Monday, January 23, 2006


Yes folks, we are “playahs” in the media. The following is an email from CBS reporter Brian Andrews. Note he could not get the participants involved in the Judge who called the PD to yell at her at home, to go on the record. We can’t either. We are just itching to print this story. We have a great nickname for the Judge and everything. Judge x “ATT- reach out and touch someone” WXYZ. But until this PD confirms this Judge called her at home and berated her for winning an appeal, we cannot go with it.
You know who you are Judge.
You are up for reelection this year.
Shame on you. Or write and give us your side of the story. (No you cannot call us at home).

Brian Andrews, anxious not to be scooped, writes:

O Mr. Rumpole...

We did try to run down the "Judge berates PD" story but couldn't get any of the key players to talk on camera. Had we gotten anywhere with it, I would have been sure to give credit where it's due: your blog. Anyway, I just saw the note from Susannah Nesmith and thought I'd ask you for the same courtesy. While beats don't exist anymore in TV Newsrooms, my reporting specializes in courts, law enforcement, and major events coverage.
While I've figured out how to navigate the 9th floor felony file room, locate search warrant returns, and grab hot a-forms, I would welcome help from any of your readers on hot tips for news stories. Whether its an exclusive interview with a client, a copy of a hot filing, or exposing a cover-up, I'd love to know about it. Call me, email me, or grab me in the long line at the front door of the MJB. Just like Suzannah's blackberry, mine is always on too. My email is and my cell is (305) 525-0770. While I'm rarely at the office, my direct line is (305) 639-4602.
Thanks... and keep up the informative (and entertaining) blogging!

Rumpole responds: The 9th Floor felony file room is simple: just follow these helpful tips:

1) Bring a novel like War and Peace.
2) Stand in a long line.
3) Fill out the request form.
4) Wait at the front of the window for a clerk. It’s like staring into the Grand Canyon. The vast emptiness, the total lack of a human being for miles and miles.
Eventually, a clerk will stagger to the window with several dozen files for attorneys who made requests in the late 1970’s. Most of those attorneys are retired or in Federal Prison.
5) Hand the clerk your file request form. The clerk will sit at the computer and type for several minutes. The clerk will then disappear.
5) Finish War and Peace and open The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
6) The clerk will return and tell you the file is “out”
7) Rinse and repeat.

PD RUMORS. We print these rumors with trepidation. Far be it from us to upset the PD apple cart.

Anonymous writes:

I heard a rumor that H.T. Smith was gonna run in 08. He would whip that place back into shape

And anonymous writes:

Kathy Williams should run and take it over.

Anonymous responds:
Kathy Williams is too busy kissing up to the Federal Judiciary. RUMPOLE IN 08!

And funny guy/gal snipes at us:

Rumpole if you run for PD you might have to break out "sleepy time".

See you in court, not running for PD.


Anonymous said...

Is it Judge Miller?

Anonymous said...

Can Judge Miller even write?