Thursday, January 16, 2014


The Captain Reports:

Has the Broward BLOG reached a new low?

Today they "expose" the length of the penis of the Chief Judge of the 16th JC; (that's Key West for those not in the know).

Yes, it appears that the CJ has posted his pick and the size of his penis on a web site called MANHUNT.

So, you decide, newsworthy or more trash from JAABLOG:


Cap Out .....

Here's the post: Let's Get Sweaty.

Rumpole says: ummmmm.....let's not. 

FYI The site is "Manhunt." The screen name is "DavidKW" 
 Who knew?
What's next? Gerald Weatherington on Ashley Madison? 


Anonymous said...

I think Bill the Broward blogger has gone too far this time.

So what. He's an adult. He's gay.
Hell, he can get married in 18 states. He should be able to get laid too!

Low blow Mr. Gelin.

Rumpole said...

So if they went too far then we went too far, right? It's such a fine line. Judges are public figures subject perhaps unfortunately to the same scrutiny as politicians. As it so happens a similar episode is playing out in France where the President was discovered in a love nest witb a younger actress sending the unmarried first lady of France to the hospital for exhaustion. In France the public has much different reactions to politicians fooling around.

Anonymous said...

Capt. Is an establishment hack. What else is new.

Anonymous said...

Here, the high court had no expectation of privacy as it placed its cock in plain view.


Cysco Kid.

Anonymous said...

I've seen an openly gay miami judge on a gay site....who cares???????

If all he did was advertise his penis size, who cares? If he showed penis pics that might be another story.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Broward blogger went too far. I think recording your face and penis size on a dating site shows appalling judgment -- by a judge. I would say the same of a female judge who displayed her face and measurements to get a date in a forum available to her constituents. The issue isn't whether the judge is gay with a right to get laid. It's whether waving your wang under a picture of your face is an appropriate way for any elected official to get laid. Think of Anthony Weiner: it wasn't that he sent penis pix to someone not his wife; it was that he sent them to anyone, with the danger (pun) that the public would see them too.

Public figures should give up the right to behave like everyone else. Most attorneys, litigants, witnesses, court personnel and jurors really really don't want to think about a judge's genitalia. Judges wear robes for a reason.

I was a little surprised by the Captain's tone about Broward blogger. I thought this blog had opted for solidarity with BB during pendency of bar proceedings. Whattup.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a judge and a lawyer ? One election

Who needs opposition? Post your thoughts on here

South Florida Lawyers said...

Was this the result of a public records request?

Anonymous said...

I hate the Broward Blog. Seriously despicable post. I am disappointed that you commented on it here. Totally unnecessary and simply perpetuates the original stupidity.


Anonymous said...

In France they expect you to have an affair and if you don't you are not a real man.

David said...

This is wildly inappropriate. The personal postings of judges is none of my business str8 gay or questioning...the only thing i care about is their demeanor and intellectual honesty on the bench...the comments are equally embarrassing and not worthy of lawyers who have the privilege of practicing in South Florida

David said...

The post is wildly inappropriate- Judges personal lives and postings are none of my business - Str8 gay or questioning. The ONLY thing i care about is their judicial demeanor and intellectual honesty...

Equally offensive are the comments from the attorneys...just doesnt seem befitting for lawyers who have the privilege to practice law in South Florida

Anonymous said...

The only thing that saves the post is the fact that an elected official, a chief judge no less, is advertising his dick size in public. The judge posted it on the web, didn't he expect or want a lot of prospects to view it? He was marketing, for all we know the blog advanced his purpose.


Captain here:

10:37 am. I fully supported BB when TFB came knocking at his doorstep. BB was posting about judges with empty courtrooms and judges lying under oath about an investigation dealing with a homicide trial. All newsworthy and all important.

His last two posts concerned a Judge's son that got arrested for DUI. And then this post.

I had a real problem with the DUI post. Yes, it is all public records. But, are you in the business of going out of your way to simply embarrass people. It appears that Bill Gelin does not know where to draw the line, or better stated, he has NO line that he has drawn on what is fodder for publication.

The second post, on the Judge's penis size, again, I thought was probably over the line. What's the point. Who cares. So what. How is the judge performing his judicial duties and his CJ duties. By all accounts he is a well respected jurist in Monroe County .

So all this post does is sully someone's reputation, a very unkind and a very unwarranted post. He didn't need to post it. It contrasts greatly with his very relevant posts about lying judges and judges who don't work a full day in their courtroom, or their chambers, for that matter.

Having said that, I wanted to read the feedback from our readers on this issue. It gives me perspective on what I post.

I have posted on judges regularly. I have posted on candidates who change their names just before filing; who use different names on their Florida Bar account than their filing name; who use different names on their drivers licenses, and law firm names, then the name they have filed under.

I have posted on other matters involving our judges.

I believe the post by BB was unwarranted and I would not have posted anything like it.

Thanks for the feedback from our readers.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with a judge on a dating site, and he/she has every right to be. I do have a problem with posting deeply personal information like that on a public site such as that. Remember, it is their obligation to preserve the integrity of the bench and the public's image. Appearance of impropriety. They are allowed to live their lives, but when certain actions (such as penis length or chest size) are openly posted on a dating web site, the public's perception of the bench is affected.

Anonymous said...

France has the Vichy. And bad teeth. And females w hairy pits. And Paris.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm homophobic .

Why do some of these gay men make their sexuality so important that it consumes them? I'm horny all the time but that doesn't mean I'm roaming the streets looking to, and publicizing , the need to fuck everything . I have nothing against consenting adults doing whatever they want but I do think it's a bit degenerate to have to constantly publicize the necessity for his dick to get action

The publication of his cock size is inappropriate for a judge because it means he is too preoccupied with casual sex. You can't have a judge handling important matters where there is an appearance of his dick needing attention. Heterosexuals may be equally assumed while on the job but they're not advertiding such a compulsion.

A problem with some of these gay men is that they make their sexuality way too big of a definition of who they are. Do I introduce myself as "Hi, I'm Joe , Love to suck pussy, Jones. Damn glad to meet you!

Newsworthy and this is why homosexuality scares some of the purient interests out there.

Don't like my homophobia? Fuck you you overpolitically correct pussy

Anonymous said...


It's obvious who that is

part caveman, part Atticus Finch, part hippy

Yet all man, but not a gay man

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with anonymous @ 4:02pm.

But let's suppose for a second that there's nothing wrong with a judge advertising the size of his schlong on the Internet.

Shouldn't a judge be held to a higher standard of conduct?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

But I guess the voters of Key West will have the last say on this one.

Anonymous said...

Has the florida bar website been hacked?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The cheif judge is advertising his cock size and flashing it and this is not blog worthy?

Anonymous said...

I am just one of the non lawyer little people that read this blog. I agree with 1:16. I think that when you put your name out there and decide to be a judge you have the duty to conduct yourself properly. Is not important what your sexual choice is, no even your gender. What is important is to respect your position as an elected official of the court. If you want respect and consideration you need to respect yourself and your conduct in and out of the courtroom is very important. Please, we have so many problems on this Legal System, we have such a confuse society that do not know any more what is right or wrong. We need to concentrate on the basis, like our young people on drugs, like mothers killling their own children, like men killing the woman they promised to love. Lets use this powerfull tool of the Blogs on a positive way.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the problem is that too many heterosexual people make the sexuality of homosexuals a definition of who they are.
"Have you ever been before judge so-and-so?
You know, the gay one?
Oh yeah, now I know who you mean."
Conversations like that actually take place and it ends up defining people only by their sexuality and not by their merits as a person/judge.
It happens with actors, comedians etc as well. And it's usually the heterosexuals who use it because we find it easier to describe things that are different.

Anonymous said...

Cap........I generally agree with your posts and appreciate your commentary, but you can't wash your hands of responsibility for reposting the Broward comment because you wanted to see how others felt about its propriety.

You admitted that you wouldn't have posted it yourself and thought it inappropriate. When you posted it again here, you shared it with a new audience making you just as guilty as the original poster. Sorry, but what you did is just as unkind (to put it mildly) as Gelin.

I do not agree with the posters who think the judge's post is worthy of comment on a blog. I don't give a damn what any of these judges do in their free time as long as they aren't hurting anyone or breaking the law. The judge in question is an excellent jurist by all accounts and didn't deserve to be embarassed.

We all bitch and moan about the current sorry state of our judiciary. Nonsense like this helps prevent a lot of qualified people from running for office (of course, most don't run because, if they're any good, they can make far more money in private practice). Who the hell would want to run for public office when there's always some jerk out there who gets off digging up ways to embarass people. Really disgusting.


PS---And this isn't just about the judge. Gelin has humiliated others who aren't elected, primarily line prosecutors, for such irrelevant things as extra marital affairs, etc. It's ridiculous. The only purpose of this crap is to embarass someone. Karma is a bitch.......

Anonymous said...

What if a hetero judge's profile had been found on a swinger website looking for a threesome, or on adult friend finder looking for the same type of NSA, or is simply known to be a womanizer or philanderer (know any of those?)?. The answer would be the same as it should be with a gay judge: Who cares? It's interesting, and would be the topic of whispers in the courthouse for a week or so later, but would disappear in the ether after much time as it's really none of our business. This judge surely regrets not changing his name or blurring his face or taking other measures to obscure his identity. But why is this such an issue? Because insecure "straight" people are afraid of gays, and love being able to point the finger and shame them the same way they've been doing the last 50 years. Let's get real. This isn't news. And I hope the people of KW don't give a damn and support him in his next election as they appreciate the work he does from the bench Monday-Friday and could care less about his weekends.

Anonymous said...

@9:42 not cool...

Rumpole said...

I am sorry about the comment at 942 today I read it a different way. But I took it down when the other meaning wad brought to my attention.

Kissimmiee Kid said...

Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.



I did think exactly about that when I was considering whether to post in the comments section. And I did not ask Rumpole to turn it into a front page post. But I did post the comment and no doubt, by doing so, extended the life of the story.

I still maintain that the Gelin post was inappropriate. But, clearly the majority of the readers on this blog and the BB disagree.

On here it is running about 60/40 and on the BB about 75/25 that the post was not only fair but that the judge used incredibly poor judgment in doing what he did.

As I said earlier, you will not find me posting this type of story. I wrote Gelin a private email and told him he was wrong and I suggested he remove the post. He did not respond to my email. Obviously, he did not remove the post.

Thank you for your comments as I have great respect for your opinions.

Cap Out .....

Wannabe Captain said...

Captain is not doing his job, so I will.

As the judicial season begins, this is the way things stand today:

Only 1 contested race (so far):

$ amounts are totals of candidate loans and contributions

Rachel Glorioso Dooley $12,390.00
Jacqueline Schwartz $231,031.00

$ amounts shown are contributions/candidate loans

Group 16
Cobitz, Thomas Aquinas 2,725.00/10,000.00
Diaz de la Portilla, Renier 0.00/0.00
Millan, Stephen T. 1,500.00/0.00

Group 27
Gomez, Mary C. 5,690.00/0.00
Milian, Alberto 35,488.00/100,000.00
Perkins, Joseph David No Report

Group 58
Rodriguez-Fonts, Oscar 34,169.00/0.00
Ruiz, Mavel 6,687.00/0.00
Zilber, Martin 80,400.00/100,000.00

Fun Fact: Did you know judicial candidates use campaign funds to get their hair and makeup done? Jackie Schwartz spent over $150 of campaign funds getting dolled up for a fundraiser on 11/15. Funny story though, her fundraiser wasn't until Nov 21st. Ha ha ha. That Jackie. She's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

In light of Gelin using a derogatory word for gay men.. I. E. The F word... I think this post makes more sense. It appears he has a problem with gay men. For all his preaching equality it seems he is just a common thug. I hope he runs for office one day and this comes to light.