Monday, May 03, 2021

The Speed of Light

 Do you believe UFOs are alien life forms visiting earth?  (disregard for a moment the inhabitants of  201 SE 6th Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL). And if so, does that explain the actions of some people on South Beach on any given evening?  "We came 423 light years. What do you mean we cannot get a table at Prime 112 until 10:30 p.m?"   "I'm putting this in valet mode so do not even try to engage the anti-matter warp drive. And careful with scratches when you open the door." 

We would like to believe in UFOs being aliens but we have a few problems. First, how have they solved the distance problem. The nearest planet that could harbor intelligent life - Proxima b (think of the best mixture of Newark and Hialeah) - is 4.2 light years away. A light year is the distance light travels in a year. Light travels 186,000 miles per second, so do the math. It's like uh a long way away dude. And considering our laws of physics do not allow travel at the speed of light, its even farther away. So how are they surviving the trip? 

Second- why are they only revealing themselves to people who live in trailers in North Dakota or Kentucky? Why aren't aliens buzzing Dolphins stadium on opening day?  Why aren't they loading up on McFlurrys and Poke bowls, something we are sure they don't have at home?  

So it doesn't make sense to us. The UFOs aren't aliens, although we believe in alien life. (see the reference to South Beach and 201 SE 6th Street above). 

Rudy G is going Dersh.  The embattled former Mayor/US Attorney/Candidate for President/ Presidential Consigliere/Friend of Ukraine has retained the services of Mr. Markus's former law school prof Alan Dershowitz who immediately compared the subpoena served on Rudy last week to the actions of a 'banana republic" that punishes losers of campaigns. 

Uno momento por favor. The DOJ has been trying to service the subpoena since before the election and then after the election and was reportedly blocked by political appointees of the prior administration in Justice. 

DOM's blog has the Federal JNC conundrum. There are competing JNCs. What is an erstwhile federal judge candidate to do? Apply to both? Apply to none?  It's not a "DeLuna dilemma" (bonus points for anyone who can tell us what that is) but it is a Gordian knot that needs to be unraveled.  If you want to spend your days applying the sophisticated means enhancement (Prosecutor: "The defendant had a cellphone your honor" [muffled gasps of horror  in the courtroom].  Judge:  "I'll increase the guidelines by two in this rare instance where the defendant used a cellphone during the time frame he committed the crime. Gee, you don't see this every day")  then you need to apply some sophisticated diplomacy in figuring out how to get your application into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

It's May. The Feds are opening up July 6. Broweird is open-ish. Courts across the state are open (many too soon but that is a different story. It would be nice if our Judicial leaders would tell us what they are considering and when  they are considering it.  They do not need to move at the speed of light, but some movement would be nice. Just sayin...


  1. Just finished reading a book written by former Public Defender in the 70s early 80s by Jeffery Ward about his experiences and trials in the office under Phillip Hubbart. It is great reading especially if one was in the PD office at that time or even thereafter. It can be ordered on line by emailing The title is "BOW WOW NEEDS A "REAL' LAWYER !. I heartily recommend it.

  2. Where is Mirabel resignation letter? What is happening with Zilber’s cases?