Tuesday, May 04, 2021


 When you are the new kid in school you try to fit in.  Don't make waves.  Advice never accepted by new City of Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo. (Memo to Chief Acevedo- if you wanted to get on our radar, you have done it. Caveat emptor.). 

Chief AA went and done it. He gave an interview to channel 10 (Motto: "No not Fox")  and called out Judge Soto, Carlos Martinez, and Kathy Rundle and told them in no uncertain terms "GET BACK TO WORK SLACKERS!"  Click here to see it. 

Well just hold on cowboy. We do things a bit different here in Miami. For example Chief AA- are you aware of the proud history of your department? Have you googled "River Cops" for fun?  Do you know how many City of Miami Police officers it takes to throw a defendant down a flight of stairs?  None. He slipped and fell.  Are you aware your officers harass and beat up the homeless for fun?  You're complaining about Judges not working? Do you realize how hard it was for a prosecutor before the pandemic to get an officer to show up for trial if s/he wasn't getting OT?  Have you ever heard the term "dropsy?"

Carpet-bagger police chiefs in glass cruisers shouldn't throw stones (especially since a surreptitious night-stick to the kidneys is your department's preferred way of dealing with people who call your officers out). 

Keep criticizing  the courts and the people who work in them- people who built this community while you were busy politicking in Houston (BTW your baseball team cheats), and "defund the police" will seem like a pleasant afternoon. 

Welcome to Miami. 

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  1. Wait until Chief Acevedo finds out that when police officers do not show up in county criminal courts, the cases are being dismissed by judges, but when the defendants don't show up the case gets reset multiple times.