Monday, April 24, 2006


A reader has heard a rumor: That's what we're here for:

Can some one please tell me about the incident where Judge Miller reported Judge Young for dressing like a penguin for Court? I heard the rumor and want to see if anyone else can verify it

Judge Young at a judicial conference?

A Reader has a riddle:

Rumpole, Capitan and others, here is a riddle:What does Alberto “Al” Milian, Robert Petrieta, $25,000 and a Judicial Election have in common? Answer: Candidate Migna Sanchez-Llorens.To Elaborate: Of course, allegedly, Migna pays Robert a whopping $25,000 for him to run her campaign, he pays Al who is so loved by the community part of that $25,000 to actually do the campaign as he does not want to appear in the books or openly to be campaigning. (Might have to do with how much he is loved by everyone.) Al was never going to run; he wanted to create the illusion as well as commotion for him to feel popular again while he got Migna a seat or two. (He is obviously earning more than he ears as a lawyer with Robert.)Conclusion: I am proud to say that neither I nor anyone I know who is sane will vote for anyone who Alberto “Al” Milian is representing, associated with or friends with. Nothing personal, but I think that any friend (including Mr. Petrieta who I never seen, but must be as crazy as Al) of Al is not worthy of my vote or the votes of a sane community. (Captain can you please get us the cases from Broward and show the Blog Community. I don't have Lexis... :-( to put it here. Sorry Migna. I am voting for Shelly. GOT THAT, JUST SAY NO TO DOPES! NO AL, NO ROBERT, NO PROBLEM.This is a community service announcement against while and crazy guys… The information on this message is for entertainment purposes only as well as being only an opinion with alleged facts.

Rumpole notes that whatever Left Hook Al is up to is always entertaining and unusual.

A reader has an opinion on Left Hook Al:

Al Milian is the biggest jerk to walk into a courtroom with a brief case.He is rude, agressive and obnoxious.He beats people up, intimidates people and is hated by many.Now... let me tell you how I really feel about big Al...

Rumpole debuts a new feature: “Dear Rumpole”

Dear Rumpole:

I am so confused lately. When the Governor appointed to me to County Court everyone said it would be easy: "Just do whatever the State wants" they said. But lately, I have found that relying on prosecutors who are attorneys less than 6 months isn’t working. What should I do?
Confused in County Court.

Dear Confused.

It is indeed harder to be a judge than it seemed in those heady carefree days after you got your phone call and before you had to explain to a defendant for the seven hundredth time in a week the difference between a withhold and PTI.

Here are a few tips: It’s OK to ignore the advice the 23 year old prosecutor is giving you. Just because they are a prosecutor, does not mean they have the wisdom and temperament that comes with age and experience. Not every a-form explains enough to merit you denying a motion to take depos, not every possession of marijuana requires the defendant to be adjudicated, and not every DUI case is the end of the world. Just ask your political hero, Pres. Geo Bush. Yes, he had a DUI way back when (and his boss, Dick Cheeney had a few!!!) and look where they ended up. OK. Maybe being responsible for the deaths of +2000 Americans and +100,000 Iraqi’s is a bad example. The point is, every now and then try granting a motion or two. It’s fun! Hang in there.

Dear Rumpole:

Why do you hate us so much?

Not So Bad.

Dear “not so bad” Judge North of the Border.

We don’t hate you. We pity you. However, it’s not fun waiting until 12:00 noon to be called last on an 8:30 sounding calendar.

Dear Rumpole:

I think the Kommissar of Kounty Kort thinks I am the one posting bad things about her. Help!
Young ASA.

Dear Young ASA:

Take our advice and when called into the Komissar’s Office, waive reading, stand mute, demand discovery and trial by jury. We will represent you. Just remember that without a confession they got nuttin. What can they do to you? Send you to Hialeah branch court? It’s not so bad.

Dear Rumpole:

Sometimes I get bored sending people to prison all day long. Any advice?
Bored In Circuit Court.

Dear Judge Dresnick:

Remember those days when you were on our side. Remember how much it hurt to have a client sent to prison? The dark side of the force is strong. But try and resist it. A little probation now and then wouldn’t hurt anyone.

See You In Court. (We may have bloggers block. We are around…nothing is jumping off the keyboard. We just sit in our office, the phones are quiet, no new clients, and nothing funny to say.)


Anonymous said...

Re: the criteria for the worst Judge. Here is what you do: Get a picture of Alan Postman, study it, and there you have what the worst judge who ever put on robes looks like. A poor exucse for a person, ot to mention a judge.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone hate "Jabba the Judge?" You just had to keep him away from your doughnuts, and you did just fine. Pretty harsh comment above.

Anonymous said...

Suffice to say that when confronted with keeping his word, or looking good in the press, the former judge chose the latter and sentenced a defendant to decades in prison when he had promised the defendant guidelines in exchange for a plea (about 7-10, if I recall correctly). The sentence was reversed on a rule 3.850.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, wait a minute mr. postman

Anonymous said...

Al Milian is not only rude and obnoxious he lacks integrity. When he was a ASA in Broward, i had a case against him. I called him repeatedly to discuss the case and to try and work out a deal. He never once returned my call, bit of gossip, (at that point in time he was very busy fooling around with a beautiful girl who later became a dade county ASA and has since left the office) he had the balls to walk into court and when the judge asked if we had worked out a plea he said that he'd never been contacted. I opened the file and read the documented attempts to reach him and even pulled out a letter written to him. And after court he had the audacity to ask me why i did it? Cause you are a liar i told him

Anonymous said...

why would you ever beg for a plea? what kinda lawyer are you? beeiach.

Anonymous said...

If true, I would love to know why Judge Young dressed like a Penguin? And why Judge Miller reported him?


Anonymous said...

judge young dressed up like a penguin because it was halloween. and i must say, it was bizzare to see a large bird dulling out jail time to a box of defendants. miller was probably offended and complained. a better question might be why you are a shitbird. perhaps, you should dress as one next halloween.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In the PD race, Warren Schwartz has raised $253,000. $153,000 in self-loans from last year's salary, and $100,000 in loans from his wife Marlene, from last years salary.

Rod Vereen has raised $143,000 from 256 donors.

Anonymous said...

she might be lazier then warren.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, I don't understand why you aren't making a bigger deal out of Miami SAO easing up on the Moldof bribery case. Can you please explain?

Anonymous said...

Young is a great judge and Miller is a fucking jerk-off. Period.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if a judge dresses up for holloween?

I remember when the entire courthouse dressed up like Judge Marshall Ader. Everyone had a tux shirt, bow tie and suspenders.

Even some judges did it.

If judge Miller "reported" him... to who and for what?

Also, if he did, then Judge Miller is a jerk.

Judge Young loves penguins. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

if it is true that Al Milian is being paid $25,000.00 through Robert Petrierra by Migna Sanchez-Llorens campaign against Judge Schwartz, then does Al know something about this candidate that we do not? Who puts out so much money so early in a campaign? Is she going to be Al's girl on the bench? What happens to independence of the court? Precedent would leave no room for that. Also known as Happy Gilmore.

Shelly has my vote as well.

Maybe Left Hook Al and Phil hang out together. From what I hear, they are both totally gangsta.

Lt. Daniel Kaffee said...

Judge Miller is a tool plain and simple. He's better than that. Its like needing a screwdriver to get a screw in, and then just hammering it like a nail instead. That would be Judge Miller.

Anonymous said...