Roarks. And I said the 21 might be a better place to start considering the clues I have given. All I have said is "think outside the box"

I do not believe in forced altruism, so I do not believe in the pro bono requirement. I personally believe and practice charity in my life and practice but the pro bono requirmenet is part of the altruistic collectivist ethics that has badly hurt this country.

Remember that every atrocity committed by a government against the people was done in the name of altruism. Just read some Nazi laws when Hitler took over, or pronouncements by Stalin, to see what I mean.

I've ignored the "Dorks" comment.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else make the (apparently false) assumption that, based on his name, Joseph P. George was Haitian?

No, just like Jospeph P. Klock is NOT Haitian AMERICAN, either. And who cares, anyway? Joe George grew up down here, I think in Pinecrest, and used to be a GM of sorts in the Keys. He had some ties to the Jeb-ster or at least some of that ilk....and has some ideas that are really, ah, out of the box. He may make waves...if he has time to do anything with what must be very limited resources....He's been asked to patch a whole in the Titanic with a wad of chewing gum.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, how can you make those sensible coments about forced altruism, yet support the candidate who promises to force altruism on us all more than any other major candidate? Makes just zero sense.

Dear 11:29, As for Mr. Joe George, he IS NOT giving up a lucrative practice to "help the poor". Since his private practice is not criminal defense, he can continue his private practice AND "supervise" a new conflict office. And make an extra 80k plus full benefits. Hardly self-imposed altruism!

Rumpole said...

The answer to your question is that both republicans and democrats are the same side of the coin of sacrifice- one wants to control your morals (the republicans) and one your bank account (democrats) - however Clinton showed that Democrats learned from their failures of the 70's- they learned from Reagan. So If I have to choose, I choose someone whose ideals I more believe in- and that is Edwards.
Now I do not support many of his methods- but I do support his ideals. I am very concerned that the divide between rich and poor will tear this country apart. And above all a President is a leader- so if Edwards leads the discussion in areas no one else wants to talk about- like poverty- then I am at least hopeful that the solutions will be tolerable. When is the last time you heard a Republican talk about poverty? They are too busy saying "terrorism" and "taxes" to get to anything else. And by the way- this war will cost us ONE TRILLION DOLLARS when all is said and done- and where will that money come from? Taxes. So Bush can brag all he wants about lowering taxes- but as our bridges keep collapsing and we keep closing hospitals ( as we did in LA this week) trust me when I say the next president and the one after that will be raising taxes to pay for these necessities. And by the way- do you think that TRILLION dollars might have been better spent on alternative energy and combating global warming, or do you mind dodging cat 5 hurricanes that keep forming now that the ocean if a few degrees warmer.


Real I mean Real PRO-BONO work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Rumpole on a very serious note PRO BONO is a very very serious subject on many levels and let me explain.

If every doctor in Florida was required to spend one day each month (thats 12 days in a year) dedicating that one day per month to seeing only poor people with no insurance we would not have the mess we have today in the medical field. In other words if a doctor is a brain surgeon he can do pro-bono procedures one a month.

This should be required in order to get your medical license renewed.

The same with lawyers. I personally think the current pro-bono programs by the Florida Bar etc is the biggest scam since court broom.

The legal aid society in Miami is just a place for over-rated lawyers to get together and talk about what font they will use on the flyer informing the public they dedicate time to the poor while not dedicating time to the poor.

But truly pro-bono work in the medical and legal field should be mandated by law and over seen by a new position appointed by the governor "THE SECRETARY OF PRO-BONO FOR THE POOR".

What say you Rumpole the almighty? Do I have my head in the right direction. Can I get Susanna at the Herald or the DBR on this. Judge P. throw me a bone on this subject. Judge Blake, Judge Slom and of all people Judge Liefman what say you?

Anonymous said...

why support Edwards he is on a losing streak. I like the guy and would like for him to win but lets face it....

Obama I thought would be were Edwards is today and I am amazed at what he has done. If he can do this so quick just imagine what he will do in the general election against the republicans.

Clinton I like but America as a whole is not going to vote for a woman. Woman don't like her and thats her audience.

My guess is Obama for a landslide or Clinton / Edwards ticket for a close win.

Anonymous said...

Fake george costanza here: regarding the pending date between the blond and the grown lawyer who has not had a date in years. 1. wear underwear with no stretch marks 2. bring a condom less than 6 months old 3. bring breath fresheners or lifesavers 4. trim nose and ear hair, not you blondie. 5. shell out the extra bucks for valet parking so she does not have to walk far on heels unless you were taking rumpole advice and going thru the bk drive thru, 6. wear cologne 7. wear a shirt that breathes so your sweat does not show 8. charge your cell phone and have full tank of gas 9. don't eat any flatulence producing food before the date or during 10. if all else is failing tell her you have an 8 inch tongue and can breather thru your ears.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not a public servant getting my piece of the pie?

"agency clerk pleaded no contest Wednesday to charges she stole more than $2.4 million from Broward Workforce One.

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Marc Gold accepted Brenda Felder's plea to first-degree felony charges of grand theft and money laundering."

Herald reports.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the middle age men hiring hot female associates? Bobby R., the L & L twins, Lefty, R.H.? Hey Romeo - maybe you should just offer Juliet a job.

Anonymous said...

So do you think you would have supported Lenin and Castro and Mussolini and every other totalitarian douchebag that spoke of alleviating poverty, helping working people, etc?? They ALL start the same way---and end the same , too.

If you don't support the methods, what do you support? The sentiment? The feeling?

The free interplay of market forces does more to alleviate poverty than any govt "solutions".

And Edwards believes that its the govt, not the market, that rises living standards. He ignores the entire sweep of human history. He fights against the trend toward freedom for the individual. How sad that you fight with him.

He won't win, so it will not matter, but your reasoning for supporting Edwards, given your stated beliefs, is kinda bizarre.

Did you know the federal govt spends close to $400 billion a yr on anti-poverty programs? For 35 million "poor" people. Over 100k per "poor" person. And you want more! Wake up.

Anonymous said...

This just in- Jimbo Best was NOT in trial today. And the Lurvey/Lyons associate is HOT.

I ON Q said...

Word Up. The NFL Players Union was taken a back by how strongly the Q urged Vick to fight and go to trial and not plead guilty. While the Q is on the outs with Vick the NFLPA is very interested.....

Anonymous Liberal said...

"400 billion for 35 million poor people." That is a completely made up statistic. You probably heard it on Rush. Provide proof or be quiet and listen to Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

He has a point. People draw a very artificial line between which animals can be tortured (e.g., bulls) and killed for sport, and which are off limits.

NEW YORK -- New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury defended Michael Vick, calling dogfighting a sport and comparing it to hunting.

Marbury spoke Monday about the federal dogfighting conspiracy charges against Vick while promoting his basketball shoe in Albany, N.Y.

"I think it's tough," Marbury said, according to Albany TV station Capital News 9. "I think, you know, we don't say anything about people who shoot deer or shoot other animals. You know, from what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It's just behind closed doors."

Anonymous said...

today i met the new conflict office guy. my impression of him was that he is an honest guy who will try to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

This just IN: the date is on, the blonde is on the couch and meatloaf is on the stereo, he's rounding second. slides into 3rd head first. but wait, she's not waving him in, looks like another night of kleenex with lefty.

Anonymous said...

Q has left Miami, and begun operating a Rey's Pizza on York Ave.

Anonymous said...

Why do you claim you scooped the herald on that when they reported it in this mornings paper, and you didn't have it until after 9AM today?

Anonymous said...

This Joseph George is NOT GOING TO BE VERY POPULAR. and don't think we'll ever forget, or forgive.


Rumpole said...

8:11- my post was up LAST NIGHT AT
9:27 PM. so there.

Anonymous said...

$400 billion comes combining the federal programs especially dedicated to the poor-Medicaid (not Medicare), AFDC, SSI, Etc, etc. The overhead (social workers, salries, benefits for program staff and administrators, etc ) eats up so much $ that it 'd e easier . and cheaper, to just write all these "poor" a check for 80k or so a yr and be done with it.

Btw, I dont listen to radio at all , talk or music.

Anonymous said...

As to 5:31's advice to avoid flatulence-causing foods, that is not necessary. The custom of opening the car door for the young lady enables the gentleman to then walk around the car and pass whatever wind he needs to before getting into the car with her, both comfortable and courteous.

Anonymous said...

You said:
This Joseph George is NOT GOING TO BE VERY POPULAR. and don't think we'll ever forget, or forgive.

I say this: This man did nothing accept take a job that he thought would be challenging. He really seems to be a nice guy. That said, FIDA has been working very hard to convince certain counties to sue the state so that these conflict offices never get up and running. The problem is, there is a lot of talk and as of yet, no action. In the coming weeks, we shall see if our efforts pay off.

e for me said...

The Easy E is tearing it up SOBE style. Making the rounds, doin the models, livin it up after his divorce.

Fear the Q?

Be the E!!!!!

Anonymous Liberal said...

"Did you know the federal govt spends close to $400 billion a yr on anti-poverty programs? For 35 million "poor" people. Over 100k per "poor" person. And you want more! Wake up."

Math is not your strong point, buddy.

400,000,000,000 divided by 35,000,000 is $11,428.57 per person.

Anonymous said...


romeo saga a figment of someones imagination.

Anonymous said...

To critics of the Conflict P.D. He took a job that no one else applied for because they know how much of a nightmare the cesspool of nothing but dependency( crack addict beat infant) , the worst criminal cases the pd don't want(hfo, videotaped defendant at crime scene or confession, baby killers, teen kills nice kid cause he covets his car rims), and those pleasant juvenile delinquents in a trailer park called a courthouse which should be condemned. He leaves private practice-those of you who have tried it know that you are a whore- you are given money to get results which are expected- the paying client wants you to say everything will be fine, your are a great lawyer, the other lawyer you are considering sucks, hire me, i'll win and then try to get your money and most times you are lucky if you get half the agreed amount. only a few are skilled enough to make large sums of money in private practice and they usually have a bunch of very unhappy former clients who feel they overpaid and could have got about the same results with the pd. All the man did was leave the b.s. of private practice for 80grand, health benefits and vacation. the job will be a nightmare with constant staffing problems and the whole system, at least in Miami, will probably be a colossal failure and revitalized or changed in 2 years. You critics are pissed because you have no more court appointments so start working on a business plan to improve your ability to get private clients, get paid, and cut overhead.If you want to help the guy out tell the 30 year P.D. to stop conflicting off all the toughest cases and start hiring more Indians and get rid of all those chiefs who work 30 hours a week for 120,000 while 30 year olds making 45,000 have 100 cases.

Anonymous said...

This just in the news desk: Breaking news. 2 former NBA greats were arrested this morning when seen eating chicken from an operation in Arkansas where healthy chickens were electrocuted and processed for consumption. Former world middleweight boxing champ xyz was seen eating bacon from a pig killed in a slaughterhouse in Alabama. Baseball players seen at Hooters in Fort Myers eating chicken during spring training, hall of famers seen eating cow-euphamistically and in code called "steak". rock stars eat fish-details at six. Baby lamps killed, deer, fish, etc. etc. THE ISSUE IN THE VICK CASE IS that in American society we like dogs, although you have probably eaten one if you dine at chinese restaurants. In other areas of the world dogs are not revered. In India they eat rat, we hate rats. Some areas of the world eat what animals are there. some areas eat monkey, bird, bugs. If fighting is ok on the hockey ring and baseball field why should it be illegal on the basketball court. if hunting alligators, deer etc., the killing of defenseless animals is legal, what is special about the most vicious dog breed that should arouse our hatred of Vick. If animal righting is vicious why do we love boxing, ultimate fighting, wrestling, hockey brawls, martial arts, gun shooting competition. This case typifies the hypocrisy in the U.S. and is a violation of the constitutional provision known as selective prosecution. The President can hung and kill quail and geese but Vick goes to prison for killing a dog that is illegal in Miami. Kill a grissly is good, kill a kitten or puppy is bad. they are all animals. where was one given notice as to what animals are more worthy of life and those which are extinguishable. I personally think that most pit bulls love to fight, it is what they were bred to do, they go crazy cooped up in an apartment and the biggest form of cruelty to dogs are those Westminster dog shows which is a form of involuntary servitude because no dog was ever bred to be a model but that is the sport of the rich. If Vick goes to prison- why not go after the man who shoots a deer in the head or slits an alligators throat. I feel that humans are not the most intelligent life form on this planet-we just have invented ways to kill. If you ever owned an intelligent dog you know they are smarter than us. I don't like what Vick did because I am a dog lover, but everybody who eats meat needs to know that that was a living breathing healthy animal only a few days before you stuck your fork in it.

Anonymous said...

Date update: Unfortunately the blonde had brothers and is used to ball scratching, tugging the underwear out of your butt crack, belching etc. A new tactic is needed. Please advise on how to deal with a beautiful smart woman who had brothers who would protect her and fart in her face. I am confused. Is it back to being a gentleman or continue doing the opposite.

fake carl rove said...

I believe that Rumpole and his moronic acolytes severely underestimate Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President. Hillary already has more money and more poll numbers than either Obama or Edwards plus two winning presidential campaigns under her belt. Edwards has already lost a presidential election and has surrounded himself with the same losers who ran the last two losing Democratic campaigns. Just what makes you think that he is going to beat Hillary? To poor naive 5:17 p.m. who says "just imagine what (Obama) will do in the general election against the Republicans," I say just imagine what ugly tricks the Republicans have in store for him if he actually does become the Democratic candidate.

The Republicans are in serious trouble, a status reflected by the fact that three of the major Republican hopefuls (McCain, Guliani, and Thompson) have been treated for cancer, and the Democratic candidate should win the election in the absence of any major mistakes. The candidate the Republicans fear most and the candidate least likely to make a major mistake is Hillary Clinton. What do the rest of you experts have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can support any Democrat, Rump, but supporting Edwards is just crazy. First he has NO chance, He's getting crushed in the polls. Second he is a hypocrite with the 40K square foot house and $400 haircuts. Third he doesn't know anything. When asked about the Cuban healthcare system, he said he didn't know anything about it and then asked if it was run by the government! What ISN'T government run in Cuba! Fourth, you want a guy that couldn't beat Kerry? Fifth he is way way left, "loony left" as they say.

Fortunately it will be cankles clinton or Mr. Obama. The GOP can handle them easily.


Rumpole said...

Mrs. Clinton's problem is that her negatives are way way too high. She is viewed begatively by 49%of the country. Her nomination is the only chance the Republicans have.

Fred Thompson is the strongest republican candidate. 2 years ago I would have guessed it would have been McCain- but he has imploded and is done. Thompson is a cheap Reagan impersonator. But that is the best the republicans have now. Rudy G is truly dangerous and weird. He will implode. There are too many time bombs with the man.
The rest republicans cannot get out of Bush's shadow no matter how hard they try.

H Clinton is just viewed too poorly by too many americans. Obama is interesting but not experienced enough. Edwards is leading in the polls in Iowa. He needs one big win and you will see him take off. Just watch. This is from the guy who said Dean would jump out in the lead in 2004- who said Gore would lose to Bush. (I did get the 92 election wrong) And who picked GHWBush who was a nobody in 78 and said he had a chance to win in 80. He almost did.
I am an astute observer of politics- just watch-Edwards is far from done. Obama is too managed and will burn off steam- and Hillary is too difficult, but she is proving to be a very very good campaigner. Look who is advising her- one of the best.

Rick Freedman said...


Rick Freedman

On Wednesday, August 22, 2007, the 11th Circuit ISC met for the final time. As the result of SB 1088, the ISC as we know it will sunset on September 30th. At the meeting today, the JAC was present, by telephone, and General Counsel Stephen Presnell provided the ISC with several important facts which all CAC attorneys need to know.

1. F.S. 27.5304 (4) provides that all CAC attorneys must submit their bills within 90 days of disposition of the case or they will be subject to a 15% penalty. The effective date of that clause was supposed to begin 90 days after the Governor signed SB 1088 into law. The bill was signed on May 24th and the 90th day was today. Fortunately, the JAC has agreed to extend the deadline until this coming Monday, August 27, 2007. If you have a closed case that was closed on or before May 24, 2007, you must therefore have your bill submitted no later than Monday.

What does that mean? In Dade County, if your bill is a “short form” bill, it must be into the offices at JAC and stamped no later than Monday. If you have a “long form” bill, it must be date stamped by the AOC no later than Monday. For our brethren “North of The Border”, and other Circuits that do not have a Fee Review Committee and submit all their bills directly to the JAC, you must have your bills into the offices at JAC and stamped no later than on Monday. Failure to do so will result in the JAC imposing a 15% penalty to your final bill.

2. Beginning on Monday, August 27, 2007, contrary to previous practice in Dade County, all original bills should be submitted directly to the JAC in Tallahassee. In the past, if you had a “long form” bill, you submitted the original to the Fee Review Committee. Now, you will submit copies to the FRC, with the original going to the JAC. Once again, the bill must arrive at the JAC within 90 days of disposition of the case, or you will be subject to a 15% penalty. All other jurisdictions will continue to submit their original bills directly to the JAC.

3. In all counties, please remember that you are still eligible for payment pursuant to the ISC rates established in your Circuit before July 1, 2007; (for cases where you were appointed before July 1, 2007). For any cases that you have accepted as of July 1, you are now subject to the new “flat fee” amounts established pursuant to SB 1088 and the language contained in the General Appropriations Act. Flat fee forms are available at the JAC website.

4. This next matter should be read very carefully. Prior to July 1, when a CAC attorney was appointed to multiple cases on the same defendant, the attorney was permitted to file only one bill and was required to combine all of their work time into that one bill. That procedure has changed!!! On all appointed cases as of July 1, 2007, you may now bill each case separately. Therefore, for example, if a defendant has four (4) second degree felonies, you are entitled to submit four flat fee bills, each for $1,000, and you will be paid a total of $4,000.

5. While our ISC will officially cease to exist as of October 1, it is the intention of Chief Judge Farina to continue with an ISC in some name and some form in the future. The make-up of that future committee is yet to be determined. Judge Farina is convinced that the model that has been in place in Miami Dade County has been extremely effective in helping to deliver quality legal services to the indigent defendants in our community for the past 15 years. That model includes a master body, like the ISC, and subcommittees that operate within that body, such as the Screening Committees and the Fee Review Committees that work in the Criminal, Juvenile Dependency and Probate/Civil systems. All of those committees are run 100% by volunteer attorneys who participate in the CAC system. They are the peers that review applications for new Registry attorneys and review “long form” Makemson bills for their reasonableness before submission to a judge for payment. Due Process Providers, such as court reporters, process servers, investigators, and expert witnesses rely on a functioning advisory board like the ISC when their issues need to be addressed. That will continue in Miami-Dade County.

6. As you should all know by now, the five Directors of the Offices of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel have been selected by Governor Crist. They will be moving swiftly in communicating with county administrators in order to find the space to set up their “law offices”. They will begin the process of interviewing and hiring attorneys and support staff. Depending on where you work in this State, the offices should be functional sometime between October 1 and December 31, 2007. Once that happens, private attorneys will see a drastic reduction in the amount of conflict cases that they are appointed to. Estimates are that the private registry will receive approximately 20% of all criminal conflicts in the future.

7. In Dade County, if you have not signed the “new” contract that became effective on July 1, 2007, your name has been removed from the Registry. In order to be placed back on the Registry, you must sign a new contract. As of August 17th, a total of 88 attorneys had signed the new contract in Dade County.

More information will be made available to all CAC attorneys in the near future. Stay tuned and please feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions.

Rick Freedman, Esq.

Email: rickfreedmanlaw@aol.com

Anonymous said...

11:29 says "Prior to appointing George, do you think Govenor Crist discussed his appointment with judges on the criminal bench as well as prominent defense counsel of the eleventh circuit? (Hint: yes.)"

No, he didn't.

And 12:52 said: "Actually, Mr. George was not picked from a pool of one. There was a list of three applicants sent to the governor which had been whittled from something like 50 statewide applicants. Mr. george, of the three finalists for our district was the only pne FRM the 3rd, but the nominees could be appointed to districts other than where they lived."

Actually, Mr. George was picked from a pool of one, and no one who applied was thinking they would be moving to another district. The panhandle applicants didn't think maybe theyed move to orlando for 80k a year, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with all of your analysis but it is sound especially re: Giuliani (a.k.a. Julie Annie). And I am afraid that Thompson is form over substance. I honestly wish Mitt had a better chance. I will probably vote Republican regardless of who the Democrat candidate will be. I am becoming a Harold Ford, Jr. fan but he is not in the picture..this time around.


Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson here:

I'm the guy who asked The Bar, on behalf of the murder victim's family, to reconsider its whitewash of what Moldof did.

To all of the lawyers who think that The Bar ought to deal with unethical attorneys, you're welcome.

Jack Thompson, Attorney

Anonymous Liberal said...


Ford will never be available because your racist, Republican buddies took him out. Enjoy voting for Fred Thompson (*puke*).

Anonymous said...

The uninformed blatherer who says Put Something Back is a joke, etc. is speaking from the wrong aperture. It's one of the very few programs that delivers with no BS. It's true they take no criminal cases...maybe that is because it's kinda hard to find criminal lawyers willing to do anything for free?