Friday, April 17, 2009


We owe our favourite federal Blogger David Markus a hundred bucks after we booked his bet on the Castrnoves  jury trial. He predicted a full acquittal, and ever hungry for action, and fully convinced Mr. Markus can win trials more often than he can predict them, we took the bet.  As you know by now, there were full acquittals across the board in federal court on Friday (yeah, but were the prosecutors referred to the Bar as well?) and this is a bet we are happy to pay off. 

Miami Dade Police officer Jesus Rodolfo Hernandez was arrested in a drug sting after he was seen taking cash and drugs from a car. When man bites dog we'll lead with this story, until then it's just another story in the big city. The Herald article is here. 


According to our reader "Batman" (we use only the best sources) the DBR had an article today in which Judge Adrien says, in response to the fact that he now has two challengers for his Circuit Court seat, that not only has he not been rude to anyone, but that the only reason he has two challengers is because he is black.  Judge Adrien is quoted as saying this: 

“We come from humble means,” he said. “We’re going to be targeted because of our race.”

This is  truly one time we are speechless. We leave it to you, dear readers, and the vox populi to respond to this very serious accusation. Judge Adrien has as challengers a former Judge and a former prosecutor who is now a law professor. Neither of these two individuals has ever, ever, ever, been accused of being racist. These are serious allegations for a sitting judge to make. 

What say you, legal community of Miami?

See You In Court, scrapping up a hundred bucks. 


old guy said...

Adrien is the single stupidest Judge before whom I have ever appeared. Race Card?

Dumber than Rainwater, Milton Rubin, Eig, Ralph Ferguson, McKenzie, Levenson, ad nauseum...

The single worst jurist ever deserves opposition. Even Swartz (the oaf) is better.

However, Samantha is smart and moral. She is experienced, courtroom trained, and personally wise and mature. She will get my vote and my monies.

If you also have clients who deserve a fair shake, perhaps you could vote with your dollars on this election.

your-fan said...

"he was SEN taking cash"

Do you mean SEEN?

Rumpole said...

no. i meant "sen".

Three Fingers Vinnie said...

Rumpole, Markus has informed me to cough up the hundred by Monday, or you'll be sleeping with the fishes.

Plus don't forget that me and the boys get our vig. Capiche?

Rankmaster said...

The Rankmaster says that some PD wanted their ego stroked by asking for me to come out from hiding, and asking for a list of "up and coming" ASAs and PDs. Clearly no private knows who any of you PDs are, as we rarely interact with you. Providing such a lengthy list of PDs and short list of ASAs blew your cover.

On to more important things - the "up and coming" Otis workers.

From the elevator department:
Johnny McGuire
Tina Goldstein
Benny Lancaster (especially in side wall paneling)

From the escalator department:
Sonny Copeland

Tiling and Flooring:
Most fall outside of the 18 month - 3 year time frame, but I would have to say Juan Delgado and Johncy O'Brian could be considered

Rebecca Cunningham

Coming soon – DUI Power Rankings.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I hear that the officer that was arrested is the same officer who screwed up last year and shot the business owner who was responding to the alarm call. You think MDPD has a problem?

Rumpole said...

anonymouse- I am aware of both incidents that you write about. The first- more than 25 years ago drags two innocent people into your comment. The second, also drags a person who is now married to someone else into this. Also, that second incident- what is so wrong about it? I'm proud to say I've done something similar, although not at that place or with that other person.

In the end your comment is the type of comment that serves only to hurt people- so I did not post it.

legal eagle beagle said...

Rump, as I under stand the politics of the Adrien race, didn't Peter Adrien rocket to legal fame and fortune by successfully challenging the copyright to "lather, rinse, repeat" that used to be on all shampoo bottles?

And isn't the proliferation of candidates in his race "big soaps' " revenge?

And if you think that conspiracy is wild, wait until I tell your readers about how the makers of Bustelo coffee is subverting democracy one colada at a time.

John Ashcroft said...

Adrien's got my vote whatever his color is.

Out Wit Da Bum!! said...

Macho Camacho Adrien won his seat by playing the fake-latin candidate card.
He has no business being on the bench and he was an idiot before he took the bench. Now, he's just an idiot with more power...a dangerous combination.
Morons like him SHOULD be challenged in elections. This time we have qualified alternatives. Jeffy Swartz, not a bad guy, not a great jurist, but competent. Samantha would also be a fine choice.
Either way dump the moron. This has NOTHING to do about race.

Anonymous said...

7:58:00 am, you are on the ball, dude! You understand the underlying conspiracy issues with regards to Judge Adrien's election challenge. Do you have any information about possible campaign contributions to Swartz and Ruiz-Cohen from Milli Vanilli? Or does it all have to do with Adrien's favorite song: "Girl you know its true, ooh, ooh , ooh, I love you."

Anonymous said...

state court...yawn.

Anonymous said...

peter adrien, migna sanchez, betty boopko. we're a joke.

Anonymous said...

Should a sitting Judge who cries racism(with no basis) be referred to the JQC? Macho- if you are reading this please retire. There is not one lawyer who has any respect for you. You are a terrible judge and I would suspect an even worse lawyer.

Could you imagine going into his office and hiring him to represent you? Please do us all a favor and retire and stop crying race because you are ignorant

Anonymous said...

That cop was framed. Police in Miami are never corrupt and always follow the law. They are well educated, have IQ's over 7, and ALWAYS follow the law. How absurd to think a pig is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

$100 to the first person to name a cop who is not corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Adrien v Eig

A powerhouse of ignorance

Anonymous said...

I think macho meant "I am always rude to everyone"

Playing the race card with no basis is very weak

Anonymous said...

I like Samantha.

Rumpole said...

In the words of Richard Mihous Nixon, where is the silent majority that will support Judge Adrien?

Anonymous said...

12:56:00 pm, is Adrien going to run against Eig if he loses against Swartz or Ruiz-Cohen?

Anonymous said...

Any qualified black Hispanic woman that'd like to run against Adrien?

the trialmaster said...

Jack Denaro was seen by the trialmaster friday afternoon lurking around the Federal courthouse while the Helio jury was out. Was he giving Black some advice from afar or what was Jack up to. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

It may seem opposite to my last post but I have met alot of GOOD, NON-CORRUPT cops. Hard working men & women whorisk their lives to protect our community.
D. Sisselman

Jesse Jackson said...

I love Peter Adrien. He's the MAN!

Anonymous said...

Adrien can be a good judge sometimes. Maybe he'll shape up in civil.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that the DUI power rankings are coming back.

Anonymous said...

Sisselman is right. Cops are like any profession--about 10 to 15 percent of them are "bad apples." Unfortunately, because of the powers police have, these bad apples really leave a nasty imprint.

Also, the cops are human, and like all humans make an honest mistake from time to time.

There are a lot of good, honest cops out there. Give them credit for the job they do.

Anonymous said...

Girl you know its true...ooh, ooh, ooh....I love you.

Anonymous said...

Macho Camacho, don't balme it on the "race"....BLAME IT ON THE RAIN THAT WAS FALLING, FALLING....

Anonymous said...

Ineresting comments on Swartz (not Schwartz) from people who have not seen him judge in the REGJB for almost 10 years. We in the civil arena really don't understand. A little on the arrogant side, but fair and intelligent.

We are just begiining to see Adrien and understand how you feel about him and the comments that come our way.

By the way Rumpole only one correction to your posting, Ms Ruiz-Cohen is not a professor of law, she teaches political science every once in a while, not as full time job. My belief is that a re-entrance into the judicial system after several years out, should not be as a judge. Maybe she should practice some law for the first time in 7 years then run for office.

Anonymous said...

8:10 AM--what have you been smoking lately?

Anonymous said...

I only appeared before Adrien a few times and he seemed OK but, everyone who really deals with him thinks he is an idiot.

Boy do I agree that Eig has absolutely no business being a judge.

Betty Butchko is rude and offensive. She sticks her nose up at the defense Bar.

Fake Ron Paul said...

The criminals who terrorize our cities -- in riots and on every non-riot day -- are not exclusively young black males, but they largely are. As children, they are trained to hate whites, to believe that white oppression is responsible for all black ills, to 'fight the power,' to steal and loot as much money from the white enemy as possible. Ipso facto, Judge Adrien doesn't belong on the bench, because if Jesse Jackson likes him, that's a problem since Jackson has allied himself with pro-Communist philanderers and likely is one himself, in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me a while, but I was busy at Office Depot ordering new business cards. I'm also filing against Judge Camacho early Monday morning.

Denise Martinez-Scanziani-Goldberg-Chang-Francois

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like the end for good ole Adrien. Going to be tough for him to squeeze out of a three person race.

I would love to see other judges who we all know have no place on the bench get multiple opponents. Crazy Aleman in Broward should get three opponents the next time she comes up.

Anonymous said...

Adrien is being targeted for his color and speech pattern. Why am I so sure?

No one is or will run against Judge Pando who is terrible and always late or Judge Newman who may be the worse judge to ever serve in Miami-Dade County.

Please people. Stop picking on Adrien. He has a Hispanic name and it is on his birth certificate. He is dark skin and is married to a Hispanic woman. He has also adopted a child which is more than I can say for most if not all Judges on the bench.

Want to pick on someone? Then pick on Bertila Soto which uses her father to scare people or Amy Karan who is so pompous that it hurts. Wait, how about Edward Newman? God knows he is a step away from finding himself guilty at trial.

Anonymous said...

Being a good judge is about a lot more than practicing law. Sam is smart, has great judgment and a wonderful demeanor. She tried a hell of a lot of serious cases before "taking time off." I wouldn't worry about her knowledge base.


PS----she knows far more than the other two regardless.


Rumpole I have the perfect game for you. Just click the link.

Can you score?

Anonymous said...

2:40 am.........get some sleep, you're being delusional. You're right about Pando's incompetence and I understand your point about Newman. But, your conclusion is wrong.

Pando drew an opponent last time she ran. Pando has strong political ties and is a very tough candidate. Many defense lawyers like her and put up with her tardiness because she panders to them (finding people not guilty, granting defense motions, etc. despite clear evidence to the contrary). In fact, she was BY FAR the single most defense oriented judge on the bench. Prosecutors and cops can't stand her (the union backed her anyway because she used to work for the City of Miami).

Say what you want about Newman, he is a great guy, fair and an icon in the community. Juries LOVE him (try a case or watch a trial with him, you'll see I'm right).

The fact is that some incompetent judges will keep their jobs because they have strong political contacts or are beloved by the public (just as the CEO's son or daughter may keep his or her ranking job at the local bank despite his or her incompetence). Adrien doesn't have those advantages. If you've been following this blog or practice law in Miami, you know that he's one of the least respected and most disliked judges in the county. And, race has nothing to do with it.

Phil R said...

Judge Newman does a great job. He is kind, fair and knows the law. I know this because I had an unusual issue on a DUI before him and raised during a motion the issue of the standard for circumstantial evidence. Before I could finish the sentence Newman had the name of the supreme court case and was two steps ahead of me.

Judge Newman is excellent in trial, patient, fair and lets both sides try their case. I don't think you find a better judge at sentencing- he imposes a sentence he considers fair and never considers a trial tax.

yes- he has his own way of doing things But all Judges do. I am very glad he is on the bench.

Phil R.

batman said...

I think that 4:25 raises an interesting point. Those who have been slamming Swartz (and those criticisms in some case are justified) have not seen or heard from him in at least 5 years and probably more like 10. (Blowhard, yes, but then again so are most of the judges, but an oaf he is not.) Those who have dealt with him since leaving the bench say he is not the same guy. Of course, I would like to see that for myself.

I am fully prepared to work to get Adrien off the bench. It is hard to imagine that any sitting judge would violate the Code of Judicial Conduct so blatantly by alleging racism on the part of his opponents as a political gambit.

As to Ms. Ruiz-Cohen her reputation as a prosecutor is as stale as Swartz' reputation for being arrogant. We will have a body of evidence to look at Swartz. Hopefully we will have that same body of evidence to look at to see if Ms. Ruiz-Cohen is ready to re-enter the legal world as a judge.

Lest we forget, qualifying is over a year away and things happen. I suggest we all start taking the time to talk with Swartz and Ruiz-Cohen and get to know them again. We will be either delighted, discouraged, reinforced or have our minds changed.

Good luck to each of them. As long as Adrien does not squeeze back in a runoff, I think we will be okay.

Anonymous said...

Judge Newman is a great judge. I'm glad he is at the REGJB instead of a branch court.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you guys should read some of the reversals from Judge Newman's trials.

He is a decent guy but, can not shut up in court and says the dumbest things in front of the jury.

Anonymous said...

Adrien's statements do not accuse his opponents of racism, necessarily. They imply that voters might be racist, and that his opponents tacitly acknowledge that fact by targeting him and other black judges as vulnerable to challenge. To be valid, the poll needs another response option.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to put down the crack pipe!

On Judge Newman, LMFAO on this comment:
"God knows he is a step away from finding himself guilty at trial."

Anonymous said...

He's got a "lock" on the churches, the religious right and, rumor has it, an outstanding record with absentee ballots from nursing/old age homes. The Bar can laugh, but that's what gets some people elected here in the land of coconuts. And for a guy with no money he had an astounding amount of high quality campaign material. Don't make the "Harnage mistake"...he's formidable.

Anonymous said...

Listen you little puts.

Judge Newman stinks and everyone knows it. Newman minus the Dolphins equals to a Bailiff. Sorry, but true.

Judge Adrien is a good guy and you are all picking on him for his skin color. If you want to run against someone that needs to be replaced, get Newman or wait for David Miller or Leifman. Talk about do nothing judges who waste time. Please, someone put a clock and video camera to these judges so you can see how busy they are not.

I say this, I will support Adrien because he is a good man and because he works. Pick on someone who needs to go and not someone who is working hard. If you feel he is lacking on something, then let the man know and stop talking behind his back.

The legal community in Miami is poor and hypocritical.

To the challengers, be cautious. You may create a huge issue for yourself by playing the race card.

By the way, Phil R., please stop writing. No one wants any ticket advice at this time. Shhhhh.

Anonymous said...

God help us all if that boorish a-hole Swartz is allowed to don the black robe again.

He was pompous, rude, and arrogant as a county court judge. He ran the Miami Beach branch court like his little personal fiefdom. He also defiled the flag by putting his stupid Ohio State hat on top of it.

I'd take Judge Adrien over this guy any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Street rumors are that Judge Ada Pozo is resigning her county court seat. Is she moving on up? Jeff Swartz might be looking over his shoulder. Deja vu?

Anonymous said...

Good evening. I was before Judge Adrien today and I found him to be a fine gentleman with a good grasp of the law. Sure he is not the normal judge, but we all must grow as people. Give the man a chance. I am sure that there are many who should go and are still there. Give Judge Adrien another term.

Anonymous said...

Look at Peter Adriens' wife at 2:40am 11:27pm and 11:45pm:

1. Trying to be Jewish and misspelling the words "putz".

2. Attacking other judges in order to deflect the opposition in hopes they will change races.

3. Claiming to be a lawyer who appeared before Adrien and defending him.

Ms. Adrien, we tire of your continuous vitriole and misinformation. Your Husband is not bright, he hasn't the slightest grasp of the law. He is not a fine getleman, he is vidicitive, surly and self absorbed. He is not hard working, and unnecessarily confrontational to cover up his stupidity. I will agree on one thing, he is definitely NOT NORMAL.

He had a chance he neither deserved nor should have gotten and you are one nasty piece of work.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to run against someone that needs to be replaced, get Newman or wait for David Miller or Leifman. Talk about do nothing judges who waste time. Please, someone put a clock and video camera to these judges so you can see how busy they are not."

Give me a break. I work in Judge Miller's courtroom, and I dare any attorney on either side to ask for a trial or hearing in front of him and get denied. It will not happen b/c unlike some other Judges in the building, he actually wants to try cases every week.

Anonymous said...


Let people have an opinion.

Just say the truth, you hate the man because Harnage lost. Face it, this is democracy and you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Horrendous at 12:28am (Mrs. Peter Adrien),

Defeating Harnage is only the first of many reasons to dislike your husband. All of the other reasons are spelled out in my posting of Wed. 12:52pm.

This is a democracy and you are entitled to like your husband. However, part of this being a democracy is that we don't have to like him and can do all we can to see that he is unemployed in 619 days. I strongly suggest that each of you commence to saving as much money as you can. I don't see anyone employing your husband once he is off the bench.

As Emeril Lagasse says: BAM