Saturday, August 22, 2009

IT'S A FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!!! (Saturday night)

DOLPHINS UPDATE: Rookie sensation CB Sean Smith and CB starter Jason Allen are out of tonight's game with the FLU. Various media outlets are reporting it is the Swine Flu, but other reports indicate that no tests have been done and doctors are generally calling any flu this time of year as "suspected swine flu."

UPDATE- I took down an item about a person in Miami being indicted because there is a dispute about just who it is.

We just couldn't wait anymore, especially since fans started talking smack on the blog yesterday.

With the home town Fins coming off a surprising playoff appearance last year, we break down the AFC East:

Bills: Just signed their #1 pick, DE pass rushing specialist Aaron Maybin to shore up their anemic pass rush. But perhaps too little too late as Maybin missed most of training camp and will not have an immediate impact. And too much TO could have the same impact once the season starts. Most importantly, Bills RB Marshaw Lynch is out with a 4 game suspension. Bills have another tough season and will be lucky to be 8-8.

J..E...T....S.: First year head coach, rookie QB. Nuff said. We like Rex Ryan, and the Jets will have a tough D. But we don't see a running game able to take the pressure off the QB. Also weak at the WR position.

NE Cheaters: Brady is back. (Yawn.) He will have a good season. (Yawn.) The Pats will win the AFC East. (Yawn). They ain't doing much this year. F/A Signings were Fred Taylor (old) Joey Galloway (older) Shawn Springs (old). The Cheats will go 10-5 or 11-6 and out in the first and second round of the playoffs. (yawn).

DOLPHINS. This team is on the way up, make no mistake about it. However the Dolphins may not have a better record than last year. The Cheaters won't be surprised by the Wildcat, although we can look for the next evolution of the Wildcat- throwing- which is why the Fins drafted QB Pat White and blew it by not signing Vick. Vick would have made this team a legitimate SB contender. Now with a more difficult schedule the Fins will have to compete for a wildcard slot. And with teams like the Ravens and Titans on the rise, and other AFC powerhouses like the Chargers and the Steelers, it is no safe bet the Fins will make the playoffs. They need to get off to a good start by beating the Colts at first home game, as the Colts will be a strong contender for a wild card spot this year.

It all comes down to running and defense. Query: Which team has the most yardage running since 1970? The Steelers, with the Cowboys in second place about 5,000 yards behind. Which team has won the most superbowls since 1970? Yup, the Steelers, and the Cowpokes won 3 in the 1990's. The point is that you run to the superbowl. Can Ricky and Ronnie carry the load? Yes. The Dolphins have arguably the strongest running game in their division.

Defense also wins Championships. Recall the SB winner last year and remember what they did on defense. The Fins defense is shaky. We will have a Rookie CB starting on one side, most likely Sean Smith, who was a steal in the second round. First round CB pick Vontae Davis is heading to be a bust- his athleticism does not make up for his lack of football knowledge and desire to play the game. Remember that his brother, a first round TE for the 49'ers is also turning out to be a bust for the same reason.

The Fins are aging on the D-line/linebacker spots. Joey Porter peaked last year and Jason Taylor peaked a few years ago when he was the defensive player of the year. Matt Roth has a mystery injury, most likely a sports hernia that will require surgery, and DT Jason Ferguson is entering his 13th year. DE Phillip Merling was a steal last year, and this is the year for Channing Crowder and Will Allen to step it up to the next level and play pro-bowl caliber defense.

The Dolphins are still a growing team. The future is Chad Henne not Chad Pennington. However the fins are weak at WR. Ginn is a developing solid starter but Devon Bess and Greg Camarillo will not make any of us soon forget Duper and Clayton at wide receiver. That's why the running game is so important.

9-7 will be good, 10-6 might be a reach.

Rumpole's AFC East predicted final standings.



fake Jay white said...


fake country dave said...'s summer. It's not football season dude. You're confusing me.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, looks like 8:41 is correct - check it out:

Anonymous said...

Last night the Wildcat did reveal some passing in the form of a flea flicker lateral to Pennington who then threw down field. Nice wrinkle. Vick would have been better in that situation cause he runs better. It would have been interesting if Vick came here considering the past owners generous support of the Broward Humane Society. But, the past is the past and it is a new ownership group. Pat White looks small and slight. I'm not certain of the size comparison between Vick and White. Vick strikes me as bigger. Vick's skills are well suited to the Wildcat.

Anonymous said...

This should be interesting to see which Armando Rump was writing about. It is not good to write something about someone, such as being indicted, money laundering, and stealing millions of dollars, and be wrong about it. The Miami Armando has been involved in many judicial campaigns over the years.

Rumpole said...

I took the item down. This will work itself out. Is it a common name? Sure. Are many people with the same name in that somewhat unique business? Nope. But coincidences do occur. We shall see.

CAPTAIN said...

Also, the Armando Gutierrez in New Mexico that was indicted was born November 28, 1947.

Sloppy reporting done by the Alberquerque Journal!

not happy said...

Rump, I was out jogging this AM (not your famous Key Biscayne Bridge run, but still) and I stopped to drink some water and realized:

1) I'm going to die, as much as I am trying not to. As a human, I have to deal with it.

2) Based on last night, the Dolphins will have a weak special teams and a weak wide receiving corps, and as a Fins fan I am going to have to deal with it.

And finally-

3) Milt Hirsch, for Judge? As a lawyer I am going to have to deal with it.

I am not happy about any of this.

CAPTAIN said...

not the most relaxing jog I guess

Anonymous said...

I could easily picture Milt Hirsch as a Reemberto Diaz type judge, which I consider to be a good thing. He was an ASA and criminal defense attorney. He has tried cases in federal court and state court in this jurisdiction and others. He has run his own practice and would be understinding of the demands upon sole practitioners. He knows the law, he knows the rules of criminal procedure and he knows the system. What else do you want?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, the fair thing would be to make it very clear that the Miami Armando Gutierrez is not the same as the one indicted in New Mexico and take down all the comments before the crawler puts them in the search engines and you tarnish his reputation needlessly. In the future, please do your research and be more careful with people's reputations. Otherwise, your credibility and reputation will be shot down.

Anonymous said...

oh well you can't beleive anything you read anymore even in a New Mexico paper I apologize for the misinformation picked up from a website

Anonymous said...

Unlike Reemberto, Milt has an ego so large that he can't wear a hat.