Monday, May 06, 2013


Very quietly (or at least as quietly as anything Mr. Black does) this past Friday Roy Black had a motion for a new trial granted for juror misconduct in the John  Goodman DUI Manslaughter case in West Palm Beach.  The Palm Beach Post article is here. 

Never at a loss for words, Mr. Black was quoted as saying thus:
"A juror who deceives to get on a jury in a high profile case for his own profit is a trial lawyer’s worst nightmare."

Actually, in our opinion a confession, DNA, a videotape and a Nun as a witness is a trial lawyer's worst nightmare. But we get his point. 

Here's a good little list of why Miami is the weirdest city in the US. 

What's the buzz about judges becoming more active in ordering defendants who are out on bond to submit to urine drug tests when they appear in court? Memo to the Judge(s): google "probable cause". Just a tip from your friendly neighborhood blogger. 

Another week begins as the prospect of a long, hot summer becomes more and more a reality. But there's a few nice stops along the way, including the FACDL's 50th Anniversary banquet this Saturday. More on this later in week. 

Until then, see you in court. 


Anonymous said...

Good Post, yes Miami is really weird and that could be the reason we have the envy of the whole country.
In another note, does anybody knows when is judge Hendon coming back, is he sick?
Congratulations to Mr.Black on the new trial for Mr. Goodman, this for sure will set precedent.
A very good summer to all of you.

marc said...

dave aronberg should not allow the victim's family to hire the former prosecutor to participate in the trial.

Anonymous said...

i know for sure ellen roberts will do her best to win the same victory she obtained when she was the state attorney and she will be a problem in any plea negotiations. she should not be allowed to participate.

Anonymous said...

Hey word of the days guys how about tackling:

Pata Sucia

Anonymous said...


Should Mr. Black be allowed to participate in plea negotiations? He will be a problem.

The Real Fake Cueto said...

It is I, his royal magistry.

Does Roy Black not know that I have the POWER to overide jurisdictions. Therefore I command that the motion for new trial be retracted and DENIED. Ha ha ha ha You mortal juris denegerate peasants shall obey me Thee Almighty Justice Cueto. My rulings are sovereign.

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster will be in attendance. try to guess who I am. If you are right, I will give you one thousand dollars.thats what the bottom feeders charge for a case.

Anonymous said...

No trial master, they charge much less than that.

Anonymous said...

Why do people here drive slowly in the left hand lane? And it is not just great grandma in her crown vic. I just dont think drivers in Miami have remedial driving skills. Do people here not understand that the left lane is for passing/fast moving vehicles? I flip people off for making me pass them on the inside lane, but I really dont think they understand why Im hanging out my driverside window screaming at them. Does anyone feel my pain?

Anonymous said...

I have two suits that need to be altered by a taylor. Can anyone recommend someone?

Anonymous said...

First learn how to spell "tailor" right and then worry about getting your suits altered.

Anonymous said...

8:31, what area of town are you in?

Anonymous said...

The worst nightmare is a judge who should keep his opinion to himself. Follow the link to the quote from the Judge in the Casey Anthony trial: http://t.now.msn.com/casey-anthony-judge-belvin-perry-expected-conviction

He should be reported to the JQC.

Anonymous said...

Does a Judge face civil penalty under 28 USC 1983 for ordering drug tests without PC ?

Judges should perhaps read Hernandez , 879 So2d 6 ( Fl3 DCA) . Another case is Reyes ,879 So2d 1269 ( FL 3 DCA 2004),where, freeing a guy who tested positive, the Third DCA said: we grant the petition for writ of habeas corpus, and direct that the detention based upon the sua sponte drug test ordered by the trial court be vacated.

Or read Smith, 879 So2d 575 (2005) where the Third said : The petitioner subsequently appeared before the trial court for a routine appearance regarding a plea offer. The trial court advised the petitioner she could enter a plea of not guilty, a plea of adjudication with credit time served, or she could attend the J.M.P. Program, a judicial monitoring program for drug offender probation. The petitioner rejected the plea offers.

The trial court reviewed the petitioner's prior convictions which included a prior drug charge and, without giving any reasons, sua sponte ordered the petitioner to take an immediate drug test. After the petitioner tested positive for illegal drugs, the trial court ordered that the petitioner be detained without bond.
Pis Sed

Rumpole said...

If I can be serious for a moment. Two Miami citizens have disappeared recently and I am sure any help in finding them would be appreciated. They disappeared last night and people are worried.

They answer to the name of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade.


proud heat fan said...

Heat win 41 of their past 44 games and Rumpole says nothing. Heat win 27 in a row and Rumpole says nothing. Heat win 66 on the season and Rumpole says nothing. Heat lose only one game in Febuary, one game in March, and one game in April and Rumpole says nothing.

Heat sweep Bucks in Round One and Rumpole says nothing. Heat lose one game in the playoffs and Rumpole jokes.

I like our odds.

Heat fan

Rumpole said...

Ooohh big bad heat. Maybe we should just cancel the playoffs because the Heat won 3 in a row during the season. Maybe the commissioner should disqualify the bulls for winning last night.

Because the last thing a team and fans with no heart can handle is competition.

Anonymous said...

John the Tailor, South Miami

proud heat fan said...

nobody said to cancel the playoffs. Every Heat fan knows what it take to win the championship. 16 wins in postseason. We have four and need 12 more.

Nobody gets handed a championship and the Heat work as hard as any team. They don't rest on their laurels like some people we know.

And they are a class organization and have classy players.

This team has a lot of heart and they will show it over the course of the next six weeks.

Now go back into hibernation. Be like a groundhog and we will see you in six weeks.

Rumpole said...

Bulls 1.

Heat. 0

Rumpole said...

Oh yeah I forgot. Bulls magic number is 3.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rumpole is going to embarrass himself again with his anti-Heat ranting.

Loyal heat fan said...

To proud heat fan. Don't you worry, rumpole will go right back into hibernation as you suggest just like he has been for the past six weeks. He only comes out when the heat lose a game. The heat got the final word last year and will have the final word this year as well.

Signed. Another loyal heat fan.

Anonymous said...


Your behaving like a jealous schmuck.

Anonymous said...

Best comment this year goes to:

Anonymous said...
First learn how to spell "tailor" right and then worry about getting your suits altered.

Monday, May 06, 2013 10:01:00 PM

Anonymous said...


Do you have any science to support taking 5000 mg of vitamin C each day?

The label on my vitamin C bottle recommends one 500 mg pill per day, which is 833% of the daily value. While the RDAs may be conservative, and possibly worthless, your recommendation is 10 times higher.

Just curious where you get that from.

Jack Mehoff said...

The "Trialmaster" will be the janitor. Give me my $1000 motherf--ker.

Rumpole said...

I have a friend who is a very successful, cutting edge non-interventionist cardiologist. He regularly publishes scientific papers. He views heart disease different from most other DRs. For instance he says cholesterol is a non-factor in heart disease because some people with very high cholesterol have no vascular disease and others, like runners for instance, who are thin and have low cholesterol are astounded to find they have heart blockages. For him the issue is inflammation, caused, as his research shows by heavy metal toxicity. So he has successfully treated heart disease and reversed artery blockages with chelation and high dose vitamin C therapy along with infra red sauna treatments, exercise and diet.

If you Google high does vitamin C therapy you will come across items like this:

Frederick Robert Klenner, M.D. (1907-1984)
North Carolina, USA, Board-certified chest physician.

Vitamin C as antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin
Very high dose injections of vitamin C, from 350 to 1,200 mg per kg body weight per day

For decades, Dr. Klenner treated patients with injections of vitamin C, ranging from 350 to 1,200 mg per kg body weight per day. Vitamin C at 350 mg/kg is about 20,000 to 35,000 mg/day for an adult. Vitamin C at 1,200 mg/kg is about 70,000 to 120,000 mg/day for an adult.

Klenner successfully treated polio, pneumonia, and other serious infectious diseases. (Klenner FR. Observations on the dose of administration of ascorbic acid when employed beyond the range of a vitamin in human pathology. Journal of Applied Nutrition, 1971. 23(3 and 4), p 61-68.) http://www.doctoryourself.com/klennerpaper.html

Klenner treated an astounding variety of diseases with massive doses of vitamin C: bladder infections, arthritis, leukemia, atherosclerosis, ruptured intervertebral discs, high cholesterol, corneal ulcer, diabetes, glaucoma, burns and secondary infections, heat stroke, radiation burns, heavy metal poisoning, chronic fatigue, and complications resulting from surgery.

Additionally, Klenner arrested and reversed multiple sclerosis with very high doses of vitamin C and other vitamins. (Klenner FR. Response of peripheral and central nerve pathology to mega-doses of the vitamin B-complex and other metabolites. Parts 1 and 2. J Applied Nutrition, 1973, 25:16-40. Free download at http://www.townsendletter.com/Klenner/KlennerProtocol_forMS.pdf )

For myself, I have never had much of a cholesterol issue, but my friend said the minimum amount of Vitamin C to take to help ward off artery disease is 5000 MG a day.

Also, if you google the side effects of statins, it is a horror story, and once you realize you cannot live without cholesterol you sort of understand why.

Anonymous said...

Some people deserve to be spit on.

Anonymous said...

some people deserve to be spit on? care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Chicago < Miami and I don't mean that in a basketball kind of way I mean that in general, have you seen the waters in Palm beach? The sapphire skies above Miami, clouds so white they look closer to heaven than the midwest...Miami IS envied. It's too bad all the tourists are ruining it, the beautiful people of Miami are moving out one by one and heading for California or Orlando they've been doing that since 2003. Crime is going up, poor immigrants and northerners keep coming into Miami and they're ruining what once was paradise. What a shame. At the natives still have the fond memories of what South Florida used to be like in the 80s and 90s. The tourists visiting in the 21st century will NEVER get to experience THAT Miami. Blame the delusional northerners who move here expecting to suddenly become millionaires and the immigrants from Cuba and Puerto Rico who come to Miami and don't work. Sigh. As soon as someone builds a time machine millions of people are going to go back to the 90s.