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Yes we are jumping the gun a bit early. For those of you new to the blog, you can review old posts proving our amazing run last year at picking the winner of football games. There are at least two new boats named after us by grateful blog readers.

This year, beyond our normal Sunday picks we are thinking of something a bit more interactive. We are actively negotiating with some web sites to allow us to run a football pool of some sort, in which you, the loyal reader could participate.

In order to keep things legal, the prize money would have to come from Rumpole himself. "No purchase necessary" to keep the State Attorneys Office from investigating us.

The question is what kind of pool should we run? Our first thought is an elimination or suicide pool, where the participants would have to just pick one winner from one game a week, no point spread needed. Sounds easy huh? Here's the rub: the first time you pick the Colts over the Lions, you can no longer use the Colts for the rest of the year. So you must not only pick your game carefully, but look at the schedule for weeks to come to plan your picks accordingly. Otherwise before you know it, you're left with choosing the Texans/Cardinals match up.

Let us know your thoughts and if you would be so inclined to participate.


Here are our thoughts on our local heroes:

1) In view of the Brady Quinn negotiations and lengthy holdout, and the performance of John Beck, the front office doesn't look so bad in passing on the Notre Dame pretty boy. The Dolphins saved a ton of money, and had their QB of the future in training camp from the get go.

2) Give Ted Ginn time. He is spending his pre-season learning routes and check offs and blitz pickups and special teams. The flashy catches will come.

3) For all of the Dolphins smarts in passing on Quinn, they look positively stupid in blowing all that money on Culpepper, who by the way now looks fine in Oakland. Plus they just guaranteed twenty million to Joey Porter, who they signed not knowing he needed knee surgery. When will Porter contribute? Who knows. And Trent Green is showing that he may never recover emotionally to that devastating hit last year which knocked him out for several games. Can anyone envision him being the starting QB next year?

No team wins by dumping loads of money on aging veterans. The Steelers won a Super Bowl with Porter anchoring the defense. Don't you think they knew what he was worth? The Dolphins have spent close to forty million dollars on Culpepper, Green, and Porter. This is money poorly spent in our opinion. The season is shaping up as a 8-8 or 7-9. But if Beck and Ginn progress to the point of making contributions, then next year the Fins can spend some money on defensive draft picks and OL linemen in free agency, and then we may be talking playoffs.

Until then, we will just have to get our enjoyment out of this season by rooting against the Jets and picking football winners purely for fun and not for profit.

See You Tomorrow, we're the one's reading the sports page in Au Bon Pain.


PS: An alert reader emailed us to inform us that we missed this 3rd DCA reversal of a murder case: HERE. The case is noteworthy because it was the second time the 3rd DCA saw fit to reverse the conviction for introduction of the same type of evidence that caused the case to be reversed the first time.

We know the State Attorney's office has an appellate division. The trick however, is to actually READ the opinion, so you can figure out what the 3rd DCA doesn't want you to do again. We know that of all people we should not be chastising anyone for NOT reading appellate opinions, but then again, we have been known to read an FLW or two, but only when it is absolutely necessary.

David Molansky, Esq., on the winning briefs for the appellant, and Judge Murphy stuck with the third trial of the case.


Rumpole said...

From Frank Rich and the Op Ed NY Times:

Last weekend's Iowa straw poll was a more somber but equally anachronistic spectacle. Again, it's a young conservative commentator, Ryan Sager, writing in The New York Sun, who put it best: "The face of the Republican Party in Iowa is the face of a losing party, full of hatred toward immigrants, lust for government subsidies, and the demand that any Republican seeking the office of the presidency acknowledge that he's little more than Jesus Christ's running mate."
That face, at once contemptuous and greedy and self-righteous, is Karl Rove's face. Unless someone in his party rolls out a revolutionary new product, it is indelible enough to serve as the Republican brand for a generation.

Anonymous said...

I live and breathe aqua and orange. Gratefully, I've learned never to bet my with my heart. I forsee success early as the heat wilts the visitors in September and October, but the later part of the year exposes their (many) weaknesses. At best, this is an 9-7 team this year.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are the party of the greedy. Don't help, don't share and don't care. They pay lip service to the greater good ("compassionate conservatism") but the truth of their policies is crystal clear ("ketchup is a vegetable", "global warming doesn't exist", "You're doing a great job, Brownie"). Karl Rove played the political division game better than anyone but that's nothing to be proud of. The hypocrisy of George Bush ("I'm a uniter, not a divider") is fully evident now and the stench reeks.

Anonymous said...


I've been on vacation since Aug. 6 and this weekend have been reading previous posts to catch up. From Wed., Aug 15th was posted this missive:

Anonymous said...
I heard the Givaria crew, including Mendy the Jew, a guy they just call "the wop", sticky fingers Denaro, are shaking down the L&L twins and demanding a piece of the Monday DUI action, "as a tribute."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 5:11:00 PM

If this yahoo was trying to be funny, he/she was not. Neither Mendy being Jewish nor Denaro being Italian has anything to do with the accusations being made. Rather, they were identified using ethnic slurs that perpetuate ugly stereotypes. The comments were (ethnically) racist and ignorant. Saying it out loud makes the author stupid. Saying it anonymously makes them a coward.

Robin Faber

Anonymous said...

GOOD AFTERNOON RUMPOLE - It has been reported that Congressman Dennis Kucinich has a condo here in Aventura and he will run for STATE ATTORNEY in Dade if he loses the presidential primary.

QUESTION RUMP: Will you be supporting his bid? Is he your type of candidate?

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is making the same mistake the Democratic Party made in the 70's and 80's, that is, abandoning the center and letting a group of extremists run the party. The Republican takeover of Congress in 1996 was not the result of a Republican revolution or a demand to have the so-called Contract with America enacted into law. The 1994 Clinton gun control laws gave Congress to the Republicans in 1996, and Newt Gingrich and his right-wing crowd overextended their mandate.

Anonymous said...


Why focus solely on the SAO in the Henry Thornton v. State opinion? I think the excerpts from the trial show that Judge Murphy is too quick to accept the SAO's position. His rulings smack of Judicial Malpractice. He allowed the defense to voir dire the State's witness before he testified, the State did not object I'll note, and then promptly ignored the testimony that the defendant's statement about a shooting at the VIP was about a DIFFERENT shooting than the one on trial.

CAPTAIN said...


In a sort of "point-counterpoint" response to Rumpole, anyone who missed the performance of Brady Quinn in his debut Saturday night against the Detriot Lions, missed a sharp debut by the rookie out of Notre Dame.

While it could be argued that Quinn played late, and against the Lions scrubs, the rookie QB had the same level of talent available to him on his side of the ball.

Trailing 23-7 when he entered, Quinn went on to finish 13-of-20, (with three spikes to stop the clock), for 155 yards and also had two (YES, I repeat two) touchdown passes.

On his last drive, a "two-minute" drill, Quinn drove the Browns 92 yards in 1:52, hitting Jerome Harrison with a 6-yard TD pass with 18 seconds left.

Not bad for a guy who held out and missed the early part of training camp and didn’t even play in the Browns first exhibition game.

As for the Dolphins, Rump joins a long list of those who have criticized the fatuous personnel department for their off season selections and foolish allocation of money. I have no debate with him there. I say, trade Trent Green to the Falcons (they need him more than we do) and get a draft pick in return.

We all know that the Dolphins offense is young and "at least" one year away from scoring 20+ points on an average Sunday afternoon, so why not admit it now and play your younger players and get them their experience this year.

Turning to the "it makes me nauseous to think about it again" department, remember AJ Feeley. He was the Eagles third string QB several years ago, when the Dolphins made another world class personnel blunder in trading a number two draft pick for him (in 2004). He was a bust for the Dolphins, throwing for 11 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in 2004. The Fins traded him to the Chargers in 2005. Well, guess what? Now he is the second string QB, in Philadelphia. Maybe we can trade for him again - this time let's give the Eagles a first round pick - just to make it fair.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Faber- the question isn't how did you become a judge- the implosion of Judge Hernandez is the reason we all know. The question is how did you pass the bar? Get over yourself and your sanctimonous righteousness.

The paragraph was clearly a takeoff from the movie Goodfellas. And if that isn't enough, let me help you in reading comprehension:
a guy they just call "the wop", sticky fingers Denaro.

Lets read it this way to help you:

A guy they just call the wop COMMA, sticky fingers Denaro.

The COMMA indicates two different individuals. If you are upset, be upset for poor Joel on the "sticky fingers" reference, and not because of any slur against him being Italian.

But do you really think that this comment was written as a racial slur, or a joke by some of his friends? Do you really think people think Frank Givaria is shaking down Dan Lurvey and Chris Lyons? Frank is the sweetest guy you could imagine. The whole thing was a silly spoof, and no one else complained.

Think about it, but not during the time on the bench, as you cannot afford the brain cells to spare as you try and do your job.

Rumpole said...

My dear El Capitan- Brady Quinn did his work late in the fourth quarter against players who could not even make his college team. Do you really think he is aready for the Brownies opener against the Steelers?

I would not be against letting Beck get lots of experience, but not with this poor excuse for an offensive line. There is a difference between throwing the kid out there, and throwing him to the wolves. With this offensive line, he would be blitzed every down and sacked ten times a game, and that would scar him for the rest of his career.

Anonymous said...

By the way Faber- it must be nice to take three week vacations. Don't work too hard on adjudicating those traffic tickets.

Anonymous said...

Let's examine a quasi myth: no team ever won by spending a lot of money on veterans. Consider the 1980 and 1983 Raiders. Jim Plunkett, more washed up in 79 than Culpepper is now, was signed by Al Davis. People thought he was crazy. The 83 Raiders also had Lyle Alzado, a castaway from Denver and John Matuzak, who failed in Houston. And honorable mention has to go to the Washington Redskins of 1972 who lost to the Dolphins. Remember Billy Kilmer (who never ran, he limped), Verlon Biggs, Roy Jefferson, Ron McDole, and Charile Harraway? But you are right that there have been many teams who went this direction and failed in a blaze of glory. And here are some notable ones:
1. KC. Marcus Allen and Joe Montana;
2. LA Rams. Joe Namath.
3. SF. OJ Simpson
4. NY Giants. Larry Csonka

Rumpole said...

There is a difference between assembling a team of castaway veterans that no one wants- Al Davis is the real genuis at doing that- and over paying for over the hill talent. The 49'ers. The Steelers. The Patriots. They didn't build championship dynasties on overpaying for talent. The 1979 Steelers are the only team ever to win a super bowl in which no person on that team ever played one down of professional football for another team.

In fact the reason I am so down on the Patriots this year is I think they way over spent in free agency and those players are no longer nearly as good as they used to be. The Patriots did not get a 2000 Randy Moss. They got a 2007 model and that is a world of difference.

The Washington Redskins are the model for over paying. Randle El worth 20 million guaranteed for being a medicore number two receiver who happened to throw a TD pass in the Super Bowl? You can have him. The Dolphins are more following the Redskins model these days than the build through the draft model which is the only one that works.

Friend of Faber said...

sorry robin, but you totally missed the boat on that post. several suggestions:

1. think outside the box, it will help on the bench

2. try to to stay current with popular culture and whos spoofing who on this blog

3. run your posts through someone who has a clue before you post them

a friend.

Faber College Grad said...



(its an animal house reference, robin)

Anonymous said...

4:31, Faber said he was on vacation since the 6th, my calculation is 2 weeks vacation.

Need a calculator?

And do you have a problem with someone adjudicating traffic tickets. Should no one do that?

Anonymous said...

I really wish ALL of the judges would stop posting on the blog. Especially repeat offenders Glick, Pineiro, and now Faber. It demeans the office. You're supposed to be above all this. And even when your posts are on point and interesting, this is not the forum in which you should be expressing your thoughts.

Rumpole said...

I think you are 100% wrong, although I do think Judge Faber needs a humor transplant. I would have never allowed that comment to be posted if I did not think it was made in fun by friends of those involved. These DUI lawyers are a rowdy bunch. If any of those lawyers had emailed me upset, I would have removed it immediately and apologized to boot.

Anonymous said...

and we call him the "dancing jew" not the "jew."

Anonymous said...

Hey Rump. About the 79 Steelers. I would not be surprised if that also applied to any team that was ever assembled. That is an amazing statistic.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gvairia's crew and football, Franky G definitely did not catch that ball for a touchdawn the otherweek, no way, no how. It absolutely hit the ground. Frank...no catch.

Anonymous said...

8:22 is right, let the prosecutors and defense lawyers demean the system by ourselves

Anonymous said...

the dancing jew should be given a chance at wide out by the fish

Anonymous said...

Jews can dance? Who knew?

Fake Judge Faber said...

Rumpole, please instruct your readers of the following:

I am to be addresed as "Your Lordship", or "Your Honor" or "Judge Faber." Nothing else will do.

I am a very serious man, and I have been choosen by the voters of Dade County to do a very very very serious job.

I do not take those comments lightly. They are the product of foolishness, and are made by apparent ruffians. I hereby order you to take those comments down immediately, or appear before me tomorrow morning at 7AM SHARP ( as I am also a very very busy judge) to explain your actions.

Enough is enough. No more foolishness or bruhaha. Stop it now. You should confine this blog to serious issues like global warming, or misdemeanors which are ripping the fabric of our society apart. You tell me who has the time to make jokes on this blog, because I have a load of community service that needs to be done and I am looking for volunteers.

I hope I have made myself clear.

Anonymous said...

Mendy is a dancing jew??? Now I have heard everything.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's got boogie fever, except on Friday nights after sunset and saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Lurvey's not a Jew.

SVEN said...

City 1, United 0 Full-time

Blue Moon,
I saw you standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my knowledge of popular culture is weak, if that's a crime then I plead guilty. I didn't know that was a job requirement.
I read the lines as an effort to try and be funny using offensive references, thus my comment.

For the record, I do not "adudicate those traffic tickets", my assignment is to the civil bench. And I do not agree with the idea that judges should not contribute, many have done so and well. Without using ethnic or racial references.

Robin Faber

Rumpole said...

Judge Faber- we very much welcome your contributions. Piece of advice- take your lumps here and don't respond and these doofus's will move on. You made a comment about something that concerned you. And that is a good thing. In the future send me a private email if you have a concern about a comment. I generally screen them closely but I have been known to miss a few, and in the past others who were concerned sent me private emails and I fixed the problem post haste.

Have fun in civil court. Personally I would rather hear a good traffic case then a slip and fall. But that's me.

Lynn Trusse said...

Judge Faber, your spelling and punctuation is just awful. You make it seem like we have illiterate judges down here. Show some respect for your position (if you're going to write in as a judge).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Judge Faber

You seem to beon a PC crusade. People like you are almost as bad as the christian conservatives.

Rumpole said...

No more Faber stuff unless you have something new.

Anonymous said...

When is Faber up again?

Anonymous said...

Joel Denardo is an American, not an Italian, Faber. Show some respect to our country.

Anonymous said...

the reason why judges feel it is ok to blog is because none other than chief judge blake is one of the multiple organizers to this blog in on the gossip- how do you think rumpole gets all his info- ever heard of email.

Anonymous said...

Rump, why limit the Faber comments (I haven't made any and don't intend to)? He's a public figure who wrote into your blog (thereby inviting response). Seems like fair game to me. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Rump, I thought the rule was that you CAN have fantasy leagues or whatever, like NCAA March Madness sheets, for $, as long as the administrator is not making a profit.

Anonymous said...

Vick only pled b/c he knew the feds would get all his co-defs to lie as usual to imprison him, so he had to plea. No justice again!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is "new" but my comment is to Robin Faber. A little advice from a PD who knew you in the old days. Don't let this judge thing go to your head. It sounds like you're heading in that direction......

Anonymous said...

That Menachem Mendel Mohairsuit Mayberg sure can cut a rug

Anonymous said...

You know, the comments about Judge Murphy were right on. He is very state oriented and assists them in any way he can, at least in trial and hearings. The reason may include the usual one in that he probably thinks criminal defendants are all guilty but there is another....

He wants to be as sure as he can that the state wins so that a certain court reporter will have to type up the transcripts and thus collect a large fee. That's also why he wants to try only A cases or murders if he can so she will get even more cash.

His attitude stinks, he's rude, and he allows a woman who has no business throwing her opinion around influence his work.

Sorry I voted for ya. Won't make that mistake again.

Anonymous said...

here's some basic advice to robin:

if you cant take the heat dont post on this blog.

people here will slam anyone at the drop of a consonant or misplaced comma. in your case, however, your post reflected a lack of perspective and lack of humour. the problem is that everyone BUT you got the joke.

word to the wise: run your posts through someone that has a sense of humour and/or reads this blog regularly before you sign your name.

didnt you find it curious that you were the only poster who found the jokes distasteful? it was inside joking that you should have left alone.

you'll know better next time.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand this, Faber thought something here was offensive, so he's now......letting this judge thing go to his head, and needs to go?

I wonder (but not really) who's writing this stuff

Fake Lou Dobbs said...

Has anyone heard if somebody new is going into the Glick/Garcia race or does Stacy inherit her father's seat?

Anonymous said...

A county court judge is not a real judge except when presiding over dui trials, the occasional domestic/battery case and trying to help someone with a drug/alcohol problem. They should be paid less than 100,000 a year. If someone 5 years out of school is eligible how tough can it be, and there are county court judges in their 30s with almost no felony trial experience. Mr. Faber, you were more important to society trying to steal youth in the right direction at the PD. get over yourself- now you make more money, can take a longer vacation, and will have women come onto you who previously did not. your shit still stinks- Houveler is a judge, Blake and Altonaga, and others, you just wear black!

Anonymous said...

An ode to my good friend menachem mendel mohairsuit:

You are the Dancing Jew
young and sweet
only thirty two.
Dancing Jew
Feel the beat
on the tambourine.

You can dance.
You can daven.
Having the time of your life.
see that girl
Watch that scene
dig in, the dancing jew.

Your "Irish" Brethren