Friday, October 12, 2007


Martin Lee Anderson.
From Susannah Nesmith's HERALD ARTICLE
"Legal experts predicted the jury might have a hard time convicting the eight, despite a videotape showing the guards beating Anderson for almost 30 minutes while the nurse watches. Both sides agreed that Anderson did not die from the prolonged beating.
''If the cause of death would have been beating, it would have been a different case all together,'' said veteran Miami attorney David S. Markus."


The boy's mother, Gina Jones, stormed out of the courtroom. ``I cannot see my son no more. Everybody see their family members. It's wrong,'' she said, distraught.``You kill a dog, you go to jail,'' said her lawyer, Benjamin Crump. ``You kill a little black boy and nothing happens.'' He spoke outside court, which is across the street from the now-closed Bay County boot camp.
Rumpole says: This evidence unfolded in a strange manner. Maybe it wasn't manslaughter. Certainly the prosecution's own medical examiner and medical witnesses did not help, admitting that this was the first known case of death by ammonia suffocation.
However, they beat that boy for thirty minutes, and you mean to tell me not one person gets convicted of aggravated battery, or even battery.
An all white jury.
A black victim.
The deep south.
This smells rotten.


Anonymous said...

Did the jury have any lesser included offenses to consider, or was this all or nothing by the prosecution?

old guy said...

Perhaps if the prosecution knew that cause of death was an 'iffy' issue, they should have only charged Agg Battery. Bet even an all-white jury would have been persuaded by the video.

I am all-white, and it offended the hell out of me!

They brought in a special prosecutor - who did not have to answer to the locals. Why not take the hard road and admit that there was no proveable homicide case?

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted.


Anonymous said...

why was the case not moved down to miami?

A all white jury, white prosecutor, all white defense lawyers, white judge, white herald reporter, white court TV reporter heck even I am white.

When will the law require at least 1% of a jury reflect the racial background of the defendent, the victim in all cases.

A legal mandate that in all cases were race is challenged the Judge invokes a mandatory criminal rule that stops the case in its tracks and requires 1% of the jury to meet the racial nackground of both the victim and defendant as a whole.

Stop this bullshit of we can all act fair, that pretty people don't get better deals in court. Enough racial tensions have taken place in our lifetime to know that common sense mandates a new criminal rule that can be involked by the prosecution for the victim and the defense consul for the accused. Lets put to rest this B.S. of racially motivated aquittals and racially motivated convictions.

Anonymous said...

Let me check with O.J. and Yale about that racially motivated jury stuff.

I hear one of his co-defendants took a deal to testify against him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't realize so many people that were sitting in the courtroom and heard all the evidence also post on this blog.

Anonymous said...

10:32 is right!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"An all white jury.
A black victim.
The deep south.
This smells rotten......"

Yes, "The Sweet Smell of Success"!!
The good old days return!

Rumpole said...

8:19- you're an idiot. A moron. a schmuck. I thought about not posting it, but decided that the cold harsh light of truth should be cast upon your racist comment. Come and stop being a coward. If you're so proud of the good old days, post you name.

Anonymous said...

And another issue that could potentially effect those of us that practice here in Dade.....
The Honorable Jorge Cueto? Is this a joke? Have you seen his work? Me neither. That's because he doesn't.

This guy never goes to trial and just walks around all day shaking hands and politicking. Meanwhile, it's been good for our clients, but he gives the house, the farm, and everything else away on his cases just to avoid trial and suck up to the defense attorneys.

Let's be honest.... little-c has no morals, scruples, nor convictions. And as soon as he no longer needs someone or something to advance his own personal agenda, he'll just as soon step on you as step over you.

I might actually have to vote for josie veliz? Yikes!

Bruce said...

Rumpole! It's Hockey season, and the Rangers had a homecoming in Harlem late last night.

Rumpole said...

And let me guess, "The Magic Rat drove his sleek machine over the Jersey State line." ?

I know your tunes baby.

Anonymous said...

Two things--

9:41, you're dead on with your analysis of Jorge Cueto. He's let as many dangerous people back out on the street as the five best PDs in Brummer's office. Will someone please jump into that race so I don't have to vote for Velis?!

As to the 1% of the jury must reflect the victim and/or defendant's race suggestion...is this person for real?! 1% of 6 people is 1/16 of a juror! God, lawyers are idiots!

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing from reading the post from yesterday declaring Larry Handfield a "powerful black trial attorney".

That was a good one.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you all bitch and moan about racism and the unfairness of it all in this case, but celebrate each other's victories in seemingly every other guys.

A little hypocritical are we?

Anonymous said...

carlos martinez taking over the pdo? what a suprise... rory stien, you have no balls. just protect your own ass punk...

healtheland said...


Anonymous said...

While race was likely considered, you need to remmember that some of the Defendants are Afro-American. This was less about race and more about the prejudice of pro L.E.O. vs Inmate. But, that was enough, even w/ the vid for the jury to find N.G. You have to admit the Defense Attys did a good job esspecially up against that video.
I may not agree w/ the verdict, but I recognize good lawyering/ Pulling a N.G. when the State has a video of your defendant choking & beating the poor kid, that is great lawyering.
I do feel sorry for his family, a terrible loss.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

The 8 guards should never have been charged criminally in the first place. Its pathetic you're making this into a racial issue.

The mom'll get paid in civil ct, so let it go.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why charge manslaughter when there was a problem with the cause of death. The special prosecutor should have charged agggravated battery which is just what the videotape showed.

Anonymous said...

"The mom'll get paid in civil ct, so let it go" ?

7:18, you are a pig! Her son was murdered!


Sam I Am said...

Thanks 6:53. A jury let' a black man walk and they still get called racist.

Why can't we just use more descriptive words instead of reaching for the race card at each turn. As in, the non-racist jury was composed of morons...

CAPTAIN said...

to 7:18 pm


In case you forgot, the Florida Legislature passed a Claims Bill during the spring session awarding the family of Martin Lee Anderson $5,000,000.

Gov. Crist and several other lawmakers successfully pushed for the settlement despite the Legislature's general distaste for claims measures.

The state had already paid Anderson's parents $200,000, the most allowed by law without legislative approval. The bill signed by Crist on May 23, 2007 pays the teen's parents, Gina Jones and Robert Anderson, the remaining $4.8 million.

The sheriff's office also settled with the family for an additional $2.4 million.


Anonymous said...

Is there really a price that any civil court can award a father/mother for the life of her son/daughter?

7:18:00 PM:

I truly hope you don't have children because you are a mindless imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Do defense lawyers generally like blacks on their juries b/c blacks will be fair to the defendant, or b/c the lawyer thinks blacks will be unfair to the state?

Rumpole said...

ahh.. decided to take down my angry comments. No sense losing my temper.

Not Thomas Aquinus said...

"Is there really a price that any civil court can award a father/mother for the life of her son/daughter?"

How does hurting someone else make it better? People seeking vengeance can be as evil as the original wrong doer.

The catholics reading this can understand the irony. A murderer can repent, seek God's forgiveness and be saved. The victim's family can get so caught up in their desire for vengeance, they cast away their immortal souls. That is why Satan so loves the death penalty; the well-meaning send him clients.

Anonymous said...

Whats your name asshole! What's your freaking name so I can sue the f... out of you.

You are nothing but a sissy little bitch who deserves to be disbarred and exposed for being the crude, rude ignorant asshole that you are!!

Expose yourself stop being a sissy bitch!

Rumpole said...

I decided to post this comment, because it's important for my readers to see a person fall apart in public. Don't let this happen to you. Take your meds.

You want to sue me? How about those people that put out the Captain Pro Se Web site. They have your picture up. And you want to sue me? Jeeze. That seems a bit unfair.

Crude and rude? Maybe. But "ignorant?" From someone with as low an IQ as you, that hurts. Of course, with someone with the type of record you have in lawsuits, just how worried should I be? Not really worried.

Rumpole said...

You want to have me disbarred? You see, you missed a lot in Law School. Like the first amendment. But, at least I don't have a criminal record, and could get into law school and take the bar. From that record in Puerto Rico, I wouldn't throw too many stones. One of us has a lot to hide.

Anonymous said...

Your a chicken shit. Sissy coward with no balls. Show your name lets have the Courts decide whats legal, fair and have the Judgement fall on the side of justice.

What can't stop being a prick, crude, rude bastard?

You think that I forgot about your dumb ass well I have not.

Anonymous said...

Show your name asshole. Lets stop the crap. Who are you?

Maybe I will start will Phil R, to David O', to Brian T, as the Captain? Who is Rumpole?

Whats up you sissy bitch be a man what do you have to fear? You say that you are a great lawyer. C'mon take on this pro-se litigant surely you don't think a non-lawyer could wipe the floor with your skilled legal mind?


Rumpole said...

This is truly an excellent reason why all of you who have sought psychiatric treatment should continue to take your meds even when you feel better. This is what happens when you have a breakdown. It's not pretty.

Rumpole said...

I'll tell you what Capt Pro Se, you give me a list of all the jury trials you have handled, and I will do the same and then we can compare results.

Oh wait- I can't do that because then you'd discover who I am; and you can't do that because you aren't a lawyer and have never handled a trial.

Oh well.

How about an internet chess match? Loser leaves town.

Anonymous said...

Sissy Bitch - Wimp!

Anonymous said...

The closet you have ever come to a jury trial is Court TV.

Your a pathetic loser who preys on innocent victims and goes which ever way the wind is blowing on any subject. You don't have moral's or gut's to start or finish anything.

Prove your a real man "SHOW YOUR NAME". Look by my estimate only about half the Dade County Bar whats to kick your ass and 1/4 whats to sue you for every trailer home you own.

Your nothing but a sissy bitch!

Anonymous said...

this was a bad black kid. if he had lived the bottom feeders would have been representing him when he became an adult. even his own family could not handle him, thats why he was in the boot camp in the first place.

Rumpole said...

You wrote:
"The closet you have ever come to a jury trial is Court TV."

That is what we call a Freudian slip. Just who is in the "closet" here.

Hmmm....these comments aren't going to look good in Mr. Ruvin's campaign literature, or what we will write when the election gets close. (close meaning near to the date. Not close in the sense of you having a snowball's chance in hell of winning.)

See- close- and what you with your limited IQ meant to say "closest".

How about you just send me your rants and raves, and I will edit and spell check them for you, because right now this is as "close" as the Miami Cleveland game. And you aren't really looking too good.

Or you can just stay in the "closet".

You write: "Prove your a real man "

But what you wanted to write was "Prove you're a real man."

How can you be our clerk, if you can't read or rite real good english? (That was a bit of intellectual humor, me writing "write" wrong/)

Lets continue with our English lesson:

you wrote:
"1/4 whats to sue you for every trailer home you own."

"What" you "Wanted" to write was

"1/4 "wants" to sue you..."

You wrote: "Your a pathetic loser"
"What" you "wanted" to write was
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You must have been absent in school the day they went over "your" and "you're" and "what" and "wants".

Here's an example:

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See: That is an excellent example of the differences between "your" and "you're". If you want to be clerk, "you're" going to have to know how to write a proper letter.

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Anonymous said...

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Now since no one reads this piece of crap blog no one will ever know you are a "sissy bitch". But wait what people and voters will know is that the "sissy bitch" was sued and lost.

Rumpole said...

Hmm.. "you're" (there's that word again) "made I am at you"

Now lets see if I can help you.

Are you really "made" at me?

Or perhaps, given your poor psychological state, you are "mad" at me. (and for that matter, just plain "mad")?

As to no one reading this blog, sort of undermines your lawsuit, doesn't it?

Anyway, you keep trying with this English language thing, and I will keep pointing out your (there's that word again) errors and inability to conduct yourself like an adult or express yourself like and individual with an IQ over 65.

Operation Restore Sanity Crew said...

Rump- this stuff is pure gold. He is soooo stupid. As fast as he keeps writing this stuff and you keep pointing out his mistakes, we are putting this all up on "Operation Restore Sanity."
This stuff is pure gold. We are all sitting around here just watching the Dallas/NE game and laughing our asses off at this guy.

Keep up the good work.

CPS's Mom said...

Rumpole, this is Captain Pro Se's Mom. I'm going to turn the computer off now and take it away from him and send him to his room for the night. I am sorry he got out and started harassing you. How did you know about him going off his medication? Anyway, as you know, my poor boy is a bit slow, and he loses his temper really quickly. I am sorry for the trouble he has caused and I hope you and readers will be understanding. Mental illness is not a laughing matter.

Fake Harvey Ruvin said...

Way to much material for the campaign... CPS tone it down.

Fake Dr. Haber said...

Dear Captain Pro Se-
I would like to offer you my services.

As you can see, Rumpole is a professional, and thus in the heat of battle, he is cooly and coldly taking you apart. Because you are not a professional and have not been trained, when you get upset, you lose your temper and start cursing. Real professionals don't curse when things get tough. But then, they have trained for their job, and you haven't.

Now on another point- I find your use of the particular slurs very interesting. We all know how crazy you get when someone posts the opinion from Puerto Rico that mentions you "and your boyfriend."
And yet you resort to what we would commonly call anti-homosexual slurs. I find that very revealing, and I posit that there is a fair amount of self loathing and self hatred at play here. You are not only angry, but deeply ashamed.

I can help. I offer you a discount as to my psychological services. Now before you file a DPR complaint, the name I have used would only be recognizable to laywers who work in the justice building. You won't get the joke. But if you want help, I am serious about helping you. Just put up a comment with your email address and I am sure Rumpole will let that go through so I can help you.

Rumpole said...

Can the person who just tried to post a comment email with the information about the person passing away. I do not think you are correct.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being careful with rumores about people passing away.

So many people lie on this blog so, we have to be careful.

Could you imagine if a false rumor was posted about someone you really loved and you thought it was true?

Anonymous said...

Opps sorry Rump confused Dr. Haber with Dr. Mosman. Gee ya just get who died wrong once and its death.

Anonymous said...

Hate to hear the comments re jorge cueto but the truth is that teh behcavior described is all too typical of most asa's. giving away any case that they can, trying to suck up to the judges and defense bar. they rationalize it and say "i am keeping my credibility" with the court. truth is judges can smell a lay down prosecutor and crush them like bugs

Anonymous said...

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