Sunday, February 10, 2008


The City of Miami Beach Police Department has apparently come up with a new way of avoiding those pesky problems that come with pre-filing a new case: kill the defendant.

As reported HERE
by the Miami Herald a man died after a fight with Miami Beach Narcotics Detectives.

Old joke:
Q: How many City Of Miami Beach Detectives does it take to throw a defendant down a flight of stairs?
A: None. He fell.

See you in court, where if this trend continues, we could soon be out of clients.

Rumpole addresses the issue of the identity of those who make comments:

Let us take a brief moment and address and issue that has arisen in the comments section. One lawyer (one guess who) wants to sue another lawyer for comments allegedly made by that second lawyer about the first lawyer.

We have no way of knowing who makes a comment. Our only remedy is that if a comment is made and the person signs a name, and that person emails us and asks us to take down the comment because someone else signed their name to it, we will do it. But the mere fact a comment is signed is no proof whatsoever that the name associated with the comment was the actual person who made the comment.

That's clear isn't it? Sort of like the in field fly rule. (6.05(e): With less than two outs, and runners at first or second, or bases loaded, and a force play at third, if the batter hits a fly ball that is in the opinion of the umpire a catchable ball, the batter is automatically out.)


Not an Attorney said...

If you compared Jack Thompson to Fred Phelps, which one should be more offended?

Anonymous said...


did you see the post left by fransisco alviero under the john may post? he is a staff writer at the new times.... look at you!!!

Anonymous said...

mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Oceans 11 said...

A note about the new REGIB Rat Pack- but first the old Rat Pack.

The Old Rat Pack:
Judge Gerry "ring a ding ding" Klein ; Judge Howie "the mouse" Gross; Ted "the greek" Mastos; Slimon Simon Steckel; Judge Art "artie boy" Snyder; and others.

The New Rat pack: Frank Gaviria; Joel "joely D" Denaro; The Mad Russian Vic Vedmev; The mad guy Alex Michaels;

and Finally, the guy they call Sammy Davis Jr.

Why do they call him that?

His name is Menachem Mayberg, and he is the hippest hebe this side of Tel Aviv. His initials are double MM, or M&M, or candy, or The Candy Man, and who sang the Candy Man?

The Rat packer himself: Sammy Davis Jr.

So the next time you see Mendy, just say "hey Sammy".

Captain Obvious said...

It is a tragedy that that individual died. However....
If you are selling crack on Miami Beach, and the Miami Beach Narcotics detectives try to arrest you, here is a hint. Dont resist arrest, or start a fight with the cops. You will lose. They will win. Why is it that defense attorneys are always the FIRST to yell innocent until proven guilty, but they never give police offcers and detectives the same constitutionally-required benefit of the doubt? Does one give up their constitutional rights just because they wear a badge? If one would just follow a few simple rules, one would dramatically decrease the chances of getting their ass kicked by the police. Dont smoke crack. Dont resist arrest, no matter how wrong you think the cop is. And most importantly, dont try to beat up a cop. You will lose everytime.

Anonymous said...

Ben is no legal brain trust if he accepted funds which he was paid to opine were clean.

As for Roy Black, this is not the first time he has gotten someone in trouble for "buffering."

Anonymous said...

Hack Thompson's proof that a specific individual made a specific post is like the "proof" that dinosaurs ran with cavemen...

If a right-wing religious nut says so, it must be true.

Anonymous said...


Jack is like that bum on the street who yells out as you walk by.

So keep walking by, he's of no matter to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Don't go dissin my boy Roy. There is nuttin illegal about marrying a juror who gives you a not guilty verdict in a serial rapist case, he had nuttin to do with 3 jurors being bribed to get a not guilty in the willie/sal biggest drug dealers in miami case, and he did nuttin wrong in havin BK, who is no naive little boy, give him insurance to collect 5 million in fees. he's roy black, now leave him alone. he's roy. don't fuck with roy. he's roy.

Anonymous said...

it is my understanding that the trialmaster will be conducting a major hearing in the justice bldg this week.

Anonymous said...

Nobody should die at the hands of the police for selling or possessing drugs. armed robbery, murder, yes. arresting someone who may have sold a rock. no excuse. shoot him in the groin with a rubber bullit, sick the police dog on him.

Anonymous said...

You ever defend cops Rump? Are their constitutional rights any different that the child molesters and rapists you represent? Funny how you'll defend anyone except a cop or prosecutor on this blog.

fake J Thompson said...

So if we start posting under Jack Thompson's name, will he sue himself?

Rumpole said...

8:19 AM. I have represented three law enforcement officers: 2 at the pre-indictment stage for drug trafficking (no charges filed both cases) and one at trial before Judge Kahn, armed kidnapping, armed burglary, aggravated battery- 10 minute not guilty.

When those prosecutors were fired or suspended from the SAO (Not Walker, the guys in county court) I lept to their defense.

Here may be what you are sensing- over the years the prosecutors in this county were very fair and very accessible and easy to do business. However that has changed and the prosecutors are now much more - what's the word I'm looking for? Sanctimonious? Certainly Walker was mean, demaning, and condescending in his treatment of defense attorneys, and he got what was coming to him. I guess what I see these days is more guys like Herb Walker (gals too) and less people like Gary Winston, who I would defend in an instant, because he is a gentleman and his word is his bond, and he does not take personal delight in other people's pain or misfortune.

So when I am hard on the average ASA it is because they for the most part seem to bring in on themselves and evoke little sympathy in me.

Anonymous said...

Be careful Rump - you start mentioning Gary Winston in the realm of what a prosecutor should be, you may start hearing about people like Charlie Johnson and Howard Rosen, and then some of the other prosecutors may start thinking these are the people they need to be like and then qualities may come out in many prosecutors that may make that office unrecognizable. Phone calls may start to be returned, conversations that don't begin or end with threats about trial and higher plea offers may become the norm, and then we'll have no one to complain about.

Anonymous said...

The prosecutors seem to be fine. They seem to be fed up with the persons further up the chain with whom they must get approval from to go to the bathroom.

I know the in court ASAs love when they get a file from FSU which overcharges the case and sends it to career criminal unit where the alphabet soup is added to the defendant's name. Then finally to the in court ASA (with 200+ cases) who is told to convey the offer of 30 years with a 15 year min man.

KFR should give het prosecutors discretion like we had in the old days. They wont be dismissing cases at random and they wont offer PTI on a murder case.

Spear's Family is Concerned... said...

ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE. since mass shootings are a regular occurrence in the u.s., are all judges and attorneys who read this blog and are aware of Thompson's rantings on some type of legal NOTICE so if he truly is crazy and flies off the handle will some victim's family someday be asking why noone took this very disturbed person seriously. by mocking him are we pushing him over the edge.? Is he someday going to bring a gun to a lawyers office, a courthouse, a parking lot, a judge's house etc. and start blowing away a bunch of people because they mocked him or did not take him serious, or some perceived slight. Is this guy a ticking time bomb who needs to be referred to FLA for a psych . eval. or be involuntarily committed by the Baker Act. When you have a problem with people who no one has a problem with, like Judge Tunis, then you really are sick and in need of help. Do we as lawyers need to find help for this man? What will we be saying if he kills 20 people and the media ask why the Fla. Bar and all these lawyers who knew he was a loose cannon did nothing? What if he kills nonlawyers who don't read this blog and then they find out about all these postings and nobody did anything. It is fair to say that this man seems to be a ticking timebomb ready to go off!

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS . grab your socks and hold your jocks. Kendall Coffey , irate over the arrest of a woman for assaulting the ausa with a strong handshake, has bitten the rear end of the ausa in question. more to follow.

Anonymous said...

private attorney has been charged with physically assaulting a federal prosecutor in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom by shaking her hand up and down so hard that it injured her shoulder.

Kathy Brewer Rentas spent Thursday night in solitary confinement at the Miami Federal Detention Center. She was released on a $100,000 bond on Friday morning and ordered to get a psychological evaluation to see if she needs counseling or anger management training.

The Great Milenko said...

From the herald article:

"Alicia Valle, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in South Florida, said prosecutors are threatened on occasion but an allegation of assault by a licensed attorney in a courtroom is unusual."

maybe she was pissed at the Ben Keuhne indictment.

Not Nutso MacGillis said...

I just read this Globe tabloid article on nutso McGillis and Ricky Martin. Wow talk about scandal.


Anonymous said...

Annette Taddeo, a Colombia-born business executive, told The Miami Herald Saturday she will challenge Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for her seat in the U.S. Congress.


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be that hard to find out what cop got acquitted before Judge Kahn in 10 minutes and who his attorney was.

Rumpole said...

Judge Kahn was a judge for many years. And I am fairly confident the prosecutor is no longer in the state of florida and will not be reading this. It was awhile ago. But take your best shot. It's a legitimate clue.

Anonymous said...

Mercado - trick statement

fake sammy davis jr said...

Let me tell you why Joel Denaro is the coolest of the new rat pack of Justice Building guys:

He's the only lawyer who can pick the best jury, and then pick the best restaurant to go out to afterwards. Nobody knows the top places (and can get in them) like he can. Plus he dresses impecably. All in all- the best cases, the best restaurants, the best seats in the restaurant, the coolest threads- Joel is top dog in the new rat pack.

Anonymous said...

sounds like Rump wants out of the closet. Two clues in a day or so..

Rumpole said...

nah. I'm pretty careful with what I say. And I enjoy the cloak of anonymity. Its safe and warm. But someone is trying really hard to hack my login.

thetruth said...

Kenny "the Shark" Weisman can pick the best restaurant and get the best seat bar none. Joel is a rookie.

the trialmaster said...

i had several big cases before j. kahn including cases where cops were my clients and had quick acquitals. in fact, one jury told me they had a ng in one minute, but smoked a cig to make the court think they actually deliberated.also had murder cases with marty. too bad he lost to a new skirt lawyer in the election.

Anonymous said...

The Florida Bar was offered the opportunity, by me, to state that its defamations here of me by its prosecutor Barnaby Min were not posted by him, through Rumpole, whoever the Hell this anonymous Rumpole is. The Bar declined to do so. Thus, Min is the one who posted, unethically and illegally, the comments.

I hope this is not too difficult a proof for even a lawyer to follow.

Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

dear trialmaster, i once had a not guilty before deliberations. its called a nolle prosse.

Anonymous said...

All in favor of Jack going away say "Aye"

Rump, it is time to take a poll:

Should Rumpole in his moderation of all posts deny posting by Jack Thompson?

Yes: probably close to 100%

No: 1 vote - Jack's.*

*That is assuming he only votes once.

Anonymous said...


Did you fail logic 101?? An agency was "given the opportunity" to deny that one of its employees posted here. They didn't. So you "deduce" that the person DID post.

Say what? Just what compels or compelled the bar to deny or confirm anything? Your "gracious" "offer?"

You need to crawl back into your hole.

Anonymous said...


You've bent over backward to give Jack a forum to share his venom about all the supposed conspirators who are out to get him. You've even defended his First Amendment right to express his paranoia and pursue his obsessions. So of course he's now attacked you. No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose. This latest filing about you, Barnaby Min, Ben Kuehne and Judge Tunis, unfortunately, is par for Jack's course. Put him out of his misery, and cut him off for God's sake. God herself will thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here's a reality check for Rumpole, whoever the Hell he is:

The Bar acknowledged it was Barnaby Min who defamed me here.

Secondly, when someones defames someone here, Rumpole, as anyone who runs a blog should know, is subject to discovery as to who the poster is. See the Wikipedia case.

Also, you, Rumpole, can contact the person and ask if he is the one who posted it. Barnaby Min's email address is bmin@flabar.org.


Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

hallo justice blog thing.

Jack Thompson is a paranoid liar who will bring you nothing but headaches from his lack of reason and spell-checker.

we over at GamePolitics share our sympathy for your infestation of Thompson and suggest your moderators try fumigating.

good luck.


Mnementh2230 said...

Jack, remember - it's not defemation if it is true.

Anonymous said...

Because prosecutors have very little discretion with their cases, they get frustrated and feel they have no control over much except paper pushing. On top of that, how on earth can the legisture justify not even giving them a cost of living raise this year' They prosecute in Miami, the most crime ridden, busiest DA's office in the country, but no cost of living? Many prosecutors who have been prosecuting for years still have outstanding student loans and/or are living without a second income. This is unheard off. And I wont' even bother going into the issue of the fact that investigators get paid overtime to stay with a prosecutor still in trial until midnight, but the prosecutor is straight salary. It makes it sound as if the legislatute thinks we aren't the good guys.