Monday, March 19, 2007


The Miami Herald reports that North Of the Border Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Korda was arrested and given a promise to appear for smoking Cannabis Sativa this weekend.

We left the Death Penalty post up over the weekend and through Monday because of the lively debate (notwithstanding the participation of some character from Fast Times At Ridgemont High) in the comments section.

We now move on to less serious, but no less important matters.

Kudos to Judge Jacqueline Scola.

She handled an issue the other week in a way that is near and dear to our heart. When a young infant cried in her mother’s arms in court the other day, rather than just have her bailiff chase her out into the hallway, Judge Scola had the bailiff get the case name the woman was in court for, so the matter could be called out of turn. Too often parents who bring their children to court are harassed and treated like criminals because their child cries. We have written about this problem before, and it is nice to see at least one Judge treating the citizens in her court with respect and dignity.

Prosecutors Prosecutors Prosecutors.

We have had little success at getting those county court prosecutors out of the middle of the road. Like little ducklings hyped up on Starbucks, they trek though the parking lot by walking right in the middle of the road, and give anyone who honks at them dirty looks. The irony is that they prosecute traffic and traffic related crimes.

We suggest to these young Hamilton Burgers that the next time they're bored in court, to try perusing section 316.130(10) Florida Statutes.

(10) Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway.

It may seem like a little thing, but it bothers us. We have to start our day by negotiating a gaggle of prosecutors, then go through the highly trained security personnel before being yelled at by some Judge because we are late.

Get out of the way will ya?


Once we get in court, we can’t help cringing at this argument, which is continually accepted by the Court. We suggest all Judges and Prosecutors read Kyles v. Whitely, 514 U.S. 419, 115 S.Ct. 1555 (1995). Longtime and careful readers of the blog know that the times we actually read case law are as infrequent as one of our dear Robed Readers picking up the cheque at Happy Hour. But Kyles is worth perusing.

Here is the scenario- a defense attorney informs the court that the prosecution has not turned over some piece of discovery like a police report, the autopsy report, the accident report, etc. The Prosecutor retorts that they don’t have the document in question. The police have it, and there is nothing they can do.

Au contraire mon ami.

We quote from Kyles:

This in turn means that the individual prosecutor has a duty to learn of any favorable evidence known to the others acting on the government's behalf in the case, including the police. But whether the prosecutor succeeds or fails in meeting this obligation (whether, that is, a failure to disclose is in good faith Page 438 or bad faith, see Brady, 373 U.S., at 87), the prosecution's responsibility for failing to disclose known, favorable evidence rising to a material level of importance is inescapable.
Kyles, 514 U.S. 437-38.

Prosecutors have a duty to speak with their witnesses, learn about discoverable evidence, and obtain it and disclose it. It is not sufficient to legally aver “no my job” as we hear time and time again.

Stop it.

And you Judges, stop accepting that as an excuse. The defense does not have the ability to get an officer to turn over a report. All the officers are instructed to give their reports to the prosecution. When a report exists, the prosecutors have to get, pure and simple.


Those words will soon be spoken this week as a murder trial extraordinaire comes to a conclusion. Judge Blake presided over the trial, while Prosecutor Gayle Levine slugged it out for the last three weeks with defense attorneys Bob Amsel and David Raben.

The defense represented a CPA charged with orchestrating his wife’s death. The prosecution has already secured a conviction against the killer- the current defendant’s brother. But whether the defendant had his brother kill his wife- well, it’s been a good old fashion Dade County slug fest, with homicide detectives sleeping with witnesses, and the prosecution left with want of an interficio telum (murder weapon). We hear that the prosecution has had a tough road to hoe and the outcome is anyone's guess.

We await the Jury’s verdict.

We cited a case and praised a Judge- all in one remarkable post. You won't see the likes of these two odd occurrences again for quite some time. Must be the Ides Of March.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the "free mary jane" comment.

Anonymous said...

Alan- on the comments in the previous post, someone wondered where we have been. Where HAVE we been?

Busy, Chris, Busy.

(c) Alan-n-Chris Prods.

Anonymous said...

What happened at Jackie Scola's courtroom with the baby is what should happen (and has happened) when you have a good bailiff. Good bailiffs will give the name of the person to the judge to call out of turn without the need for any prompting by the judge.


Rumpole is Rosen
and Rosen is Rumpole
I cast my vote and have chosen
That Rumpole is Rosen
its all Yessin not No-ins
that Horace Rumpole is Howard Rosen.

Rump Hunter said...

It is true that room 11 in the third phase of the five phases of Rumpole alludes to the possibility that Rumpole is in the SAO. But nothing is proven, and the email is the key hint tends to negate that possibility for reasons I can't explain- which is obvious to most Rumpole Hunters.

For those of you tracking my progress, I am at the door to the first website of the seven seals of Rumpole, and need to locate a computer that runs windows 3.x, as the entrance to the first seal is emulated in in the 3.x version of windows. So for the moment, I'm stuck.

Anonymous said...

the L-n-L twins are Rumpole- Lurvey and Lyons, backed up by their Pal Shuminer- which is wy the posts sometimes look like they have been written by a different person. They have!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jay- can we take over for Chris and Alan?

Sure Jon, sure.

(c) Jon-n-Jay Prods. All rights reserved. 2007.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Jackie Scola not pissing off everyone for a change.

She is very smart but, she runs her courtroom like she does not trust anyone to do anything.

Jackie, mellow out!

Anonymous said...

Great news,

They still don't have PTI for smoking pot in Broward.

I guess Judge Korda will have to be on probation with all of our clients.

Anonymous said...

scola ain't so bad, and her bailiff is a truly nice guy.

spocoli said...

Notwithstanding the non -identification of whom I think should play the role of Mr. Hand, perhaps I ought not comment on a subject really quite unrelated to my character in any way, shape, or subtance.

"Of all the gin joints..." Look, I don't know Judge Korda from Broward, but, if he takes the hardest fall, the true irony wll be in the fact that he is least deserving of it almost by default or all the judges that have either skated by the JQC, are in the process of it, or will be in there soon. The truth: big deal. If he weren't a judge, most would say that about a person. But, being a judge does bump it to a different level.

So what punishment? He loses his robe (aside from criminal punishments)? Does that punishment fit the crime? I know a judge was impeached for stealing batteries in Florida once, but at least there it was a crime of dishonesty.

How about here?

p.s. In the end, I listen to Mr. Hand. Or Try. Always have, always will.

Anonymous said...

"Kudos to Judge Jacqueline Scola"

Don't know this Judge. What she did was totally what a Judge should be doing.

Rumpole don't bash the Judges if they have a dip shit for a baliff or JA.

on another note can we get Judge Korda transferred to criminal court and assigned a drug related case just for kicks?

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to Judge P commenting on the Death Penalty.

Rumpole said...

If I may answer for our distinguished robed reader Judge Pinero- he cannot comment on the death penalty, because as a sitting judge he one day may have to consider imposing it.

Anonymous said...

There is a great podcast on all wrongfully convicted defendants who have been exonerated. Its on the Joffee Report which can be downloaded for free from the Apple website.

County Court Colonel said...

Greetings bloggers with news from County Court. It's official, Judge Norma Lindsay has opposition from County Court lawyer Lisa Lesperance. Most observers feel that even after more than a year in CC, Judge Lindsay still looks like a deer in the headlights. Of more concern to defense attorneys, is her obvious policy of looking to the prosecution when she's confused. Before she took the bench, someone obviously whispered in her ear- never make a plea offer. So she just sits there, dazed and confused as prosecutors run amok- uncontrolled by a Judge without the wisdom and experience to spank them down when they say or do something ridiculous. It's just hard to imagine a group sitting around in the Governor's mansion, saying "if there's one lawyer we NEED to get on the bench it's Norma Lindsay."
Anyway, early chatter shows a large group of attorneys lining up behind Lesperance.

See you on the fifth floor.

Anonymous said...

appoint norma or vote for lisa or norma? there's a reason that instead of appointments OR elections, we should just pick names out of a hat.


Anonymous said...

Maybe one of Satz's robots will seek the death penalty for Judge Korda....oh, wait, it is less than 20 grams - I guess they will have to settle for 364 BCJ (only in Broward)

Anonymous said...


Join us this Monday, March 26, 2007, at Kozyak, Tropin & Throckmorton for a fundraiser to elect Abby Cynamon Circuit Court Judge.

Mrs. Cynamon is currently employed by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. There she has risen from law clerk to senior law clerk in less than 15 years.

Mrs. Cynamon provides anonymous advice to judges throughout the circuit. In the odd chance she or one of her supervisees is working your case, time to pony up!

Ghost of Jimmy the Greek said...

Keith Olbermann and several Senators (Democrat and Republican) have confirmed my prediction that Torture Boy will be out of the government by the end of the week, as the DoJ is now dealing with at least three possible scandals (political witch hunt against U.S.A.s; presidential order to terminate internal investigation that had as one of its targets Torture Boy himself; and FBI abuse of Patriot Act "National Security Letters").

The Bad News--the White House is floating the name of none other than our generation's Roy Cohn (i.e., Republican Court Jew), Michael Chertoff as a possible replacement for Torture Boy. Chertoff is probably the only person in the administration who is less qualified and more of a political lackey than T.B. (and that's saying a lot in this administration). Chertoff was House Counsel for the Republican "legal team" during the national embarrasment known as the Clinton impeachment, as well as the person supposedly in charge of the Hurricane Katrina federal disaster relief, and the Democrats will never let through the confirmation hearings with all of his limbs and appendages intact. It shows how desparate the Brain Stem Brain Trust is to keep anyone with any balls and independence from a leadership in the DoJ and it makes you wonder just what kind of scandals and malfeascence are under all those scabs that are suddenly appearing in the administration.

Anonymous said...

one of the things that makes abby qualified is that she really really really wants to be a judge, please please pretty please....

Anonymous said...

Gustavo Coronado, a Homestead prison guard, said he grew so tired of an inmate's advances that he had sex with her in her bunk ''so she would leave him alone,'' according to state agents.

They were unsympathetic -- and arrested him Monday.

He faces a third-degree felony charge of sexual misconduct with a detainee or offender.


Anonymous said...

Although no longer in county court, a guilty pleasure was obstructing all the Jag's and Benz's trying to park. Jealous? Maybe a bit. Petty? Definitely. But still fun. Read the statute there smartass, how is walking through a parking lot "crossing a roadway"? At least we know Rumpole isn't two-gun Hidnert.

fake john mitchell said...

I always thought that Chertoff looks more like the older cadavorous, AIDS-infected Roy Cohn than the young pretty-boy, Chickenhawk who used to sit next to Joe McCarthy in the Senate Hearing Room and mix martinis for J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson at FBI Headquarters. It's hard to say whether Chertoff would be a worse A.G. than Cohn though--Cohn was certainly more clever.

Anonymous said...

Leave the prosecutors in county court alone. They got to carry all those frigging boxes in the heat with their suit on all the way over to the courthouse. As far as I'm concerned they can sit in the middle of the street to rest if they want. On another note: Once in county court the pd started crying because I had failed to hand over the A-form on his client. I didn't have it, but successfully argued that the client had received a copy of it on the day of his arrest and therefore I didn't have to give it to him because he already had it. Judge Sigler agreed with me!! (every once in a while the light bulb in my head turns on.)

E. Garcia

Anonymous said...

The yellow copy of the A-form that defendants get is illegible.

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, tell the Komissar of Konty Kort to order her sub-komissars to stay clear of parking lt traffic or you'll go over her head to Frau Oberstaatsanwalt Fernandle to take appropriate action.

Anonymous said...

e. garcia whats your first name because that was great

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to clay kaiser? jonathan schwartz? philip reizenstein?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news- Former Judge Ric Margolius has signed on to star in the made-for-TV-movie about Phil Spector-who goes on trial this week for shooting (woops) his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Lisa L'Esperance?put a fork in her she is done, Bet on it !.

Between her Bar issues and those of her family her campaign is doomed.Hurry up and get that home mortgage Lisa you WILL need it

Remember "Birds of a feather flock together" or how abou this one "the apple does not fall far from the tree"

Rumpole said...

This person wrote:

Once in county court the pd started crying because I had failed to hand over the A-form on his client. I didn't have it, but successfully argued that the client had received a copy of it on the day of his arrest and therefore I didn't have to give it to him because he already had it. Judge Sigler agreed with me!! (every once in a while the light bulb in my head turns on.)

E. Garcia

Rumpole says- does this sound like a lawyer who follows the Dade County Bar's Code of Civility?
Does this sound like a lawyer who is fair, respectful to others, and interested in resolving issues without excess litigation? How about making a copy of the a-form and be done with it?

Here's an excerpt from the Bar's code of civility:

Remember that my responsibilities include a devotion to the public good, respect for the civil rights and sensibilities of others, and a willingness to provide pro bono or reduced fee services where appropriate.

Exercise courtesy and civility in all communications and avoid rudeness and other acts of disrespect.

Avoid personal criticism of another lawyer.
Set a good example for and assist newer members of the bar.
Consider the effect of my conduct and deportment on the image of lawyers and the system of justice

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa why don't you hire Juan D"arce?

Anonymous said...

What you just heard was the sound of Ol Rumpole smacking somebody upside their head.

Rumpole 1
E Garcia 0


Anonymous said...

Based on the Trivia Master's question Sunday, the Arthur Winton society's monthly meeting in March will hold a discussion of the great one's most famous reversal- State Ex Rel Winton.

We have as a guest the former Assistant Attorney Genenral who argued the case and lost. ("I never felt more like crying then when I lost that case.") 25 years later, we will look back on that momentous case and see whether the current 3rd DCA would vote differently.

Join us- The Last Friday of Every Month, at Ruth Cris's in the Gables.

Anonymous said...

Rump: if you read my post correctly you would have noticed that I wrote that I couldn't give a copy of the A-form to the PD because I didn't have it either. Additionally, although the PD will remain nameless, he didn't deserve my civility because he certainly never used his (and still doesn't today!!!)

E. Garcia

Anonymous said...

garcia 1
rumpole 0

go pluck your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...


Have you read this blog?

Personal attacks is what we do best when we can hide in the shadow of anonymity.

Juan Valdez said...

I would like to discuss coffee, and arbitrary courtroom rules regarding this nectar of life:

So I was in front of a judge recently, and was scolded, not by the judge or the bailiff, but THE CLERK, for having a cup of coffee in my hand. This cup of coffee had a sealed sip lid and was not bothering anyone.

Where to start...lets start with the random "no coffee in court rule.": I understand no crying babies, shorts, hats, rocket launchers, crack, bad hygeine....etc...but COFFEE? Coffee is great. It's natural and necessary for many to function in the morning. It comes from many places, even the butt of the luwak in sumatra ($45 a cup at Barton G) What if I had hot chocolate? tea? hot water? what temperature is "hot"? cold water? can it be too cold?

Relax with the rules.

Now, let's talk about the clerk:

It's none of your G%^d#mn, Mo%h#rf*@k%ng business what I am doing. I have always gotten along with court staff over the years, but once in awhile I get a powertripping, pissed off at their lot in life, bitter ass that has nothing better to do than break my balls at 9:00 in the morning while I am trying to keep cool and do a good job for my client.

Shut up, file something, and stay away from my Machiatto, ...ass.

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, Rumpy, Rumpy, are we being a hiprocrite again? It seems like yesterday when you stated the Dade County Bar was useless. Now you state the "Dade County Bar's Code of Civility".

On a lighter note why has no one filed a writ of habeus corpus in federal court to get anna's baby from all those voltures. As a citizen of the USA she has a constitutional right to be free from harm of any kind "14th amendment to the constitution of the united states".

ps. last friday of each month at ruth cris in coral gables is the Rumpole look-a-like contest. Those showing up looking like complete assholes will automatically advance to runner up status.

Anonymous said...

thats gonna leave a mark

Anonymous said...

Catalano is Rumpole

Fake Judge Korda said...

"ps. last friday of each month at ruth cris in coral gables is the Rumpole look-a-like contest. Those showing up looking like complete assholes will automatically advance to runner up status."

How can I sign up?

Fake Judge Korda

Anonymous said...

you're all a bunch of A-holes anyway!!!!!!!!!!
(not really but it felt nice to write)

Leonard Lipton said...

Larry "Puff the Magic Dragon" Korda was last seen hiding behind a croton bush at TY park. Hey Larry party at home.

Anonymous said...

I hope that park is not a pick up park you see on Dateline NBC. Could this be a scandal inside another scandal?

Isiah Washington said...

Catalano is a lot of things. Rumpole ain't one of 'em.

judge rob pineiro said...

Dear Rumpole and Evelio, a.k.a. E. Garcia,
In the immortal words of Martin Strothers: "what we got heeere is failuuuure to communicate."
First of all, Evelio is nothing if not civil with whomwever he litigates.
Secondly, yes, the appropriate response is to provide a copy of the A-form, asap.
Thirdly, if Evelio had the A-form, he would have personally made the copy that same day using the closest available copier instead of singing and dancing.
Fourthly, shake hands, virtually, and make up or I'll put you both in time-out.

Miami Visitor and Convention said...

Sometimes Miami Law Is Just Like on TV

I like to tell prospective and incoming law students that real-life law is nothing like what you see on TV. But the trouble is, we live in Miami, a place where much more often than it should be real-life law is just as wacky as what you see on TV.

Take for example this account of the past five days in the annals of Miami Law:

(1) a murder trial in which the witnesses give credible evidence that detectives threatened them (including in one case threatening to take the witness’s kids into care) in order to get them to give perjured testimony incriminating the defendant — but the increasingly pathetic-looking Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office says it has no intention of investigating whether the cops are bent;

(2) another murder case that lacked a body now features a lead detective who, on the witness stand, was made to admit to sleeping with a key witness.

(3) A local lawyer who runs a massive ticket-fixing business shot and killed an armed mugger by using the handgun he keeps in the glove compartment of his black Mercedes.

In other local traffic news, six-year-old girl foils carjacker by beating on him

“I smacked him on the head with my book”.

(4) Local Hollywood Police Chief James Scarberry blew a three-year-long FBI sting operation into corruption by officers on his force by blabbing about it to at other cops and local politicians. Not surprisingly, word quickly got out to the prime suspects who immediately tried to resign, stopping the investigation into their associates in its tracks and wasting a giant amount of police work. When first confronted about it the Chief told the press a series of lies, which he’s gradually been recanting.

(5) A prominent local builder was jailed yesterday, charged with embezzling public funds to buy a sculpture of a giant watermelon slice. He very vigorously contests the charges, and was photographed giving the finger to a reporter.

(6) Cops arrest blogging photojournalist for taking crime scene photos.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss Judge "Docket Rocket Rob" Pineiro. Only judge I could try a 3 day jury trial in one day and still meet with a hopefully paying future client in my office at 5 pm. Plus, my client always got a fair shake.

Anonymous said...

How does Pinero do it?
With the few breaks and all the coffee he drinks does he:
a. have a catheter?
b. keep an empty milk jug
under the bench?
or c. wear NASA approved adult diapers?

Anonymous said...

I am not Rumpole.

I am not capable of writing that well.

Read one of my motions and you will know.

I think Phil R. is Rumpole.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Lesperance is a nice person and so is Norma Lindsey.

If you sit in her court, you will see that she is actually rather nice and has been granting motions.

I think she is simply better suited to be in civil court.

Lisa should run against someone else.

alan said...

what do you think about the diaper remark, chris?

chris said...

depends, alan, depends.

spicoli said...

Just because a rookie APD acts in a particular way doesn't mean his or her counterpart ought act in an uncivil manner. Not having the A form and arguing over that is an utter waste of time. Also, just because a judge says one is right does not make the ruling correct.

But, what do I know. Just a dude who chose this screen name with psychic powers right before the story broke about Korda.

Just be cool prosecutor dude. Save the electricity for that light-bulb when you have a more serious case... like a death penalty case. Also, to avoid any appellate error, the wise move would be to err on the side of giving the defense everything. You are only creating potential error for appeal on a silly and trivial issue. Not too mention, civility. The best prosecutors, I've found, are the one's who give over everything, cutting out as many legs as possible for appeal. Hiding the ball is antithetical to the duties of a Prosecutor. Uhh... See Generally, FRCP 3.220.

Also, realisticaly speaking, if you give a defendant the A form, odds are he or she may lose it. Just tell the PD you'll fax it later and be done with it... No need for a pissing contest. Just be cool, no matter who might antagonize you.

Don't worry, I kinda got thumped by Rumpole yesterday, but have also been praised. He calls it down the middle. But, at least no one can peg me. See ya on a jaywalking case soon Mr. Garcia.

Aloha and I hope you do not become a greasespot underneath a cardboard box. Sorry you've got that walk. It must suck.

The Anti-Tannenbaum said...

Judges gladly let you issue subpoena duces tecum for just about anything within reason. You need their permission but you can obtain all sorts of wonderful things that most young prosecutors (1) have no idea about, and (2) have no idea that you have it until its time to disclose it in discovery. Take a little initiative and dont wait for the state.

This is not a shot at Brian.

Limerick Larry said...

There once was a Judge named Korda

Who loved to smoke those Gordas

He got caught in the park

Way after dark

Now it's an expensive attorney he'll have to afforda.

Anonymous said...

There once was a weed smoka!

Who took a toke and thought of Korda.

No need for mucho mullah,

This attorney will do it pro-bona.

KORDA FOR PRESIDENT IN 'O8. GREEN PARTY. Ed Rosenthal can be his running mate.

Anonymous said...

So if I want to get my case called first, I just need to bring my screaming baby to court with me? Is that it? Becuase I should go in front of other people who are waiting and had the decency to make other arrangements for their screaming brats? and who do I turn my kid over to when I get taken in? The same bailiff who had the judge call my case first? I understand there may be some time where it's unavoidable that your kid has to come with you. But what's wrong with waiting in the hall for your turn?

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:42, former county ASA: Parking lots are considered roadways where traffic laws still apply so under 316.130, even if you aren't "crossing a roadway," under sub (10), you still have to walk on the left side of the roadway under sub (4). In other words, move your big a** over to the left, and let me park my Jag!

Anonymous said...

PUFF,PUFF GIVE, puff, puff give!!!!

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact some other people think I am Rumpole- name one thing- one valid piece of evidence that leads you to believe I am responsible for this blog. Just one piece of evidence that would be admissible in court. You can't. And I would appreciate it if you and everyone esle stopped acussing me. I have already had my picture on TV and have had clients call my office to see if I was in trouble. Enough is enough.

Phil R.

Chris said...

Alan- he seems upset.

Alan said...

Then make sure you don't go to his house unannounced, Chris.

Harriet Miers said...

Temper temper....Me thinks he doth protest...As far as evidence hmmmmmmm...lets see...how about your well known love of a certain author who's character in one of her books just so happens to be the e-mail address of El Rumpo. The fact that you were one of the first individuals with knowledge of the existence of this august blog. The fact that you have a refined sense of humor and write well. Lastly, your uncanny resembelance to Rumpholio himself. I rest my case but reserve the remainder of my time for rebuttal.

Batman said...

Okay someone is truly suffering from a severe case of Paranoid Schizophrenia. Alan and Chris have not said that many words to each other in the last 5 years.

Not Rumpole Watcher said...

Phil R. is not Rumpole.

I know this because I spotted Phil not using his laptop one day.

He was with Catalano at the same time, thus neither can be Rumpole.

Batman said...

This just in. The Broward Medical Examiner has delayed the autopsy report on Anna Nicole Smith to determine whether the DNA found on Judge Korda's joint matches Howard K. Stern. This may create a direct link to the death of Anna Nicole and the eventual indictment of Stern. The State believes that if the link can be established it can be used as 404(b) evidence to show that Stern is a drug provider to the stars.

Film at 11.

See you in the dark alleys of the city (or in a free smoking park)

Anonymous said...

Poll suggestion: rate the County Court ASAs butts in the defense lawyers parking lot.

Batman said...

About a week ago someone offered up Freddy M. to play The Penguin. I suggested George (you can call me Yoda) Yoss instead. I am still open to suggestions for persons to play Catwoman and The Joker.

Anonymous said...

Police Officer:
Judge Korda, is that a spliff in your pocket or are you just happy to se me?

Anonymous said...

I will grant you that I have read most of Any Rand's books- fiction and non-fiction. By the way- the Fountainhead has sold 30 million copies, so that puts me in pretty average company. I am 44 years old, and do not think I look like Rumpole. And if I was going to run this and try and hide my identity why use the email that would make people think it was me? Why not just Rumpole at hotmail.com? By the way, I never read a Rumpole book until 2002 or so. Anyway, if that's the best evidence you got, like the state did the other week, the charges against me need to be nolle prossed.

Anonymous said...

Lurvey and Lyons (the L-n-L) twins laugh their asses off everytime someone else is accused.

Anonymous said...

"How does Pinero do it?
With the few breaks and all the coffee he drinks does he:
a. have a catheter?
b. keep an empty milk jug
under the bench?
or c. wear NASA approved adult diapers?"

Leave Judge P alone

Anonymous said...

By the way, I also admire Steinbeck, Hemmingway, and Churchill. How does that figure in the case against me?

Phil R

Anonymous said...

GINA, JOSIE and MIGDA...were they in the park too?

The Ogler said...

theres a really cute APD in Judge Ortiz courtroom (5-2).

Dark hair, blue eyes and doesnt mind showing her tasteful top lingere. top that off with her glistening lip-gloss and you got me at "hello".

Anonymous said...

i think warren schwartz would make a good oswald cobblepot
(the penguin).

and that sexy ASA that I see talking to Bruce Lehr all the time would make a great Catwoman. She used to be a buyer for Saks or something.

you can always go with Karen Mills-Francis as Catwoman for an edgier, sassy, role.

Rumpole said...

You people are so far off, that perhaps it's time I stepped in and gave you the chance to vote on five names- I can then honestly deny those five (since I have a pretty good idea of who they are) and then you can leave those poor souls alone.

Chris said...

Alan- are we back for good???

Alan said...

It's beginning to look like that lil buddy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Alan and Chris are back until the next time he cuts off the credit cards.

The Joker said...

Shuminer has long been known as The Joker.

Anonymous said...

Judge Adrien's current court reporter is the crazy lady with five bags who yelled at Judge Scola and had to be escorted out of the courthouse by liaison. Me thinks they deserve each other :.)

Anonymous said...

Given your post-Rump-about J. Scola (as well as many other judges at REG: Blake, Schlesinger, Tunis, Diaz, R. Rodriquez, etc.) handling the case with the lady with the baby sooner than other cases, rather than wait in the hallway, why weren't there more facdl members at the Court Care function? Prez. David O. Markus, John Thornton and Brian Tannenbaum were spotted. The whole point of the fundraiser last week was to generate money for Court Care at REG-similar to that in CHC. I think the rank and file of FACDL dropped the ball on this one.

fake big bird said...

maybe because we think the idea sucks.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you suck and are an idiot.

Go to hell.

Anonymous said...

dont slam the judge for smokin the peace pipe. Free Mary Jane.

Anonymous said...

Mavid Larkus: I am Polerump.

Anonymous said...

Free Mary Jane, Puff the Magic Dragon rules in Broward County Court!

Anonymous said...

Go into Scola's courtroom and ask for information under Kyles v. Whitley. Then post a comments.

Anonymous said...

that apd in 5-2 is cute, but she has nothing on the apd who is usually in 6-6, but lucky for us has been walking around the REG alot recently.

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you are talking about in 5-2 and 6-6, but give judge's names, not courtroom numbers.

Anonymous said...

yes, this is the jb blog, we want names, it's the only way a string of trash posts gets started. How can we talk about 5-2 or 4-3?

Anonymous said...

Don't you know, 5-2 is Ortiz, 6-6 is Newman. That's it for judge's names. I have no idea what the names of the good looking apds are.

Anonymous said...

The hottest PD is that tall blond. What is her deal?

Are there any hot new ASA's these days?

Anonymous said...

Former South of the Border lawyer, now north of the border: We are the joke Nationwide up here. Our Blog is lame and boring, our judges are on the news as clowns and fools and it's a good ole boys club to get anywhere. The good news is that we have a bunch of good places to eat within 5 min. of the courthouse. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Janet Reno was state attorney how ugly and manly were the new hires? Things improved dramatically when Kathy Fernandle took over the SAO.

Anonymous said...

That is bullshit. When Cornely was involved in hiring under Reno, the honeys always got hired. Some could barely read.

Anonymous said...

I don't care.

Rumpole and Phil are Come Pingas!

Both of ya!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the DUI POWER INDEX that included Phil Reizenstein, Jacqueline Woodward and Brian Tannenbaum?

Seems like Rumpole is trying to protect one or all of the above mentioned!

Regardless, all three suck as lawyers and are well known Ticket Lawyers! Yeah, I said it. TICKET LAWYERS!

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with King of the Magistrates Leifman getting Suspended and serving his Suspension in Tally? Seems Slom is (rumor of course) telling lawyers that His Majesty Judge Leifman is getting his pay taken away and serving a quiet one year Suspension for being the hardest working Mental Health Judge in the State in addition to his fine knowledge on breaking election laws. He only gets a year for his fine work on stopping the "Q" at his tracks.

* Emphasis is placed on the fact that Miami-Dade County does not have a Mental Health Division.