Tuesday, December 04, 2012


A cold December wind blows down NW 13th street, chilling the back of the REGJB and scattering the detritus and effluent seeping from the Jail, the PDs office and the State Attorneys Office, to the four corners of Miami. 

To defend everything is to defend nothing.
Frederick the great.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls Manuel Pardo, for it tolls for thee. The Florida Supreme Court has per curiam denied his motion for post conviction relief. The execution is set for December 11, 2012. Happy Holidays.  

Greenberg Trauig (motto: "We're richer, better, smarter, and just more than you" ) just got hit with a gender discrimination lawsuit to the tune of 200 million dollars. Happy Holidays. 
Francine Griesing, a former partner,  alleges that  GT prioritizes, pays and promotes women who have intimate relationships with firm leaders or who 
acquiesce to sexualized stereotypes.

Who said Biglaw was boring? Sounds like quite a party 
in the GT boardrooms. 

Speaking of boring, the Public Defenders will be having their annual soiree this Friday. 

If the party is anything like past years, then a string quartet will quietly be strumming Mantovani while small groups of lawyers banter about the latest appellate decisions on the 4th amendment before Carlos leads everyone in a moving rendition of "Twas the  night before Christmas." 

"Twas  the night before Christmas, and all through the Justice Building..." 

Happy Holidays


Fake Joel Brown said...

I'm gonna party with the PDS like its 1999...

Anonymous said...


the PD holiday party is always a great time. You don't like Carlos, fine. But the party is about the staff and pit lawyers who work their tails off. How about for once, just once, you try not to say something negative about the PDs office. Quite frankly, it brings you down to the level of angry gurl and A.M.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the PD Chris...er Holiday Party was the bomb! Even people that are invited don't go now...BORING!

Anonymous said...

Why do so many PDs boycott the Christmas Party?

Rumpole said...

Have I given Carlos a hard time on the blog? Yes. But I've not just picked on him, not by a long shot.

In all sincerity, I wasn't trying to be mean to Carlos or the PDs office. I was announcing the party and having a little fun with the reputation the part has, albeit many moons ago, of being a bit wild.

Let me be clear- the lawyers of the Dade County PDs office are some of the best trained criminal defense attorneys in the nation. And Carlos should be rightly proud of his group of lawyers. I see them in court every day, fighting the good fight, going the extra mile.

To the extent you thought I was being negative about the party- I apologize. I recognize the staff looks forward to it, and I hope you all have a well deserved good time.

Anonymous said...

It maybe because while the invite is free to non employees, PD staff and attorneys have to pay to attend....just saying.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rump you are kind of abrasive in this post I didn't know you had it in ya. You ended a notification of a death warrant with "Happy Holidays" and called the PD boring all in one post. You must have been drinking a little Green Label when you wrote this. Good for you Rump.

Anonymous said...

It's so obvious that 9:53 pm is Rumpole leaving another comment on his own blog....just saying.

Rumpole said...

I don't leave anonymous comments. Why would I?

Fake Gary Nunes said...

PD Party. 1982 or 1983. Coral Gables Women's Club. Found former PD Ric Margolius passed out in the bushes. Good Times.

Anonymous said...

To influence, that's why. The PD party is no longer cool. It's been that way since the mid 1990's.

Anonymous said...

The PD Party sucks.
Morale, Esprit de Corps concerning Carlos and his Management team is measured at negative one thousand. None of the front line APDs want to hang with Carlos and his Management team at a party, especially one they have to pay for.

Anonymous said...

Hey, AM: in the immortal words of Sgt Hulka, LIGHTEN UP, FRANCIS.

Fake Josh Gradinger said...

Back in the day, I crashed the PD's party with 2 girls from the Doll House and a bottle of manischewitz.

Hubba Hubba was that a good time.

Maybe I will do the same this year.

2012Suicide League Champ

Angry Girl said...

Listen you nimrods- when you're in court arguing a motion and you say "just for the record" what you're really saying is "Judge, I know I've lost, but I really need to say this, so stop listening while I babble on for a few minutes."

Give me a break. Stop f'ing saying "Just for the record" and make your f'ing point.

And If I have to deal with another, insecure, working mommy with eleven hyphens in her last name, I think I will just vomit right then and there. If you get married, take your husband's name or don't take it. Nobody cares. But I resent to have to address you by a name that has your family's entire f'ing lineage from the time they arrived on the Mayflower. Enough already Ms Cindi John-Paul-Jones-Hayes-Washington-Lincoln-Martinez-Goldstein. Really.

mikal said...

Went to the pre trial detention center today for the first time. The outside smelled like a dirty old bathroom.

My client wasn't there because she was in the hospital so I headed over to Ward D at JMH. Nothing like seeing a pregnant client shackled to the bed with just enough chain to reach the bathroom, and guarded over by two guards.

Two other things: when one of the guys I asked for directions found out that I was an attorney, he immediately asked if I needed a bondsman; and the parking situation is awful in that area.

Anyway, the jail staff could not have been nicer.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, Perhaps many of the "invitations" will be that particular PD's opposing counsel/ASA. Maybe that way they can finish conferring about the "mitigation" of their clients and Carlos can sing "Twas the night of Christmas" hand in hand with KFR.

Oye, perhaps they will have a hologram of Mantovani and his Orchestra.

Anonymous said...

Its Official, from Carlito himself. All employees who pay by the day before the PD Party are entered into a raffle for TWO , YES 2 AMC Movie Tickets.

Anonymous said...

7:13, I think it's a better deal to pay the $25 entry fee in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's python catching contest. Instead of two AMC movie tickets, you could win $1,500 for the most snakes caught or $1,000 for catching the longest python.

DS said...
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DS said...
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DS said...

Enjoy the Party But Dont Drink & Drive . Take a Cab, its way Cheaper then a DUI. Also, it is easier on parkling

Anonymous said...

D.S. why are you giving advice on "parkling" and not watching "Duck Dynasty" with the rest of us on A&E. I don't care how educated you may be Duck Dynasty is addicting to watch.

CAPTAIN said...


So, you want to be on the 3rd DCA JNC .....

Today, Governor Scott made a new appointment to the 3rd DCA JNC.

Timothy J. Koenig, of Key West, is the managing partner of Koenig, Highsmith, & VanLoon, and focuses his practice on commercial litigation, transactional real estate, and real estate regulation. He received his bachelor’s and law degrees from Florida State University. Koenig succeeds Lauri Ross, and is appointed from the list of nominees submitted by the Florida Bar for a term beginning December 5, 2012, and ending July 1, 2016.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...


You have serious f-ing problems. And they have nothing to do with whether or not someone's last name is hyphenated. You need to get laid, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be getting laid often, and by someone who knows how.

No one that gets laid on a daily basis is posting comments on a blog. I'm assuming that if you have the time to type out your "issues" and post them on a blog - any blog - you're definitely not getting laid.

You can thank me later for taking 5 minutes out of my active sex life to point out that you're lacking one and you should probably get one if you don't have one. Hyphenated last names will not f-ing matter when you're f-ing on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...


Let's not be timid or politically correct let's be candid here you said what you meant at first and I shall expound. There are PD's who are superb "Lawyers" and then there are many PD's who I would not trust to represent my Terrier. Most have cultural diversity issues and are very indifferent and condescending towards their indigent clients.Let's be real here, fuck appeasing anyone.

Anonymous said...

This blog is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl is jealous she's not hyphenated. Eeeenteresting.

Anonymous said...

AM...shut the fuck up. I am a minority PD and despite what you call "cultural diversity" issues, the majority of PDs, Black, White, Jew, Gentile, Gay, Straight and everything in between have no issues at all representing the mainly black and brown indigent clients. At least half of the lawyers come from top 50 law schools in big cities that know more about cultural sensitivity than Florida will ever know. The other half are from South Florida and know the client population well. Sometimes, in fact often, people in custody or accused of crimes who are indigent are just fucking ignorant and no matter how many times you explain to it them, no matter how nice you are, they will not understand or choose not to understand. If you are not firm with them they will walk all over you.

It is always convenient to blame the cops, the judge, the prosecutor or the "white man" than take personal responsibility for your actions and illegal conduct. You A.M. are an idiot who I would not have defend me on a traffic ticket.

Anonymous said...

Saying "just for the record" actually shows some respect to the judge.
If you don't say that, the judge, who already has mind up his-her mind, will get upset that you're continuning to argue something they don't want to hear.
It also means they don't need to respond.
This way, the judge realizes you know you've lost, but want to keep options open for appeal purposes.
I tend to think that's alot better than making your 'f-ing point' when a judge doesn't want to hear anymore.

Anonymous said...


You substantiated my summary with your statement "it is always convenient to blame the cops, the judge, the prosecutor or the "white man" than take personal responsibility for your actions and illegal conduct."

What troubles me is that you call your self a public defender. What happen to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?

Whoever you are I sure your clients are disadvantaged further by your guilty as charged ideology and "most clients are ignorant theory". Most clients may not be able to articulate the relevant law but know in most cases preliminary measures by law enforcement such as 4th amendment rights, have been violated to get to the subsequent arrest. Almost always prosecutors further exploit that circumstance and most judges turn a blind eye because they're indifferent to Blacks.

8:31 again I don't know who you are but you are on the wrong side of the spectrum from what you just iterated you switch careers becoming an ASA would be more much more suitable for you.


Anonymous said...

AM 8:31 here, I am loathed to continue this argument with you here, but my line of ""white man" than take personal responsibility for your actions and illegal conduct" was directed at your line of thinking as an self proclaimed oracle of minority issues and Defendant's rights. Our clients are presumed innocent in a court of law and before a jury. However, as their counsel, we have an obligation to tell them what we believe the evidence will show and to tell them if we believe they are likely to be convicted at trial. And as a PD, I can tell you that although the cops do violated our client's rights often, it is more often that our clients leaves a trail of evidence that allows the stupidest detective right to them. This does not mean we don't protect our client's due process rights and it doesn't mean that we don't fight them for them at trial. But telling them the truth about what is likely to happen at trial is providing competent counsel. The problem with you and your thinking is that you believe that somehow as an A.M. you know more than others when dealing with minority clients or their legal issues. But in reality, your belief system clouds your judgment on what is likely in their best interest. You consistently show on this blog just how off base your reasoning is, how inherently racist you are and what little you know about the justice system.

A real american minority who happens to be a proud PD.

Anonymous said...

After reluctant preponderance of merit to your bromidic statement and counter productive paradigm as it relates to advocacy. Initially you stated that the majority of PD's have no problem representing black and brown clients." This statement is naive what circuit are you practicing in?

Now you change your statement to now include a presumption of innocence. I do not proclaim to be an oracle of any sort, I just have personal knowledge and experiences of the troubling flaws of the judicial system.

I address the issues unpretentiously, you should try that sometime and come into the realm of reality. Law is morality and interpretation combined and the people who administer the law, and draft "appropriate legislation" have ill will or indifference to indigent and or minority citizens.

I agree with you advising a client that's part of your job advocacy, litigation and not just mitigation is apart of you duty as well. The system is overcrowded partly due to questionable legislation and excessive min/mans, and the plea rate is 85% last time I checked.

You might want to put the kool-aid down or like I said be an ASA with the paradigm you foundationally presented.

~AM~ Perpetual Advocate

Anonymous said...

A.M. has a computer and knows how to turn it on? It's a shame he/she can't turn on the English language...

"Ebonics"? No, even "Ebonics" sufferers could talky better.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, I could turn on your mother or your girl you sound like a weenie.