Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Supreme Court Roundup:
Filing a false tax return (a/k/a the great american hobby) was held to be a deportable offense. Kawashima v. Holder.

Miranda update: Who doesn't believe that a prisoner serving a sentence is NOT in custody for purposes of Miranda? (Hint: six of them work in Washington, DC). 
Why it's our old friend  Justice Alito and his gang of Roberts, Thomas, Kennedy, Scalia and Kagan who comprise  perhaps the only six people on earth who don't believe that being in prison is being in custody. All the fun is  here in Howes v. Fields. 

When Republicans gleefully talk about slashing the budget and shutting the government down, here is a real life and death practical consequence of that kind of nonsensical rhetoric: children dying because of a shortage of a cancer drug according to the NY Times:

Dire shortages of two critical cancer drugs — shortfalls that have threatened the lives and care of thousands of patients — should be resolved within weeks, federal drug officials said....

There is a years-long backlog of applications for new generic drugs at the F.D.A. because the government does not have the money to hire enough reviewers to analyze the applications or inspectors to visit the facilities, many of them abroad. The generic drug industry tired of waiting for Congress to fully finance the F.D.A.’s generic drug office and this year proposed providing the agency with $299 million in annual fees to finance the review process...

[T]he pharmaceutical company Hospira is rushing 31,000 vials — enough to last the entire nation a month — of preservative-free methotrexate from its plant in Australia to the United States. Hospitals began receiving the drug, which is vital in the treatment of a common form of childhood leukemia, on Tuesday. The F.D.A. has also hastened the approval of an application by APP Pharmaceuticals to manufacture methotrexate, an application that has languished since 2010.

“Children are at such risk from drugs in short supply that it doesn’t give me a whole lot of comfort that we’ve moved past one or two of these shortages,” Dr. Adamson said. “What about the next one? And the one after that?”

But here's the thing, and maybe Justice Scalia can assist us, but we have checked the Constitution and do not see any mention of the FDA anywhere. What gives? Shut it down; defund it (cue large applause of tea party morons sitting in the audience; check that-cue large applause of  "healthy" Tea Party morons, because it's amazing how quickly you understand how the FDA works when you have cancer).
So the next time you see a bunch of yahoos clapping like mad while one of the Republican lunatics  candidates talks about not funding government agencies, scan the crowd to see if any them look sick or are wearing a hat because they've lost all their hair to chemotherapy. Odds are the crowd cheering are a healthy bunch of sons of guns. 

See You In Court. 


Concerned PD said...

How long before the same happens to our courthouse?

Anonymous said...

10:48, while our courthouse is almost as old as Broward, their courthouse seemed to have suffered water damaged several times throughout the years. I don't know if REGJB has had any sinificant water damage throughout the years. But I agree, the county needs to come up with a plan to build a new courthouse, jail, sao and pd downtown.

CAPTAIN said...


to 9:39 am, who asked:

Captain who is Greer Elaine Wallace? Do you mean Elaine Wallace Greer? Either way, who is she????????? Someone else has to get in that race!

Her name is Greer Elaine Wallace. She has filed in Group 42 against Miguel de la O. She has been an attorney in Florida since 1979. Her office is located in Florida City and she handles mainly Family law matters. She has been married to Otis Wallace for the past 26 years.

Otis Wallace has been the Mayor of Florida City since 1984. He is basically King Otis down South. On Tuesday, the Miami New Times BLOG did a short story on Mayor Wallace.

You can read it here:

Cap Out .....

Perplexed said...

I want to get the rules correct. If I take today off and go fishing - Kenny Time. If I work till 3 and then bolt- Shumie Time.

What if I work on a fishing boat and have a beer on the way in at 4? What then?

Anonymous said...

Is Shumie Time the same as Kenny Time?

Has Kenny Time replaced Shumie Time?

Are Kenny Time rules the same as Shumie Time rules?

Anonymous said...

Actually, there was a plan to replace the courthouse. It was put to public vote and was killed. Of course, the county then turned around and funneled millions into repairing the woeful courthouse so many of us call home.

Too bad someone did show the leadership necessary to do it right years ago. Now we have a refurbished but still crappy building that needs to be replaced. Almost as stupid and fiscally irresponsible as the first arena that was obsolete almost before it was completed. Of ocurse, that only cost us a few hundred million.



Anonymous said...

Rumpole, your double negative in the first sentence of the post actually changed the meaning of the sentence. You were trying to say "Who actually believes that a federal prisoner is not in custody for purposes of Miranda?"

Rumpole said...

No no. No not so.

Anonymous said...


Where is my post about the port-o-potties corporate record?

Anonymous said...

So the FBI starts investigating Mayor Wallace after his wife starts running against Miguel De la O? How come De la O has so much juice with the Feds and none with the Gov???? Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Rubio outted. He is a Mormon.

Pissed Off? said...

Google Jacci Seskin and you will find this company which she is an officer/director/shareholder.

Matco Enterprises...provides portable urinals for golfers. I swear, for $19.95 you can pee into a urinal disguised as a club case. Check it out!

Created by a Board Certified Urologist.....Guess who? Dr. Floyd Seskin (Hubby), also a shareholder/officer/director.

DS sez: said...

447 - I hope not.
Just last Saturday the Mormons crossed the line.
Reports state that Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank, who died at Bergen Belsen death camp in 1945 at age 15, was baptized by proxy on Saturday Feb 18, 2012 at the Santo Domingo Mormon Temple.

Offensive action? Its Church policy to save lost , even dead, souls.
Read the Story. They are babtising lots of dead Jews from the camps.

Anonymous said...

Not only is the Broward County Courthouse corrupt but it is also "sick" now too. Whenever I have to serve jury duty I am totally skeeved out. Next time I am called maybe I can get excused because I don't want lung cancer.

Anonymous said...

Baptizing dead holocaust victims? A brilliant solution. Enough baptisms and it will have never happened. No Jews will have died.

I assume they are sending all homosexual holocaust victims' souls to anti-gay camp? Once their souls are straight, they won't be victims either.

I've heard of revisionist history, but this is really brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Sure rump, it has nothing to do with over frickin' regulation imposed by democrats. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

BTDT, the REGB was not refurbished. The county blew 18 million in stairs and an elevator and a half plus a delivery entrance. Some courtrooms got some crappy cheap furniture and carpets at the cost of $100,000 per courtroom. You do the math.

Anonymous said...


Great "team"work by your beloved Knicks. At this rate, they'll be lucky to make the playoffs, and, if they do, they'll have to play the Heat in the first round. Good luck with that.

Rumpole said...

It was ugly for the Knicks. Only the confines of the luxury suite I was in made it barely tolerable.

Anonymous said...

8:27........your criticism of the Mormons isn't fair. They aren't saying the Holocaust never happened or that no Jews died.

They're baptizing the dead so they can be "saved." As a Jew who lost family members, I think that's more than unfortunate. Nonetheless, let's not exaggerate what's happening.


Anonymous said...

Who the fuck asked these nuts to save anyone? To do a post-mortem baptism is incredibly demeaning. They are basically saying that he Jews were too stupid in life to accept Jesus. So let's help these poor sub humans see the light.