Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Life is all about timing.

Turn into one door on the spur of the moment to get a cup of coffee and bump into your future spouse. Decide at the last minute to forgo spending eleven bucks for a triple pumpkin spice latte, and save yourself a million bucks in alimony later on.

Stephen King writes in the afterword of his great new book 11/23/63 (no spoiler alert- this has nothing to do with the plot of the book) that if a stripper named Karen Carlin hadn't fallen behind on her rent and asked Jack Ruby for a $25.00 loan, Ruby, who had previously tried to get close enough to Oswald at the Dallas police station the day of the assassination would not have gone to the police station the next day because he assumed he had missed his chance and Oswald had been transferred to the Dallas County Jail. But the Western Union Ruby went to to wire the money was just a few blocks from the Police Station and Ruby, who often entertained Dallas cops at his club and was well known to them, wandered down to the police station intending to speak to some friends. But Oswald was just about to be transferred. And thanks to a stripper needing a quick loan, history changed again that day forever. Timing.

The Fins fired coach Tony Sporano today and timing was everything.

Sporano and the rest of the NFL awoke this morning to the firing today of Chiefs Coach Todd Haley. WIth the Chiefs suddenly the only team in the market for a coach, the Dolphins, knowing they were going to fire Sporano at the end of the season were now forced to act.

Sporano was allowed to hold his regularly scheduled 11:00 AM news conference. Timing. Then the media headed cross town to the Heat's 3pm conference. Timing. The Dolphins are on the road for the next two weeks, giving the interim coach a chance to get his feet wet without enduring a home town stadium of boos. Timing. With most of the media safely across town, the Dolphins called a news conference attended by some Haitian security guards and one lost insurance agent from Oswego named Hal and fired Sporano.


See You In Court, and if you see us, its all about timing.



Anonymous said...

Uh, his name is Sparano.

Anonymous said...

The use of "Haitian" sounds wrong -

I know better than to think you are racist, but I think it was a bit sloppy.

I know you would want to know and will fix it if you agree, or give us your thoughts if not.

CAPTAIN said...

The Chiefs and the Jags are both looking for a new head coach.

Cap Out ....

D.S. said...

To the Mutineers:

MARTIN Petitions for
Bar Reinstatement
Gabriel I. Martin has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for Bar reinstatement.
Martin was suspended for three years beginning October 2006..
See the Dec. 15th Fla Bar news
page 2 for more...

ladylitigator said...

Pretty crappy that they let Sparano hold his weekly press conference where he talked about this week's game, then fired him. No class. Why not get rid of Ireland too? Time to clean house.

Anonymous said...

Rump, any comment on how the Sao screwed up the prosecution of disbarred attorney Sally Sawh who stole $2mm from her trust account?

Anonymous said...

Do you have nothing else better to do than to gossip about your former colleague? Had he been elected the PD I could only hope he would have fired you.

Anonymous said...


Are you a hockey fan? How about them Panthers?

Emily Litella said...

Tony Soprano is a friend of mine. I cannot believe that he has been fired.

I am an Italian-American and so is he and as Italian-American's we need to stick together. Tony Soprano, or any other Italian American, should not have been fired.

I loved Tony Soprano in the TV show, The Sopranos. I watched him on the show every Sunday for six years. Who would want to fire Tony Soprano. I have never heard of these guys, Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland. Who do they think they are. Why do they get to decide if I see Tony Soprano on TV every Sunday.

In fact how can Ross or Ireland fire Tony Soprano when Tony Soprano is the boss Only Tony's uncle, Corrado "Junior" Soprano, could actually have the right to fire Tony.

I hope that they are not going to fire Meadow too.

In conclusion, I think it was wrong to fire Tony Soprano and I hope they bring him back.


Emily Litella

D.S. said...

Read this, and remember some guys ARE Innocent...

William Giraldo, Wrongly Accused Of Rape By NYPD, Wants Apology

"They destroyed my life," Giraldo said to The Daily News, "and they didn't even say sorry."


facdl-miami said...

Please remember to bring a new, unwrapped toy on Wednesday or Thursday to the courthouse area. Or, bring it to the holiday party.

With the holiday season now in full swing FACDL is again joining hands with the Dade County Bar Association Homeless Outreach Committee to ensure that some of Miami's less fortunate children do not go without toys this year. Just as we did last year we will be setting up collection boxes on Wednesday in the REG Building to collect new, unwrapped toys that will be delivered to the families at the Champman Homeless Center in Miami. Through the efforts of Rick Freedman, and the assistance of Judge Yvonne Colodny, Carlos Martinez, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, and the staff at Au Bon Pain, we arranged to have collections stations set up at Au Bon Pain restaurant on the first floor of the Justice Building, Judge Colodny's chambers in room 209, as well as both the State Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office.

Additionally, this year's FACDL Holiday party will be held on December 15th at the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office. This year we are fortunate enough to have Administrative Judge Bertila Soto for what promises to be a very informative question and answer session. Just as last year, instead of charging an admission fee for this year's Holiday Party we are asking that attendees bring an unwrapped toy to be donated.

On December 21 at 6:00 pm there will be a holiday party at the Chapman Homeless Center where all the toys that have been collected will be handed out to the children. The Dade County Bar Association welcomes, and urges, all the FACDL membership to attend. We are hoping that all of our members will make a point to attend this great event and contribute to this worthy cause. We had a wonderful turnout last year and with everyone's help we can top it this year. Happy holidays to all.

Jude M. Faccidomo, Esquire
Vice President, FACDL-Miami

CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:

One Year Ago .....

Very quietly this weekend I was thinking of Roberto Pineiro. Believe it or not, it was just one year ago (December 9, 2011) that Judge Pineiro died of a stroke at the age of 56.

We miss Rob Pineiro and we pray that he is in peace. We hope that all of our new Judges that have been appointed to the bench in the past year will read and learn about Judge Pineiro. He would be someone that you would want to emulate during your time wearing the robe.

God bless Judge Roberto "Rob" Pineiro.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

You were just as excited about Gabe running as the rest of us - though i doubt you have the balls to admit it. in retro it was a great time in public defender history. Rory and his cronies were shitting in their panties. bennett was getting drunk and falling asleep behind the wheel of his X-5.
Gabe gave it a good run- it's a shame he fucked his professional career up ...

Anonymous said...

DS-You can call us mutineers to make yourself feel better but the reality is we were rebels with a cause. Say what you will, but our actions changed your office profoundly. Gone are the days when the big dogs got paid 100k and did not work or go to trial. Its not a surprise that now Al Williams, Pete Ferrero, Bobby Aaron and the likes are actually in court every day as they should be. We changed the expectations for lawyers at the PD's office. The issue was bigger than Gabe Martin, the issue was too much dead weight sapping the resources and sapping the budget.

D.S. said...

IT was WRONG to run against Bennett while YOU worked for him. He gave you a job, trained you and gave you a chance to learn your and you betrayed him. Gabe and the Gabites should have quit then run. It was bad taste and insulting. The Gabites helped ruin the esprite de corps..
I didnt support Gabe.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

Defense attorneys fight in order to insure the rights of their clients are upheld. That being said, why criticize Gabe for exercising his right to file to run for any spot he wanted, and that includes PD, and it doesn't matter where he was employed in order to do that? What loyalty is owed to Bennett when he was only concerned with benefiting his buddies at the top of the PD food chain.You're just pissed off that you have to work a full day, or should I say "work" a "full" day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Flora, you jerk, if you're going to bash the SAO don't do it anonymously. Your histrionics throughout the trial probably didn't help.

D.S. said...

Gabe had the right to run. But it was bad taste and ethicily wrong to run against the guy who gave him a job TWICE while he WAS STILL working for him. At least have the good taste to quit than oppose the guy.

Anonymous said...

You are so full of shit. You may have had a change of heart but you were very unhappy aboout how YOU were being treated and were totally excited when YOU learned Gabe would make a run. From now on you are BS not DS

Anonymous said...

You are a standup guy.
Enough that you sign your name(I used to do it and was routinely "SHAT UPON",I got tired of that) and stand by what you say, but you got the balls to say it as it is or was.
Loyalty has to count for something.
You want the Boss's job.? Resign and go for it.
Don't resign, well O.K. but don't expect people to not to dump on you.
Man up, and/or person up and don't
disrespect the person who hired you and who you work for.
Good for you DS

D.S. said...

Wrong, AGAIN!
I never supported Gabe nor the Rebelion. I wasnt unhappy, except w/ my payday. I saw nothing wrong w/ Attys w 25 or 30 years experience making more than I. Country and Joel would regulary come into my office and conjole, threaten and try ti intimidate me to join ( you want to be on our list when we win- you better get on early while its good). Check who I endorsed and gave $$$ to, it wasnt Gabe.

Anonymous said...

didn't gabe quit then run? the answer is yes.

so it's not loyal to root for someone other then your boss in a PUBLIC office?

Anonymous said...

12/14 at 5:23 is right.

Oh please Flora,

Stay out on NW 125th Street at your pity job from the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Dep't and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...


You are an idiot. I never did such a thing.


D.S. said...

Selective forgetting. Selective Memory?
You n Country came to my office many a time telling me I better get on the bandwagon early. Making a list n checking it twice