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CAPTAIN said...

The Captain Reports:


I'm back in town after a long overdue vacation and was surprised when I did not see a tribute to our dead soldiers on this Blog site.

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

It was a holiday that first took hold after the Civil War; back then they called it Decoration Day.

I hope that you go to a Memorial today and pay your respects and say a thank you to all of our brave soldiers who died defending this country and providing each of us with the freedoms we so cherish and sometimes take oh so for granted.

And bring an American Flag with you and plant it at the Memorial or by a grave side.

Over 290,000 flags will be set next to each grave at Arlington National Cemetery this year. If you have not had the occasion to visit this historic site, please add it to your bucket list. I know that every time I go and visit the tomb of the unknown soldier and watch the guards that march there, I shed a tear and thank God we live in the greatest country on earth.

God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America.

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Anonymous said...

In order to pass Florida BAR exam you are tested on sanity, and qualifications. I wounder when Jack Thomson actually went insane? Is it possible that he simply has minor disorder such as bipolar or Schizophrenia that worsened but he was still able to practice law? Or maybe he is sane individual who lacks common sense and likes to “challenge” the system, other vice how did he retained BAR license? HOW!!!!!??!??

Anonymous said...

I think he went over the edge when he fought with janet Reno and to his horror she became attorney General of the US. He sent tons of stuff to republicans on the senate judiciary committee but they ignored her and confirmed her and then he had to live with her in the headlines for 8 years. For 8 years she was at the center of power in the country while he was some fringe, ignored nut who totally lost it in some lawsuit in Alabama for which Dava disbarred him. Anyway, that's my belief.

Rumpole said...

Really, unless you wore the uniform you can spare me the pretentious jingoism.

Anonymous said...

Andy Kotsin dating actress Marielle Jaffee?

Anonymous said...

Anybody here remember the eighties will remember that back then it was Heavy Metal that was responsible for kids blowing their brains out. I remember following the Judas Priest trial, it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. Up to that point. Nowadays, thanks to the magic of the internet, dumber things are a daily occurrence. Jack the whack stated video games are responsible for Adam Lanza.T hen what's Jack Thompson's excuse, was it chess that made him batshit insane?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust Jack Thompson to pour me a glass of water from a bar without making it into a circus.

Claude Erskine-Brown said...

Isn't Jack the one who complained to Navarro about 2 Live Crew ?
Jack has been an ass for 40 years down here.

Dats the Fact Jack said...

Janet Reno gave Jack the smack down- literally- he wanted to file battery charges against her during an election event when he was frothing at the mouth screaming at her to admit she was a lesbian. Janet put her hand on his back and said something like "Now Jack calm down." I was at that event and for all the world Jack's screaming rage reminded me of Joe McCarthy bullying people to admit they were communists. Janet won that election (thank the lord) and went on the bigger things like becoming the Attorney General of the United States. Jack went on to losing his law license for some more antics of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh- I haven't seen a good blog fight in ages. Plus Rumpole, good smack down of the Captain. He's a pandering jerk.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Jumping Jack like I do, here is what the stream of letters will look like:

Dear (Florida Bar) (Chief Justice John Roberts) (Governor Scott) (don Imus) (Pope Francis) (Dan Marino) (Name the public figure that Jack harasses)

62.398 years ago (or stardate 2034.456) Justice William O Douglass wrote that the Florida bar would become a bunch of lesbian, leather wearing, jack booted (no pun intended) thugs who would disbar christian lawyers who fight with video game executives. Sure enough I was disbarred.

Now I am in possession of certain documents that show a conspiracy that reaches from an anonymous blogger in Miami, through the circuit court judge who disbarred me, up to the IRS agents in Cincinnati, and ending with the President of the United States, who I know sends me secret messages by the way he blinks his eyes during a speech (I also saw something written on a ring ding wrapper but it blew away before I could decode it.)

Please, before the lesbian, vegetarian, video game, global warming, IRS, negro, commie, anonymous blogger lobby shuts me down, I beg that you read the steady stream of emails and faxes that I will be sending you. If you read every other word of every other line, there will be a secret message (as well as a ring ding coupon).

Yours in the most sweet and scared and bloody virgin mother, the once and soon to be future lawyer, and Prime Minister of England


Anonymous said...

The scary fact is that many of Jack's letters look very much like that.

Anonymous said...

I never saw Jack as a ring ding guy. That whole mixing of black and white just makes him uncomfortable. He's more of a nilla wafer fella.

flags in said...

I'll take the Captain on this one 6:17. My father fought in WW2, and so did two of my uncles. We were the lucky ones as all three came back alive. Too many other did not.

Rumpole has always shown his patriotism on this Blog with other posts so I don't fault him either. But, as I understand the word, jingoism, it "is extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy".

All I saw was Captain mentioning what probably is something very important to many who read this blog, including myself.
Hey, don't get me wrong, I loved listening to Neil, but could care less about Jack T.

"Flags In"

heat fan said...

Me thinks that Horace simply had a bad ending to his weekend. Probably something to do with the Heat scoring 70 points in one half last night and embarrassing the Pacers on their home floor. So much for the Pacers being unbeaten at home during the Playoffs.

Heat Fan

Anonymous said...

Question for veterans: Newly departed ASA/APD here, opening up his own fledgling practice. Hundreds of thousands in law school debt, oversaturated market, etc.

Client comes to me through a mutual friend, says "Established Baby Boomer attorney X represents me, but man he ain't doing shit on my case, etc. I want you. You wanna be my lawyer?"

Client wants to pay me -- not Baby Boomer rates, but decent rates -- and has the money to do so. What's the protocol?

I don't want to STEAL other attorneys' business, but Im also not trying to starve with my principles. I dont know if Atty X has been paid some of his fees, all of his fees, or none, or if he'd even care. What ought I to do?

eddie pereira said...


Join FACDL-Miami and you will have the ability to exchange information, ideas, Motions, Memorandums, etc with more than 500 criminal defense lawyers from the area. The List Serv alone is well worth the cost of our annual dues.

The short answer to your question is file a Motion for Substitution of Counsel.

fake word of the day guys said...

Hey 6:17. Isn't Rumpole the same guy who runs that annual post on 11/11 about Flanders Fields. I think he has run that Veteran's Day post for about five years or more. And it's a great post honoring our veterans.

Seems to me that Rumpole is being very oleaginous, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

8:08, clients belong to no one...don't bad mouth anybody....quote your fee to take over the case (make sure you get paid up front), and take the case. No foul at all, happens every day.

In future, if client tells you they are considering hiring you, but want to know about other lawyer, tell them to ask another person unless you have good things to say (if you do, say the good)...don't fall in the trap of trashing other lawyers...it always gets back to them, and it is unseemly....unless you are only giving advice on which one to hire and you are not in the mix, then you must give your opinion if you have one.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some rule about talking with someone about a case when you know they're already being represented?
Would this apply? does 1st attorney have to agree to mtn to substitute being filed?