Monday, March 26, 2007


Quick history quiz, for all you REGJB lawyers who started practicing around the time Clinton was president:
Who was Ed Cowart; Who is Ed Carhart? What about Tom Scott? Ellen Morphonios? Gerald Wetherington? Seymour Gelber?

If you don’t know whose those people were (or are, in the case of Mr. Carhart, Judges Gelber, Wetherington and Scott.) then you don’t know Jack about the REGJB. For those of you lucky enough to practice law in our little world, you might be surprised to know that you are practicing law in the footsteps of some great lawyers and Judges.

If you need a little brushing up in your REGJB history, have we ever got an event for you!

Tuesday March 27, 2007 at 5:30 pm at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida (located just to the west of the Dade County Courthouse) is the inaugural reception of the 11th Judicial Circuit Historical Society. Come bush up on your courthouse history. Come meet the board members of the Historical Society, which include Janet Reno, Bennett Brummer, former Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit Gerald Wetherington, and Former Florida Supreme Court Justice Gerald Kogan, who sat as a circuit court Judge in Dade until the Governor appointed him to the Florida Supreme Court.

Have some fun, enjoy some free food and drink (always the most important item for us), and talk some 11th Circuit History with self appointed 11th Circuit history buff Judge Scott Silverman (who was kind enough to email us an invitation).

Just send an email with an RSVP to:

c.blano @hmsf.org

Here is the link for the 11th Circuit Historical Society's website. Come join the society. HISTORICAL SOCIETY


A depressing email from FACDL member, and ace civil lawyer Rick Freedman reached us today.

“As many of you know, the Florida legislature is in session and is considering several new alternative models to the three year old Court Appointed Counsel program…

Rumpole notes that apparently the legislature was under the impression Sy Gaer would be handling all the conflicts in South Florida, and budgeted $20,000.00 for all of the cases. Much to their shock and surprise, the program is over budget, as Mr. Gaer could not handle all the work by himself.

We couldn't make up the asinine proposals coming from Tallahassee if we tried.

Mr Freedman writes:

The Senate, on the other hand, is considering scraping the entire present system, and creating a new bureaucracy that would be known as the "Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel". There would be five Regional Counsel offices (corresponding to the five district court regions in the state). The offices would be full time offices that would hire investigators and "Assistant Regional Counsel (ARC) attorneys". These attorneys could handle private work in addition to their responsibilities as an ARC, but the work could NOT include criminal cases.”

Lawyer. “Hi, I’m your court appointed attorney. You have been charged with first degree murder and the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. I’m here to help.”

Client: I hear the most experienced prosecutor has been assigned my case.

Lawyer. That’s true. But I’ve been a lawyer twenty years myself.

Client. And you do criminal law?

Lawyer. Well, not exactly. They’re not allowed to appoint attorneys who handle criminal law to represent defendants. But I do four closings a week in my practice!

Client. Great. If they add mortgage fraud to my case, then I’m all set.

Mr. Freedman writes that Judge Farina along with FACDL regulars Brian Tannebaum and Richard Hersch are advancing the position of keeping things the way they are, but appropriating a few extra dollars to cover those cases Mr. Gaer can’t get to.

Rumpole says: We guess the legislature has decided its cheaper to pay a few hundred thousand bucks to those few defendants who are able to prove their innocence after a few decades in prison, rather than spend the money to hire qualified lawyers to represent them to begin with, and avoid the tragedy altogether.

Makes sense to us.
So did the argument that Saddam had WMDs.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Will Bennett be taking a nap prior to the Historical Society meeting or will he just nap at the meeting?

For those of you who have had the dis-honor of hearing him speak i.e. hearing him put you to sleep with his horrible wimpy nasal voice, you know his presence will
not be required.

I know what you ass kissers are going to say -
you lost the election, get over it.
Well first off, I ain't getting over it until BHB is gone. And
secondly, if you all cared two shits about indigent defense you'd
want the old sleepy dude gone as well. Instead all you care about is your little piece of power and more importantly, your little pension plan so f#@$ off.

old guy said...

Once in Camelot-South lived a Public Defender named Phil Hubbart who tried capital cases, and did not submit to any public pressures.

Those were the days, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Ray Taseff, a senior trial atty at the lobhb used to say, "the good old days at the public defenders office were not really so good."

he is the only person that i have ever heard say that.

CAPTAIN said...


Former CJ Weatherington (as you spelled it) is actually spelled:

Gerald T Wetherington ---
and he was an excellent CJ.

Tom Scott, appointed by Gov. Graham to the Circuit Court bench in 1979, was 31 years old and the youngest ever appointed to the Circuit Court.

He cut his teeth and became famous on the Johnny Jones case. Nicknamed the "Gold plated plumbing caper case", Jones was the first black superintendent of the Dade County school system. As reported in Time Magazine in 1980:

"The order submitted in January to Miami's Bond Plumbing Supply Inc. seemed fit for King Louis XIV: a custom-made sunken bathtub, a sink with 24-karat gold-plated faucets, pastel blue toilets, a "harvest gold" bidet with chrome-plated trim, even a portable Jacuzzi. But when Carol Cherrey, office manager and taxpayer, saw the name on the $8,934 or der, she said she "blew my stack." The deluxe fixtures were ostensibly ordered for a vocational instruction class at MacArthur South High School. Yet MacArthur, a school for 235 troubled youths, had no plumbing class."

Jones was arrested and charged with Grand Theft and the case was assigned to Judge Scott's division.

He was always the first judge in the building, usually before 8:00 AM, brought his loyal german shepard with him into chambers, and was always able to cite just one more case than you could, when arguing a Motion To Suppress.

After spending 5 years on the Circuit bench, Prez. Reagan nominated him to the bench as a US District Court Judge. He was confirmed in 26 days and served as a District Court Judge from 1985-1990.

He went into private practice until 1997, when Prez. Clinton tapped him as the US Attorney for the SD of Florida. He held that job until 2000.

Brilliant judge - dedicated, hard working, and fair to all that appeared before him.

CAPTAIN OUT ..........

Anonymous said...

almost got it right - Leifman was appointed by new DCF chief Bob Butterworth to work on mental health issues in Tallahassee for a year.

But you can call it a suspension if it makes you feel better.

Batman said...

A search of the Florida Supreme Court website indicates no JQC action against Judge Leifman. The only agency empowered by the Florida Constitution to suspend a judge is the Fl. Sup. Ct. If the JQC is investigating Judge Leifman that would not be public record. Any formal charges would be.

Before anyone alleges that any judge has been "suspended" check your facts. This is slanderous.

To the poster I say: You lost the election. You were a disaster as a Hearing Officer. You were fired by the Chief Judge for cause. Get over it.

Rumpole, please remove the 1:34a.m. post.

Rumpole said...

We removed the post about Judge Leifman. The information was inaccurate as you can read in the comments above. We also corrected the spelling of the former CJ thanks to the ever vigilant Captain.

Rumpole said...

I would really like it if some Tallahassee hotshot like Rick Freedman or Brian T or Richard Hersch could explain to me what the legislature is thinking when they contemplate creating an office to represent defendants with the only stipulation being that the lawyers who work for the office DO NOT practice criminal law.

the trialmaster said...

dont forget murray goodman,art huttoe{the toe}, david drawbert,linnae snyder, paul baker among others.

Anonymous said...

Changing the conflict system does sound like a bad idea. However it sounds like people are misreading the no criminal lawyers rule. As I read it from Rump's post, the rule is the same as it is in the PD's office. If you work for the office, your main job is practicing criminal law for the clients of the office. However, you are allowed to practice outside law provided it isn't criminal law. In other words its not that you can't be a criminal lawyer, its that you can't be working for the PD/conflict office at the same time you are running a private criminal practice, because of the obvious conflict issues.

Anonymous said...

Wetherington teaches at UM now, and he's a great instructor.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting grammar here. Thanks for the invite, Rumpole, but I prefer not to "bush up" on my courthouse history. Also, I'm guessing that Mr. Freedman wrote about "scrapping" the entire present system. "Scraping" the system just sounds painful.

Finally, 10:45 is correct in his/her interpretation of the "no outside criminal work" part of the Senate's proposal.

Anonymous said...

For the enlighten ones in our legislature, may I humbly propose new “summary criminal proceeding,” similar to that which exists in “civil cases” - now there is an oxymoron - in which all those who are accused of a crime, and who earn less than $25,000.00 (support three kids, a wife, and his mother - and a dog), are afforded a “summary proceeding” at the jail - after conferring with the arresting officers who advise the accused - in evangelical terms - to cleanse their soul - and of course suggest to these ill advised that lawyers are leaches, who will not look out for their best interest - just sign your rights away and the State will treat you right - I will tell the prosecutor you were cooperative.” The State then in true paternal fashion, while ignoring how often defendants are hoodwinked into signing waivers, offers a plea - at initial appearance - which is sure to haunt most of our downtrotten for years to come. Now there is true efficiency - from arrest to sanction in twenty-four hours of less, and without the true participation of a defense attorney! Please, do not use the overworked Public Defender who is thrown into do bond hearings as widow dressing for the world, these folks are overwhelmed, as well they should be, and do their best.

There are, of course, the lucky ones, who hold out until arraignment, at which time the State offers a plea and some judges try to twist our arms to speak to our client - right then and there - to accept the plea. I often wonder how many of these “arraignment day pleas” comport with the due process - prohibiting a Court from involving itself in plea negotiations - as if a unilateral offer is some plea negotiation or, more important, comport with the ethical standards for both prosecutors and defense attorneys? How many prosecutors can truthfully say they have investigated their case, and determined the arrest and charges are brought in good faith? BY the same token, how many defense counsel can say they have investigated the merits of the case against their clients and all factual and legal defenses? I suggest - not many can say these!

Sadly, I wish I were joking about the scenarios I pose, but I am afraid it is not, and many of you out there know it.

If the intellectuals in Tallah a s s ee really want to improve the system, may I suggest the following:
(1) No pleas shall be accepted prior to the forty-fifth day following the arrest, any plea accepted prior to that time shall be presumed involuntary;
(2) No pleas shall be accepted unless the accused is afforded at lease forty-eight hours to confer with counsel;
(3) All plea offers shall be conveyed in writing, with a certification by the prosecutor that they have actually - personally - interviewed all witness and arresting officers and has a good faith believe the charged offense is factually and legally meritorious;
(4) Any waiver signed while the defendant is in actual or constructive custody is presumed to have been involuntarily given, and the State has the burden of both proof and persuasion;
(5) Prior to accepting a plea defense counsel must certify that they have conducted an inquiry into the factual basis and legal merits of the accusations, including interviewed or deposed critical fact witnesses;
(6) The State is prohibited from conditioning plea negotiations or a favorable plea offer upon the defendant refraining from, or waiving their right to conduct discovery or conducting an investigation of the factual basis and legal merits of the accusation against them, or not deposing critical witnesses (simply a codification of the spirit of Florida Rule of Professional Conduct 4-3.4).

Yes, I know I am asking for a lot - but perhaps we can set a model for true due process, justice, and ethic. May I suggest a few of these proposals do not have to originate form the legislature. Perhaps some of our fair-minded jurists are reading, and perhaps even KFR’s crew, may consider adopting some of my suggestions in an effort to improve the administration of justice in this community. Oh well, so I am too optimistic and idealistic, qualities that keep me fighting for the underdog!

Anonymous said...

With the vindictiveness [sic] of Judge Leifmans opposition during the spet 5 election you can bet that if a JQC complaint existed it would have made its way to the internet by now.

NO I repeat NO JQC complaint or investigation of the Honorable Judge Leifman exist.

Mr. Holy Trinity crawl back under your rock and be gone.

Ps. How is the Hernandez & Gonzalez Holy Trinity law firm doing?

Batman said...

Rumpole - the same comment you took down regarding Judge Leifman here appears as the last comment on the "Diary of Mad Jurist" Posting. Please remove it.

Anonymous said...

Batman, I missed the post rumpole took down regards Judge Leifman but read the reprint as you note is re-posted on the previous blog, the person is stating that it is a rumor and seems not to be mean in tone?

Having said that I am a Leifman supporter and it should be takin down.

It is also surely false info because only the JQC can suspend a Judge and only after Supreme Court agrees with them. As Noted above no JQC action exist in the Supreme Court so the rumor is no longer rumor it is now proved to be a flat out lie!

Children stop !!!

Anonymous said...

FYI go to the below link:


for the list of pending JQC complaints in the Florida Supreme Court none of which are Judge Leifman

Anonymous said...

Judge Lawrence D. King is under attack


Anonymous said...

Top ten Rumpole suspects who are not usually Rumpole suspects until you consider them, and then you say hmmmmm.

1) Judge Wendell Graham
2) Jay White
3) Rick Freedman
4) Warren Schwartz
5) Howard Sohn
6) Gary Rosenberg
7) Howard Rosen
8) Judge Stanford Blake
9) Joel Danero
10)Judge Scott Silverman

Rumpole said...

We received this email from former REGJB Lawyer Lenny Cooperman. HE asked us to post it and for anyone who wants to say "hi" to email His Honor a note.


Hello "Howard",

From time to time I've posted a few remarks on your
excellent blog, which I frequently read out of
nostalgia for the good old days, practicing criminal
law in Miami. If you wish, please post this where it
gets the exposure you want to give it.

Let me first say that you do an excellent job giving
the lawyers and judges a place and chance to "vent."
Keep up the good work!

Now, since the "Cooperman posts" are, as you say, up,
let me squelch incorrect information and confirm
accurate assertions, as follows:

1) I am now (to use the full, fancy title!) a United
States Administrative Law Judge, based in Springfield,
MA, hearing cases wherein people who seek and have
initally been denied disability benefits available
under the Social Security Act appeal their denials. I
"ride circuit" several times a month, venturing as far
east as Worcester and as far west as Pittsfield, in
the beautiful Berkshires (for example, see

Quite a distance, literally and figuratively, from
criminal law. An administrative proceeding, for those
who haven't done one (which included me before I got
this job) is more of an inquisitorial as opposed to an
adversarial hearing with the judge developing the
facts as well as deciding the outcome.

2) No, I was never a judge prior to this (though not
for want of trying, as I did make three unsuccessful
attempts in Miami, and one before that in the Florida
Keys!) What did we learn in law school? Persistence is
as important as any other quality in getting where you
want to be. Also, opportunities can present themselves
in the strangest places.

3)I am sorry my persistent detractor in your blog, who
refers to me as a putz, enjoys (as I put it in another
post today) such a casual relationship with the truth.
I am in Massachusetts, not Maine as he said. I was
never appointed to a State appeals court, as he
asserted. And I would say to my detractor not to take
things so PERSONALLY, and try and avoid cruel terms
like the one he used. Let the bad parts of the past
go. I have observed that "bad will" eventually
contaminates the possessor. Life is too short for
gratuitous meanness.

4) Thank you to all of my colleagues who said nice
things about me. I loved working with most of you, and
I continue to think about you, as my periodic and
unscheduled visits to the REGJB indicate.

5) I don't drive a used hybrid. Actually it is a new
one, a Ford Escape. Gets 32 mpg and I can carry my
skis on the roof (more on that in a minute.)

6) My wonderful wife, with whom I will celebrate a 15
year anniversary this year (one child, Billy, a
terrific kid with aspirations to be an executive chef.
Don't know where he learned to cook so well, not from
me!)is indeed a physician, but does not work for the
governor, Deval Patrick. She works for herself.

It's funny how the ironies of life eventually make
their way to the surface, kind of like a bubble of air
below the water. When I ran against Jon Colby, I did
indeed get "my head handed to me" figuratively
speaking. As lawyers, we learn to if not welcome an
adverse jury verdict at least to respect it and live
with it.

And now he is practicing law and off the bench, and I
am no longer practicing law and on the bench.

Unlike my detractor who refers to me as a "putz" I
never bore ill will to any of my election opponents. I
hope Jon, Teretha, and Linda are well and happy
(according to my detractor, Jon is apparently making
millions of dollars as a civil lawyer.) Life's too
short for ill will.

7. As to my being a "stange chap in a straw hat", I
plead guilty to the hat part, I've got about 30 of 'em
(leather, straw, and wool.) Maybe I should plead
guilty, or at least no contest, to the part about
being strange, as well!

In closing, let me just say that things worked out
well for me, personally, professionally, and every
other way. I hope all of those who spoke fondly of me
will contact me, at LennyJ1952@yahoo.com. For the
others, I would say let the past go, and be a
positive, happy person. It helps you age better!! At
54, I can say a thing or two about that.

By the way, to state the obvious, it is a lot colder
up here than in SFL, where I lived for 45 years.
Sub-zero temps take some getting used to, but their
effect is considerably mitigated by the proximity of
skiing areas (5 within a hundred miles of me.)

Take care everybody, and watch for strange straw

Lenny Cooperman

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Joel Aloysius Danero as Rumpole

Anonymous said...

Joel's middle name is not Aloysius, that's Alan Aloysius Shuminer's middle name.

a/k/a Shumie the Shouter.

Batman said...

Investigation of the so-called "attack" on Judge Larry King shows that this is just a very unhappy dead-beat tenant who was evicted in accord with Chapter 83 Florida Statutes. Unknown to most is that if a defendant does not put the rent due in the registry of the court, upon motion of the Plaintiff, the answer filed by the defendant must be striken and a default entered. These motions are all ex-parte. No money judgment may be entered, even for costs, unless there is personal service. Posted service is sufficient for default to be entered for a judgment of possession.

A review of the docket reveals that Judge King followed proper procedure and the dictates of this very pro-landlord statute.

There were no violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Pay your rent and there will be no problem.

Anonymous said...

lenny cooperman - still a putz - but he is a better writer now!

Anonymous said...

Far out Mr. Cooperman. That's what I was trying to do when "sniping" was happening to an old friend of mine. Love it when these anon's post w/o an ounce of feeling. Or pretend to be others when they are not. Ok, Rumpole I was succinct and apologize for the link to Phoebe Cates.

spicoli said...

sorry that was spicoli up there.

Anonymous said...

The phone # used to obtain the courthousescandal.com website belongs to a company called DigitAll Advertising. Here is the company's contact info:
Here is the domain registration info:

Doesn't appear to be HWMNBN.

Anonymous said...


the initial brief is disgusting the web site says:

Miami-Dade County Court Judge Lawrence D. King violated several canons of judicial conduct. In what appears to be Judge King entering ex-parte orders for personal friends and violating the legal rights of a young pro-se litigant. The case is county court #06-14307 CC25, presently on appeal before the circuit court appellant division under case #06-570 AP. CLICK HERE .

The facts of this case will disturb any honorable legal professional. Judge Lawrence D. King who sits on the Coral Gables branch of the County Court literally entered one ex-parte order after another against a young pro-se litigant, including several default money judgments even though the defendants had not been served with the complaint. More importantly before 20 days had even passed from the date the complaint was filed Judge King entered default money Judgments ex-parte.

To read the appeal filed by seasoned appellant attorney George W. Chesrow, Esquire, CLICK HERE .

Appellee's counsel is Arnaldo Velez, Esquire, who appears to be close friends with Judge King and contributed $300.00 towards his 2006 judicial campaign. CLICK HERE campaign contribution report.

JQC complaint?? said...

hey numnuts aka batman, read the brief, the Judge King actually granted rehearing and reversed himself.

The docket show the clerk denied a default because the pro-se litigant filed an answer or as the statute says "any paper" in the court file.

Yes the landlord can seek default on the eviction process if no rent put into the registry of the court within 5 days or so but he CANNOT enter a $40,000.00 default money judgment without doing two things (1.) after service of the complaint for money and (2.) after 20 days from service if no answer if filed.

In this case the pro-se litigant not only was never served he voluntarily appeared in the court and filed an answer to the complaint 12 days after the landlord filed the lawsuit and in addition he announced to the court the place was vacated and the only issues was attorneys fees since the landlord already had a check for $6-k covering 2 months of past due rent and landlord had 2 months deposit.

But what did this Judge so?

He struck the answer of the pro-se litigant held 3 ex-parte hearings and entered 2 ex-parte money judgements against the pro-se litigant. Add insult to injury when the pro-se litignat informs Judge King of all the mistakes Judge King reverses himself and grants rehearing and amends the Judgement.

Now landlord comes back and files a ex-parte motion to vacate the granting of the motion for rehearing.

Read the brief some very distrubing stuff paste the link:


JQC Complaint said...

sorry link to the brief is here:


Anonymous said...

I love it www.courthousecsandal.com

whats next a parady of the judicial branch on youtube.com

Rumpole always ahead of the Story said...

Rumpole you wrote about this case last year on Nov 15, 2006:


Here is what Rumpole said about Judge King and the trial counsel last year (who knew we would see a web site):



Anonymous said...
Believe it or NOT...
I am a bystander in Court today before Judge Lawrence King and the attorney representing the defendant in a commercial landlord tenant dispute tells Judge King that the Attorney for the Corporate plaintiff has been suspended from practicing law since August 31, 2006 and presents the Judge documents email from the Fla Bar showing this.

Judge Lawrence King response :"oh I am sure he will work that out..."

Well all you lawyers suspended from law Judge Lawrence King welcomes you with open arms. He will let you get writs, issue subpoenas, get final judgments and if you do not complete that pesky CLE course, oh who cares- its Judge "KING" court room no law license required.

As good Rumpole says see ya in Court where license to practice law is almost always required (exceptions do apply see Judge King's court for details)

Ps. In case you want to know the name of the idiot lawyer who got his bar license suspended "Ian Martinez" Bar #596671

Wow!!! What do you think about that?
If Judges do not uphold the edicts of the Bar, who will?

History Buff said...

On a lighter note, there was a great turnout tonight for the inaugural 11th Circuit Historical Society. Chief Judges Wetherington and Farina were present, along with retired 3rd DCA Judge Mario Goderich, Judges Glick, Young, Fernandez, Marino, Brennan, Sarduy,Barzee, Silverman, along with such legal heavy weights as Burton Young, Former Bar President Russimano, BT, John Thornton. County Court Judges Ed Newman and Anthony Arzola were also present. It was a great event, well attended and a great start for a great organization.

No shows included State Attorney KFR, Janet Reno, Bennett Sleepy Brummer, and Mayor Diaz.

Anonymous said...

You don't say BHB asleep again.

Question now is whether he was asleep in his car outside the event or asleep at his house?

Either way he's asleep and has been asleep both mentally and physically for years.

Stand up Rod Vereen.
Get up stand up don't give up the fight. The people need you.

Anonymous said...

No shows also included Judge Lawrence D. King.

Rumor has it he was busy holding ex-parte hearings for his buddies.

fake brummer said...


Anonymous said...

Bennett was there. But hey, why confuse anyone with the facts. Blog doesn't like Bennett=Bennett wasnt there.

Anonymous said...

Stop being so frigging stupid in regard to Leifman. I saw the story on Leifman and it was a rumor. Get over it fools. The man did as much wrong as Gonzalez and if Gonzalez was smart, he would file a complaint himself.

Rumpole, I have looked a previous post and there is a lot of naming calling and other horrible comments on other people that you have left there yourself. Just like the Court System, you are picking on certain people.

May I remind all of you that a Judge is a public figure and by virtue of the position, open to criticism. Thus, Leifman and any other Judge can kiss my butt.

I hate ass kissers.

Anonymous said...

Thus, Leifman and any other Judge

can kiss my butt.

I hate ass kissers.

Uh....ok, got it.

Anonymous said...

media, revolver
po box 260063
MIAMI, FL 33126


Administrative Contact:
media, revolver
po box 260063
MIAMI, FL 33126
Technical Contact:
Tech, Domain
3250 W. Commercial Blvd.
Suite 200
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309


You can't hide now Larry King. Levy won't save you from this one and your unethical ways. Can you say, Welcome to Subway?

Anonymous said...

The problem with Brummer has always been his inability to motivate and inspire. Not to be mean or anything but he has always been a bit of a turd. That being said, over the years, he has gotten funding for the office which at the end of the day, is what matters most. Leave Sleepy alone.

Anonymous said...

So funny how Rumpole leaves jokes on Brummer asleep in his car at work but removes the jokes regarding Leifman's suspension to the mental health division.

So people can only have fun commenting about the people you don't like huh Rump?

Anonymous said...


rump, post the evidence of leifmans suspension.


There is none?


Anonymous said...

You know, at the end of the day, I just don't get it. Why all the BHB hatred? As a former ASA, I'd say I'm pretty unbiased. The Miami-Dade PDs office hires some of the best young litigators around. They recruit at many of the top law schools. You walk into a courtroom, and odds are, the APD is more than holding his/her own against the State and the Judge. Yeah, perhaps the office is a little to quick to conflict, especially on homicide cases, but overall, it's a standout office, especially compared to the Legal Aid Societies up north, where I come from. To all the BHB haters, I say, get over yourselves. And to Rumpole, I say, give the man a fair shake and recognize his office for what it does--provide excellent legal representation to indigent clients.

Anonymous said...

I am a Robert Levy and Judge Lawrence King supporter however you guys make my job harder when web sites like www.courthousescandal.com start to pop up.

Before I jump ship lets hear from Judge King and why would he do the things that www.courthousescandal.com is accusing him of?

If I was Judge King I would file a bar complaint against the attorney for the landlord for causing him grief and legal error!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, perhaps the office is a little to quick to conflict, especially on homicide cases, but overall, it's a standout office, especially compared to the Legal Aid Societies up north, where I come from."

Conflicting on homicides is a sin!

Anonymous said...

Yo! Levy! Did you forget this?

bob levy 780 NE 69th STreet #1703 miami, fla 33138 3057581194 levywolf@aol.com what about Judge Bronwyn Miller on your site - she's another victim of the same players

Anonymous said...

I love this one too! Hey Judge Marisa. Maria Oviedo does not seem to like you. Here is her information.

Maria E. Oviedo Miami, Fl 33165 godess_themis@bellsouth.net
I would like to ask if you will post my message about Marisa Tinkler Mendez. Where can I e-mail the file? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Que Estupidos Son.

Anonymous said...

and I thought the song "the freaks come out at night" was just a song, not a true statement.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck?

did the mentally insane inmates on the 9th floor dade county jail break out.

Anonymous said...

Dunno. Ask Leifman. Wait, he is busy doing imaginary hearings in the Mental Health Division of Miami-Dade County.

Am I aloud to say imaginary? OMG! Is it against the law to make fun of a Judge? If the Founding Fathers could see us now. Tyrants!

Anonymous said...

Leave Judge leifman alone. He is one of the best jurist the State of Florida has ever seen.

What other Judge have you seen spend so much personal time dedicated to the welfare of others and the mentally ill.

The voters spoke on Sept 5 and the holy trinity tour was cancelled.

On another note I am a wee bit concerned Judge King whom I support has lost his marbles. I just finished reading that brief and the SHOCKING allegations against Judge King.

Anonymous said...

I am confused what does this mean??:

"Anonymous said...
Yo! Levy! Did you forget this?

bob levy 780 NE 69th STreet #1703 miami, fla 33138 3057581194 levywolf@aol.com what about Judge Bronwyn Miller on your site - she's another victim of the same players

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 11:31:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I love this one too! Hey Judge Marisa. Maria Oviedo does not seem to like you. Here is her information.

Maria E. Oviedo Miami, Fl 33165 godess_themis@bellsouth.net
I would like to ask if you will post my message about Marisa Tinkler Mendez. Where can I e-mail the file? Thanks

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 11:33:00 PM"

Anonymous said...

ouch!!! Who ever is going after Judge King had better beware!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Oviedo and all these other crackhead loons might want to learn to SPELL before they start cruising the information superhighway. It's GODDESS!

Anonymous said...

Bennett's office is great despite
Bennett not because of Bennett.

Anonymous said...

Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett I CANT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BUT Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett MY WHOLE LIFE IS ABOUT TALKING ABOUT Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett Bennett

Rumpole said...

There is a difference between spreading a rumor that is not true- that a Judge has been suspended, and allowing people to comment on the management style of an elected official. You want to criticize Judge Leifman for not handling more in court matters? Go right ahead. He has a response. You want to criticize BHB for his management style? Have at it. But I will not allow a comment that a Judge, or BHB or anyone has been suspended when it is not true.

However, I freely admit this is my blog, and my decisions are not run by a committee. I do the best I can, and the only real agenda I have is to settle a few scores with some bill collectors. Other than that, there is no one I am angry at.

The Judge King issue bears close watching

Anonymous said...

To summarize, Judge Leifman is hard working, smart and fair. Judge King is a pompous weenie.

Anonymous said...

I am never bored after reading the blog.

Anonymous said...

never do I shed a tear, but after reading this .....

TEARS OF LAUGHTER you guys are something else.

Court House Scandal said...


From: "Michael A. Catalano" mclawyer@bellsouth.net
To: "'Breaking News Court House Scandal'" info@courthousescandal.com
Date: 28 Mar 2007, 08:03:48 AM
Subject: RE: Breaking News Florida Court House Scandal

I hate it when people do this.

Have some guts and say WHO you are.


From: "Nancy Wear" ncwear@earthlink.net
To: "Breaking News Court House Scandal" info@courthousescandal.com
Date: 28 Mar 2007, 07:59:22 AM
Subject: Re: Breaking News Florida Court House Scandal

Oh, good, just what we need, some anonymous crackpot defaming judges. No doubt in this case the "anonymous crackpot" is, or is closely connected to, the equally-anonymous "young pro-se litigant."


Anonymous said...

Hey anyone know who is running against Dava Tunis??

So far, I have heard rumors about an Alvarez, Velis, and possibly Mendez. I heard Tunis has twice offended someone who can make it happen.

Anyone heard?

Anonymous said...

nancy saying "anonymous crackpot" is libel.

Anonymous said...

regards the Judge King Scandal.

One of the interesting things about the plaintiffs in the Judge King Scandal is that V&Q is part owned by Felipe A. Valls the sole owner of vasailles reastaurant and la carretta reastaurant's and over 30 other establishments.

A interesting story behind a story is that Felipe A. Valls is personal buddies with Judge King and his counsel.

Anonymous said...

Mendez,Alvarez and Velis? Their combined I.Q.'s would barely break 3 digits!

And they are going to run against Judge Tunis ?Please they will get crushed .She has a ton of support among the many bar associations and lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Judge Tunis could go on vacation during the month of August and not spend a dime in political ad's and still win re-election thats how respected she is.

Anonymous said...

watergate lessons learned? Its not the allegations of wrong doing that gets you in hot water. It is the coverup that lands you in the unemployment line.

So so sad to read about Judge King and what he did to this pro-se litigant.

Judge King was one of the few respected Judges on the bench. His father a respected federal court judge would be ashamed to read all these allegations.

I hope the Judge nails the plaintiffs lawyers for leading him into serious legal error.

Funny Shit.. said...

A small town prosecuting attorney called his first witness to the stand in a trial -- a grandmotherly, elderly woman. He approached her and asked, "Mrs. Jones, do you know me?"
She responded, "Why, yes, I do know you Mr. Williams. I've known you since you were a young boy. And frankly, you've been a big disappointment to me. You lie, you cheat on your wife, you manipulate people and talk about them behind their backs. You think you're a rising big shot when you haven't the brains to realize you never will amount to anything more than a two-bit paper pusher. Yes, I know you."

The lawyer was stunned. Not knowing what else to do he pointed across the room and asked, "Mrs. Williams, do you know the defense attorney?"

She again replied, "Why, yes I do. I've known Mr. Bradley since he was a youngster, too. I used to baby-sit him for his parents. And he, too, has been a real disappointment to me. He's lazy, bigoted, he has a drinking problem. The man can't build a normal relationship with anyone and his law practice is one of the shoddiest in the entire state. Yes, I know him."

At this point, the judge rapped the courtroom to silence and called both counselors to the bench. In a very quiet voice, he said with menace, "If either of you asks her if she knows me, you'll be in jail for contempt of court in a heart beat!"

Anonymous said...

A woman testifying in Judge Lawrence King's court was being questioned in a trial involving slander.

"Please repeat the slanderous statements you heard, exactly as you heard them," instructed the lawyer.

The witness hesitated. "But they are unfit for any respectable person to hear," she protested.

"Then," said the attorney, "just whisper them to judge king."

Anonymous said...

RE: Tunis. There have been several judges who have gone away in August and not spent a dime on re-election because they were "that respected." They are now practicing law. Get a clue!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Tunis has the vote of ORJ

Anonymous said...

5:10 PM leave Rumpole alone.

Ps. Tell Judge King to read page 36 of the brief filed against him. It states in part:

"In Rose v. State, 601 So.2d 1181, 1183, (Fla. 1992), the Florida Supreme Court observed that
Nothing is more dangerous and destructive of the impartiality of the judiciary than a one-sided
communication between a judge and a single litigant.
Even the most vigilant and conscientious of judges may
be subtly influenced by such contacts. No matter how pure the intent of the party who engages in such contacts, without the benefit of a reply, a judge is placed in the position of possibly receiving inaccurate information or being unduly swayed by umebutted remarks about the other side's case. The other party should not have to bear
the risk of factual oversights or inadvertent negative impressions that might easily be corrected by the chance to present counter arguments."

The brief makes for great reading material. If the litigants in that case don't file a JQC complaint against you I just might do it myself. LEAVE RUMPOLE ALONE!

read the brief here:


Anonymous said...

Oh my page 35 looks great to:

"Cannon 3(B)(7) of the Code of Judicial Conduct provides that "A judge shall not initiate, permit, or consider ex parte communications, or consider other
communications made to the judge outside the presence of the parties concerning a pending or impending proceeding except .... " None of the exceptions set forth in
Canon 3(B)(7) are applicable here. The granting of the Landlord's ex parte motion to strike answer as to Blazquez, when the Landlord never sought such relief,
demonstrates the need for judges to adhere to Cannon 3(B)(7)."

Ummm...seems to be rules that Judges must follow.

CAPTAIN said...



There are now only two days left to submit your application if you intend to apply for the 3rd DCA vacancy.

Word on the street is that Reyes is NOT applying, Pereyra Shuminer MAY, and Emas IS applying. Hanzman still looking like early tournament favorite.

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Anonymous said...

GINA MENDEZ LOCKE'N LOAD that the Mendez running against Tunis???? Wans't there an old Tom Jones song, Once, Twice, Three Times a Loser?????

Batman said...

A review of the brief and the court file in the matter involving Judge King again shows no violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Chapter 83 Florida Statutes specifically requires that under certain conditions, motions in Landlord/Tenant matters are to be considered ex parte. If you don't put the money in the Court Registry your pleadings must be striken upon motion of the Landlord.

Can a judge be mislead? Absolutely. Are they frequently? Unfortunately, yes.

It should also be noted that the Landlord did not accept the rent check. It was sent to him and he held it. He did not cash it. What the judge did was permit the Landlord to cash the check and give the Tenant credit for the amount.

No purposeful conduct on King's part. Could there be error? Possibly.

To the complainer I again state that if you were not a deadbeat tenant and you paid your rent, none of this would have happened. I suggest that instead of blaming the judge for all of your problems you look in the mirror and find the true cause.

The last assignment of error in the brief will be disposed of summarily and the applelate division will deal with the other assignments appropriatley. Even if a JQC complaint is filed, there will be no finding of probable cause and no formal charges will be filed.

See you in the dark alleys (and empty spaces vacated by deadbeat tenants) of the City.


you cannot seek a default when an answer is filed stating that no moneys are owned the landlord. THATS WHAT HAPPENED HERE.

In fact the Clerk issued a order denying the landlord a default because the tenant filed an answer in the court stating no moneys were owed. In fact the tenant went a step further and filed a document titled all tenants known and unknown have vacated the property and asking judge king to hold a hearing to determine remaining issue of legal fees owed to landlord.

What happened is the Judge struck the answer of the tenant regards money judgements even though 20 days had not even passed from the filing date of the complaint.

Let be clear no judge in Florida can issues money judgements without affording the tenant/defendant the 20 days to answer etc. Yes in landlord tenant laws money must be paied into the registry as to the eviction portion of the case but this complaint and the actions of the landlords counsel went further because he sought and got a default on a $60-K money judgement striking the tenants answer and defaulting one individual who has never been served or has not been in the United States for over 2 yrs.

If we where talking only about eviction Judge King would still be wrong but not as grossly as he is in this case because the landlord was seeking illegal defaults on money judgements for accelerated rent that he never pled in the four corners of the complaint.

Bottom line is that Judge King was observed having ex-parte discussions with his buddies and he even reversed himself in a rehearing order (click the link to see):




Anonymous said...

You know what, Harange as well respected as he is thought he had it clenched and lost the race to a relative unknown; Tunis well respected? By some perhaps but not by all; Larry Schwartz had a close call with Gina, and he had wide support, including support form some of those who Tunis has irritated. Lets watch!

Anonymous said...

Tunis is respected by alomost everyone at the PD's office.

Fair minded jurist one of the best Judges to sit on the bench

Anonymous said...

Tunis, a "fair minded jurist one of the best Judges to sit on the bench air minded" = comic releif

Please give me a break.

Her demeanor leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps the PD's who do not really have to worry about the client's perception and safeguarding client relationship accept her demeanor and can live with her. But those of us who have to worry perception by the client who can fire and hire do not have to tolerate her.

Anonymous said...

Harnage lost, but Schwartz beat the "dreaded-latin-woman'> life isn't as easy as some people think.

Anonymous said...

Has it occured to you that perhaps Schartz and others who retained their seats on the bench and repealed the challenges by the "dreaded-latin-woman" as you put it had the support of many of those who are less than pleased with Tunis attitude on the bench. Life is not as simply as you think my friend, as someone wiser once told me beware of who you assume is powerless they may shock you.

Anonymous said...

These are messages that were sent to ORJ in the past. Just wanted some clarity. Revenge is a mother.

"Anonymous said...
Yo! Levy! Did you forget this?

bob levy 780 NE 69th STreet #1703 miami, fla 33138 3057581194 levywolf@aol.com what about Judge Bronwyn Miller on your site - she's another victim of the same players

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 11:31:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I love this one too! Hey Judge Marisa. Maria Oviedo does not seem to like you. Here is her information.

Maria E. Oviedo Miami, Fl 33165 godess_themis@bellsouth.net
I would like to ask if you will post my message about Marisa Tinkler Mendez. Where can I e-mail the file? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Leave Judge leifman alone. He is one of the best jurist the State of Florida has ever seen.

What other Judge have you seen spend so much court time dedicated to the welfare of others and the mentally ill? Yes, regardless of the fact that he has never held a single Mental Health Calendar or worked a full calendar like other Administrative Judges do in over 6 years. Though, he collects full pay.

The voters spoke on Sept 5 and the holy trinity crusade was cancelled for the Jewish liar.

On the same note, I am a wee bit concerned Judge Leifman whom I support has lost his marbles. I just finished speaking to a Administrator in the Court and the SHOCKING allegations against Judge Leifman and how he got his mother a Clerk job are horrible.

Anonymous said...

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