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DOM's fascination
with floozies continues. He provides close and continued coverage of the SOBE "B-Girl" scam which he implies/sniffs is beneath Federal Court Prosecution,

The Herald has good coverage on Florida House Squeaker Dean Cannon's attempt to turn the Florida Supreme Court into two 5 Justice Courts (one for civil cases, one for B-Girl cases).
Florida Democrats are theorizing that the plan would give Governor Scott the chance to pack the court with three new justices, and that would improve the Republican Legislature's chances of getting approval by the new Supreme Court of the political redistricting plan scheduled to be passed in late 2012:

Cannon’s proposals include expanding the current seven-member Supreme Court into two five-justice divisions, one for civil cases and one for criminal. That change will require a constitutional amendment approved by 60 percent of Florida voters.

As written, HJR 7111 could go before voters as soon as Florida’s presidential primary, currently scheduled for Jan. 31, 2012.

New voting district lines — developed every 10 years — are scheduled to be drawn by lawmakers in early 2012, followed by a Supreme Court review of the proposals.

If voters approve Cannon’s measure in a primary election, Gov. Rick Scott would then have three appointees on a remade court that will play a definitive role in redistricting — a significant concern for Democrats.


So said (allegedly) the mother of Lebron James when she was approached by Miami Beach Police Department Lt. Acosta, who attempted to speak with her at the police station. The slap-happy mother of the Miami Heat player also told Lt. Acosta that she did not trust the police officer who arrested her. See the TMZ coverage here.

Would but more of our clients have that attitude! Our job would be so much easier.

We guess there is a tendency of people to read Ms. James statement as a racist one, assuming that Lt. Acosta and the arresting officer are hispanic. But what if the "kind" she was referring to were police officers?

All you have to do is spend a few days with the PD intake attorneys and listen to the newly arrested defendants unending litany of tyranny, abuse, forced confessions and stolen money to not help but endorse the unfortunate sentiment of Ms. James if she was indeed referring to police officers as untrustworthy.

Not to brag but....

Rick Scott (@FLGovScott) is now following your tweets (@Justicebuilding) on Twitter.

Now lets get to work!

Enjoy the weekend.

See you in court.


A Mighty Wind said...


Join us on the Lot 26 "Park-In" on Monday Morning.
Peaceful protest, coffee and donuts for all cops who can't take up one of our spaces.

p.s.- making them late for court is an added bonus.

South Florida Lawyers said...

That's the one smart thing Scott has done so far.

Anonymous said...

*** Very strange that the Governor is waiting for the last minute to make the next Circuit Judge appointment for Judge Emas seat? The names were all sent up at the same time, What do you think Captain???

Anonymous said...

When I read the statement by Lebron's mom, I assumed she meant it was the police she did not trust. I hadn't even considered it to be racist, as I did not know the officer's last name, and saw no photos.

So I does that make me not a racist because the issue had not occurred to me, or am I a racist for assuming his mother is black?

Please someone tell me, so I will know whether or not to send myself for sensitivity training.

Anonymous said...

TO 1:33, I also thought she meant to say I DON'T TRUST COPS. well, no one can blame her for that. I'm a cop's wife and I don't totally trust cops on the side of the road. strange things happen, so you don't need to go to sensitivity training, it's all good. Only the paranoids thought she meant I don't trust anyone whose name end with a vowel or z.

CAPTAIN said...

Out of respect to Judge Gayles' Investiture today, Scott will postpone that announcement until Monday afternoon.

Figarola, Hague, Hanzman, Walsh and White Labora are the five remaining names.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

The chances of the two Supreme Court measure making it to the ballot are slim. The Senate does not favor the proposal. It will die before the end of the session.

However there will be a proposed constitutional amendment to require judicial candidates and appointees to have at least 10 years membership in the Bar and that must be of continuous participation in the practice of law to be eligible to be a judicial officer. Both houses favor a form of this proposal. It may be amended a little, but there will be something.

The statute that tracks the Federeal law giving congress the right to overrule the rule making authority of the court has a very good chance of passing. First off you can say goodbye to 3.191 and any fixed speedy trial time.

By the way The Captain is none other than Paul Huck, Jr., former chief of staff to Charlie Crist when he was AG, son of Federal Judge Paul Huck, Sr. and husband of 3rd District Ct. of Appeal Judge Barbara Lagoa. Now you know how he knows everything that is happening in the governor's office and she got her seat.

Anonymous said...

white labora

Anonymous said...

Scott follows almost everyone who follows him on twitter. Big f'n deal.

Anonymous said...

Miami beach police released video of Lebron's mom at the police department in cuffs, in order to show she was intoxicated.

Why has the state never turned over the video of this area in it's discovery? It this some special area where they only take the moms of millionaires?

Anonymous said...

4:43 - Nobody really cares who the Captain is, or how is wife got her job.

If you would pick yourself up by your bootstraps, stop whining about others who are more successful than you, and worry about real issues in your life, I dare say that your posts will improve. As will your life.

Rumpole said...

Actually, I know who the Captain is. But his secret is safe with me.

Like Sci Fi? said...

From: The Memoirs of Mr. Chief Justice Milton Hirsch, Hyperion Publishing, 2024.

"Governor Jonathan Schwartz was missing. So was Lieutenant Governor Peter Adrian. The State was adrift and something had to be done as Florida faced its most serious constitutional crisis since the 2014 gubernatorial elections that saw fringe party candidates sneak into the seats of power.

"I'm going to hold a press conference and assure the state I said. Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Bronwin Miller shot me a serious look. 'No you're not' she said. But I was already out the door and walking in front of the press. The cameras flashed as hundreds of reporters held their phones up to re-broadcast my conference live.

"Constitutionally gentlemen, you have the governor, the lieutenant governor and then the pro tem chief of the Supreme court, which is me. For the moment I am in charge here pending the location and return of the governor or lieutenant governor......"

Volume 11, Chapter 27, pages 919-998: The Great Constitutional Crisis of April, 2017."
The Memoirs of Mr. Justice Milton Hirsch.

The Masters said...

Is KJ Choi putting on a golfing clinic or what?

Masters said...

And what about Rory McIlroy's birdie putt on 18? Memories of Striker's eagle putt at Balthisrol on the third round at 16 in 84. WOW!

oh well said...

Its a shame Shelly Schwartz never followed through on the urgings of his friends and colleagues and applied for the 3rd DCA. He would have brought a breath of fresh air down there- he would have been innovative and a shoe in for appointment.

Et Tu said...

Joel Denaro you say?

Sic Semper Tyrannis, I retort.

Anonymous said...

Shame about Shelly Schwartz. Real scholar.

What's worse is that Betty Butchko rejected that offer to be chair of the executive clemency board.

Anonymous said...

4:43 has a point. The Captain probably is Paul Huck, Jr., but I agree with Judge Lagoa at 10:39 that the last sentence went too far. It had nothing to do with the post and detracted from the information provided.

Rumpole, your response was not a denial. Hmmm