Saturday, January 23, 2010


This past week shaped up to be a difficult one for the State Attorneys Office. All we heard were not guilty verdicts- from the Roscoe Parrish in DUI court, to a NG in Domestics and a few NGs in the REGJB. Any of those attorneys want to step forward and take credit?

Any Harvey Baxter reference bears repeating- and we received this one in the comments section yesterday (edited a bit here- the full comment is in the last post's comments section.)

Almost North of the border is a little courthouse formerly known as the Harvey Baxter Justice Center (not really but he was a character) but now simply NDJC. The purple robed one, Sheldon Schwartz, embraces a ridiculous number of criminal misdemeanor cases from several municipalies including N. Miami, Surfside, Aventura (City of Excellent Photos of you running the red light), Bal/Bay Harbor, etc...
I say embraces because he truly administers Justice in a manner entirely consistent with the Constitution of the United States and would make John Adams smile. He patiently tries dozens of cases at Bench daily without a hint of vindictiveness toward any party. He will gladly sustain his own objection if the State of Florida attempts to admit inadmissible evidence and will similarly slam a defendant deserving of his wrath. He sees the little old Jewish lady who "forgot" to pay for a blouse at Macys and the urban ghetto youth charged with marijuana possession. He deals with all in a respectful, yet stern, manner assuring respect for the bench which he clearly recognizes is larger then himself. ... He will equally take the time to explain to a victim the impact of a decison and show compassion for a deserving defendant who simply made a one-time mistake.... He makes it look simple. Rock on Shelly!

Here's a lesson for life: don't have an affair. If you do have an affair don't have one with a Ms. YaVaughnie Wilkins. If you do have an affair with Ms. Wilkins, expect it to end up on various billboards in Manhattan. The story of the affair between Charles Phillips (President of Oracle and senior economics advisor to the President) is here. Ouch!

Here's a link to the video.

Championship Sunday tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Police Shakedown Caught on Tape???

see video "does surveillance show police shakedown"

fake blecher said...

How is it that the entire shumie time debate ended up on the civil florida lawyers blog?

Jonathan Blecher said...

Ok. I have had enough with judges wearing robes other than basic black.

The tradition of wearing black robes dates back to c. 1635, England. Judges technically do not have to wear robes at all, and the robe and it's color is a traditional practice. Black is traditionally a color worn by those in mourning to observe a solemn event. Consensus is that this tradition is why judges wear black.

Yeah, I know judges in Great Britain wear red robes, but they ALL wear the same red robes.

Wearing a uniform color shows people who appear in any court that their case will be handled with uniform fairness in any court, before any judge.

This is not an affront to judges who wear non-black robes. I know for a fact that people get (and have gotten) a fair shake in front of Judges Pooler, Shelly Schwartz, Richard Feder, Fred Nesbitt, Rodney Smith and others.

But its the appearance of uniform justice and solemnity that should carry the day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Chiefs "cherry picking" comment is ridiculous at best. No one in county court has assigned cases, and it would make little to no sense to have an attorney with less than 5 months experience handling a high profile case. The new attorneys shit their pants if a DWLS pro se goes, you think they would have been able to handle Pitbull or Roscoe and the challenge of being a new attorney?

Wow a not guilty in domestics! Really blog worth stuff here Rump. Why not report on the sky being blue

Anonymous said...

One of those detectives really looks a lot like a sitting judges husband. I really hope that's not him.

Anonymous said...

Always liked Shelly

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, one of the cops in that police shakedown tape is married to a judge....

not a vanilla hater said...

May I remind you that you said:

Rumpole said...

Will put up the Cowpkes Eagles pick when I land, but let me simply say this- you can't make enough money betting against Dallas in the playoffs the last few years. it's been low hanging fruit. The Cowpokes will lose- this week or next - Vanilla Phillips will be fired- and the Pokes will make Bill Cowher the first 10 million a year coach.

Saturday, January 09, 2010 9:40:00 AM

And, should I remind you that you said the exact same thing to me (word for word) six days earlier at you know where.

Looks like you were wrong, both times.

I here Vanilla just scooped himself a two scoop extension on that contract of his.

So where will Cowher (your favorite coach) go now???

Phil R said...

Chris Pracitto- the King Of DV got the NG!

Anonymous said...

DV: He said, she said. NG. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Baxter, anecdote: He hated people chewing gum in his court, and would "fine" you if you did. Loved Harvey....quite the character.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Aventura.
The jurisdiction where every Driving While Black arrest form ends,

"Defendant resisted myself and the six other white officers with violence. Defendant forcibly taken to the ground. Defendant taken to Ward D for his multiple injuries."

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! A NG in DV!!! That is huge news.....hey I got a DWLS case dismissed this week also. The SAO must be ashamed