Wednesday, April 26, 2006


It’s a first for us, but we took down our own post. Here’s why.

We saw a story about a model denied entry into the US, and wrote a little humorous (we thought) post about a fictitious super hero named ASADJ. Of course we were referring to ASA Grieco. It was written in the spirit of humor. What we did not know was that for personal reasons Mr. Grieco decided to resign today.

We do not know why Mr. Grieco resigned. We know he was not fired.
It surely must have been a tough decision and these are tough times for him.

If you have read our posts, then you must realize that what we are not about is kicking people when they are down. Making fun of a Judge with an oversized ego (and caseload to match) no problem.
But making fun of people who are experiencing tough times is not what we like to do.

Mr. Grieco has been widely discussed on this blog. While working as an ASA and keeping up the persona of DJEsq., he was fair game for being ribbed. And any misguided statement he may have but on his MYSPACE page was also fair game for commentary. And people are free to still comment on the incident, and on his resignation.

But we are not comfortable with our little humorous post at a time like this. So, it’s down, and for those of you who didn’t see it, you are not missing much.


A Muldowny mole just whispered in our ear:

Important Unofficial Muldowny Deadlines:

3/27 Date new Intoxilizer 8000 machines came on line. (This may be the excuse the judges will have for granting this very meritorious motion... they can say.. hey... so, what... the new machine fixes all of this....

4/19 Oral Arguments

4/28 Date Defense Attorneys said at arguments they would be ready for a ruling... who is dragging feet here???

5/11 Deadline for judges to find out who, if anyone, is running against them

5/12 Date that judges feel free to make decisions

5/19 Date all final memos are due

6/1 Date judges will rule... at the earliest

Rick Freedman writes in:


Because our event is attracting so much attention in and around the REGJB, I hope you don't mind if I post my Press Release on your blog:PRESS RELEASEOn Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 6:00 PM, the Kiwanis Club of Biscayne Bay will be holding their 28th Annual Kiwanis Auction Dinner. The event is being held at the Renaissance Ballrooms, located at 5910 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida.The event is expected to attract over 400 guests to a spectacular evening including a silent auction, "The Rush Limbaugh Dinner" and a live auction to conclude the evening. Club President Rick Freedman was able to secure Rush Limbaugh to underwrite the dinner with a donation of $40,000. Mr. Limbaugh, currently facing prosecution in West Palm Beach for various crimes relating to his abuse of pain medicine denies any connection to his sudden charitable interests and his case. Furthermore, Mr. Limbaugh, who has no tolerance for illegal aliens, poor people, or people of color, and never met a law or get tough on crime republican politician he didn’t like is suddenly and adamantly against the drug laws of this country. Funny how life works out isn’t it? Karma baby. And if Limbaugh is convicted and sent to prison, then we can soon expect the “Rush Limbaugh Prisoner Rights” dinner next year.

Rumpole notes that you can read Mr. Freedman’s full and original post without the Rush Limbaugh bashing in the comments section. Say what you want about porky, but the Dinner benefits a great charity and everyone should go, make fun of Limbaugh, and spend lots of money.

See You In Court. Jeeze we feel like such a jerk for making fun of Grieco right when he was resigning, but then the Limbaugh thing came in and now we feel better. That jackass has kicked so many people when they were down that not enough bad things can happen to him in our humble opinion. The greeks had a word for it. They called it Hubris and we all know what happened in those Greek tragedies.


former asa said...

C'mon Rump--
ASA Esq didn't resign. When you resign you give notice (if you are professional at least!). He was given the option--resign, or be fired. Which is why he resigned and left all in one day. He was given the same choice everyone else who messes up gets--you can either "choose to resign" or be fired. He was strongly encouraged to resign for two reasons; one, so he saved face, and two, so KFR saved face since Ms. Politico didn't want to look like she was suddenly not 100% behind him, as was stated in the official SAO press release. You've been around long enough (at least you claim to be) that you know how the political game is played! At least we were entertained by his idiotic moniker.

Rumpole said...

Fair analysis on your part. Mr. Grieco knows he can respond here if he wants to. Quite frankly, with the way we see people who sign their name getting treated, we would never personally respond to anything.

Rick Freedman said...


Because our event is attracting so much attention in and around the REGJB, I hope you don't mind if I post my Press Release on your blog:


On Saturday, April 29, 2006 at 6:00 PM, the Kiwanis Club of Biscayne Bay will be holding their 28th Annual Kiwanis Auction Dinner. The event is being held at the Renaissance Ballrooms, located at 5910 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida.

The event is expected to attract over 400 guests to a spectacular evening including a silent auction, "The Rush Limbaugh Dinner" and a live auction to conclude the evening. Club President Rick Freedman was able to secure Rush Limbaugh to underwrite the dinner with a donation of $40,000.

In addition to Mr. Limbaugh, the event is expected to attract over 30 County and Circuit Court Judges including: Circuit Court Judges Jeffrey Rosinek, Rosa Rodriguez, Michael Genden, Maria Korvick, Ronald Dresnick, Victoria Platzer, Jeri B. Cohen, Kevin Emas, Dennis Murphy, Maxine Cohen Lando, Leon Firtel, Ivan Fernandez, Roberto Pineiro, Pedro Echarte, Maynard Gross, Paul Siegel, Dava Tunis, Thomas Wilson, Arthur Rothenberg, Barbara Areces, Mark King Leban, David Miller and Phillip Bloom. County Court Judges Edward Newman, Catherine Pooler, Mary Jo Francis, Steve Leifman, Shirlyon McWhorter, Caroll Kelly and Maria Ortiz. Also State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, South Miami Mayor Horace Feliu and the Honorable Elaine Bloom are expected to attend.

Other sponsors include: Platinum Sponsors The Miller Family & The Saiontz Family, Diaz & Kaiser, LLP.; Gold Sponsor Squire Sanders, Silver Sponsors; G Dry Wall & Mandy Alonso, Transitions, Inc and Lee Barchan, Richard Baron & Assoc., Summer House, Celida Perez; and Sponsors Brian L. Tannebaum, Southern Wine & Spirits, Better Way Of Miami, Inc., Lloyd Aero Boliviano Airlines, Equity Financial Group, and Elias Jatib of Havana Classic Cigars.

This year, the Kiwanis Club honors Richard Baron as its "Citizen of the Year". Mr. Baron's story has been eloquently told in Wednesday's Miami Herald by writer Joan Fleischman. The Auction proceeds benefit two important programs: The Biscayne Bay Kiwanis Youth Foundation and the Friends of Miami Dade Drug Court, Inc.

The Kiwanis Youth Foundation funds all the children's projects that our club performs and sponsors during the year. We work with three schools: Santa Clara Elementary School, Kenwood K-8 and Miami Springs High School. At Santa Clara, we started a reading project called the "Raising Readers Program" nine years ago, and club members read to third graders each and every month. We also support their Career Day, their PTA program and a host of other functions that the school could not otherwise afford on their own. At Kenwood, we support the K-Kids Program and all the special projects they perform. Finally, we support the Key Club at Miami Springs Senior High School.

The Friends of Miami Dade Drug Court, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to completing the process that Miami Dade Drug Court performs in getting people off of drugs. Kicking the habit is only half the problem; Friends of Drug Court helps with furthering their education, finding them a job and putting a roof over their heads. The Drug Court is led by Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Rosinek, (our Kiwanis Club secretary) and one of the founders of Friends of Drug Court is Richard Baron, this year's honoree.

For more information, please contact President Rick Freedman at 305-898-4855 (cell) or 305-375-9510 (office).

Rick Freedman & Associates, P.A.
Colonial Bank Centre, Ste. 1680
1200 Brickell Avenue
Miami, Florida 33131

phone: 305-375-9510
fax: 305-375-9511
cell: 305-898-4855
Email: rickfreedmanlaw@aol.com

Anonymous said...


For the past month or so the Surfside PD has had its entire police force out daily, usually from about 4pm to 7pm on the NW Corner of 90th and Collins catching northbound traffic.

Anonymous said...

You can't stop Rick Freedman. You can only hope to contain him.......

Grieco said...

I will be at the SAO for the rest of the week. You can find me in my 3rd floor office or courtroom 4-8. If anonymous would like to stop by for further inquiry, I welcome him/her to do so. My reasons for leaving are my own, the short notice is for personal reasons unrelated to any recent developments, and I have received nothing but support from the office.

Anonymous said...

grieco, your alright on my mind. i wish you luck in the future.

Finch said...

Say what you will about Grieco.He is sharp, knows the law, and is skillfull in a courtroom. the above attributes are in short supply at the SAO and it is a shame the citizens of Dade will lose him.
The web site was kinda immature but so what? Who among us doesn't have something in our lives that if discovered could be used to embarrass and hurt us. Going outside the lines with personal attacks on prosecutors,cops or Judges Ain't how this game is played.
The Building used to be full of "colorful" charicters. Remember Norman Haft?,Paul Pollack? Barry Hodus? Morphonius, Snyder, Knight, Sparks ? the list goes on. DJ Esquire and his web site wouldn't make the top 100.
Grieco Didn't deserve this kind of pounding

blog police said...

zzzzzzzzzzz to freedman's post. was that the longest, most boring post on this blog ever? here's a tip for the future, keep posts short and witty. even rumpole could learn something from the short part... lesson #2, don't post your cell # on the blog. that's a recipe for disaster kiwanis boy.

Anonymous said...

the only thing sharp about grieco is his over-moused hair

Anonymous said...

Former ASA here:

I left the SAO just when Grieco got got into the felony division and the knock on him was that his head was too big to fit through the courtroom. Seems like that over inflated ego got him booted out of the SAO. Yes, I said booted. I agree 100% with the 5:49 poster re him having to resign or get fired. I saw my share of SAO scandals over there and they all ended up the way his did, albeit with much less fanfare. His personal life actions as of late were an embarrasment to the office and were detrimental to a media case the office entrusted him to handle. Instead of representing the office professionally, he ran off to create links to the case on a website. You didnt think Sharpy would find this out and use it to his client's advantage? Of course, since his defendant was a popular athlete, his bad press not only spanned South Florida, but nationally as well. When the badge flashing incident rumor started, followed by the myspace fiasco, anyone who had been with the SAO and knew its inner workings knew he was a goner.
Don't worry, though, the SAO will either mount his badge on a plaque or put encase it in lucite. I chose the plaque, but he may want to choose the lucite so he can flash it around on South Beach. Easier to carry the lucite in the pocket rather than lug around a plaque.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grieco,

Extremeskins fan here. You didn't happen to have any action against the Skins without Sean Taylor in the lineup did you? You must have bragged to your Giants buddies about this case. You guys are going to lose big this year just like last. Say hi to Shockey for us.

Anonymous said...

Grieco can lick my balls

Lt. Daniel Kaffee said...

The last time I saw Grieco, he was looking a bit rough, you could tell the weight of things was heavy on his shoulders.

A man doesn't kick another man while he's down. You can take him on face to face but not like this. Good luck to you Grieco.

Anonymous said...

"A man doesn't kick another man while he's down."

I suppose you watched a lot of John Wayne movies as a kid.

Anonymous said...

"a man doesnt kick another man when he is down" is a great credo to live by. however, the irony is too much when a complete ass hole is down. you also "get what you reap".

i am sure the teenie boppers on my space will help mike through these tough times. and of course slims......

Anonymous said...

Grieco was fired. NO personal family issues. The reasons for Grieco being fired yesterday and not weeks ago is because the amount of evidence for all of his scandals came to the attention of the right people.

No ASA leaves without two weeks notice, unless they are booted or die. If you know the SAO, you know how it works. So we who are in the business in Miami criminal justice know Grieoc was fired.

Sharpy did good, but Grieco did it to himself. There were a lot of Grieco scandals, and the bottom line is this was not about KFR backing an ASA, this was about Grieco taking himself down.

Go ask the different parties who were involved in all of Grieco's scandals, then you will know why he was FIRED.

Rumor has it, Grieco is going to be a practice player on the Redskin's practice squad this summer.

Anonymous said...

Mike was seen yesterday smiling and saying how he was not resigning, afternoon comes and see ya later, wouldnt wanna be ya.

Anonymous said...

Kick a man when he's down? He's the biggest egomaniac there is and loved the publicity when it showed what a bad ass ASA he thought he was. Now he's got bad publicity and brought it all on himself. He made his bed, now he can sleep in it.

I agree with the above posters that his "resignation" letter was probably typed up by the SAO and he was told to sign and pack his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Of course he was fired. And he deserved it. He's got the maturity of a 10 year old. Do you really want this kind of greaseball administering justice?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should go taunt DJ Esq at his next show. At least it will make it harder for him to molest the 14 year olds on MySpace who seem to like him...

Anonymous said...

Mike Greaseball -- ahem, Grieco -- deserves what he's gotten. He was fired because he's unprofessional, immature, and, frankly, an embarrassment to the entire state. I just hope he writes a book about his "ordeal" so I can not buy it.

Anonymous said...

Wuzzup Mike!! Keep yo head up! We still luv you!!!! Dont worry youll get another lawyer job!! Maybe you can teach like law or soemthing at my middle school!!

Go DJ Esq!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Possible career paths for little Mikey:

1. Rap thug defense lawyer: Mike can totally bling out and represent the sleaziest rap thugs. It's the perfect combination of bad law and bad music.

2. Middle school guidance counselor: OK, this one's risky because he'll most likely end up doing time for statutory, but life is full of risks...

3. Full time DJ: This is his most likely option, with the downside that nobody will listen to a lame, balding pathetic loser for very long...

Anonymous said...

Like a wise man once said, Mike: Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Cry, and the world laughs AT you.

We're laughing at you now, Mike. We're laughing at you.

Anonymous said...

Grieco is a ball-licker!

Dances with Escalators said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Mike "Ball-licker" Grieco? Well, at least it's more catchy than that lame DJ Esq crap...

Anonymous said...

Is the entire office as lame as Mike? Is this why criminals run amok? You guys are absolute clowns.

Anonymous said...

I would love nothing more than to identify myself on this blog. Some people make their living identifying anonymous posters. Don't be so confident when you shake the hand of the person you're slandering that he doesn't already know what you've done. Its true that you reap what you sow. We're not laughing at Mr. Grieco anymore.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are laughing at Mr Grieco. And laughing hard. A victim of his own hubris!

Anonymous said...

"I would love nothing more than to identify myself on this blog"? What's stopping you, clown? All you have to do -- and this might have escaped your tiny brain -- is type your freakin' name.


Be a man. Don't attack others for hiding behind anonymity when you're doing it yourself.

And people wonder why the legal profession is held in the same high esteem as prostitution and murder-for-hire...

Anonymous said...

We're not laughing at Mike Grieco? Come on... the entire nation is laughing at him! The guy is the drooling idiot of the legal profession. Seriously, the whole DJ thing isn't funny? The MySpace stuff? The fake one-day "family issues" resignation? The guy is so freakin' funny!

Anonymous said...

Mike, if you'r reeding this, cna you call me? im trying to break into the musci business and i need help yo? i know your gonna blow up huge like snoop or tupac now. youl b the top DJ on the PLANET yo!!! plus if i get nailed for like pot or underage drinking you still got yo law license???

Anonymous said...

Greasy Mike Grieco... finally got what's coming to him. Let this be a lesson to sleazy stupid lawyers around the country!

Anonymous said...

Go Skins!


Anonymous said...

The Florida legal community... what a joke!

Anonymous said...

I got no beef with the guy/gal who would like to id himself but won't. I'm sure he knows to type his name if he wants to. Most of you posters are bigger assholes than Grieco ever was, and who wants to get torn apart by you sharks. Which makes YOU the hypocrites for talking about Mike as though you were decent people.

Anonymous said...

You all are brutal. Grieco is not a bad guy at all.

Anonymous said...

how is judge linda dakis doing?

Anonymous said...

i think the market is covered on thug defense attorneys. when thugs come to my office, we kick it. if a thug came to grieco's office, the DJ would probably get his ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

lets just try to love each other.

Anonymous said...

keep in mind that the whole greico affair probably would not have happened had KFR not permitted him to moonlight as a DJ.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Mike, getting canned from the SAO gives you more street cred. Just like rappers get more street cred by getting shot.

By the way, DJ Ex-SAO, how much to DJ my son's bar mitzvah? And would you mind if I invited Sean Taylor?

Rumpole said...

For the second time, we are calling a halt to Grieco matters. Enuff already. Even the Redskin Fans are laughing at us. (That's the only thing they will have to smile about this season.)

Anonymous said...

KFR is such a two-faced jerk for forcing him out like this. The office moral is going to drop another 2 points, below even Dick Cheney.

Hey Rump. What is up with the formatting of this blog. Fix it; what else are you good for?

s/ too lazy to run my own blog

Anonymous said...

Did someone spike Arzola's coffee this morning? Why was he so nice? His courtroom was still backlogged somewhat but if he keps on going like this I may have something nice to say about him.

Anonymous said...

Even if you don't like Grieco, for whatever reason, consider the realities of life at the SAO. Isn't it just smart to have a side job? Its obvious you can get canned at any moment; maybe you think he should have been fired. Fine. Bottom line is that the previous poster is right - moral over there sucks BAD. If you don't like the ASAs now, wait awhile - if someone asks me where to work after law school, even though I did my time at the SAO, my advice will be "anywhere but there." Not because it isn't good experience - it is - but because you get chewed up and spit out at the drop of a hat, and then the bandwagon jumps in to make a poor judgment call even worse. Take a simple sin of hubris, and turn it into murder. That's what everyone here has done. Mike, keep your head up, what you did wasn't smart, but we've all been far dumber from time to time. Just lucky enough not to get caught. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Mike, I certainly have done much dumber things.

s/ The president

Anonymous said...

Greico's all right. Everybody who is a trial lawyer gets a little ridiculously cocky sometimes. The Dj stuff is easy to make fun of, but it aint that big a deal. Good luck to Greico.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think Grieco is an idiot, but we are all idiots. We all do our dirt, and live in a society where we love to jump down one anothers throats until we are the one who got caught. The my space thing was absolutely moronic, but who really cares? KFR probably has more ghosts in her closet than that. The problem with that office is that they are all flawed, just like the rest of us, but they are all willing to cast off anyone whose flaws are exposed. Frankly, anyone who doesn't have some skeletons in their closet is probably not all that fun anyway. I know I have some...I am not stupid enough to post them on the web along with links to my cases. Maybe because of the circumstances, Grieco is no longer fit to serve as a prosecuting authority for the State, frankly, I do not think this is the case based on this incident. Additionally, I do not like the guy at all, but I do wish him the best, and hope that he finds success and some inner peace. I am sure that this has been devastating for him. I just hope everyone looks in the mirror before posting negative things or laughing at his downfall. As defense attorneys, we should know better than anyone that people are flawed.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of Grieco being an egomaniac got me thinking. How about a quick poll: Who have been the biggest egomaniac ASAs of the last ten years?

Anonymous said...

(1) Don Horn (just because he is a dick)
(2) Gail Levine
(3) Saam Zanganin
(4) Andrew Prieto
(5) Eric Padron

Now, for whineyest PDs:

(1) Boots
(2) Miles Raucher
(3) Nick Nolte
(4) Greg Toung
(5) M.Acosta
(6) Safie

Anonymous said...

You forgot two of the worst offenders, Michelle Towbin and Yvonnne Aquesta. They need to be added to the list.

Anonymous said...

What about Judge Krieger Martin, she should get creds as a whiney pd.

Anonymous said...

I read some logic on here that Grieco gets everything he deserves because he is some type of despicable horrible person. Let me ask you this, those that like this flawed logic:

Should all blacks have taken up arms and crawled into the homes of every white in America who participated in a system of slavery and Jim Crow and killed them in their sleep? While it seems off topic, the concept to me seems to be that if you're a villain, then you get EVERYTHING you deserve, no holding back.

Should every person who threw their lot in with Hitler be picked off while their back is turned? Where does the hatred stop?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you are going to go down that road, then you have to add Pando to the list.

Anonymous said...

UHHHHHHHHHHH A little over the top? I don't think compairing Greico to the jack booted thugs or racists is the way to go there slick. What's on your mind? Maybe compare him to a guy who made a bad choice? For example...the pres.? But comeon, do you really think he had evil in his heart?

lex said...

This has turned into a free for all. I stopped trying to read this thread seriously after all that Jim Crow and slavery bullshit. What the hell was that? Look, don't start trying to be Hemingway on here. Stick to ripping somebody without the french dressing and move on. Stick and move.

If you are composing while you are high proof read your graffitti (sp?) and ask yourself this: Am I a writer or an attorney who is stoned? Stick and move.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to interview your
so-called "Public" Defender for quite some time with negative results.

So I thought maybe the BLOG could help. Here are my top ten questions for Bennett Brummer -

1) Is Howard Lubel now the Terri
Chavez of the PD's Office? And if
so does he still make 120k to basically do social work or did
you finally cut his salary.

2) Is Pat Nally now in division?
And if so does he still make 120k
to handle the same "A" caseload that is normally handled for less then 50k.

3) When are you going to retire and let someone else be PD? Or are
you going to be PD for life?

4) What is your latest accomplishment with the Florida
legislature? Since that was your
main campaign theme in the last
election, I was curious whether you have actually had any recent

5) Is it true that you do not want
young PD's to stay for longer than
3 to 5 years? And if so is that so
you all at the top do not have to worry about anyone threatening your
100k per year government job?

6) Are you grooming anyone in particular to be the next PD?
(Carlos Martinez, Lourdes Simon, etc.)

7) Who do you see running the PD's
office in ten years?

8) How many bagels does Rory eat a week? What about danishes?

9) Do you not understand how morale at the office is hurt by the
non-working old timers (Kramer, Warren, Marie O, Rory, Williams, etc.) getting a free pass while
still making over 100k?

10) Why are trials at the office
down the past three years in succession? Is it because you either fired or forced out most of
the young gun trial dogs?

Please Mr. Brummer answer the questions. Even though the sign outside your office says "Law
Offices of Bennett H. Brummer",
remember it really is he "Law
Offices of the Public Defender".
And this member of the public wants some answers.

Justice Reporter

Anonymous said...

May I just say how sick I am of everyone picking on Warren Schwartz? The guy has given 30 years of his life to public service. He DESERVES to make over 100k. He is currently a division attorney, and I frequently see (or hear of) him going to trial with young C and B PDs. I frequently see him with young B PDs assisting them at Arthur Hearings. The guy works, and guess what, he is quite good at what he does. I've seen his litigation skills in action. Have you? And guess what again, I am not a PD nor have I ever been one. I'm just an observer who thinks that all the Gabe Martin sore losers/dead-enders need to stop attacking someone who does his job and does it well.

Anonymous said...

true. i see dude in court every day. and the clerks office. the martin camp needs to check themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:04 PM poster. The 2004 election is over. Get some freakin' therapy and get over it. That 90 minutes you took to think up that post was 90 minutes you couldn't bill your one and only client. Say hi to lonnie, joel, country - how's life at the poverty level?

Lex said...

Warren Schwartz hasn't written a motion since the Carter administration. Yes he works. After he walks around the PD office with those Ofc. Poncharello sunglasses from CHIP's and that bowtie he wears taken from the Tucker Carlson catalog. You can hear him coming with that set of janatorial keys that he wears jingling from his hip.

He means well and he is not malicious. All the young ladies call him "Uncle Warren". He is the undisputed king of pleading out cases before trial. After he tries a case and stays at the office longer than 4:30 than we can sing his praises.

And to the Martin camp - keep taking your shots at the PD's office. You circle jerking wannabees lost and it was a good thing, too. Can you imagine? There are some problems over there, but turning you turds loose on that building would be like turning the State Attorney's Office over to Warren Schwartz and Ray Gonzalez. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Why is B.Tannenbaum the head of the Miami Chapter of Criminal Defense Lawyers but not qualified to second chair death penalty cases? See the Miami Herald Metro today.

Anonymous said...

I supported Gabe Martin against Brummer.To answer your question, Life at the poverty level sucked back then and yes, it still sucks today. However, it was fun to watch the 5 west mafia squirm for a year.

Anonymous said...

Warren Schwartz DESERVES 120K PER YEAR? What planet are you living on? The man lives on the venetian islands in a 5 million dollar waterfront home.

200k said...

Poverty level? It aint that hard to make 4 g a month. Anyway, Rod Vereen will decide in 2 1/2 yrs who stays there. As for the original renegades, we're out now, and never to return. But we can't wait to see Rod fuck y'all up.

Anonymous said...