Monday, March 18, 2013


UPDATE: Escobar jury on case involving murder of City of Miami Police Officer Victor Estefan asked to come back Tuesday after receiving an Allen charge Monday afternoon. 
David Ovalle tweeted this:

BREAKING: Deadlocked Escobar jury, citing progress in deliberations, wants a "good night's sleep," to return tomorrow

Query: We think this is day five of deliberations. What's your personal record and what's the REGJB record? This case has to be close. 

Monday started off with a bang on Mr. Markus's blog with two posts: one dealing with the 9th circuit's reversal of a a death penalty conviction of a woman based solely on the word of a discredited detective that she confessed to him, and the second on the US Supreme Court's grant of cert (latin for "sure, why not, we'll consider your case")  in a South Florida case involving the federal forfeiture statute. 
You can peruse all the action here. 

We saw some news report over the weekend (probably on MSNBC) about the trend in states to outlaw the death penalty. At some point it will just be Florida and Texas and Alabama and Mississippi. Mitigation y'all? 

@Davidovalle305 tweeting all the latest in Escobar/Estefan jury. We'll be the second to let you know if and when there is a verdict. 

See You In Court. 


Anonymous said...

Escobar would have been a slam dunk case but for the main detective making up shit.

Looks like the jury has an issue with him not being honest.

Anonymous said...

Following two things on twitter from my desktop at work today (no cases set for trial) Lindsay Lohan flying across country for her court trial in LA (she was late) and the Escobar jury deliberations.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a dishonest cop, NO WAY. Not our upstanding officers.

Anonymous said...

An officer not telling the truth on the stand; I'm astonished and flabergasted.

Anonymous said...

How many chances can Lindsay Lohan get? She keeps making the same mistakes over and over. She looks aged from all her binge drinking, partying and drug abuse. Did she even wash her hair when she arrived in court?

Straight from TMZ- she accepted a plea deal

Required to complete 30 days of community labor and 18 months of psychological therapy

Anonymous said...

and 90 days in a locked rehab facility.

Anonymous said...

@5:37 Nothing cops do these days surprise me.

Anonymous said...

When, not if, Escobar is acquitted it will absolutely be a result of Moran's misconduct and dishonesty. He should be prosecuted for perjury.

Fake BTDT said...

How dsre you guys torment this honorable Det. He has every right given him by law to lie as serious as this case is. You guys are liberal bill of rights socialist extremist.

Yankee said...

Rump- a little help. I am a Boston Yankee blue blood working in my first year at a big firm. All of the new associates and interns at GT read the blog. Anyway I'm in Tallahassee a few weeks ago taking depos (ok, watching a senior associate take repos) and afterwards we go out and I meet this southern belle FSU student who is tending bar. To make a long story short, she is smoking hot honey blonde southern dripping and I cannot understand her accent. We are getting along well and she wants me to me "mamma and papa" and she tells me she grew up in- please don't laugh- as near as I can figure her accent it sounds like - I swear- "done eatin" Florida. I am too embarrassed to ask her. Any help from some Florida blog readers?

Anonymous said...,_Florida

Anonymous said...

Boca Raton dip shjt. Its a trick southern hick girls play on obnoxious yankee jerks trying to pork them. Go back to beantown a-hole.

Anonymous said...

I know cops lie, which is deplorable, but why do prosecutors lie? Do they not have a conscience? I honestly don't know how some prosecutors sleep at night, especially Gail Levine. She is in the same class as the dishonest, lying cops and gets away with it each and every time.

Anonymous said...

1241........funny, but you obviously don't know me. I abhor when law enforcement officers lie or otherwise violate the law. Our safety and justice system depends on their integrity and competence.

As much as I appreciate the service that cops and prosecutors provide, I recognize that they're human and know there's good and bad everywhere.

It will never cease to amaze me that so many on this blog see everything in black and white.


Anonymous said...

9:35, Gutsy comment for someone posting under anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Personal Record: Two Months.

In 1997-1998, I was one of 12 lawyers who tried the "Tourist Robbery Case" before Judge Lenore Nesbitt. This was a Fed. RICO case based on robberies of tourists in rental cars, most coming from or going to the airport.

As I recall, the jury had to answer 101 questions on the Verdict. One Defendant was found guilty of being a felon in possession. All of the remaining counts resulted in Not Guilty verdicts or a hung jury.

We had a great group of lawyers, including: Lou Casuso, Bill Matthewman, Richard Della Ferra, Curt Obront, Chris Grillo, Len Fenn, Al Levin, Mauricio Aldazabal, Phil Horowitz, Mike Smith, and David Joffee.

As an aside, it was interesting to note that Sy Gaer had represented approx. 10 defendants in the underlying robberies in State Court.

Jeff Weinkle

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what's happening with merit raises? I'm told people getting raises from the Office of the General Counsel are sworn to silence. It seems those handing out the raises think their staff are too dumb and blind to put two and two together. I just see friends split from friends. Are other offices keeping these raises/bonuses on the hush hush?

Anonymous said...

Here's a retweet for you:

Updated score in 49 mins of clutch time (game w/in 5, final 5 mins) during Miami's win streak: Miami 145, Opponents 75.

My favorite part of the game last night was when Lebron James made Heat-hater Jason Terry look like one of the chattering animals on the crumbling ediface after the Angry Bird has smashed into it. I also liked the fact that Boston was shooting in the 60% range from the field and still couldn't beat the Heat.

Anonymous said...


You better believe it Bojangles.

Anonymous said...


You say everyone on this blog sees things in "black and white" just what is your vision ,gray?

Anonymous said...

1229.......I see in color. Or at least I try to.