Thursday, May 10, 2012


UPDATE BELOW: How do you get to Lincoln Center ( or in this case- get inside the PDs office)? Practice practice practice. 

What's the most significant  change or challenge that will affect the way we practice law in the REGJB in the near future?  For your convenience we have listed some of the possibilities for you:
1) The State Attorneys Race
2) Jurors access and use of social media. 
3) The lines to get into the courthouse. 
4) The lack of funding of the judiciary. 
5) The lack of funding for court appoints and due process costs. 
6) The new menu items at Au Bon Pain. 

Only in Miami does it take dozens of  emails, meetings, discussions, threats, pleas, offers, acceptances, consideration, revisions, oral modifications, parole evidence, etc., to arrive at a procedure for attorneys to enter a public building. In this case it is the Public Defender's Building.  The memorandum with the updated fourteen step procedure* is below.  

Admittance Procedures for Private Attorneys 5-9-2012 Query: Why can't people walk into a building- get screened like the rest of the world, and move on dot org? 

In other news: 
DOM covers the latest nomination mess with the 11th Circuit. 

Joe Biden  (D, tan), apparently was off the reservation and forced the president's hand on gay marriage. Biden's comments on a Sunday morning news show set off a frantic 48 hour scramble to get the president to announce his new views. 

Rumpole says: the opposition to gay marriage has always been puzzling.  Why would people who oppose homosexuality in general not want gay people to be as miserable as the rest of society? 

See You In Court.

*It's not really 14 steps. 


DS said...

Finally a hint of who Rumple really is. The last sentence suggests Rump is married. LOL

Anonymous said...

Biden is loose lips and will cost the election in 2012.

Fake American Minority said...

I ran into Romney at a Sonic Drive Thru in Panama City Beach, Floirda. We both got strawberry slushies and exchanged plesantries. He told me to call him Mitt in the future. Gas was $3.73 that day. The slushie was $4.30 but I had a coupon for $2.00 off. I will be at his inaguration too if he somehow beats Obama.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't gays be allowed to marry? Love, feelings for another person is not logical and does not have to make sense. Love is not a choice. It just happens. We love who we love.

Anonymous said...


Not quite. He referred to "society" and not "us" or "me," etc.

Anonymous said...

hey Fake American Minority, i ran into mitt today and he remembers you asking for the strawberry slushy but can't remember if the coupon was for 2 or 1.50 dollars. oh well!

Mr. Justice Milton HIrsch said...

Based on the success of yesterday's Lunch n-Heartburn seminar, the following additional seminars have been scheduled:

Res gestae-what you don't know and never knew; by the Right and Hon. Milton Hirsch;

Opening my way: by the Right and Hon. Milton Hirsch;

The art and science of cross examination; by the Right and Hon. Milton Hirsch;

Closing my way: by the Right and Hon. Milton Hirsch;

Voire Dire done right: by the Right and Hon. Milton Hirsch;

Check the courthouse for the specific dates of all seminars or check with chambers and Ms. Moneypenny.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers who practice in the humble Justice Building are extremely grateful to the Most Honourable Mr. Chief Justice Milton Hirsch for his gracious offer to share with us his vast trove of knowledge about trial practice. We shall attend his lectures without fail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous;

You'll love who we tell you to love.

The Republican Party

CAPTAIN said...

Hey Rump, I thought the line was about "Carnegie Hall". How do you get to Carnigie Hall?

Cap Out ....

"American Minority" said...

If that was true that cheap scape Williard would be the one with the coupon, and he would most likely leave no tip after signing with his plutonium credit card. We would manage to exchange pleasantries I'm glad you know that, and I have insurance for my scheduled inauguration trip, I couldn't bare standing next to a dense crowd of Repubs, and Tea Party members that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

"American Minority" said...

BTW, Willard dosen't remember any thing he says.

Anonymous said...


I think your "off the reservation" comment is racialist. Please stop.

Anonymous said...


or he was married.

"American Minority" said...

Thomas Jefferson was right there should be an I.Q. test as a perquisite for the highest office in the land we would have never had Bush, hell his daddy couldn't spell potato to elementary kids. With all these test Repubs. want to impose why wont they embrace this fundamental idea.

"American Minority" said...

8:23am "Loose lips sink ships."

George Frobisher said...

From the Carnegie Hall official website:

Who created the “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” joke?

The origin of the joke will probably always remain a mystery, but the best explanation we’ve heard comes from the wife of violinist Mischa Elman. One day, after a rehearsal that hadn’t pleased Elman, the couple was leaving Carnegie Hall by the backstage entrance when they were approached by two tourists looking for the hall’s entrance. Seeing his violin case, they asked, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” Without looking up and continuing on his way, Elman simply replied, “Practice.”

Anonymous said...

I think you are refering to Dan Quale.
Clearly, based upon your posts, you would fall short of Jefferson's IQ requirement.

Anonymous said...

AM, it's cheapSKATE. There is no such thing as a cheapSCAPE. (@1:41)

And you mean prerequisite not perquisite. (@2:45) Please google for the definitions.

No, these were not typos. Don't say they were and compound ignorance with falsehood.

Perhaps these words will be on your vocabulary worksheets next year when you are a junior.

Anonymous said...

Hey American Minority, it was not his daddy that could not spell potato, it was then vice president Quayle. It would be nice if you actually researched before you write something.

Anonymous said...

What a pile of ignorance in these comments:



"cheap scape"


I couldn't "bare" standing (especially not in the winter, moron)

And lastly, in a wonderful example of LACK of knowledge of popular culture, it WASN'T daddy Bush that couldn't spell "potato(e)," it was VP Dan Quayle.

At least DS has the excuse of being LD…what about these other idiots???

Anonymous said...

Did you know that in NC you can marry your first cousin?

But now, only if your cousin is of the opposite sex.

Anonymous said...

American Minority,

In addition to having no clue, you also have no sense of humor.

Please stop trying to be funny.

Anonymous said...

going "off the reservation" was actually a brave thing for people to do. it was a sign of courage and strength.

simply cuz it has origins in Native American etymology doesn't make it racist.

Perhaps it would be better for us to say Biden went beyond the pale? would that appease you?

Anonymous said...


Please institute a policy of IQ testing for commenters.


Anonymous said...

I'm a criminal defense lawyer and I just happen to be gay.

I have never felt that I was mistreated in the criminal justice system for being gay.

The reason gay marriage is so important is as we all know a legal reason.

If I was married to my boyfriend, the law would be clear as to his and my rights. Right now, if I get sick, who knows how he will be treated or how we will handle it even with all kinds of estate planning and proper legal documents.

So, folks.... let us get married and be miserable like you straight guys, PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, does Obama's support for gay marriage change your prediction that he will be reelected? If so, why?

"American Minority" said...

Mitt Romney told me, "He can see Switzerland from his bank account."#Tax Cheating Scroundrel

Anonymous said...

Isn't "beyond the pale" racist too?

Anonymous said...

Am Min-

Which is it?

Couldn't get into law school because of low LSAT?

Couldn't pass bar because you can't write an acceptable essay answer?

Couldn't pass the background check? What is it? Deadbeat dad? Owe child support?

Anonymous ASA said...

I was going to rip American Minority for many things, but it seems like the rest of the blog has.

As I requested earlier from American Minority, I want to know how many life felonies you have been the 1st chair on, and how many juries you have picked. You sound like a walking Rule 3, so I want to make sure if I see you we can prevent that.

Anonymous said...

Every time American minority comments he says some stupid/ wrong shit and reenforces racial stereotypes. I don't even believe he is actually black. I think he or she is a white person doing an Amos and Andy to make blacks look bad

Fake American Minority said...

You alls are rushing to judgement against me without even knowing me. Yes, I is just a student but mine motions practise is perfect and my powerful freinds in the unions have allready given me retainers to defend them against unjust prosecutions by the corrupt SAO.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a poll.

American Minority is:

a. Jack Thompson
b. AngryGurl
c. Jack Thompson's Brother from Another Mother
d. Alex Michaels
e. Don Horn

old guy said...

8:10 Racist?

Yeah -"beyond the pale" is racist. It refers to the rare Russian Jew who had earned the right to live outside of the great Ukranian ghetto, named the "pale".

Idiots come in all stripes.

"American Minority" said...

On behalf of all Minority Americans you all can envy all you want but guess what there is nothing you can do that will succeed in stopping success. So hate on I'm connected practicing happily and enjoying life while you racist bums fruitlessly attack me. You people will never ever change. I enjoy my life and I am proud to be an African American, most of you couldn't handle being a AM, you would crack under constant ridicule and differential treatment, but as Niccolo Machiavelli said It is better to be impetuous than cautious, success will let her self be won by those who are impetuous rather than by those who step cautiously." So on behalf of all the Orange Jumpsuits whose rights you violate everyday and the double standards that you continue to impose upon the minorities. I say fuck all of you. You white crackers are the biggest thugs in the world, George Zimmerman will be convicted by your crooked Law and there's nothing you can do to stop my success fuck all you racist crackers. Jared Loughner will be spared because you all see white as right no matter what the crime is. You forced my hand and now you have you reaped what you sow. Knowledge is power "Kiss my Ass." You guys don't even respect the POTUS. You don't like any black man regardless of his stature, so fuck all of you. God has the last say.

Anonymous said...

Wow, AM and everyone else,
These comments went way too far. AM, chill with your anger, not everyone is racist.
Everyone else, the fact that you are entertaining all these comments surprises me- this is not a blog for 10 year olds, it should be a blog for a legal community.

Not all white people hate black people, in fact, I would like to beleive that only a minority of America still sees people white vs. black and that minority is a group of ignorant, uneducated people whose opinion does not matter to me anyway.

AM, you are an educated person and should know better. Sorry to say it, but some of your comments make you sound ignorant and that is the reason why people start looking at others white vs. black. You sound extremely racist.

I am a white female and don't see people based on their color. Your comments are very offensive to everyone, white or black and I hate that you think you are standing up for black people- you are not. You are standing up for ignorance. Most of my friends would not want to stand behind you and let you be their voice. Dude, get over your anger, you are an attorney and better than any person who ever pissed you off by showing their racist view- you probably ran into them in some trailer park. Here is a suggestion, start hanging out around people who are not white trash and your views will change. And stop being angry! And stop cursing on this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that "beyond the Pale" referred to the original limits to the English settlement in Ireland. Also, American Minority's reckless use of the word "Cracker" might itself be beyond the pale. Rumpole, would you let racist insults directed at other ethnic or religious groups get past your censorship rules?

Anonymous said...

American Minority seems to be full of braggadacio but the resort to racist rants reveals a deep-rooted insecurity. I've just about had enough of this guy. If A.M. wants to play with the big boys and pretend that he (or she) is a lawyer, he (or she) better be prepared to handle the criticism that goes along with a total inability to express opinions in coherent English. Maybe Rumpole should open a special "Playpen" version of the blog for people of this ilk.

Anonymous said...


American Minority is a STUDENT! Not necessarily a law student and not a lawyer. Just a student. And obviously a bad one. He is stupid enough to post a picture of himself and then call the readership of this blog racist and tell us to fuck off. If, and this is a big if, he is a law student, no way he will pass the background investigation. The bar will discover his lack of professionalism and he will be denied. No worries.

Anonymous said...

Im an American minority. Please don't speak for me.

Anonymous said...

White, Black, Green, Yellow, Venusian, or Maggot; American Minority, in the most colorblind way possible, you are simply…an asshole.

Today in history said...

May 11, 1996.

The good and the bad .....

The Good. Al Leiter pitches a no hitter for the Florida Marlins.

The Bad. Value Jet Flight 592 crashes in the Everglades killing 110 people.

FACDL list serve leaker said...

>>Blogger "American Minority" said...

Those were typos <<

Bullshit. Bullshit, you ignorant, dishonorable, lying little poseur.

It's not the crime of the century not to know the difference between "prerequisite" and "perquisite."

It IS damned foolish to use the words when you don't know what they mean.

It IS intellectually lazy not to learn what they mean when you have the chance.

And it is a simple lie to claim you knew what they meant when you clearly did not. I don't know whether you are a lawyer or high school kid. I don't care. But I can now conclude that in addition to being ignorant, foolish and lazy, you are without a scrap of integrity -- and THAT, I'm afraid, you cannot learn. Whatever you are, however old you are, you are irrevocably doomed to the life of a sniveling, scrabbling, petty little scoundrel.

(As for cheapskate/"cheapscape," that wasn't a typo either. You've heard the word but never seen it written. You've also heard the word scapegoat. So when it was time to write cheapskate, you took a guess and guessed wrong.)

This is the truth, and you know it in your heart.

Anonymous said...

7:09 you're not going to get any points in the anti-racism community by referring to people as "white trash." I was brought up in a household in which we did not use racial epithets and did not refer to any human being as "trash." It just makes sense to me that, if you want some respect from people, you do not denigrate them.

Anonymous said...

I'm doubting that there will really be any difference between Rod and KFR. Honestly. They both say they stand against corruption yet both have done really ugly things already during this campaign. How many politicians in Miami have been under investigation in the last few years alone? How about the judiciary, yeah some how the whole Joel Brown allowing Faharina's wife to continue to get a full benefits even though she worked only an hour a day, has been quieted but I have not forgotten, then you have the scandals of Pando, and all that garbage. I have no confidence in the system. I'm just saying its disgusting and I really honestly think that maybe it would be better that there be a citizen's panel supervising judges and people like the State attorney and Public Defender. We need a change but I don't know if anyone in the running is truly going to be that change.

Anonymous said...

11:03 so sorry if I hurt your feelings, but to be honest - I don't care.

It is a well known fact that some and not all white people are racist. This may be 1% of our population. I consider any racist person to be trash and in this example, when I was referring to white people who may be racist, I called them white trash because that is exactly what they are to me.

Call it like I see it. You shouldn't be offended if you don't fall in the category.


Anonymous said...

"White Trash Girl":

I was trying to make the point that, if you want racist white people to evolve, you are better off not calling them "trash," but, I guess, to use your own words, you "don't care" about any of this. Even though you call people you don't like "trash," YOU (unlike them) are NOT a racist.

You probably also don't care about the historical orgins of the white trash slur--originally directed at rural Scots-Irish settlers by English settlers in Colonial America. There are still a lot of us Scots-Irish people around, so you might be surprised who you offend when you use the slur. But, again, I guess you don't care who you offend.

Anonymous said...

See, I don't consider myself to be racist and therefore don't consider myself trash. I am white and I am a girl. Therefore your attempt to offend me does not bother me at all. Also, don't really care to hear about your lesson on the origin of the word. I was very clear as to what I was using the word for and you can keep googling it, looking it up in the english dictionary or wherever else you feel like doing. That is your problem not mine.