Tuesday, May 04, 2021


 The other day we took a wrong turn in Hialeah and were lost. Our GPS showed us to be on SW 4th street, SW 4th avenue, SW 4th way, and NE 298th street. Which is common for Hialeah. But rather than panic, and knowing we had been fully vaccinated, we simply called the CIA  (703-482-0623) and asked them to check our tracker and give us directions home. In a jiffy we were on our way. The benefits of the vaccine. 

Don't Go to NYC:

Chinese space junk - a 21 ton lower stage of a rocket, is in an unpredictable orbit and will soon tumble to earth landing anywhere from an ocean to NYC. Cancel our upcoming reservation at 11 Madison Park. 

Florida Outlaws Vaccine Passports. 

It is important to get a vaccine. Getting a vaccine protects yourself and others. It would be ideal for people who go out into public to be vaccinated. If you don't want a vaccine then you should not be in public where you can get sick and infect others. So naturally, Florida outlawed any business or public establishment requiring a person to be vaccinated to enter. In other words, it is against the law in Florida to require someone to have a vaccine passport. Europe will require it. China will require it. The civilized world will require it. So naturally Florida outlaws it. 

For those of you who believe the owner of a private business like a restaurant or a bookstore has a right to require someone to be vaccinated before entering on the theory that the business is their property and they have the right to serve or not serve anyone they want, just think of this as yet another unintended ramification of Katzenbach v. McClung. 

Maybe Florida got it wrong. Maybe Florida only went half way. Why outlaw passports when outlawing the vaccine is clearly the way to go? And if you're going to outlaw the vaccine then lets ban vaccinated people! That would do the trick. Instead of outlawing vaccine passports, by outlawing vaccinated people from attending any public place- grocery store, restaurant, bowling alley, tattoo parlour, Florida can get to the heart of matter: Covid doesn't kill people; vaccines and Dr. Fauci kills people. 


  1. Just as well about the space junk coming to NYC. Eleven Madison Park has a new menu -- no animal products at all except for milk and honey for tea and coffee.