Saturday, October 14, 2006


NEW POLLS ARE UP. Check em out.

Have a good idea for a poll? Email us.

Sorry to say no one took us up on our offer and emailed us a story about what they do.

Someone wants to know why there is no blog for North of the Border.

Probably a second degree felony up there.
Can’t have free speech or free expression of ideas.
Might upset the apple cart.

One year anniversary of the blog is coming up. Do we hear the call for another blog party at Tobacco Road?

See You In Court Monday.

( Have we upset the Pastelito cart?)



Da da da dadum GO GATORS!



I'd take Willie Randolph over Joe Torre as my manger. But Jim Leyland over the both of them.

I'd want Larry Coker runing my football program, not Urban Meyer.

I can name you 12- a dozen- that's right 12- head coaches in the NFL who are better than Nick Saban.

I'd buy another LCD TV before I'd buy another Plasma. And as a rich defense attorney, I have both.

I'd date a woman in her 20's or a woman in her 40's. These 30 year olds who have baby fever are drivin me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole said:

"Why is there no blog North of the Border: 1) The Water 2) The Judges would hunt the blogger down, strip him/her, and hang them from the top of the courthouse; 3) No one up there has a creative bone in their body. 4) (sealed by order of the court)."

whats happened to #5) Blogger has no time to make creative post since standing in line for Sounding can take 2-3 months (4-6 months if the judge learns your a Miami Attorney).

Anonymous said...

HERS's a poll. How many people think JOSIE VELEZ PEREZ and GINA MENDEZ should try again???Could they win or would they become the first Latin women to loose Three times?

Anonymous said...

biggest egos among crim lawyers

mark eiglarsh-- no comment needed
david markus-- not the cool state guy the other federal weenie who is so pompous and preachy he sounds worse than the most annoying prosecutor

Anonymous said...

that post will be coming down. dont you know david is Rump

Anonymous said...

i want a poll on who think Hernandez will run again in 2008

Fake Steve Spurrier said...

Go Gators!!! Uh...I mean Tigers!!!!

Fake Ron Zook said...

Chris....Step away from the ledge. It's all right. The gators can still win the SEC. What's the worst that can happen?

abe laeser said...

Can you really be surprised that no one described what they really do?

Why would I let anyone into the recesses of my soul? Do I go about my tasks blithly oblivious to their effect, or do I live in a tortured purgatory of psychic pain?

Capital prosecution is not an unexamined life. It just cannot be shared.

Anonymous said...

10:13:49 PM, have you even spoken to David Markus the “uncool” federal guy? I would suspect that you have not, because if you had, you would find that he is a generous, intelligent and kind person. Why is there so much envy and jealousy in our profession? There probably isn’t a harder working defense attorney/advocate in the United States than David Markus—“uncool” though he may be. Seriously, try speaking with David and your opinion just might change—or heaven forbid you might just develop a real basis upon which to formulate an honest opinion.

Anonymous said...

ok david

Anonymous said...

LOL, David stop defending yourself.


Anonymous said...

I mean, GO FIU!

Anonymous said...

Who started the fight anyways? UM or FIU? Anybody at the game?

Anonymous said...

I won a half dozen trials by age 35 so now I have my own blog and claim to be the best attorney in town-better than people who have 20 more years of accomplishments. name me.

Anonymous said...

David Markus won way more than a half a dozen trials before 35, and he has his own blog because he went to blogspot.com and created one. He's never claimed to be the best attorney in town.

Go kill yourself, you irrelevant hack.

No, I'm not david

Anonymous said...

Whoever is taking cheap shots at David O. Markus is sorely mistaken. First off, David can speak with authority about the law because he is one of the most learned, and at his age, one of the best and most experienced criminal trial lawyers in this town. He is not an ego...he is simply that good.

An assistant Public Defender

Anonymous said...

To Assistant public defender - its ok - those that attack well known lawyers are just looking up from way below

Anonymous said...

He is good. Not great. All of you get a grip.

Anonymous said...

Definition of a Great Attorney in Criminal Law: Has tried misdemeanor, juvenile, felony cases. Files motions, not boilerplate- one that require research, writing and case law. Has practiced in different jurisdictions and judges and maybe even federal and state simultaneously. Has made law through appeals, appellate decisions, changes in statutes. I believe we can thank Roy Black's use of the intoxication defense in a murder trial on court tv for the subsequent abrogation of it and he didn't even win that case. That is an example of greatness. For all of you who have one big case under your belt until you have had to deal with 10 media organizations covering your every move, represented cases that were so controversial that you received death threats or had to have a change of venue, had your case lead to a change in statutes, rules of criminal procedure, a change in the death penalty or your reputation is such that you are FEARED then you are still nothing more than good, very good or above average and nobody is one of the best attorneys in Miami when they have been a lawyer less than 10 years. It takes almost that long to trial and have the appeals exhausted in a 1st degree murder case. And if all you've done is win most of your trials as an asa you ain't shit because successfully defending compared to successful prosecution is like comparing the nfl to college only none of you asas realize this until you leave the sao and then defend people.

Random ASA said...

...and Ball State can beat the 1966 Packers. Keep dreaming + make sure to send commisary money to your clients in Raiford

Anonymous said...

To random asa: how many times have you nolle prossed, reduced felony to mm, gone way below guidelines etc. the minute you were no longer guaranteed victory and had the slightest problem with your case because that's the way 98% of prosecutors prosecute.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Money lending expert Ronald Bamberg, who gave evidence on behalf of London North Securities, said: "I agree it has got to an enormous figure but that is simply the mathematics of it."
He added that Harvey Collis, director of London North Securities, who has taken the court action against Meadows, had done nothing wrong.

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