Saturday, December 22, 2012


XMAS EVE TRIVIA: Just for fun, no googling or Santa won't bring you a gift: the first  president who 1) was never in the military and 2) was never elected to any other office other than the Presidency.  

Good Saturday Morning. The second to last Saturday of 2012. 
Three shopping days until Christmas; nine days until we fall off the fiscal cliff and eleven days until your brand new circuit and county court judges are sworn in. 

BIG BRWARD NOT GUILTY.  We cannot overstate the amazing win in Broward County for Hillard Moldolf, who accomplished the amazing feat of having a client who was on death row acquitted of all charges on Friday. The trial of Seth Penalver, which was the third trial in this case, began in April, 2011. For nine months the defense and prosecution battled over one maddeningly elusive fact: was Penalver the person on the grainy surveillance video who was wearing a hat and sunglasses? The case involved the grisly triple murders that occurred at the home of the owners of  Casey's Nickelodeon, a Broward bar. Penalver, 39, has been in custody since 1994. He now begins the difficult job of putting his life back in order, which given the alternative, is not a bad thing. 

Favor Hamilton was a three time US  olympian track star, competing for the US in 1992, 1996, and 2000. At age 44, the happily married mother of a daughter was living in Wisconsin and working part time as a high priced escort in Las Vegas. 
Sometimes, when you miss that runner's high....

We are in the final two weeks of the year. There won't be any big trials started until January. Although we are ensconced in our winter retreat just outside of Truckee, California,  we'll update the blog from time to time, so keep checking in.  

2013 is going to be a year of big changes, and that includes this humble blog. Just wait and see. 

ps. For those of you who participated in the "In Remembrance" blog post last week, thank you. It was a very gratifying experience, and it is a blog post that has quickly become one of our favourites. 

See you in court, 1/3/2013, or thereabouts. 


Run Hughey Run said...

I can't help thinking about what if the great Hugh Rodham has won his run for senate in Florida? Then by now we would be talking about him as VP for his sister Hillary. and then? Governor Rodham? Ambassador Rodham? Secretary of State Rodham? President Rodham? It all would have been possible...

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the world hotter than a married-milf escort. Man if I had seen that ad....

Anonymous said...

How's the snow?

Anonymous said...

Shumie got run over by a reindeer
leaving work one day afternoon
some would say Shumie was just lazy
but I would say he just had a bad lunch.

Anonymous said...

shumie ‏@dee_shumay
Hello...I'm shumie ...1 of è "21 Dec End of è World" Survivors...if ère's ny1 else stil out êre.. @ all pliz let me knw, I wil find u ( ._.)

Anonymous said...

shueamie S.M ‏@shuuMieeSHumiee
done nasi goreng masakan SHUMIE SHUMIE :O

Anonymous said...

Rare treat at the comedy club at Hard Rock last night- at 11:45 without warning, "Ladies and Gentleman, Alex Michaels!!!"

Vat da fuck is wrong with deees airlines? I'm at dee gate and dis person say I can get ON the plane. Fuck that. I vant to get IN da plane. Let some other fucking nut get ON dee plane.

Den I do to dee doctor. He say I need to check your prostate and den he pull on big glove over meaty fist. Take an x-ray I say. Look at your hand....dis is bulsheeet!

Vat is dis fiscal cliff? I am afraid of heights. I didn't agree to jump off anything. Let dem jump. Dis is bulsheeeeet.

Vat is deeees stuff with sizes at starbucks. I want big I say big. Venti? Dis is bullsheeeeet.

PD Petey said...

I was playing poker and then wandered over and saw his set. I don't find it very funny but the people were screaming with laughter.

Anonymous said...

I was there. How about that super hottie he brought on stage to sing "Up on Cripple Creek" bizarre, but she was like a ten++

Fake Kenny said...

I'll be dining at Prime 112 tonight, well, because I can.

Anonymous said...

On tap for our last tailgate buffalo style-

Flash fried organic chicken wings with a truffle aioli sauce; blue cheese fritters with champagne sauce; kobe beef meat balls; Canadian cracked whole wheat gnocchi with Long Island organic tomato and vodka sauce.

Fried Buffalo brownie bites; Pecan pie; homemade mango sorbet.

DS said...

Are Bookstores a thing of the past? Took my kid to Barnes & Noble in Aventura today. They are closing Dec 31st after 19 years at Loehman's Plaza. Are books passe ?

Anonymous said...

Why are such prosecutors not discipline dby the Florida Bar?

A large portion of last week’s four-hour bond revocation hearing in Palm Beach county involving air conditioning mogul John Goodman revolved around the testimony of Sheriff’s deputy Bridgette Bott, who testified that she tried to tell ASA Sherry Collins that Goodman’s monitor was merely cracked at the time he showed it to her, and only broke open after she and other deputies pulled it apart. She said she tried to testify at the earlier October hearing, but Collins kicked her out of the courtroom and threatened to have her forcibly removed if she failed to leave.

LoyalAnonymousReader said...

DS - You are mixing apples and oranges. Bookstores are struggling b/c of online sellers and ebooks. This hardly means reading is passe. My kids are voracious readers. So are their friends.

Fake Kenny said...

I dined at Prime 112 tonight, well, because I could.

GB said...

I always get a kick out of Rumpole: old-ish; man about town; Jewish. And a bigsoft spot for Santa...

Shumie Time is coming to town said...

Shumie's making a list
he's sealing your fate
he's gonna find out whose working early or late

shumie time is coming to town
shumie time is coming to town
shumie time...is...coming...to town...

he sees you when you leave early
he knows when you work past eight
he knows if you've been over billing
so you'd better be honest for honest sake

you'd better be honest for honest sake

and you'd better watch out
you'd better leave early
you'd better not work late i'm telling you why...

shumie time is coming to town
shumie time is coming to town

shumie time ...is ...coming to ....Miami

Anonymous said...

Interesting that a republican / Mormon senator from Idaho who " doesn't drink" gets a DUI. Classic hypocrite. Nice job Senator Crapo. And yes, that's his real name. Thanks for keeping it real

"Unabridged American Minority" said...


Does a cabinet position qualify as public office? If not I think the answer is John Q.Adams.

P.S. I am not googling, but looking in a very thick antique Websters dictionary my father gave me as a boy, the last president it list is Nixon, "the crook". It's a very extensive dictionary. This man surpassed his father in academics and was appointed secretary to the United States minister to Russia at age fourteen.

The summary in my book states,"He was more interested in being right and in the general good than he was in gaining popularity and in extending political patronage."

If he's not please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

For the holidays, I just have to comment on the great judges that we have in this building. Our firm practices throughout the state and does a good deal of Federal work. But certain judges in Dade County deserve to be mentioned for their work ethic, common sense, and, yes, I'll say it, BALLS!
Judge Murphy- If they all could just "get it" the way Murphy does. He's the best and no one is close.
Judge Ward- She's a hard-ass, but follows the law and her gut. Great judge.
Judge Arzola- A solid guy who is aloways pleasant and does the right thing.
Judge Glick- What a pleasant surprise behind the bench. She has always been smart and had common sense, but now she has the balls to go with it. She has really grown into a hell of a judge.
Judge Thomas- he belongs in Federal
Judge Venzer- She's awesome. She just gets it, the way Murphy does.
Judge Smith- has impressed in our few encounters with him thus far.
Judge Soto- gets it
Judge Bloom- gets it
Judge Rebull- shaping up nicely
Milty Hirsch- polite, smart, and exactly what a judge should be.
Judge Prescott- wasting away in Juvy. What a great judge.
Tinkler- lover her
Sigler and Brennan- Coal in stockings
Fernandez, Gordo, Collodney, Sanchez-Llorenz- all have great potential, but need to get more involved and be less afraid to make mistakes. If they have the balls to follow their guts, they will be awesome judges.
They ain't perfect, but we are pretty lucky to practice in front of this group of judges.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

NO. Please. Lincoln served a few terms in the Illinois State Legislature and one term in congress.

My guess would have been Woodrow Wilson.

According to an interview I heard on Sirius Potus today, it was Herbert Hoover.

CAPTAIN said...


Wilson was an elected Governor.

Rump, according to wiki, there were actually two Presidents with no military and no elected office experience:

Hoover and Taft

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

1:28 pm your list is off really bad. Please. How could you leave out Judge Rosa Rodriguez ? Soto please she is full of herself sometimes she can be pretentiously humorous and rudely abrasive. How did she become an administrative judge ? Must be partly due to forced diversity appearance on the part of the CJ.

"Unabridged American Minority" said...

Decided to attend a Christmas eve communion and candle light service at Fulford Methodist United Church It was a very nice service after communion and lighting of the candles we exited pew by pew and sang holy night out side in front of the church. Nice Pastor nice people.

Funny though how people are real one guy lighted up a cigarette right outside the church and another told the associate minister I'm glad you didn't talk long. lol you gotta love people.

Anonymous said...

Are you an ASA or an idiot. Glick, Gordo & Sanchez-Llorens good Judges?