Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NEVER SURRENDER (Unless you're a Judge in Miami)

Good Wednesday after Christmas. 
How was your Noche Buena? For us it's all about the chicharones.
Five days until we tumble over the fiscal cliff. POTUS is flying back from Hawaii in case there is a deal. Maybe he should bring John Boehner a pineapple?
Who has court tomorrow?

Jack Klugman, a great actor, quietly passed away on christmas eve at the age of 90. Besides the roles he was most famous for-Oscar Madison and Quincy ME., you can see a very young Klugman in the all time great legal movie "12 Angry Men".  If 12 Angry Men was re-made today, they'd have to give it a different title. Putting aside for the moment women now serve on juries, the title would have to be something like: "12 angry jurors plus a seriously pissed off judge that your client didn't accept  a plea offer plus a prosecutor bent on revenge for your client exercising his right to a jury trial..."  It's a working title for now. 

Governor Scott closed most state offices for Christmas eve, but the SAO and the PDs were open, slugging it out before the courts in the REGJB. 

The Supreme Court (Motto:  *   ) will be examining a few significant 4th Amendment cases in the new year, including:

Missouri v. McNeely on the issue of warrantless blood draws in DUI arrests; and
Maryland v King on the issue of whether the state may draw blood for DNA analysis on people who are arrested and charged with felonies. 
No need to read the briefs or the opinion. We'll do it for you. 

It's popular this time of the year to create lists of what occurred in 2012 or hand out awards in semi-fictitious categories. 

We've thought long and hard about this, and something is bothering us. In the entire  history of the REGJB we never recall a judge quitting after losing an election. Until this year. So without further ado (or actually, with a little more ado) we sadly award this year's "Winston Churchill 'Never Never Never Never Never Surrender' award" to former Judge Ana Pando, who after being soundly beaten at the polls earlier this year, quit. She resigned from the bench rather than working until the end of her term.  

FYI- two presidents- Truman and Ford died on the day after Christmas. 

See you in court. 

* This space intentionally left blank.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Pando did the public a service by resigning. Too bad it took so long and we'll be paying for her retirement.


PS---she didn't work much during the beginning of her term either ;-0

CAPTAIN said...


You're very quiet Horace about the HEAT game yesterday.

When they lose a big game, you are the first to give a Ho Ho Ho

Well, on Xmas day, they picked up where they left off in June when they quieted the Thunder and won the NBA Championship.

Yesterday, it was more of the same as Lebron scored 29 and nearly had a triple double, Wade added 21 and Mario was Super with 20.

Ray Allen was a non-factor except for the clutch free throws down the stretch.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Pando "quit" a long time ago.. Now, she will no longer be at court..

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. And that's 5 in a row against OKC.

Rumpole said...

I could care less about a bunch of heartless losers. I don't really follow the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Sat down by the fireplace last night with a nice glass of "3 Penis Wine." Laughed at the quality of the judiciary. Don't think I'm going into the office until April since I just cashed a 87k refferal check for a med-mal case I referred. Life is good, life is grand.

heat fan said...

Rumpole just can't bare to admit that, while ensconced in his Truckee retreat, digging out of three feet of snow, on Xmas day, that he was forced to watch "the loser" Heat win another big game.

Rumpole said...

I think I deleted a comment on a judge schwartz opinion by mistake

Anonymous said...

Mistake scmistake. You just revealed the fact that you are in fact Judge Miltie Hirsch and that is why you deleted the comment about Judge Schwartz's holiday bench slap.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Milt!

Anonymous said...

Pando resigned so the JQC would stop their witch hunt against her. United Auto, along with its lawyers and friends at the JQC did everything in their power to destroy Judge Pando - one of the few remaining plaintiff's oriented judges in town. Instead, the JQC ran her out of town, until she resigned - get your facts straight!

Rumpole said...

You're an idiot. If I was Judge Hersch would I have posted the comment that I erased it by mistake? Moron.

For the other comment I didn't post- people have more than enough problems being accused of me. Being married to me would be worse. I do not post comments that make fun of people's private lives.

DS said...

1036 - A witch Hunt against Pando ? She wrote letters to help the business for plaintiffs who regularly appeared in fron t of her.

Anonymous said...

DS: your facts on the Pando JCQ issue are all wrong. Check them before you make an ass out of yourself.