Sunday, January 21, 2007


You take these picks with the warning that I have cooled considerably from my earlier proficient prognostication.

Being therefore fully advised and warned, you can bet the mortgage as follows:


Those of you following my picks know that I think little of the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Let me clear up one misconception: Tom Brady LOST the game last week. Troy Brown rescued his sorry butt. It was fourth down. 10 to go. Tom terrific took the snap, scrambled back, and let fly a perfect interception. Less than 2 minutes to go. Chargers up by 8. Game over. Then Troy Brown strips the ball from the DB who intercepted Brady. Belichick has a deal with the devil you know. Only he and Brady could be the recipient of such luck. Anyway, Mr. Perfect wasn’t so perfect, but he won anyway.

Colts are riding a resurgent defense. Their coach Tony Dungy is a former Defensive Back. Defense is his specialty. And Peyton Manning is due. Last year, but for a similar bit of the kind of bad luck the Chargers had last week, the Colts would be defending Super Bowl Champs.

The book on Manning is clear. Blitz him. Don’t give him time to breath, much less throw.
That is why-now remember I said this- Belichick- the evil genius, has designed a defense for tomorrow THAT WILL NOT BLITZ MANNING. Watch. The beauty of Belichick is that his teams do exactly the last thing you expect them to do, and they do it well. The Patriots will rush 2 or 3, drop everyone else into coverage, and make Manning throw into coverage. Bet on it. Also, the book on the Colts was to run against them. So....the Patriots will throw...and throw...and throw. Belichick has designed an offense that will have the Patriots throwing out of running sets in obvious running situations. He is an eveil genuis and needs to be stopped.

And yet, we can’t bring ourselves to pick the Pats. The Colts are giving 3. I think the Colts will win. They have the Patriots kicker from all those Super Bowl: Vinateri. And that will be the difference. Colts by 3. So if you can’t find it at -2/1 you’re gonna have to tease the points. And everyone knows teasers are sucker bets.


Longtime and careful readers also know my disdain for the Bears. Didn’t we stun the world earlier this years when we told you the awful Dolphins would beat the undefeated Bears. And yet, defense wins Championships. It’s going to be 20 degrees in Chi town tomorrow. The coldest weather the Saints have played in this year is 50.

I don’t like either of these two teams. Your Super Bowl winner is playing in the other game.

The Bears are -6. Defense wins championships. The Saints have the better ground game; the Saints have the better QB; the Saints have better WR's; special teams is even with a slight edge to the Bears. Who will win? I have no idea. I can't figure this game out. The stats say take the cold weather home team, with a better defense, in a Championship game. The Stats say Da Bears...and yet how many home AFC cahmpionship games did the Steelers loose in the 90's and 2000's? 4.

Here’s what you do: lay 11-10, buy a two team teaser: each team gets 6 points. The Colts are teased to +3. and the Bears become even. That’s the play today. But just a coupla bucks...as anything can, and probably will happen.

See You at the Colts/ Bears Super Bowl.

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Anonymous said...

"how many home AFC cahmpionship games did the Steelers loose in the 90's and 2000's? 4."

Only Phil R would know this - right Rumpole!

Anonymous said...

where is the "obsessed with who is rumpole" meeting today?

Anonymous said...

You are dead wrong on Brady. He is the best QB in the NFL. He has an opportunity to go down in history as the best of all time with another super bowl victory with sub par receivers. Never bet against a champion. I like the PATS without the points.

Anonymous said...

I'm standing outside Judge Perez' courtroom (I know its sunday) waiting to see Choliks attorney show up for arraignment. There's people here with blankets and portable TV's. Like sleeping out for tickets.

Anonymous said...

Miami: Bears v. Pats


Anonymous said...

rump, dont know where u obtain your point spreads. the new orleans line was not 6, it was 3. today will continue to be all gators. take rex and alex to lead the bears to a win. then watch the gators wide receivers on the patriots win another in the year of the gator.

Lyford said...

"Less than 2 minutes to go. Chargers up by 8. Game over. Then Troy Brown strips the ball from the DB who intercepted Brady. Belichick has a deal with the devil you know. "

That would be a lot more compelling if it were true. Which it isn't. There were 6:25 left in the game when that play started. And, while an interception is the worst thing that can happen on the first 3 downs, it's better on 4th down than an incompletion. So, since it was 4th down, he forced it in. And Troy Brown made a great play.

But even if he hadn't, the Chargers went 3 and out on their next offensive possession. And the Patriots drove to the Charger 15 on their next offensive possession. So it's just silly to suggest that Mcree would have ended the game by holding onto that. The Patriots certainly were in a better situation as a result of the fumble, but an incomplete pass would have been no better than an interception at that point, probably worse field-position-wise, and the following offensive series for each suggests that even a completed and held interception wouldn't actually have put the game out of reach.

None of which is to suggest that he wanted to throw a pick there. But there's been a lot of hyperbole and over-reaction about what the situation would have been had Mcree held the ball...

Anonymous said...

Rumpole you sound like an idiot and
a sore loser (Dolfan for sure).
Yeah Brady lost the game - get over
yourself buster - your analysis is
weak and you're simply a hater.

With your logic one would argue that Russell lost those nine straight championships with the
Celtics because he wasn't as good
as Wilt the Stilt or because Cousy
was on his team as well.

A winner finds a way to win. A winner is more than a great player but a great leader who instills such confidence in his teammates that they perform above and beyond
their potential (i.e. Russell and

That's what separates Brady from
the pack - he's a leader and a

Go back to your cave Rumpole and
stop hating on a Champion.

Anonymous said...

I know how many AFC Championship games the Steelers lost. I know how many they've won. I know the name of the Play that led to the Immaculate Reception against the hated Raiders; I know the name of the deep route John Stallworth ran when Bradshaw hit him for a TD against the Rams in the 79 Super Bowl (The Same year the Pirates won the World Series). My fascination with Steeler minutae does not make me Rumpole. Nor, as a Steeler fan, do I often dwell on the 4 AFC home Championship games the Steelers lost. However, I do agree with Rumpole on this: Belichick is an evil genuis, and as much as I hate to admit it, he did out coach Cowher in the 2004 AFC Championship, and he did it much the same way Rumpole says he will do it today: he didn't Blitz Roethlisberger and made him throw into coverage.

Anyway, for the 10Kth time, I don't write this blog.

PS. The Steelers did win a home AFC championship at home under Cowher, when they beat the Colts 20-16 in 1996, although the Colts almost pulled in a hail mary in the end zone on the last play of the game. Also, that Super Bowl, which the Cowboys won with a much superior team, was in my opinion, Cowher's best coaching job, culminating in a great and gutsy, and successful on-side kick in the 4th quarter, only to have QB Neil O'Donnell hit his favorite receiver- Dallas Corner back Larry Brown for his 110th intereception of the game. Or something like that.

Phil R said...

I wrote that missive on the Steelers, if it wasn't already clear. I think the comments about george Cholokis are pitiful. You should only thank your lucky stars some horrible thing like that hasn't happened to you or someone you care about. Life can take many strange twists and turns. and being in this business, I would not recommend tempting fate.

Anonymous said...

The who is Rumpole meeting ran into a Migna party at Tobacco road this afternoon, and the rumpole people had to leave after the Migna people roughed them up.

Anonymous said...

I missed the part in last year's super bowl where tom brady held up the Lombardy trophy. I thought I saw Jerome Bettis, but I guess I was wrong.

Sleezy sam said...

Sleezy, seperated, middle aged defense attorney, with a red Corvette to make up for small penis size, a new condo on Brickell, has two super Bowl tickets on the 40, and one with your name on it, if you are a 20 something sexy slinky PD or ASA. Email Rumpole with your email and Rumpy will hook me up, right pal?

Anonymous said...

I like the part of the blog where we make fun of Bennett. Can we do more of that? It livens things up when Rory goes for his mid-morning snack.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't talk about my boyfriend like that. He may be sleazy and has a small penis, but he keeps me in designer jeans and dresses.

Anonymous said...

just because a somewhat older defense lawyer hits on/dates a 20 something APD or ASA doesnt make them akin to SS. right? with so many sexy young lawyers its a shame not to.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Why doesn't Lyons, Lurvey, Freedman, Shuminer, Fingerhut, etc., ever write in and adamately deny they are Rumpole when they are accused of being him - while only one person repeatedly insists on denying he is Rumpole - Phil? Why?

Anonymous said...

to 6:24 - I think you got him now - all but the part about being a PD - he was an ASA

Rumpole said...

I deleted the post about Cholakis. I also deleted the post about Phil R's wife. I have no idea why some people deny they are me, and others do not.

Did you see the Patriots touchdown? Are you convinced Belichick has sold his soul to the devil. He will win the next 40 super bowls in exchange for his soul burning for eternity.

Anonymous said...

I think Phil just sometimes makes fun of the whole Rumpole thing. Phil is one of the few people who still post with his name. Rumpole deletes posts all the time. I don't think just because Phil posted and Rumpole deleted a post it means that much. In fact, it may be Rumpole's way of keeping the heat off himself.

Also- If you search Phils name, he is not constantly writing in to deny he is Rumpole. In fact he rarely does. Even when the whole thing on TV came out, he didn't post here at all.

Rumpole said...

Phil R did ask me to reveal myself when he was "accused" of being me on TV. I reluctantly refused, but I do not think it is fair to single anyone out, when the only clues are the clues I have listed elsewhere, and almost no one has the brains to get beyond the first 2-3.

Fake Gertrude Stein said...

Three wonderful people named Stein
There's Gert, and Ep, and Ein.

Gert writes blank verse
Ep's statutes are worse
And no one can understand Ein.

(a Poem By Gertrude Stein).

Anonymous said...

who dey? who dey?
who dey say gonna beat those saints?

(ummm.. Rumpole dey said da bears beat dem saints.) Nice call Rumps.

Anonymous said...


Sources close to Bennett Brummer, including those in the backseat of the BMW, are strongly hinting that the old man is a bit sleepy, and going to hang things up.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Can Frank Girvaria and/or Todd Michaels confirm or deny that Phil R was playing poker at Frank's house when Todd went on line and saw Rumpole post about a Football game on Thursday night that was on?

That is the rumor and it would certainly clear this issue up.


Anonymous said...

When someone continued to insist that the $150k Ford driver was Rumpole and that Rumpole was Shuminer and that Shuminer drove the car, who was it that insisted that Shuminer was NOT Rumpole?

Phil, of course.

How would Phil know, since noone knows who Rumpole is?

Rumpole said...

Can someone please give Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy some balls? They need to get their heads out of their asses. They are about to lose another home playoff game. They are about to lose another home AFC championship game to the Patriots. Peyton Manning is about to become Dan Fouts re-incarnate.

Rumpole said...

Belichick:"Dear Satan...now we need a pic for a TD to really break this guy's spirit."

Satan: "Coming right up ol'buddy."

Anonymous said...

All Phil did was say that on Shuminer's Birthday he spoke with him while Shuminer was in his car on the side of the road when it had broken down. It doesn't mean a thing.

Rumpole said...

I cannot believe how lame these Colts are. This is embarassing. Manning should quit. The Patriots are a Mediocre team at best. 6 Points???? That's all the big bad Colts and Peyton Mr. Audible Manning can squeeze out against a mediocre defense? I'm glad the Colts missed the field goal last year. What a Bunch of losers. I am disgusted that no one can stand up to these Patriots and punch them in the mouth and shut them up. I hate them, I hate them. I hate them.

even steven said...

I am 5 clues deep into the rumpole morrass and I know who he's not, and he's not the guys commonly mentioned here.

On a lighter note...those young PDs and ASA's really tore it up at a local club/bar Friday night. You young people, with your IPODS and your Apple Martinis...sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lyons, Lurvey, Freedman, Shuminer, Fingerhut, etc. don't read this stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes they do. Lurvey can't get enough of this, and Shuminer posts under fake names like old wrestlers and such.

Anonymous said...

Yes they do. Lurvey can't get enough of this, and Shuminer posts under fake names like old wrestlers and such.

Dusty Rhodes said...

If he does it again, I will drop him like a bad habit.

Anonymous said...

What about the guy who kept catching Blecher at Starbucks on his laptop blogging? Mocha Latte and a post anyone?

Rumpole said...

I'm going to watch the rest of this pathetic game and go to sleep. Comment moderation is on, because of the new post tomorrow. See you then.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Judge Don Cohn, his W, Cathy Parks, Roger Nolan, Merritt Steirheim, and a few others just got seats together at the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

This is Todd Michaels. I can not say that Phil is not Rumpole. I can only say that on the evening in question, someone else did post as Rumpole. Could mean it is not Phil. May not.
There was a card game at Frank's house and I went out early. Of course, the card game did not involve gambling in any way, shape or form. (Mr. Ashcroft, if you are monitoring this blog, be sure that we were playing for M&M's only). Therefore, I was not too upset at going out so early. I was a little bored, and Phil was there, and i decided just to see if, after all the chatter, I could determine if he was or was not Rumpole. I took the computer and logged onto the blog, and kept my eye on Phil. The game was not on at Frank's, and Phil did not handle a wireless device at any time, including a blackberry or anything like that. Sure enough Rumpole did post during that time.

Case closed? Not quite. It seemed at this point, pretty clear that at the very least, Phil alone was not Rumpole. However, I went back and read the blog from that day, and the following post appeared:

Anonymous said...
I love Phil and therefore I love Rumpole.

Rumpole will not post tonite.

Thursday, December 21, 2006 5:17:07 PM

This got me thinking that maybe Phil, knowing that he would have an alibi for that night put the post up himself, or, in the alternative, that someone else posted it, and Phil, seeing it realized that he would have an alibi for the night. From there, it would not take much for him to have Jackie or another cohort post during that time when he was covered. If only someone else from the game read the blog, they would then likely jump forward to clear him.

Now, that said...I haven't read the blog in a while, but someone who does called me and asked me to tell what happened that night, so there it is. I like Phil and wish that I could completely exonerate him but I can not.

So, in legal terms here is what I can say.

I can say with absolute certainty that Phil alone is not Rumpole.

I can not say that Phil and someone else together are not Rumpole. He does have a wife who works in the legal system, so it would be easy for him to have a partner and keep things quiet. He is also a big Ayn Rand fan.

Of course, if my testimony is not credible, then we are back to square one.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, tells us the clues again please!

Anonymous said...

you the man i played the parlay as you said and hit it

CAPTAIN said...

Manning finally exorcised those demons

Anonymous said...

To Todd Michaels: I don't know who you are but thank you for clarifying who may be the anonymous blogger known as Rumpole, purveyor of gossip and character assassination and not newsworthy legal information for lawyers such as significant FLW cases. You put my mind at rest, I've been worrying about the war in Iraq, that our president is a war criminal who we are stuck with for two more years, that senators run for president for two years rather than fix the country, that there are homeless people by the dozens on Miami Beach but the city debates whether to criminalize home parties, there are thousands of dui arrests and dozens of murders a year in Miami but thank you for laying to rest whether Phil R. is the anonymous gossip columnist. Even real gossip columnists do not remain anonymous, just watch channnel 7. This blog is pathetic and I wish I was never alerted to it. I began reading it when there was criticism about a case of mine. Rumpole-retire already.