Monday, January 23, 2006


Judge Larry Schwartz writes:

Been reading the Justice Building Blog for weeks with much interest. I want to correct one thing that's been said about me. NOT JUST an economic crime prosecutor. Please don't forget my years in the Sacramento, Ca. D.A.'s office handling all cases except death penalty murders (because California didn't have the death penalty in those days.) Plus about 2 years prosecuting consumer fraud cases in the civil courts, due to the huge recoveries in civil penalties. I do know my way around a courtroom, both as a lawyer and a judge. Have a great day and thanks for the open forum.

Judge L.A.S.

Rumpole responds: If you have been reading this blog, you know we support you whole heartedly. You have been a topic of discussion. By your last comment we take it that you have found the “open forum” helpful. We think it is. When you get beyond the “stupid Judge so and so is mean” comments, the blog provides a real way for attorneys to communicate issues and make honest comments about judges. The sounding/continuance issue is a great point. We think this new policy is ridiculous. However, calling it ridiculous in open court would be improper. And many attorneys do not know judges well enough to barge into their chambers and tell them what they think. But if attorneys can make intelligent comments here, and judges can read them and filter out the chatter about semi-naked PD’s emailing us pictures, then this will be worth the time and energy we devote to it. We think many Judges would find the honest and thoughful comment and feedback invaluable.

Keep reading, Keep writing, and WIN WIN WIN in November.

PS. You Judges keep writing like this and we are going to get a bad reputation.

Anonymous wonders:

Who is Ellis Berger? Who ever you are- lighten up!

And another reader comments:

Bennett's blessings? So Ray would not have left otherwise? If you really know anything about Ray T., you'd know he thinks BHB is a worthless figurehead. Ellis Berger is a small-time zero who hasn't won a jury trial in probably a decade.

Ellis Berger responds:

To set the record straight, I am a former South Florida newspaper reporter with more than 20 experience covering education, politics, municipal and county government, state and federal courts, consumer affairs, and general assignments. I spent nearly 20 yeas with the old Miami News and three years with the Sun-Sentinel, most recently in their Miami bureau from February 2000 to November 2001. Not only am I not, as anonymous says, "a small-time zero who hasn't won a jury trial in probably a decade," I am not and never have been an attorney. I do happen to be a close personal friend of both Ray and John, and currently work part time in the Public Defender's Office on community outreach projects and communications. These and my previous remarks to this blog are entirely my own. They were not made at Bennett's direction nor with his knowledge. I have not discussed them with him, and did not ask his permission. I'm puzzled by the animosity my earlier comment received. It was intended only to set the record straight as I know it to be from the many conversations I've had with Ray and John.

Rumpole wonders: But..."are you now or have you ever been a communist?"

And readers by the dozen roar back :

"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Yes, Rumpole loves to re-live those wonderful moments in history, like the Army Hearings with Senator McCarthy.

We are still amazed at the controvesry this blog causes in the PD world, while nary

a peep from those secretive and silent ASA’s. Who would a thunk it? Maybe they're too busy preparing for soundings to waste time reading our little blog.

On the Lengthy Post by an anonymous Judge, a reader was moved to write:

What a post! Sounds like the work of a literati judge like Scott Silverman... Or perhaps Larry Schwartz, who's known to write poetry? It could even be Pedro Echarte after one walk too many with his cigar and cell phone!

And another reader writes:

Wow! All that time writing a missive -- if only they spent as much time reading our motions (either side) or researching the case law!! Now, that would be something

Rumpole theorizes, we know of one Judge who loves the Rumpole of the Bailey series. We think he wrote the post, as the author clearly has read the series. How about it Judge Rob…… was it you?

An angry Phil Reizenstein yells:

Rumpole: your moronic readers are going on to my law firm's web site, and filling out forms as you, asking me to check your driver's license. Tell them to stop it. Or at least be more imaginative than that.
Phil Reizenstein.

Rumpole writes: You just told them yourself. PS. We drive on the wrong side of the road anyway, so don’t worry about our license. We think that it actually was pretty imaginative, (and funny) not that we want to encourage that type of behavior.


A reader wants a poll:

Once in awhile, minor things need to be appealed to the Circuit Court (misdemeanors, license revocations, etc.) I'd be interested in knowing what your readers thought about the Circuit Court Judges when they get to play appellate court.

Tannebaum worries:

Rump - i think you should take down my response to the post you deleted about my state court victories - without the post, it seems a bit self aggrandizing. I know you were trying to do the right thing

Rumpole replies: some idiot criticized you and we posted your reply. No one would ever accuse any criminal defense attorney of being self aggrandizing. Seriously, just leave your career and reputation in our steady hands, and just watch what happens. (You can drive a cab, right?).

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

I believe in free expression and an open blog, but can't we make an exception for Brian Tannenbaum. The guy is just so annoying.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Tannenbaum, but he's one of the most trusted lawyers in the building. The man's word is his bond. And, he's a good lawyer to boot.

Looks to me like some of you guys need to get past your jealousy.

(The Reiff hating fits in here as well. Reiff has been incredibly [and deservedly] successful. No, he doesn't have Tannenbaum's credibility [this isn't a knock on him, not many lawyers have Tannenbaum's credibility], but he is a darn good lawyer).

Brian Tannebaum said...

Mom, please stop reading the blog. Go back to sending those emails about all the viruses that will destroy everyone's hard drives and the impending scams that will take all the money out of our bank accounts