Thursday, December 09, 2010


The title of the post links to an expanded article by Herald writer David Ovalle and it is an excellent piece.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010, at Temple Beth Moshe, 2225 NE 121 Street, North Miami, Florida 33181.

Burial will be at Lakeside Memorial Park, 10301 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33172, immediately following the service.

In his honor, the flags at all Miami-Dade Courthouses are being flown at half-staff.

From: Brown, Joel
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 12:53 PM
To: All Judges JAs and Court Staff

Subject: Judge Pineiro

I am deeply saddened to inform you that our dear friend and colleague, Judge Roberto Pineiro has passed away.Judge Pineiro served this community with the utmost distinction since being appointed to the County Court in 1989 and again to the Circuit Court in 1996.Judge Pineiro will be remembered for his strong work ethic and unfailing devotion to justice. His legacy will always remain steadfast in the hearts and minds of our entire court family and so many others whose lives he has touched during the past two decades.Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family. We have all lost a true champion and a pillar of justice.

This is a very sad day.
Judge Joel H. Brown

Rumpole says: Roberto Pineiro was not a good man, he was a great man. He was not a good judge, he was a great judge. He served his community and made this a better place to live for all of us. He was dedicated to his family and this is a loss that hits all of us hard. Words cannot express how sad a day this is. The flags are at half staff at the REGJB and deservedly so.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad. I remember when Manny Crespo died; Judge Pineiro hanged a photo of Manny in his courtroom. Who will hang Judge Pinerio's photograph?

Rumpole said...

Funny you should mention that because I have been thinking the same thing. I will be on Ms Puglisi to make sure that in the New Year the FACDL gets a Picture of Rob Pineiro and that it is hung with honor next to his friend and colleague.

Anonymous said...

It is almost inconceivable to not have Judge Pineiro in the courthouse. He was such a wonderful man, so full of wisdom and compassion, knowledge and common sense, humility and guts. He worried about everybody: the community, counsel, the victims, and the defendants. He was so fair and could get everybody to do the right thing.
It was a pleasure to walk into his courtroom. Feeling as I do and having to multiply that by 100, one can only imagine the horrible loss to his family, including his youngsters, who will not now be able to see on a daily basis what the best example of integrity, brains, compassion, style and wisdom. May God take him to his side and may God bless and care for his family. And may God encourage all of us who cared so much about him to do what we can for those he loved the most and for whom the loss will be a daily burden.
The good do die young.

Anonymous said...

The only bright spot I can think of in this time sorrow is the thought of Rob Pineiro and Manny Crespo seeing each other again and carrying on like old times.

Anonymous said...

My condolences go out to Judge Pinero's family. Miami Dade County has lost a great jurist, with a knack for common sense, and an enormous heart. RIP.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear about Judge Pineiro's passing. I was a brand new "C" prosecutor in his division. He was demanding on us, but I learned a great deal. I respected him and thought he was a great judge!

Evelio Garcia

Anonymous said...

My heart is broken and I can't express the words that would even convey how much I admired and respected Judge Pinero. He really made an impact on me and I am truly saddened at his lost. May he rest in Peace and may his family be consoled in that he was greatly loved and admired by all of us and that he made a positive impact in the lives of many.


Phil R said...

The picture in the on line Herald Story of Rob is always how I will remember him, even though I met him many years before when we were both working at the SAO.

But I will remember him on the bench, staring down, giving the lawyers his full attention, beaming his considerable intellect on to the issue at hand. He dispensed justice not blindly, but with his eyes wide open- always sensitive to the equities of the situation. Understanding that the law often works best when delivered with a big dose of common sense. Sometimes that meant the state backing down at his suggestion, and sometimes that meant the defendant stepping up and admitting responsibility. His loss is both terrible and inexplicable. There is once again a gaping hole in the Justice Building; an irreplaceable man and jurist has left us, and we are all worse off for it. But, I cannot end my sentiments there, because despite the loss, we are all immeasurably better for having known Rob Piniero, and for having had the privilege to practice our profession before him. Rest in peace friend.

Michael Feiler said...

Sad day for the citizens of Miami-Dade County and for Lady Justice. Judge Piniero had not only an exceptional intellect, but a moral compass and a spirituality that we all could learn from.

Whether lawyer or litigant, you always knew with Judge Piniero that your experience with the justice system would be what it was meant to be. RIP Your Honor.

Anonymous said...

When I walked into Judge Pineiro's courtroom, whether as an ASA or defense attorney, I knew he would expect me to be prepared and--rightfully so--demand respect. I also knew that he would listen to my argument, follow the law, do what was right--not what was convenient--in a straightforward manner. He was not afraid to do the right thing; I once won a PVH on a new felony offense before him. He would give those who deserved a break a break, but had no qualms about giving a violent criminal a lenghty sentence. He was, in one word, FAIR. I never walked out of his courtoom thinking I got a raw deal, regardless of his ruling.

Off the bench, he was friendly with a sense of humor, and fiercely dedicated to his family. His passing leaves a great void in all of our lives. RIP Rob Pineiro, and my prayers are with Barbara and her family.

Anonymous said...


Upon hearing of Judge Pineiro's passing, I looked up the tributes that were written on this blog about Judge Pineiro's good friend, Manny Crespo, when he died. I noticed one of the tributes was written by Henry Leyte-Vidal. I can not help but think in the course of almost 4 years the RJB has lost three good people and judges. I know time marches on, but I hope people (judges in particular) take the time to read the postings written on here about Henry, Manny and Rob and reflect. These people are missed not because they were judges, but because they were good people who were good judges and who never developed "black robe disease". The words written about these men were not mere superlatives, but heartfelt remembrances.

rick freedman said...

One of my favorite jury trials I had was against Sterno (RIP) before Judge Rob Pineiro. I had always admired the way Judge Pineiro handled himself in Calendar and off the bench. But this trial was just another reason why I came away from his courtroom knowing that a man of justice sat on the bench that day.

My sincere condolences to Barbra and his family.

God bless Rob Pineiro.

Rick Freedman

Scott Saul said...

It's just such a terrible loss...in so many ways

Anonymous said...

How sad

Anonymous said...

“An Office of Cooperation”

TO: All Judges, General Magistrates

DATE: December 9, 2010

FROM: Sandra M. Lonergan
SUBJECT: Death of Judge Roberto M. Pineiro

Please find below the latest information on services for Judge PiƱeiro for those who wish to attend.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010, at Temple Beth Moshe, 2225 NE 121 Street, North Miami, Florida 33181. Burial will be at Lakeside Memorial Park, 10301 NW 25th Street, Doral, FL 33172, immediately following the service.

Burial will be at Lakeside Memorial Park, 10301 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33172, immediately following the service.

In his honor, the flags at all Miami-Dade Courthouses are being flown at half-staff.

Anonymous said...

There may somewhere be a Judge as good as Rob, but there are none who are better. I feel so sad. May God bless and keep him close.
Jason Grey

Anonymous said...

We've lost the best I've seen. You will live on in our warm memories, your Honor. All of the people you've touched, teached, and helped thank you.

Anonymous said...

While we all mourn the loss of Judge Pineiro, it is important for his message and principles not to be lost on us. For instance, Judge Tunis posted on this blog for the first time. So did KFR. And I can bet many judges are reading this blog as well.

So here is my message to sitting judges and people who are rightfully mourning the loss of Judge Pineiro: Try to aspire to be more like him. Cut through the garbage on your docket. Treat the people who appear in front of you with respect and dignity.

Don't use your bench as a bully pulpit. Be like Rob.

God Bless Pineiro and RIP.

Anonymous said...

His spirit
was so alive.
His spirit is still alive.
It flows through
our memories of him "endlessly
like a river
unafraid of becoming the sea".
My deepest sympathy to his family.
Kathy Hamilton

David Young said...

Those of us who worked with Rob are all the better for it. He was a Judge's Judge. I agree with the earlier posts that all everyone who ascends to the bench should use Rob Pineiro as a model. My love goes out to Barbara and his family. RIP Rob.

LennyJ1952 said...

My condolences to Barb and the kids. Rob was a wonderful guy, fun to practice before and just as much fun to hang out with outside of court. I was privileged to be able to do both.

Sad that he didn't have longer to live, but fortunate that he lived long enough to have touched so many--including me--so positively.

Rest well, my friend.

Lenny Cooperman

Anonymous said...

Life is not fair. A wonderful family man and judge is gone. So quickly and without time to say goodbye. Words cannot express how much he will be missed. He demanded excellence from others and himself. He also had a warmth and genuineness that was unique. He was a mentor, role model, and friend. I will never forget the man and shall strive to meet his standard for excellence in my personal and professional life. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Anonymous said...

Judge Pineiro loved his job in a way I admire. He loved the absurdity of it - and who's going to deny that being a judge in the Justice Building is sometimes an absurd thing to be? But he also cared deeply about justice, true justice - doing the right thing. And he loved doing that. He always took the time to explain things to me and I'll always appreciate that, not because he talked to me when other judges wouldn't, but because he talked to me because he wanted to make sure I got it right. He saw his job as a public responsibility that he was happy to take on. He cared.
I will miss him.
Susannah Nesmith

Howard Rosen said...

Miami lost a great jurist and an even better man today. Rob Pineiro presided over his courtroom with common sense, dignity, keen intellect, compassion, and wit. Whenever he ruled, he looked at litigants on both sides with a look in his eyes that said, “This was the right thing to do”, and it was. He will be sorely missed, and remembered by all.

My condolences to Barbra, Alli, and Jared. Know that you and Rob are in all of our thoughts and prayers. RIP Rob.

Rick Hermida said...

I was fortunate enough to have gone to high school with Judge Pineiro (after he became a judge, I couldn't call him Rob again).

Though he was couple of years older than me, he was always a role model. You know, the type of guy you wish you could be.

When I was a PD and didn't know my ass from my elbow, Judge was an ASA. We had a car theft case together and he actually helped me put together a defense...then took it to me in trial.

Judge, you'll always be the type of guy I wish I could be.

I'll miss you.

Anonymous said...


David Troyer said...

Roberto Pineiro was a genuinely good and decent person, something you could tell the very first time you would meet him. I had the privilege of working with him and his wife at the Dade SAO. He will be greatly missed by many, as a judge and a friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to hear this news. May he rest in peace. He was an amazing judge and person.

Anonymous said...

I had the great fortune of knowing Rob for 30 years. He was a colleague at the SAO and as a judge. He was the nicest man I have ever known. Not a bad word about anyone ever crossed his lips. He was loyal and true to his friends and kind in every word.

He was always cognizant of the pain that each sentence would cause, not just to the defendant, but to the defendant's family. He did what he had to do, but never gained personal pleasure in it.

He will be missed by all who came in contact with him. I will miss him. He was my friend.

Jeffrey Swartz

Anonymous said...

I had the privilege of being in front of Judge Pineiro during my times as an ASA and also in private practice, both in criminal and over in family. He was an absolute pleasure to practice before. A true model for any jurist in this circuit. He was taken from us way too soon and he will be sorely missed.

Just a flat out good guy.

Batman said...

Shalom and RIP, Robbo. I will say Kaddish for you.