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The following is a reprint of a relevant portion of my post of February 15:

Group 34 of the County Court has a new candidate. Her name is Denise Scanziani and she has been a member of The Florida Bar for seven years. Now what is interesting about this is the fact that Judge George Sarduy is/was the only other candidate in Group 34. As many of you know, he was recently elevated to the Circuit Court by Gov. Crist. That leaves Group 34 open and the seat is up for election in 2008.

BUT ....The JNC has begun the process of replacing Judge Sarduy with a new judge appointed by Gov. Crist. That appointment will mean that Group 34 will no longer be an open seat and the newly appointed judge will not have to stand for election until 2010.

So this causes me to ask the following question:
Does candidate Scanziani know this?

Friday, February 15, 2008 1:17:00 PM

Fast forward five days - and apparently someone placed a call to Scanziani and mentioned my column.

In what can only be described as a desperate move by a real loser of a person, judicial candidate Denise Scanziani has withdrawn her candidacy from Group 34 of the County Court only to file in Group 17 of the County Court against incumbent Judge Eric Hendon.

What really stinks about her move is that, in a matter of ONLY FIVE DAYS, Scanziani managed to change her ethnicity. Last week she was Italian - this week she's Hispanic. Why the strong words? Because now Denise has filed to run as Denise Martinez-Scanziani. With the hyphen, she will now be listed on the ballot as Martinez. Just to cover her tracks, she also changed her heading on the Florida Bar home page, adding the Martinez name.

But, she has not managed to change it on the property she owns with her husband in Homestead or at her law office in South Dade County where the answering machine allows you to leave a message for Denise "Scanziani". Her web page mysteriously leaves out the "Martinez" too. Oh yeah, Scanziani also forgot to tell her stationary company, because it also is sans the "Martinez" name.

This stinks - and I hope the voters of Dade County "smell it" the same way I do and send her packing back to her solo practice where she belongs. Is this the type of jurist we want sitting on the bench? Is this what a judge should be standing for and representing in this community? The County Court is the "peoples court" - there will be many more unrepresented litigants appearing before her than if she were in Circuit Court. That means citizens of all colors and ethnic backgrounds and languages will come before her and look to her to make a fair and just decision. And, for her first decision, she decides that it will be one of deception to the voters of Miami-Dade County.

Ms. Scanziani - read the Statement of Fair Campaign Practices you signed your name to and swore to uphold! (see Code of Miami-Dade County Sec. 2-11.1.1. Ethical campaign practices ordinance).

It reads, in part:

1) Statement of Fair Campaign Practices. The following voluntary Statement of Fair Campaign Practices shall guide candidates for public office in Miami-Dade County:


As a candidate for public office in Miami-Dade County, I believe that political issues can be freely debated without appealing to racial, ethnic, religious, sexual or other prejudices. I recognize that such negative appeals serve only to divide this community and create long-term moral, social and economic problems.


1. "I shall not make my race, religion, national origin, gender ... an issue in my campaign".

3. "I will CONDEMN any APPEAL to prejudice based on race, creed, national origin ...

11. I will not use or permit the use of campaign material that FALSIFIES, DISTORTS, or MISREPRESENTS facts". (emphasis added by The Captain).

I believe that any voter of Miami-Dade County and certainly Judge Hendon has the right and the responsibility to file a violation claim against candidate Scanziani as a result of her signing and agreeing to abide by the terms of the Statement of Fair Campaign Practices.

Shame on you Ms. Scanziani. Shame.

CAPTAIN OUT .................


Anonymous said...

Would the Daily Business Review knock her....of course not Silly...have to pander to certain members the community...if the situation was reversed.... oh boy would they would write a stinging editorial!

Anonymous said...

Captain why don't you go stick your finger in an electrical socket.

She is trying to win an election for Judge. The "M" in her middle name is Martinez. Thats her name! Just because she is now appealing to the entire Dade county and wants everyone to know she is proud of he hispanic name makes you the bigot.

You slam her for having a legal hispanic name and for using it - you prejudice anti hispanic scum of the earth. You my friend are the prejudice one for pointing out that she has a hispanic name.

I agree that in 2006 certain people used there last name to take down some good Judges. In this 2008 election unless you prove some connection to a former JA of a ex-Judge please leave her alone.

She thinks she can make a difference in Miami Dade and maybe new blood is what we need? I do not know if Hendon is a good or bad Judge but this is America and we are holding elections in which the people shall speak.

Basically Captain Fuck OFF!!

Anonymous said...

We can thank the miami judicial campaign mafia for teaching her everything she knows.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Captain - I see absolutely no problem in what she is doing.

Bob Perez-Wong-Kobiyashi-Leibowitz-JeanBaptiste-Jackson
Judicial Candidate

nightwng2000 said...

You're kidding, right?
This is actually a SURPRISE to you?
Even assuming that her name change was for the reason you say, let's look at the general political system.

I don't know if any other political position must file such a document, but clearly, no other political candidate can POSSIBLY adhere to such an ideal.

Not candidates for President (and according to MSNBC, Obama WANTED to follow such an ideal but was pressed into following everyone else's choices).
Supreme Court candidates (they may be chosen by the President, but even then race and other such factors are an issue).
Mayors, senators, govenors, police chiefs/sheriffs, and so on.

If not used directly out of the mouths of the candidates, then by their campaign workers or even the general public.

That document means nothing in reality. There will be a loophole, a justification, a scream of First Amendment violations (some say Freedom of Speech was meant to protect unpopular speech because popular speech doesn't need protection), and any number of arguments one can make against it.

SHOULD this type of document be required for ALL Politicians AND enforced? Too Right.
Would it be opposed? Too Right.

Just as a curiosity, Captain:
How many times has that document been envoked as being violated? What happened if it had been?

Andrew Rhodes

Anonymous said...

There's a ton of video of Jacky on the internet.

Here's a you tube parody of him - it's vulgar, but it makes the point for those who want to know how he's viewed outside of our world:


Anonymous said...


Your breathless rant about this insignificant judicial candidate was over the top.

You have gone past mildly annoying to disturbing.

Anonymous said...

You're right about this one. The ethnic appeal is all the more gauling because, as we all know, Hendon is African American. This is disgusting.

Rumpole said...

Good post Captain. Especially relevant in that Judge Hendon was beaten at a election and re-appointed and challenged again.

Within the rules? Yes.

Does this happen to African American Judicial Candidiates on a regular and alarming basis? Yes.

Should Judge Hendon get preferential treatment? No.

But no problem calling it as you see it. The same thing Happened to Michael Chavies and the second time around the REGJB rallied around him and he won. I hope the same thing happens with Judge Hendon.

Rumpole said...

PS. When you post on the front page, you have to endure the "FU" comments. You should see the email I get.

Anonymous said...

Four years ago someone predicted this was going to happen and you all derided him and said it was sour grapes. Live with it. You have no one to blame but yourselves

Anonymous said...

Sadly, she's not only not bright (filing in a seat subject to appointment and thus not electible in this election cycle) but she now shows her true colors as a racist. There is no other excuse for it and I hope Eric calls it as it is on the campaign trail. This is an obvious ethnic appeal, not unlike that done by Patricia Marino (now Pedraza) against another african-american judge, Shirlyon McWhorter. It's a base appeal to ethnicity and it sucks.

Although all judges are fairgame to run against, how you do it is the very measure of your professionalism and ethics. She will never get my vote and I will tell all my friends to do the same.

Anonymous said...

The same applies to Mary Barzee FLORES. She never uses FLORES unless of course she is running for re-election. I give credit to Judge Butchko, who could have used a Hispanic surname due to her mother but chose not to because she does not customarily use her Hispanic surname. Shame on Barzee.

What's next Scola-Hoganez?

Anonymous said...

While not politically correct and perhaps wrong running against a Afican American is alot easier than running against a Jewish name or Hispanic name. Also lets not forget that female candidates do better than male candidates.

So ask your self if you are looking to run for Judge and want to win do you go after a white scwartz or a black hendon, do you go after male if your female? The answer is clear. More importantly this debate should not be directed at Denise but should be elevated to a full discussion of why electing Judges is wrong in the first place. She did not create the rules she is just going with the odds and the odds say she can win under the circumstances.

If I was running for Judge I would target the easiest Judge and if thats black vesus Jew or female versus male so be it. Wrong perhaps but welcome to Miami.

McWorther versus Marino-Pedraza exhibit "A" some say she did the same thing. Guess what she won by 10,000 votes compared to Faber who won by 6,000 votes and Don Cohen who skated by with a win by 300 votes. When deciding who to run against you have to look at the numbers in the previous race and ask why did Cohn win with $50-K against his incumbent female Judge who had a war chest of $200-K.

If its a strategy take it up with the legislators change the law and get Judges appointed. I for one think we need more black Judges to represent the community in the judicial process.

Anonymous said...

Ask Steve Milian how well playing the ethnic card worked for him in his race agaist twice elected Karen Mills-Francis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Captain get a reality check!

There are many more individuals out there that have allegiances to multiple ethnicities! Your bigotted requirement that we box ourselves into one (i.e. Hispanic/Latino, White, Black or Asian, etc.) does not mean one has to abide by your wishes.

Although I find Judge Hendon an honorable and good judge, no judge should assume one election makes him judge for life, he should just campaign and highlight his experience and strengths more. The fact that defeated judges get re-appointed by the governor is also political in nature.

Just look at all the administrative judges who take on "I am God" attitudes, because nobody challenges them.

Anonymous said...

you must be kidding. we live in dade county and one sure way to become competetive in an election campaign is to have or adopt a hispanic name. Like it or not, this is the culture we live in and sometimes it forces us to deal with people like her....

Anonymous said...

speaking of the people's court how are we all going to feel when the legislature
basically shuts down the courts by forcing all county court judicial assistants to take what amounts to 3 months (58 days) off with no pay BETWEEN MARCH 7 AND JUNE 30.

So picture this. you're sitting in your office and a client hires you to represent him on a case where there is a bench warrant outstanding against him for 1 month and it' not him. someone has used his name and picked up a very
serious battery case. you buzz your well paid assistant and say: "Ms. Moneypenny, call judge X's chambers immediately and set his on calendar to set aside this warrant." And she responds, "Mr. Rumpole, I have been trying to call Judge X for a couple of weeks now and no one answers that phone and the voicemail box is full. Funny thing, same thing is happening with Judges A, B, C, D, E, and F!"

How about a defendant that receives his court notice two days after the hearing and can't get on calendar, or a victim trying to let the court know she is late for court becasue of traffic or the line outside the building or the victim calling for information on a case...it goes on and on! This could happen if the legislature decides so in a couple of weeks.

This is not only a forced furlough with no pay and no benefits for the JAs but it will be a complete limitation on the access to courts guaranteed to all.

This could happen. Call your legislators!

If you care about Mr. Kuehne and you care about the conflict counsel situation you have to care about this too!

Anonymous said...

Jack I watched this video on youtube


and have to agree with you on your point. You look like a smart guy so why all the non-sense with the bar?

It would serve you better to stay on point with your case and not berate the courts. I assume you intend to take your bar proceeding all the way to the US Supreme Court and that all the rants perhaps is your way of making a record for this ultimate appeal? Is this correct? What say you Jack?

Anonymous said...

Michael Chavies, ironically, lost the black vote because many blacks thought he was a Hispanic "Chavez" and voted for Arthur Taylor (white) thinking that he was the black candidate.

Anonymous said...

Captain, why the outrage now? Last year Patricia Marino added Pedraza and Valerie Manno added Schurr to their last names for the election.

Anonymous said...

While I do not have the accumen to determine the type of phone you own, right down to the make and model, from a posted photo of REG, I do know that you are out on your yacht today - drinking martinis. Let us know when you hit shore...to take care of this cite. Enough relaxation already; get back to work!

Anonymous said...

I looked up the marriage license records and found one Denise Marie Martinez who married one Paul John Scanziani on July 10, 1998. So, Martinez is her maiden name and Scanziani is her married name. The problem arises in that she doesn't appear to have gone by her maiden name before filing against Judge Hendon and that, normally, a married name is not hyphenated with the maiden name. In English, she would be Denise Marie Martinez Scanziani. In Spanish, she would be Denise Marie Martinez de Scanziani, but she would not be Martinez-Scanziani in either language's naming custom.

Rumpole said...

in reply to "looking to get sued"- I did not post your comment because that individual's wife does not participate in this blog and there is no reason to bring her into this mess.

And yes, I was out on my yacht.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of the Captain, but I find it sad that he is being derided for calling out the judge to be for playing the race card.

Have we really reached the point wehere so many of us think her ploy is "smart" or "good strategy?" That breaks my heart.

For the two or three of you stupid enough to think the Captain is racist............understand this, he's NOT criticizing her for being proud of her heritage. He's criticizing her for her sudden interest in using her maiden name name that she's running for judge. He's pointing our HER racism. Hard to believe you idiots have law degrees.

Anonymous said...

Hendon and Chumbley both got opponents. Why? Because they were appointed and haven't been through the election process. Or, in Hendon's case, he's been through the election process and lost.

Appointees are natural targets. Dont feel sorry for them. Let them tough it out like the rest of the elected judges.

And in the meantime, let's not fret if Hendon or Chumbley or any other "baby" judge gets booted off the bench. You can shape the judiciary by getting rid of the old, tired dinosurs who are ten years past their shelf life. Go to civil courthouse and see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

would it be rascist for eric herndon to eat at cuban restaurants and drink cafe con leche on the campaign trail or should he stick to the black neighborhoods and kfc.

the trialmaster said...

leave the little girl alone/ she cant make 2 nickles as a lawyer so let her make alot more with a guaranteed salary as a kounty kourt judge. she is like most of the others on the bench who could not make it in private practice. except stan and kevin and a few others.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how unhappy some people are in thier chosen profession. The judges are terrible, the facilities are terribel, Miami is terrible. i have an idea, go sell coffee in a Starbuck in your "dream" location. Then your lives could be perfect.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of having to say "your honor" to people who were not distinguished as lawyers or did not practice long enough to be fit for the bench or gain my respect. it contributes to why the practice of law sucks but it is worse to be in front of someone who was a good lawyer who is a raving lunatic on the bench like everyone's favorite former federal prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

she should use "Denise Marie Martinez de Scanziani" the "de" would truly identify her heritage and help her win.

I thought her husbands name was martinez, now that I know it's her maiden name more power to her. It's not like she is trying to be something she is not she is hispanic by blood and not by marriage. You know we would not even be chatting on this subject had a certain JA not went after jewish judges intentionally.

Since Chumbley and Hendon were selected and not elected I think her choice is right on target. Would we be more upset if she filed against Judge Bagley the only other Black Judge up for election?

CAPTAIN said...


to 2:39 pm, I was about to respond to you, but 4:52 did it for me.

You missed the point:

On 2/15, Ms. Scanziani filed 18 pages of papers under the name Denise M. Scanziani. Five days later, she filed the same 18 pages and now she was Denise Martinez-Scanziani.

You never would have seen my post if she had at least been consistent.

This is a lawyer that we do not need on the bench.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Speaking of judges, it's confirmed that Karen Mills-Francis is leaving for her own t.v. show. That means another open county court slot. (Wow, did I beat Captain to the punch? I feel so special).

CAPTAIN said...

that's 2:39 am - ooops

and thanks to the fine research of 2:40 pm who pointed out that the "M." in her name, is her middle name - "Marie".

Rumpole said...

5:43- Do what I do- call them "Judge". It's my own personal form of protest. The last Judge I called "Your Honor" was Federal Judge (Retired) Gonzalez. And he deserved it. The best of the best. Ed Davis as well.

And Yes- I have heard Karen Mills Francis is gone sometime in April.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rump
If I run for Judge can I add one of my wife's maiden names to mine? David Santana Barrios Hernandez Medina Sisselman. As my kids say
Vota con me Papi, ya alll.
D. Sisselman

blog crier said...

Rump- It was "no holds barred" as a posse of PDs pulled up last night to one of Miami's more famous "touchy-feely" strip clubs in a stretch limo. The boyz were celebrating a not guilty and one of them had won a poker tournament and was flush with the flow. It was lap dances all around and more than one PD emerged from a Champagne room tucking his shirt back into his pants. But the highlight of the evening was the one young and very blonde female intern who after getting her share of lap dances, showed the fellas that she knew what to do with a pole. "Blondie has bootie" was the prevailing sentiment, as the strip club management was agog over her moves and even more astonished to learn that the winsome beauty was sitting for the bar this summer.

But what a night! It will go down in PD lore for years to come.

country dave for pd said...

Rumpole- sticking with the PDs for the topic of the moment: Insiders and political know it alls are taking a very serious look at- are you ready?

Country Dave Pettus for PD!!
Fresh off his stunning win over the state before Judge Jimenez, Country Dave's lead role on the defense team, and his built in political issue of being "Banned by Brummer"- something Carlos Martinez refuses to discuss- have him emerging as THE stop Carlos Martinez Candidate of the moment.

Many details have to be ironed out- and the "Vote for Country Dave for PD y'all" needs some tweaking as a campaign slogan, but right now its full steam ahead to the campaign trail for Country Dave Pettus.

Anonymous said...

Have all sitting judges filed for re-election?

miami frank bruni said...

Rumpola, I was in NYC recently and with the rain coming down I trudged — skidded, really — five blocks from the subway to Dovetail, where hunched employees shoveled and shoveled some more in a doomed effort to keep the entrance clear.
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But he’ll also pull back and trust in the basic, homespun pleasures of something like the buttery white Cheddar corn bread at the start of every meal. It’s the epitome of comfort, and a potent antidote to the coldest of winter nights.

I give it ***
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RECOMMENDED DISHES Gnocchi with veal short ribs; lamb’s tongue; pork belly; scallops; halibut; venison; lamb; cod; brioche bread pudding; peanut butter praline tart.

Anonymous said...

Eric Hendon is a class act. He is the same person on the bench today, whom I knew as a practicing attorney. The robe did not, and has not gone to his head. He is among the most patient and fairest judges on the County bench. I have always supported Judge Hendon, and will continue doing so.

The notion that name, race, or gender qualifies anyone for any position or gives them affinity for a particular class is offensive and demeans us all. The latter only strengthens my commitment to work to re-elect Judge Hendon.

It behooves us all send a clear message to those who play this name, ethic, and gender game, as we did with several of the judicial candidates during the last cycle, by demonstrating unwavering support for Judge Hendon, he has earned it!

Pepe Herrera

Anonymous said...

Chumbley wumbley's got to go!
Reasonable doubt? He does not know
How to say not guilty, so
Chumbley wumbley, it's time to go!

Anonymous said...

FYI, from someone who knows her...she's smart, she's honest and she's ethical. Her husband is ALSO hispanic (what? assuming the last name is Italian? tsk tsk). He's Uruguayan, to be specific. The change may have been strategic, but when you are running in an election, you must seek out the weakest opponent. (i.e., the only other one who has been up for re-election AND LOST!!!) Judicial candidates are non-partisan and don't speak on the issues; it boils down to name recognition. She was Martinez for most of her life and it is as much a part of her as her married name. It's only an issue b/c she's a woman and married. If she were a man, this conversation wouldn't be happening.

It's easy to make assumptions when you don't know someone...

Funny how no one comments on "John Doe" candidate being a member of CABA, FAWL, Wilkie Ferguson Bar Association, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

How can these Judges leave the bench and still call themselfs Judges on TV hearing real cases. Should JT file a JQC complaint against the TV Judges?

Anonymous said...

you flatter yourself rump to think your column spurred her to action...obviously if they let her run against sarduy the first time, it was still open. obviously she had to move and the move to go against hendon could have come for many different reasons, esp. since women have a better chance against men.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miami Frank: mcdonald's has 2 for 1 dollar sausage egg mcmuffins this weekend accentuated by 3 day old cheese danish and fountain cola. i give it 4 stars.

CAPTAIN said...

to 8:49 pm

As I have previously reported, Group 35 still remains open as sitting Judge Orlando Prescott is the only sitting Judge not to file for reelection.

The deadline is just over two months away and all other 46 sitting judges have filed for reelection.

The question remains - is Judge Prescott still considering a run for either PD or more likely that of K.F.Rundle's job???

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

has anyone even bothered to check if denise marie martinez-scanziani is black? of course not, with a name like scanziani, she must be too busy eating pasta..talk about racism

what is it they say about one who assumes?

Anonymous said...

KFR is too popular she will not lose if opposed.

Anonymous said...

any update on the scola election?

Your Mom Wouldn't be Happy with You said...

What are you the "captain" of? I would presume by your lack of facts -- perhaps "Captain Assumption" Captain Spin"? Pick one.

You have know knowledge of what you're talking about. Sure you did your research on Fair Campaign practices, but you failed to do your research on the actual candidate! This puts you in the same category of false journalist as Ann Coulter or Michael Moore.

Scanziani may sound Italian. Are you sure that it actually is. It seems like some of your commentors feel that it may be Hispanic. So if Martinez (as you presume is Hispanic) is Hispanic and Scanziani is Hispanic...how does hyphenating it make any difference? And, I would presume that you may be the one who's making prejudicial statements about Denise's ethnicity. Perhaps you are doing exactly what you're scolding Denise for doing?!

Also, I know plenty of women who work hard to get where they are in the world. Often times they go through school and make a name for themselves before they get married. Do you know what it's like to work hard and have people recognize your name and then change your last name when you get married? You wouldn't would ya, dick? Perhaps she hyphenated it so she could let people who once knew her as Denise Martinez know that is her! How can you assume her campaign plans? You have no evidence besides your own lame assumptions.

What is your beef with Denise? Obviously you have know idea what you're talking about. If you had a level head to begin with, you'd do more research on the person you're trying to slam rather than talking out your ass! Your journalism, your thoughts are not much different from FOX News...you know with that whole Obama is Muslim. His name rhymes with Osama. Praying on fears, racism, etc. in people to slam someone running for judge.

Shame on you "Captain Assumption", Shame on you.

Canadian Tar Heel said...


This is a very poorly researched post ! I’m startled by the mistaken assumptions on which it is based.

1) Why should Ms. Martinez Scanziani not be allowed to use her hyphenated married name or her maiden name if she prefers?
2) And why do you assume that Scanziani is merely an Italian name? A large number of Latin Americans, especially in Uruguay and Argentina have Italian names. Did you stop to ask what nationality her husband is?

Bluntly put, this post is a hack job based on nothing more than speculation. You’ve turned a choice about one’s name into a cynical political ploy with no evidence to show for it, except the apparent inconsistency with which she uses her last name (ie, less than perfect). This is a somewhat bizarre method given that a number of working-woman choose to use their maiden names or to hyphenate them when it comes to their careers.

Anonymous said...

It is time for people to stop playing the race or ethnicity card for any advantage and look at the candidates qualifications. I have known Denise Scanziani for over seven years.I can attest to her personal integrity and dedication. Denise started the law studies program which flourished at Msgr. Pace High School. I am the Social Studies Dept. Chair at Pace. Her hard work, ethics, and love of the law enlightened our students and help them appreciate and understand the legal system.

Anonymous said...

Actually Judge Manno-Schurr changed her name because Blacks thought she was Hispanic and Hispanics knew she was Italian. (Manno) At least she had an ethnic ID with the change of name.

Anonymous said...

Our "beef" with Denise and so many like her, is with only 7 years as a lawyer and 32 years on this earth, she seems to believe she has the legal and life experience to make important decisions that effect the lives of all who come before her.

Like so many she thinks that being a judge is easy. You just make decisions. She believes that it is nice part time job. I will work in the morning and be a Mommy in the afternoon, not to mention the "benes".

Well making those decisions is not easy and having little more than a cursory knowledge of the law and life does not qualify. Grow up a little and then come back. It is high time we started demanding more than a law degree to be a judge. It is time to put a higher standard of practice and experience on those who would sit on the bench.

I assume I make myself perfectly clear.

Anonymous said...

To February 26, 2008 10:15:00 AM,

Are you kidding me? My lord, this post is ridiculous. Assumption after assumption. You presume to think 8 years practicing law does not warrant being able to make judgments. Look at the President of our country, it doesn't appear age has made him any smarter or able to do his job any better.

I hope you're not an attorney, because your logic is lacking of any insight or rationale. You have no concept of her experience or her beliefs. I'm sure you would love for people to "judge" you in the same fashion. Is this what politics has come to? Assumption after assumption? I thought of all places you would base things on facts!

Anonymous said...

To 5:06 pm or should I say Denise:

I promise I am uniquely qualified to make the statements I have made. It matters not what your beliefs are because the only belief that is relevant is a belief in the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Florida and the understanding that you are bound to follow the laws of the State of Florida as established by the legislature and the appellate courts of this state.

No lawyer with your limited scope of legal experience and life experience is prepared for the responsibilities that face a judge every day. It is the reason that the quality of the bench in this county, which was once the envy of every other circuit and district, has so drastically declined and is now the laughing stock of the judiciary of this state.

Denise, if you are as truly dedicated to the system as you claim to be, I strongly urge you to wait. Really practice law. Get some real life experience so you can truly understand what is happening before you. Do not be so arrogant as to think you possess all the qualities that a good judge should have at your early age. Then come back.

Anonymous said...

To February 27, 2008 10:40:00 AM,

First of all I'm not Denise. I don't even live in Florida anymore, but I am from South Florida. I just call it how I see it. I thought it was amazing how the topic quickly evolved. You now made this about ageism. It wasn't enough to try to challenge her tactics based on gender and ethnicity. How much more can you pile on? I say why don't you get to know the candidate before you jump to conclusions. If the Florida Constitution had issue with age then they have the right to make restrictions. The only arrogance I see is yours, trying to belittle someone's experience solely based on age, without even knowing the person. That's just sad!

Keep piling on the assumptions. It's funny because I disagree with your statement that makes me Denise. Your deduction skills are lacking.

Anonymous said...

"ageism" You speak goodly English. If you are not Denise then you are related to her. But I still think you are Denise.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's great...now I'm related to her. Wow. I guess no one can disagree with you without having an ulterior motive. Think what you want. I still disagree with you.

Just for you Professor MLA...

age·ism also ag·ism (ā'jĭz'əm)