Monday, September 29, 2008


Judge Shelly Schwartz writes below about the late Judge Michael Salmon. Herald Reporter Oh Susannah Nesmith writes looking for information about the late Judge Joe Eaton. 

And the Republicans killed the economy and the stock market today.

By Shelly Schwartz Sunday, September 28, 2008 10:36:00 PM

"Judge Michael Salmon was one if not the best judge to serve Miami Dade County in at least the past 40 years.He had the intellect!He had the compassion! He had the wisdom! He had the patience of a Saint.He was a true gentleman and scholar.
His name was submitted for higher judicial office,but
unfortunately for all,that dream was never realized.Wait,better for all in this community that thru his judicial career he remained a trial judge.
Does anyone know of the funeral
arrangements? Please post!
Shelly Schwartz.

(the captain replied that the funeral was this past Sunday.)

Blog faithful,

I'm writing an obituary on a former state circuit and federal judge, Joe Eaton. Anyone know him and want to share stories? Please call me at 305-376-3499.
Miami Herald

MNF: Let's make some money tonight in view of the Dow tanking 777 points today. Take the over 34.5 and the Steelers -7. 50 each. 

And just because we need some good news on this "black Monday" we publish the link to the Florida Supreme Court order affirming the public reprimand of Judge Aleman of North of the Border fame for her "rude" conduct to attorneys in a capital case.  Thanks to the Broward Blog which has a plethora of interesting legal articles linked to the blog. 

See You in Court Wednesday. Court's closed Tuesday for what they used to call in my home town "Rush-a-home-a". Rosh Hashanah. The Jewish New year and the start of the ten days comprising the high-holy days. It is a time of serious introspection. We will try and not offend anyone, however serious introspection is not our milieu. 


Anonymous said...

those useless turds called republicans said they didnt vote for the bailout because nancy pelosi made a nasty speech blaming bush for the problems. how can anyone vote for a bunch of cretins who were so offended that they couldnt vote for a bill that they thought was good for the country? wont matter the stupid morons in this country in the south will still vote for gop becuase of god and gays and the cubans in miami will vote for gop becuase they say they hate castro more than obama and we will still be ruled by these ass clowns

i give up

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Anonymous said...

"Hi. My name is Pedro Dijols. On behalf of myself, Catalina Avalos, and Julio Gonzalez,
I want to wish everyone in Broward County a Happy Jewish New Year.
And remember, please, whatever you do, DO NOT vote for me on November 4th."

The Broward Blog has me rolling on the floor.

The ultimate irony of Levy-Cohen-Sanchez, ending up with Dijolis name is the funniest shit I have see in 20 odd some years. You just can't make this shit up.

Pedro move to Miami you will have the reverse situation.

Anonymous said...

Nice job correcting all the spelling and punctuation errors in Shelly Schwartz post, Rump.

Also, thanks for removing my post critical of his lack of judicial temperament.

Rumpole said...

12:23- Yes I did correct the spelling errors. Yes I did remove your post. I thought long and hard about removing it. Here's why I did it-

Judge Schwartz took the time to write to remember a colleague. This was about remembering and honoring Judge Michael Salmon. You may notice Judge Glick and other Judges who used to sign their names to comments no longer do so. Why? Because the second they do so the sniping starts. So I wanted to preserve the dignity of the comments about Judge Salmon.

Now the hard part is that your criticism of Judge Schwartz on one level is correct. I have heard and seen on one occasion his courtroom speeches which at some point became a tirade and I was embarrassed for the public that had to sit through it. So I do respect your criticism. And I wanted to address removing your comment at an appropriate time. If you email me I will discuss this further.

As to the spelling errors, I have done the same thing for many many other lawyers. Not everyone uses spell check. You should check out the emails and texts sent by disgraced Governor Spitzer of NY before he resigned. To quote Hollywood Henderson (old Dallas Cowboy) he couldn't spell Cat if you spotted him C and T.

Anonymous said...

40% of the House Democrats were "useless turds", in your lawyerly terminology.
But then, on this blog one must never let the facts get in the way of a partisan rant.
You don't need to correct my spelling or grammar, thanks.

Anonymous said...

12:23am, congratulations, you're the reason this blog is moderated, because no one can write something professional or kind without your useless criticism of them. Why don't you just fuck off already.

Anonymous said...

The partisan rants amuse me. The truth is that BOTH parties have done a less than admirable job running our country. There are way too many people in high positions for wrong reasons. I hope that our next President, whomever he might be, changes that as he is able (ie. in the executive branch).


PS----I also hope that we all leave the political/partison nonsense behind and give our next President, whomever he is, the support he needs to move our country forward. The reality is that once the election is over, we need to work together to improve things. Loyalty should be to the country. No President can succeed with diverse and bi-partisan support. We do ourselves a disservice when we spend four years (let alone eight) sulking and sniping.

Anonymous said...

What short memories the Democrats have. In 2002, 2003, 2005 Bush tried to get congress to control the runaway spending by Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac and all 3 times Barney Frank gave Bush the finger. (check it, it’s on tape)Then in 2006 McCain introduced a bill to do the same thing and all the Demos voted against it. Now the Pelosi has the gall to blame the Republican administration for the problems the Demos caused. Does she think nobody remembers how she voted in those years?

Anonymous said...


Happy New Year and as your mom said: 'rush-home-on- time-a,' or something similar.

As much as you attempt to be this cowboy lawyer, who wins (mostly) and loses, and runs and works out to the point of having Bruce Jenner shake in his decathlon sneakers/cletes, you feel like real people.

Your comment about why J. Glick doesn't write any
more, says volumes. Have you ever considered a 'judges' only reporting, or posting their comments without mentioning their names, unless they want their names used? Really what's the point of only having judges at
REG and elsewhere simply never respond?

Just a thought in the spirit of the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Good for the House Republicans! Shame on you Rumpole and all you other fools you fall for Bush/Pelosi sky is falling bs. Just a govt power grab. And their cronies get paid in the process. Fuck that.

I thought you had some free market principles, Rump. Sold those out to jump on the Dems bandwagon. Weak

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:53. You Don't speak for all cubans, a lot of us are voting OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 11:49. I was under the impression that republicans held majorities in both houses during the periods you mentioned. I obviously underestimated the power of Barny Frank during those years. The Bush years have to be among the most interesting in history, everything has been driven to disaster and yet the Republicans are responsible for none of it. Must be like Mo Green "unlucky".

Anonymous said...

11:49 A.M.--you conveniently ignore that in 2002, 2003 and 2005, as well as 2006, the GOP controlled Congress. While both parties, to some extent, must share the blame for this mess, it is both sad and funny that Bush is relying on the Democrats to pass his bailout, and that his own party is repudiating him.

I hate to use this language, but the GOP has really fucked this country the last eight years. Whoever is the next president will have his hands full.

Anonymous said...

Did all you idiot democraps (misspelling intended)realize that 94 of your own slime voted against the bailout!

Anonymous said...

Big question for Shelly is why didn't any of Salmon's good qualities rub off on you.

Every time I am before you in court you treat the pro se people with such disdain and contempt.

Stop talking down to these people.
Treat them as you would expect to be treated yourself. You are not
god. Remember karma is real.


Anonymous said...

7:47--and 135 of your fellow Refucklicans (misspelling intended) voted against the bailout. Also remember:

1. The bailout was proposed by none other than President Bush. Last time I checked, he was a Republican, although I am sure that there are more than a few Republicans that wouldn't mind if he left the party.

2. 60% of Democrats voted for the bailout. Nearly 67% of Republicans voted against it.

The Dems went to bat for Bush on this one.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about Shelly........he actually cares (about the system, victims, community AND defendants). Anyone who has ever taken the time to know Shelly knows this is true. And anyone who's appeared in front of him regularly knows its true. I've seen Shelly bend over backwards helping defendants with legitimate issues. In fact, part of the reason his calendars are so damn slow is that he does what judges should do..........take the time to understand what's happening and treat each case/defendant differently. Would you rather have a "nice guy" who doesn't listen and sentences everyone the same regardless of what they deserve? I wouldn't.

Shelly hammers the defendants in the hopes that they won't come back. For many, his reaction will be enough to change their behavior. Is that really such a bad thing? When your kids screw up, do you ever raise your voice?

I'm not saying that I support his conduct. However, the fact is that many judges are so soft that many offenders don't worry about coming back. That's certainly not a good thing. And it's not good for anyone, including the defendants.

Regardless, it's sad that a person can't say nice things about a recently deceased friend without some asshole like you hammering him on this site. I find it incredibly ironic and sad that you choose to hammer Shelly (in a condescending, demeaning, and sanctimonious manner) at a time when Shelly's expressing his admiration of Salmon and grief at his death. You, sir, are treating Shelly far worse than I've ever seen him treat a defendant. You are the problem, not him.


Anonymous said...

PS---Rump, I know you edit spelling errors and such........can you please edit my comment or note that my comment on Shelly was a response to ScottAfrica (ie. put on the top that it's a response to him)?


Shelly, Shelly, Fo Felly said...

The worst thing a judge can do is come to judgment before hearing all the facts. This is what happens all the time in Shelly Schwartz courtroom.

He makes his mind up about something then closes his ears. He commits to a position and is to pig-headed to change, for fear of appearing weak after his long, loud tirades.

I have no question that his heart is in the right place, and he means to do the right thing and be tough on those who deserve it. He paints with too broad a brush and lambastes people that often don't deserve it.

That being said, he has announced he wont be seeking another term. We will probably end up with a carpet-bagging-hyphenated-hispano-nee-anglo-8 year puppy lawyer next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

I have tried dozens of cases before Judge Schwartz. He is a GREAT trial judge. I've seen him acquit countless unrepresented defendants who he screamed at 10 minutes before. Shelly has balls. Sometimes he is rude, so what, Every great teacher in law school was a son of a bitch. Shelly is not perfect but he is getting most of his bad rap from pussies.