Thursday, March 28, 2013


Your new county court judge is Jason Dimitris!

Judge Dimitris was a former ASA and AUSA. 

Everyone's favourite "anti"-twitter tweeter- @btannebaum tweeted that Judge Dimitris is a former Stetson Law School Grad. 

We guess what happens at Stetson no longer stays at Stetson? 

Congratulations Judge Dimitris and welcome to the new and exciting world of those who wear black robes.  In order to get off to a running start here are some things you can practice:

"Is the state ready for trial?"
"The defense's motion for _______ is denied."
(You can insert any of the following: "continuance, bond, suppression, lunch, etc.")
"Thanks for buying lunch."

Anyway, good luck Judge Dimitris. 

See You In Court. 


Anonymous said...

Is Stetson that crappy that one actually has to tweet about it when a Stetson grad becomes a judge? Woah!! Stetson hit the big time!!! One of our grads became a county judge!! Even St Thomas does not do that.

PS many of us were hoping Coppel would get it so we could run against him!

Rumpole said...

That's a fairly mean spirited comment. You managed to offened the new judge, stetson law school and Rob Copell all in one paragraph. You have talent kid.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why schools don't do this more often. It's nice to see they care.

Anonymous said...

Mystified as to the Coppell comment. RC is an amazing attorney.

Maybe your point was that he doesnt have an electable name?

Anonymous said...

How did 9:46 offend the new judge? it was a comment about one tweeting re Stetson.

But really? How about something other than former prosecutors appointed as judges? It's getting excessive.

Anonymous said...

Yes, now come Rick Scott keeps appointing so many prosecutors but... wait... we got a bunch of really nice former prosecutors.
(Lobree, Altfield, Capote, Denaro, Zayas, Miranda etc. These people are OK with me!

I have no problem with his appointments, well, except that woman in Broward named Scherer. She had no experience but, having a dad who is a big shot in politics may have helped out.

Anonymous said...

1:49 I notice Multack is not on your list of nice former prosecutors? ;) how are things in dv division?

Anonymous said...

Who makes the best Type of judge?

not a stetson fan said...

props to El Capitan for his calling the Dimitris apppointment two months ago, as I recall. Of course, with Scott, if they have been a prosecutor, it seems they are a shoe-in.

david kotler said...

Jason will make a good judge. I supervised him as an ASA. He also has good practical experience and is well grounded.

Rumpole said...

3:11 PM, your question is like a hanging curveball just waiting for a funny quip from me to hit it out of the park.

But I will refrain from being snarky and say Ed Cowart, Federal Judge Jose Gonzalez, and Federal Judge Ed Davis were three of the best judges I ever appeared before. And what did they have in common?

1- Common sense.
2- Tolerated no nonsense from anyone.
3- Were humble men. Although they were almost always the smartest person in the room, they had no need to show it.
4- They were human and not afraid to show it. Their rulings on evidence were grounded on law and common sense. Their sentences were always based on what they thought just and not what the guidelines required, or what the public wanted.

Here is something I will never forget. I was trying a complicated case before Judge Jose Gonzalez and needed to call my client's mother. She was very nervous and it showed and there was a technical glitch and the judge sent the jury out of the room while it was fixed. Judge Gonzalez leaned over and started talking to my client. He wanted to know where she was from (Jamaica). Then he started talking about what he knew about Jamaica and where he stayed when he visited, and what kind of food he liked, and then they started chatting about the politics of the country. Just before the jury came back he smiled at her and told her to relax and that she had nothing to be worried about and to just listen to my questions and answer them as best as she could.
It was a very kind and humane gesture from a wonderful man and I have never forgot it.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, another prosecutor in a robe. Makes me wish for another profession.

pd spy said...

Rumpole, there is a rumor floating around the PD's office that DS is taking over the BLOG starting this coming Monday morning. But that it will be done under an alias.

Can you confirm or deny the contents of this rumor?

Anonymous said...

It's not a great Friday. But it's a Good Friday. Hahahahahaha

sing it Rump!

Inagodavida Shumie.....

Anonymous said...

Fu ls b.

All of the appointments have been stellar, save one...Jason will be great.