Monday, January 25, 2010


Monday in the REGJB. 340 days and 48 weeks left in the year. Plenty of time for the SAO to get back on track.

Congrats to the Saints and Colts. The two best teams in the league will meet in Miami in two weeks. Get your exclusive Super Bowl tips here, including our patented "coin flip lock" which is 1-1 in the last two years.

Sad word reaches us that friend and colleague Jack T. Littman passed away. Want to read the obit of a great NYC trial lawyer? Click here. Jack was the type of defense attorney you called when your client was charged with murder and you couldn't think of a defense. Jack Littman represented several high profile clients in New York murder cases and died this past weekend.

Justice Stevens: The Court's liberal lion in the winter of his discontent. The Times Article is here.

Anybody check out North Of the Border lately? They have more announced candidates for judicial elections in which an incumbent judge is being challenged this year than probably all previous years combined. That's a lot of lawyers for current judges to snub and treat badly for the rest of their career. Pretty soon those Broward Judges are going to need a cheat sheet next to their bench:

North of the Border Official Cheat Sheet. (c) Ross Legal Retaliation Services.
Check all that apply:

[ ] Miami Lawyer?
[ ] Ran against a sitting judge?
[ ] Fights for client?
[ ] Don't recognize the lawyer?


Anonymous said...

As of this morning, it's Colts -4. The OU is 56. Take the over and give the points. Might want to lock in the over now as it will go up to 59 by kickoff.

CAPTAIN said...


Could it really have been this long ago, Rump???

Last time two Number One seeds faced each other in the SB ....

Super Bowl XXVI played on January 26, 1992 in Minneapolis. Washington Redskins (17–2) defeated the Buffalo Bills (15–4), 37–24.

Let's hope SB 44 will be better than the one played in Minnesota.

The Redskins jumped to a 24–0 lead early in the third quarter, which the Bills could never recover from. Washington quarterback Mark Rypien, who completed 18 of 33 passes for 292 yards and two touchdowns, with 1 interception was named MVP.

Cap Out ...

Fake Jimmy the Greek said...

Even at 59, take the over. 56 is a steal--this is a game with real potential for 65, 70 or even more points. This game should be a shootout, especially as the Colts have an extremely potent offense that can put points on the board very quickly, and the Saints are too far behind. The Saints have a supposedly solid defense, but look how Favre lit them up yesterday. Only turno The Vikings would have won by at least two TDs had they not made so many costly turnovers.

Gotta think about the line. 3 or under, take the Colts minus. But if the straight win line is high (+140 or more) on the Saints, may want to lay a few ducats there.

Anonymous said...

Was in the South Miami Lawyers shumie chat room this weekend and all the conversation was about the Q this and The Q that, and the Q was the first Lawyer in Haiti and the Q funds "lawyers without borders" and the Q was working to save the files in the Port Au Prince Courthouse.


Anonymous said...

Police Corruption exposed? New details on Channel 10 at 6pm and 11pm today.

shume on ICQ said...

The Shumie IQC chat is where you should go. If you need a pass word try FordGT (one word) or ArturoFuente (one word)

Nobody uses the south miami chat any more

Anonymous said...

you got props in the miami herald today rumpole. check out the blog report and the comment about ur blogging on rosco parish

You Decide said...

Is this really corruption? I am not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Cop charged in selling info in lotto case

Anonymous said...

All I know about that shirtless dude on the video is that he has bigger juggs than my wife