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We are one year away from the judicial elections that will take place in 2008. The exact date is Tuesday, August 26, 2008 and tomorrow, it’s 52 weeks and counting. So for the benefit of those that are interested in the future of the robed ones in Miami-Dade County, here is a preview:


There are 37 seats up for election. Of those, 24 incumbents have filed for re-election, 8 sitting judges have NOT filed as of yet, and there are five seats where new challengers have filed to run.

The Incumbents who have filed for re-election (without any opposition) are:

002 Barzee Flores, Mary
004 Ward, Diane
005 Donner, Amy Steele
006 Esquiroz, Margarita
009 Friedman, Ronald M.
016 Firtel, Leon M.
017 Trawick, Daryl E.
023 Lopez, Peter R.
027 Dresnick, Ronald
033 Farina, Joseph P.
037 Muir, Celeste Hardee
044 Bagley, Jerald
046 Zabel, Sarah I
051 Chumbley, Douglas J.
053 Emas, Kevin
054 Wilson Jr., Thomas S.
058 Schumacher, Marc
064 Scola, Jacqueline Hogan
069 Scola Jr., Robert N.
070 Karlan, Sandy
071 Sigler, Victoria
072 Diaz, Reemberto
075 Tunis, Dava J.
076 Eig, Spencer

The eight sitting judges who have not yet filed (and we need to be asking why) are:

001 Fernandez, Ivan F.
007 Rodriguez, Jose M.
019 Silver, Roger A.
035 Prescott, Orlando A.
036 Pineiro, Roberto M.
055 Cohen, Jeri Beth
057 Shapiro, Bernard S.
077 Butchko, Beatrice A.

The seats that new challengers have filed to run in are:

011 Velis, Josie Perez
(The incumbent is Judge Eugene Fierro)
018 Sanchez-LLorens, Migna
(The incumbent is Judge Jon Gordon)
038 Garcia, Mario
Glick, Stacy Daryl
(The incumbent is Judge Leonard Glick)
050 Cynamon, Abby
(The incumbent is Judge Stuart Simons)
063 Millan, Stephen T.
Sampedro-Iglesia, Maria
Segarra, Manny
(The incumbent is Judge Jeffrey Rosinek)


There are 9 seats up for election. Of those, 7 incumbents have filed for re-election, one of those incumbents has a challenger, and 2 sitting judges have NOT filed as of yet.

The Incumbents who have filed for re-election (without any opposition) are:

013 Brennan, Victoria R.
017 Hendon, Eric
019 Schwartz, Jacqueline
034 Sarduy, George A.
036 Saenz, Nuria
038 Arzola, Antonio

In Group 042, we have an incumbent and a challenger:

042 Lindsey, Norma S. (Incumbent)
Lesperance, Lisa V.

And, finally, the two sitting judges who have yet to file for re-election are:

016 Figarola, Rosa C.
030 Miranda, Cristina

Many questions will be answered in the next few months:

  • Will Judge Ivan Fernandez decide not to run for re-election simply because one or two of the readers of this blog continue to confuse him with Ivan Hernandez?

  • Will Judge Jose Rodriguez decide to retire and take Madonna up on her offer to cut a duet CD whilst both are wearing their infamous dueling head-pieces?

  • Will Judge Roberto Pineiro hang up his robe and go into full-time guest blogging as a career?

  • Will Judge Jeffrey Rosinek decide to forego his retirement, and instead, challenge Judge Blake for the position of Administrative Judge of the Criminal Division?

The Captain has no doubt that there will much jockeying around during the next several months and that more challengers will decide to enter the races. We look forward to all the excitement!

CAPTAIN OUT ...............................


Rumpole said...

Well done.
Rumpole will not be running this time.

Anonymous said...

Judge bagley should get opposition!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i predict that at least five more judges will face opposition next year el capitan, probably more

fake john mitchell said...

This is a great morning for America, since we finally are rid of the worst Attorney General in American history (except maybe for me). Good Riddance Torture Boy. Take your perjury and obsequious ways to a big Texas lobbying firm where you can make the most money out or your severely limited talents.

CAPTAIN said...


Breaking News:

AG Alberto Gonzales is finally resigning...

Now back to Election Central...


Anonymous said...

seats that will be easy to take from the incumbent are:

004 Ward, Diane
005 Donner, Amy Steele
027 Dresnick, Ronald
001 Fernandez, Ivan F.
055 Cohen, Jeri Beth

034 Sarduy, George A.
036 Saenz, Nuria

Of the above Cohen and Ward will have a tough time if they get opposition. Word is the Holy Trinity may be back and is looking at Cohens seat as a easy win?

Anonymous said...

Manny Seggara!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!Can't get off of the floor!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Rumpole will not be running THIS TIME"

Cobitz = Phil R = Rump

Anonymous said...

The Dancing Jew can flank.

Anonymous said...

Daryl?? Dar-rrrrrryyyyyyllllllll, Darrrrryyyyylllllll,......

Anonymous said...

You seem to know much that is hidden. When will Castro die? Will there be an influx like 198? Which will over work the new conflict P.D. ?

Anonymous said...

Early Vegas Line on 2008 Miami-Dade Judicial Elections:
** Note : minus line means person is a favorite, in other words in order to win $100 on Judge Barzee Flores one would have to bet $300. If you bet $100 on Emas you would win $150 because he is the uderdog. Lopez and R Scola are the tops Judges as you must wager $800 to win $100.

** Odds are based on the assumption that person draws an opponent


** Incumbant's advantage built in; Odds subject to Change.

002 Barzee Flores, Mary : Solid first term makes her about a 3:1 favorite (-300)

004 Ward, Diane Solid first term makes her also a 3:1 favorite (-300)

005 Donner, Amy Steele: Weak and certainly beatable 1:1 (even money)

006 Esquiroz, Margarita Spanish last name makes her a favorite 1.5:1 (-150)

009 Friedman, Ronald M. :Whose he? 1.3:1 (-130)

016 Firtel, Leon M. Solid judge 2:1 favorite (-200)

017 Trawick, Daryl E. : Solid 2.6:1 (-260)

023 Lopez, Peter R.Excellent judge 8:1 (-800)

027 Dresnick, Ronald One of Miami Dade's Icons 4:1 (-400)

033 Farina, Joseph P. One more term for the CJ 6:1 (-600)

037 Muir, Celeste Hardee : Quitely does excellent work on the bench 2.8:1 (-280)

044 Bagley, Jerald Good judge but beatable if he draws opposition 1.3:1 (-130)

046 Zabel, Sarah I ???? 1.7:1 (-170)

051 Chumbley, Douglas J. 1;4-1 (-140)

053 Emas, Kevin: Been beat before will get beat again. 1:2 (+150)

054 Wilson Jr., Thomas S. Excellent judge 3.3:1 (-330)

058 Schumacher, Marc Solid performer 3.8:1 (-380)

064 Scola, Jacqueline Hogan: Good first term worth another shot 4.2:1 (-420)

069 Scola Jr., Robert N. One of Miami-Dade's best 8;1 (-800)

070 Karlan, Sandy Decent but beatable 1:1 (even)

071 Sigler, Victoria, Good jurist 4.5:1 (-450)

072 Diaz, Reemberto: Thought he just got elected. 4:1 (-400)

075 Tunis, Dava J. Good transition from county court; 4.7:1 (-470)

076 Eig, Spencer: Though he just got elected. 3.3:1 (-330)

The eight sitting judges who have not yet filed (and we need to be asking why) are:
No odds on undeclared candiates::
001 Fernandez, Ivan F.
007 Rodriguez, Jose M.
019 Silver, Roger A.
035 Prescott, Orlando A.
036 Pineiro, Roberto M.
055 Cohen, Jeri Beth
057 Shapiro, Bernard S.
077 Butchko, Beatrice A.

The seats that new challengers have filed to run in are:

011 Velis, Josie Perez: Been beat twice, is third time the charm? 1:2 (+200)
(The incumbent is Judge Eugene Fierro)Should be replaced, very lazy judge; but incumbancy has its advantages 2:1 (-200)
018 Sanchez-LLorens, Migna: Unknown no odds yet _- Gordon is beatable.
(The incumbent is Judge Jon Gordon)

038 Garcia, Mario: unknown makes him a dog. (+250)
Glick, Stacy Daryl: 2.5:1 (-250)
(The incumbent is Judge Leonard Glick)
050 Cynamon, Abby
(The incumbent is Judge Stuart Simons)
063 Millan, Stephen T.
Sampedro-Iglesia, Maria
Segarra, Manny
(The incumbent is Judge Jeffrey Rosinek)


There are 9 seats up for election. Of those, 7 incumbents have filed for re-election, one of those incumbents has a challenger, and 2 sitting judges have NOT filed as of yet.

The Incumbents who have filed for re-election (without any opposition) are:

013 Brennan, Victoria R. 2:1 (-200)
017 Hendon, Eric 1.3:1 , decent judge who has been beat before; (-130)
019 Schwartz, Jacqueline 1:3 (+300) any solid opponent can beat her.

034 Sarduy, George A.
036 Saenz, Nuria, nice first term after gm in family court 4.5:1 (-450)
038 Arzola, Antonio 3.6:1 (-360)

In Group 042, we have an incumbent and a challenger:

042 Lindsey, Norma S. (Incumbent)1:1 (even) Good disposition still learning on the job;
Lesperance, Lisa V. 1:1 (even)

And, finally, the two sitting judges who have yet to file for re-election are:

016 Figarola, Rosa C. Solid; 3.2:1 (-320)
030 Miranda, Cristina, Very pretty will get over 50% of vote just by putting out campaign posters 7:1 (-700)

da Gambler !

Anonymous said...

take moderation off - i want to tell you the judges that absolutely deserve opposition in the next election

Anonymous said...

ATTORNEY GENERAL OPENING: APPLICATION CRITERIA; Good Afternoon Mr. President!. Good afternoon; please take your seats. I'd like to thank you for coming out here to Crawford where I'm vacationing. I accepted the resignation of the Attorney General and I am seeking applicants and I thought I would share with you who I am looking for. First of all I want a controversial candidate who can be ripped to shreads in partisan debate, a few weeks so a dossier can be put together, see if the nominee ever tried cocaine, been arrested for a felony or dui, or weaseled out of military service when called based upon family contacts. Next he must carry on the fine tradition of doing absolutely nothing about the problems in the country and just be my political lapdog. Of course no investigations of myself or the fact that I put our nation in a war because Iraq tried to kill my father after he beat them in the first Iraq war because they invaded Kuwait and we rescued Kuwait because of their rich towel head leaders, I mean oil, I mean to stop a despot. Mr. Gonzales was excellent at doing nothing to combat gun violence, corporate crime, government fraud, the 100 or so more Enrons out there of the Fortune 500, drug importation, border security. We need to continue to have children sleeping in their bathtubs to avoid stray bullitts because they will be happy to have a cot on an air craft carrier or sub when they join the military because of no economic future in their town. Most murder victims got what they deserved so I see no need for strong leadership to combat 12000 handgun murders a year because, hey, the NRA is a powerful lobby and I don't want to piss off a bunch of rifleman. We in Texas know what happens to pacifistic Presidents, ha ha. Now I know there are some critics out there who want someone appointed who knows what it is like to see a family ravaged by drugs so that their sister becomes a prostitute, or to bury a son killed by a stray bullitt or drunk driver, or to see his job taken by someone who illegally entered our country or who lost their life savings so the corporate elite can have 2 vacation homes -one for summer and one for- come on you know, winter, that's right winter ski lodge even thought know one over 50 skis but they have children. So to you critics out there I say sorry but I want the next 3 months to take up a partisan debate over the new attorney general, then he will be in office 9 months before I am elected out, then the new president will replace him so we have 2 more years of the aforementioned social problems which is what the constitution intended and I am just following the constitution and the brilliance of the founding fathers, change must be incremental. I mean did they stop using horses because the occasional person got kicked in the head, did they stop delivering the mail because of a few holdups. No of course not. So 12000 handgun murders a year is a great way to weed out the weak and undesirable from our society and is a darwinian form of survival of the fittest and if a few dozen school kids get caught up in the mix so be it. P.S. the figures about the number of Iraqi civilian women and children my armed forces have killed is grossly exaggerated, the number is more like 300,000 not 700,000. What my partisan critics fail to remember is the amount of people who have fled the country. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

top contenders for opposition:

scola, (i'll let you guess which one)
cohen (can you say Elian redux)

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, in the forests of Opa Locka, A wop, a dancing Jew, an "irishman," and his soon to be brother in law proceeded in to battle, undermanned against a vast army. This army which outnumbered the renegade strike force had a lurker, a columbian whose gun always failed in the heat of battle, the young italian, el caballo, a man they called "el Fiscal" and countless others. It was a pretty thing, a choreographed dance of war, for they struck down the vast army, destroying them all with no loss of life, just a serious arm welt. The dancing Jew came over the top to ensure victory, and the children took to the streets in celebration praising the great victory.

Anonymous said...

Captain you are an idiot

Rumpole said...





take the poly cobitz said...

Let us reflect on this: Phil R has repeatedly said he would take a Poly, while Cobitz has remained strangely silent.

Why won't Cobitz agree to take the poly?

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra is the biggest MORON of all time. You should hear the stories from his training month at the SAO.

Anonymous said...

No AG EVER was worse tha Janet Reno! EVER!

Anonymous said...

Manny is the worst ASA I have ever seen. The guy cannot tell the difference between a banana and a coconut pie.

Anonymous said...

I just want someone to address what is "the box?" When Rumpole says "think outside the box" I first think the box is the courthouse (it does look like a box). Then I think that Rumpole definitely is "in the box," as rumpole has to be someone in the building a lot.

So what is "the box."

Anonymous said...

All these open seats and "beatable" incumbents...where oh! where can Gina Mendez Locke 'N Load be hiding?????????

Anonymous said...

I actually saw Cobitz and Phil together for a moment in Au Bon Pan today. They didn't seem to be discussing the blog.

I agree with the previous people:
Take the Poly Tom, and then we can see.

Anonymous said...

Captain - please compute the total take by Bob Levy from the last election, his results etc. Thanks.

Fake Shumie said...

I'm fed up with Kenny Weisman and his two little ruffians making fun of me.

Anonymous said...

it looks like judges gordon and simon[batman and robin] are finally going away and retiring, thank god. those 2 bopsy twins have not earned an honest days pay in decades. they stroke each other and stroll around downtown like a couple of love birds.good riddance to both of them.

captain's first mate said...

captain's first mate says:

I have computed the money that Bob Levy has made in the last election and come to the following conclusion:

While the man may be a thief, what he is doing is legal and profitable and I therefore have decided not to pay my Bar dues (that were past due last week) and instead I am going into the business of political consulting.

Hereinafter, I shall be known as "the fake bob levy".

Real Fake Blecher said...

Yo Yo Yo, Fake Shumie, my brotha from anotha motha. Wazzup? Long time/no time.

Peace and love.
Fight the power.

Fake Blecher said...

Hey hey hey. Cool it RFB. If anyone is going to congratulate Fake Shumie it is me. We are the Fakes, not some BS "real fake." What is that "real fake"? It's - as Alex Michaels would say- bullsheeet.

Fake Bud Abbott said...

Please someone run against Dresnick and Friedman. They are both such asses.

Anonymous said...

No atty general is worse than that lying murderer Janet Reno.

Anonymous said...

I offer a $1000 bounty to anyone with a hispanic name who runs against jacqueline scola , the wicked witch of the 6th floor.

Rumpole said...

I could not agree with the last two comments any less. OK whomever you are, you don't like Reno and your comment is out there. Don't keep sending it to me 20 more times.






Anonymous said...

Rump, I have your next scoop: "Profiles in Chutzpah, The Manny Segarra Story." I cannot BELIEVE this guy thinks he is judge material! I would include photos of the aforementioned bananna and coconut pie, and a photo of the perpeturally confused Mr. Segarra himself.

Anonymous said...

greetings Master Shumie and Phil R. We are indeed the "ruffians" of which you speak. We are seeking a "sit down" at a neutral turf. Tomorrow, 9PM (after school) at Prime 112. Tell them your there to see the Weisman crew.

AWOL said...

Rumpole, oh great one -- tell us what you think of Bruce Cutler's absent-minded approach that just got him fired as Phil Spector's lawyer, as detailed here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/phil_spector;_ylt=AhrE3UfsNjEqRcK7Ogpsx6TBaMYA

And should he refund his hefty legal fee (he did manage to show up for a dismal and inferior opening statement and one sub-par cross -- and he would have given the closing if only he knew what happened during trial) ---

2008 Holy Trinity Tour said...

Tickets for the Holy Trinity tour will be announced later this week. Juan Gonzalez will be starring in the 2008 Holy Trinity Tour.

The tour will open with the classic hits like the #1 song from the 2006 Tour "I can win because I am hispanic", and who could forget the top ten smash "I hate jews", that song included background vocals from Juan D'Arce. However the 2008 tour will not include opening acts like Juanita or George.

Holy Trinity 2008 Tour includes the new hit "Unseat Jeri Cohen". and "Jails could be empty after Cubans sent home" other new hits "Maybe I should target Donner (ohh La La)".

Yes get your dancin shoes on as the 2008 Holy Trinity Tour prepares for one hell of a whirl around all that is wrong with Dade County.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said Manny does not know the difference between a banana and a coconut pie...

That reminds me of a true story about a female employee at a Christmas party who had a few sips of the eggnog and said to the male boss, in front of his wife,

Boss, do you know the difference between a blow job and a bologna sanwich?

The boss said no, he didn't.

The employee then asked him if he wanted to have lunch with her tomorrow.

Ok, it's a joke. But, it is funny.
I like Manny.

batman said...

To 5:34:

I am neither Judges Gordon or Simons, whichever you believe me to be.

To Fake Bud Abbott:

Friedman retires.

To those who want J Scola to get opposition:

Not a chance. Who wants to run and if you win sit on the same with Bob (I have no personality and am as mean as the day is long) Scola. NOBODY!! $1000 is not near enough.

To those who hate Bob Levy:

Stand in line!!

Sure to get opposition:


Anonymous said...

We continue to bitch about bad judges, but we never challenge anyone (can you say David Miller). Scola is a bitch, but she will get re-elected. Eig, Fertel and Jose Rodriguez all dumber than dog shit--no opposition.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to name my next cat Chumbley. I really am.

Anonymous said...

Firtal...far from dumb. He has one of the best natural feels for what is just on the entire bench.

Rumpole said...

8:14- actually Mr. Cutler and I go way back. He is an acquired taste. I didn't think he was well suited for California and I was sure he could not play nice with a bunch of other fellow defense attorneys. Bruce is at his best by himself and being allowed to handle things his way. Most good defense attorneys are like that. It is probably just as well he has been dismissed since the reports I have seen indicate that he has no connection with the jury and has been absent for most of the trial.

10:10 pm. I'm going to sleep. See You In Court tomorrow.

fake shumie said...

i love my tie

Anonymous said...

Rumpole or Captain or anyone with the answer:

Can a Judge who has not filed papers yet still get opposition, or does the person who seeks that seat have to wait for the Judge to file papers before you can seek the election of that office.

Why have some not filed papers yet?

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

My apologies to Mr. Catalano. It shall not happen again.


Anonymous said...

You all can suck my ___ as I will kick ___ on 2008.

I am the best and you know it. That is why you are scared.

Run jerks. Yes, you Rumpole and the rest.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I van Fernandez is a person who should truly not be on the bench any longer. He loves to golf anyway, let him do it on his own time. Bye Bye Fernandez the Golfer!

Anonymous said...

Segarra - a Judge??????????

I am incapable of rational thought !!


Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra, admitted to the Bar 09/20/2000


almost 7 years ago and he wants the authority to determine whether someone should be given the death penalty, go to prison for the rest of their life, and be a convicted felon.

Who is going to allow this?

Anonymous said...

If you want to be elected Judge in 2008 and you are Cuban your opportunity has arrived.

Thats right for just a little under $5-K in filing fees you can Guarantee yourself a spot on the Circuit Court.

How do you sign up and what are the conditions you ask:

1. Must be Cuban.
2. Must have a Cuban last name.
3. Must have a little under $5-K in liquid cash.
4. Must be able to read & write at least 2nd grade english.
5. Must file against Judge Jeri B. Cohen.


Q. Is the Guarantee only for Judge Cohens seat?


Q. Do I have to campaign for the seat? I just don't have the time.

A. NO! Just be Cuban and have a Cuban last name and look Cuban.

Q. Does this offer expire.

A. YES! Guarantee will expire if the Cuban bar accepts all of Judge Cohen's Cuban slurs as a simple mistake.

So act now while Judge Cohen's foot is still deeply stuck in her mouth. Make your dreams of becoming a sitting Circuit Court Judge with little or absolutely no experience come true.

Copyright 2007, Foot in Mouth desease corporation.

Anonymous said...

The name assigned to "anonymous" commenting on former Attorney Genreal Reno at 4:45 and 6:41 shall now be "The Elian-nator"

Anonymous said...

The dumber than dogshit judges in REGJB are:
Peter Adrien
Spencer Eig
Leon Firtel
Jorge Perez

Anonymous said...

Rosinek, Glick, and the twins (Gordon and Simons) are retiring.

Real Fake Manny Segarra said...

After careful consideration, I propose that you BAN one of the following:

Fake Blecher or
Real Fake Blecher

Too Many Blechers spoil the blog. You don't see this nonsense on Markus's blog, or the Broward Blog. I don't care who gets the boot, but you should only allow two of them. Maybe a reader's poll- or you just do it. But act now before this incipent disease spreads and affects us all.

If I was Judge of the Blog, I would show you some real judicial initiative.

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarro v. Mario Garcia
I would like to see if the voters would pick the third option on the ballot, NONE!

Anonymous said...

Judge Cohen can throw $250k of her own cash at her race without blinking an eye. She has the support of the legal community. More particularly, CABA will either support her or refuse to take sides.

Cohen's position is NOT low hanging fruit.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Juge Cohen already have an election after she made her comments? And she got no opposition? Why is this coming back now?

Anonymous said...

Hey vick haters:

"Is it an American public that regards dogfighting as a horror and bullfighting as a tourist destination?"

Anonymous said...

Rump, I only wrote 1 comment on Reno and it had nothing to do with Elian. It was about her role in the murder of dozens of American citizens-men, women, and children--at Waco, Texas.

I understand that David Koresh and his congregation were poltically incorrect and therefore will receive no sympathy from Rumpole and other phony "progressives", (message to Rump-stop bitchin about right-wing "collectivism" while at the same time supporting and excusing the left-wing variety).

Spin it however you want, but Reno gave the order to kill , and shoulda been prosecuted for her action.

P.S. I am not a Rep., or conservative. I just HATE govt bullies! LIke Janet Reno.

Rumpole said...

You could not be more wrong. Janet Reno is not a bully. Far from it. If you know her, you would know that her highest priority is and has always has been children. She devoted lots of time and resources to her juvenile division at the Miami Dade SAO when she was State Attorney. She ordered the raid at Waco because of her concern about the children. She was not well served by the FBI and things went wrong. And unlike any politician in recent memory, when things went wrong she stood up and said "I was in charge, I made the decision, the buck stops with me, I will take the heat for the repercussions of my decision."

She has intergrity, passion, and concern for children. She is not a bully. She is not a murderer, she is the finest public servant this country has seen in 40 years.

Anonymous said...

11:27, who DO you like in government?






(how many more of these will Rumpole/Cobtiz let me get away with until he censors me?) I will open www.cobitizisrumpole.blogspot.com if I get censored. So be sure to check in there.

Anonymous said...

Reno used her "love" of kids (loved 'em so much she had to kill 'em to save 'em)to justify her criminal actions that day.

Watch "Waco: Rules of Engagement" a 1997 docu by a Clinton supporter and CNN newsman. He went into it with your vantage point and set out to make a docu to clear Reno and explain her and the ATF and FBI's actions. He realized the actual truth did not fit his preconceived beliefs. So, he told the truth.

I don't know if you care or not about the truth and Reno and Waco, but you ought to regardless of your partisan perspective.

You seem to have a real blind spot when it comes to the improper use of govt power by leftists. It harms your overall credibility with neutrals.

Just keep an open mind and don't assume you already know everything.

Anonymous said...

Or, to put it another way: CHECK YOUR PREMISES!

Anonymous said...

If only the dumb comments were dead...

Like Shumie in trial or not.

Fear the Q...

Wise ass comments on Alex Michael's accent.

Anything about how hot the PD's are in a particular courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:45, I don't "like" any govt officials.

I believe the federal govts ability to act ought to be limited to those things explicitly stated in the US Const. And if that's not enough , there is a mechanism to amend.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WACO: Janet Reno inherited the situation, the drama had already been going on when she became AG. The government had several opportunities to take Koresh when he was outside the compound and didn't. The best example of government incompetence was probably using loud noise to scare them out. The whole thing was a mess, in hindsight mistakes were made but blaming Reno is analagous to blaming our next president for any blunders in trying to pull out of Iraq when Bush created the problem.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi has the highest obesity rate in the US and the highest illiteracy rate.

Mississipi is the Fat and Stupid Capital of the US.

Congratulations to Mississippi!

Judge Rob Pineiro said...


You need not wait months for the answer to one of your questions.
"Will Judge Roberto Pineiro hang up his robe and go into full-time guest blogging as a career?"

After a grueling but fruitless round of negotiations with Rumpole, I will not be turning into a professional guest blogger. Negotiations broke down on two key issues.

1. Compensation. Rumpole's offer of his signed memoirs and a case of his favorite Chateau Miami River was hardly sufficient. I was not swayed by his comment that you, Captain, only get the corks. I know, for a fact, Rumpole's wine comes with screw-off tops. You can tell by the tiny cuts under Rumpole's nose which he sustains while sniffing them.

2. Rumpole's adamant refusal to censor libelous comments calling me "nerdy". He started babbling something about a shoe fitting.

Well, I have news for you Mr. Horace Rumpole: you're no Thom McAnn. These Hush Puppies are made for walking and they're gonna walk all over you--all the way to the elections department to file my papers.

Fake Lou Costello said...

If you think Jose Rodriguez is stupid, then you are deceiving yourself. He is smart and has common sense.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Janet Reno deserves no respect from anyone as far as i can see

Anonymous said...

Ivan Fernandez is a superlative judge the comments of blog morons

Anonymous said...

Tuesday 5:49 am you are a bigot you probably represent a majority maybe those of "US" who act responsible in the face of the "DEMOGRAPHIC ELECTION REALITIES" should become radicalized and follow the sentiments of those in my community who suggest that we remove from the bench those that are not "US"

That way we will have "EARNED"the reputation you impute to "US"

The Weisman Boyz said...

We're the Weisman boyz
and we like to rap
and we like to give
shumie a lot of crap

we get on the computer
when our Dad's not home
and make fun of Shumie
and his new I=Phone

Shumie drives a Ford
and he paid a hundred grand
if you don't think that's funny
you have your head in the sand

Shumie's wife's a Judge
and she's on TV
you can go down and watch her
the tickets are free

we gotta go
cause our dad's comming in
we'll rap more about Shumie
cause he's got a thick skin

The Shumie rap
(c) The Weisman boyz, MB, all rights reserved sucka.

Anonymous said...

Judge Rob:

Great comments ... stay on the bench, we need your humor, wit and good judgment there.

Anonymous said...

Just don't hurt the dogs!

Drive drunk and kill an innocent human like Leonard Little of the Rams did a few yrs ago? 90 days jail.

Kill your limo driver with neglgience with a shotgun like jayson Williams of the Nets did? Probation is ok for that.

Beat your wife purple in the face when your 5 yr old kid is right there watching like Jason Kidd, NBA star? Go to a couple classes and donate $ to some fund.

Rape a 15 yr old girl like Nba baller Ruben Patterson ? 60 days is enough for that.

Is intentionally killing pit bulls worse than negligently killing human beings?

Is abusing pit bulls worse than abusing women and children?


That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 3:01

Anonymous said...

stop messing with my fantasy football league Phil R.

Anonymous said...


"Tuesday 5:49 am you are a bigot you probably represent a majority maybe those of "US" who act responsible in the face of the "DEMOGRAPHIC ELECTION REALITIES" should become radicalized and follow the sentiments of those in my community who suggest that we remove from the bench those that are not "US" "

Would someone please translate this crap for me! Excuse me I am not a bigot I was simply pointing out Judge Cohen's mess.

Rumpole said...

I must regretfully confirm that negotiations between my office and a certain Circuit Judge to become an offical blogger have broken down. We could not meet the many excessive demands which included the providing of only blue M&M's in the Judge's Office, the providing of hourly caffe latte's made with skim milk, and other requests which exceed our minimal budget.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Breaking news: The following organization are under investigation for cruelty to animals: Tyson chicken, NRA, Oscar Meyer, Glouster Fisherman, and Burker King. How about as punishment to Michael Vick he and his codefendants receive probation and fines for doing no more harm to animals than everyone of us who is non-vegan. Have him speak to groups about obeying the law and take his money for animal shelters. Let him continue to play and have the Atlanta Falcons, as a condition of letting him play, donate 25% of his net pay to animal shelters. Of course, this won't happen, it is easy to have a ten minute sentencing and say 18 months. Maybe it is time that prisons be reserved for violent offenders and repeat offenders and make the others do community service. There sure is a lot of graffiti, garbage in waterways, abandoned tires and appliances to keep the million non-violent offenders in jail busy. Anyone who has ever been in trouble knows that being hurt in your purse and having to do degrading community service is more punishment that a few days in jail. We do have more people incarcerated than any nation and taking a bunch of pitbulls out of circulation isn't so bad or why does dade outlaw them. Imagine how much time he would be looking at if he killed a poodle.

Anonymous said...

M manly I intelligent C charismatic H humongous A animalistic E effervecent L libacious C cheerful A ambitious T trial god A ambidextrious L lovable A adept N notorious O opulent. Like Mike, I want to be like Mike!

Anonymous said...

This just in!!!!


further jimbo best news updates as events warrant.

Anonymous said...

I vote that Rumpole keep the fake Blecher and the Real Fake Blecher and ban Blecher from the blog. That would be hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Dear all:

30 years for 2 checks.

One lesson that we learned from Genarlow Wilson, Troy Davis, Shaquandra Cotton and the Jena 6 is that injustice is still alive and well in this country. They are just four of the countless thousands (if not more) of examples, of situations where people are sitting in jail in this country for no good reason. While this situation does not only impact folks who are young, poor, and black, this seems to be the case in a great majority of these situations. One good lesson that we have learned from these situations is that when people start talking about these situations, when they end up in the media and on blogs, when politicians are contacted, we, as people, can work to stop these injustices. Troy Davis was granted a reprieve, Shaquandra Cotton was freed. Genarlow Wilson and the Jena 6 are still ongoing, but public opinion seems to be behind them, and things will (hopefully) continue to improve.

It is with that in mind that I want to call your attention to a case that recently was before Judge Patrick Cavanaugh, a Circuit Judge in Baltimore County, Maryland. Judge Cavanaugh sentenced Andrew to 30 years in prison for writing two bad checks. Yes, you read that right. Before I discuss the case, I want to say that I am asking for five minutes of your time, and very minimal action which may save a young man 30 years of his life. Andrew Maurice Fisher is a poor 24 year old young black man in Baltimore. I have known his family for some time, and when they called me and told me what happened, I was in shock. I called his lawyers, and they were able to verify that this is exactly what happened (Andrew is fortunate to have very good lawyers from the Baltimore Public Defender’s Office). Here are the relevant facts: Andrew has absolutely NO PRIOR CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS. He is, by all accounts a good, fun-loving kid. He doesn’t touch drugs or get in trouble. He is especially close with his family and helped to raise his younger brother who is, in large part thanks to Andrew, the first member of their family to attend college. There had been a rash of burglaries in the apartment complex where Andrew and his family live. The landlord mentioned to Andrew that they needed to install a security system, and Andrew, hoping to make a few bucks, volunteered to take on the project. The two checks written to the security company for equipment were not valid. Admittedly, we are talking about a lot of money…close to $20,000.

Andrew either messed up, or made a bad decision, but that is the extent of it. No one was hurt, maimed, violated, etc. In the midst of an otherwise wonderful life, this can in no way justify a lengthy prison sentence, no less one of 30 years. Andrew, wanting to make amends for the situation pled guilty to the charge. The Judge then launched him. He gave him the maximum amount of time on both counts consecutive to one another. At sentencing our wonderfully Just Judge made a comment that if Andrew could pay the money, he would let him out of jail. In other words, if he were wealthy, he would not be in prison. This is the basis of an ongoing appeal. 30 years for 2 checks. Here is some perspective. In Florida, where I practice, the maximum sentence one can get for rape with penetration is 15 years…and Florida is known as a State with fairly draconian sentencing laws. This injustice must be resolved.

So, what can you do?

First off, quick e-mails to the Governor of Maryland, who is fairly progressive, are a good start. Here is the link: http://www.governor.maryland.gov/mail/ I would ask everyone who receives this e-mail to at least do that. He is the only person with pardon and commutation power in Maryland, and enough e-mails may prompt him to review the case.

Please forward this e-mail to anyone who would be willing to e-mail the governor. Obviously, e-mails from Maryland residents will be more persuasive, so anyone with contacts in Maryland would be helpful. Anyone who participates in blogs which discuss criminal justice, racial, social, or political issues may want to post these facts on the blog and urge people to contact the governor.

We know that Bill O’Reilly and Nancy Grace will not give this case a second look…they save their outrage for Judges who show compassion, so anyone with any media contacts or political contacts, particularly in Maryland, may want to see if those people would be interested in getting this story into peoples’ consciousness. 30 years for 2 checks.

I am in close contact with his lawyers who are wonderful. They seem to have strong appellate grounds, but that is always a crap shoot. I wanted to make everyone aware of this situation and ask that people do whatever they can, no matter how small, to help right this wrong. 30 years for 2 checks.

Anonymous said...

WACO was not Janet Reno, it was the product of Dan Conroy, of the ATF, the same full under whose watch more ATF feild Agents were shot or killed in Miami, so the promoted this fool to tactical operations, he gave the word to raid the compound! Janet Reno was among the most level headed folks with whom I have interacted. Under her watch more Hispanics were hired and promoted in the SAO, than any other administration. Yes, I am Cuban American, and was involved in teh Elian Gonzalez fracus, and admire the women!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, this blog is racist. Please Captain, give us the demographics of who is on the bench as it relates to the demographics of the County.

Let's see who is who once and for all. Shall we?

Anonymous said...




Don McLean said...

I drove my chevy to the Levy, but the Levy was dry.

Anonymous said...

anyone who would fight to keep a dad away from his son is a fucking scumbag. spencer eig and the rest of you should hold your heads in shame.

Anonymous said...




batman said...

If you want to know who has hired Bob "The Scum" Levy, all you have to do is check the Miami-Dade County Election Department filings or the Secretary of State filings to see the expenditures reported by the declared candidates. Levy operates under "Levy and Associates". The usual check is $5,000. That was different for a couple of election cycles when he was working with Al Lorenzo and the money was going through Al's company "Get Out the Vote, Inc."

The idea that judges and candidates hiring Levy should be "outed" is a a good one. The public should know and so should lawyers who are solicited for contributions. If those using his services were told "no money as long as you use Levy", watch how fast his business dries up.

It is not that the others are good. It is just that he is so evil. Can't get rid of all of them at once. But Levy is a great start.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a reasonable fella. Can you please stop posting negativity about the regional conflict office? You all need to stop bitchin and get on board to make this thing work. For Pete's sake!! AND BY THE WAY, I HAVE RECEIVED 16 APPLICATIONS OF PEOPLE WHO WISH WORK AT THE ROC.

Anonymous said...

Eig is weak as well.