Thursday, May 06, 2021


 Happy 90th Birthday Willie Mays. For those of you (Judge's included) born after Clinton was president (Yes, Hillary has a husband and he was president) WIllie Mays was a baseball player for the NY and LA Giants. He was known as the "say hey kid".  Someone asked us to name a baseball player greater than Mays. Hmmm...  We can find a few (just a few) players who hit more home runs. We can find a few players who were better fielders and had more speed on the base paths  We cannot think of anyone who had the speed, power, and fielding abilities of Mays. He was the best. 

Stats:  Rookie of the year in 1951; 3,283 hits; 660 Home runs; .302 batting average; 1903 RBIs;  338 stolen bases;  .557 slugging percentage;  MVP 1954 and 1965; 12 straight gold gloves as a center fielder; 20 all star appearances-19 in a row; 1954 his first MVP year- .345 batting average (led the majors), 41 home runs, 110 RBIs. It just doesn't get better than this. 

Take a look at what is simply known as "the catch" and while no one was able to identify the DeLuna Dilemma mentioned in the prior post, tell us the batter who hit the ball Mays caught in the first game of the 1954 World Series. 


Voters go to the polls today in Scotland to vote on independence from the United Kingdom. Led by Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister (and Rumpole's favourite politician today) Sturgeon is head of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and  hopes to lead Scotland out of the UK and ironically back into the European Union. Many of you are saying to yourselves "Wait a minute Rumpole. Didn't Scotland vote down withdrawing from the UK 55-45 in 2014 and didn't that settle matters?"  Yes and no. A lot has happened since 2014 and we think today's vote will be a historic yes!  
Item: 62% of Scotland's voters voted to REMAIN in the EU. 

Scotland is more enlightened than the UK. It embraces more activism in fighting global warming. We've spent a significant amount of time in Scotland this past decade. There is almost universal recycling; large scale organic production of food; a larger commitment  to health care, immigration, and government support for a universal minimum wage for its citizens. While we don't race to the more socialist aspects of Sturgeon's agenda, it is for the people of Scotland to decide. No one elected us King (yet). 

The withdrawal of Scotland would be a severe blow to the British Empire at a time when change is afoot. The death of Prince Philip. The withdrawal of Prince Harry and Megan from royal duties; a 95 year old Monarch significantly more popular than her son. Scotland could be a tipping point. 

We will follow the voting for you here.  

Happy Birthday to the Say Hey Kid. 


  1. Pssst: Scotland isn't voting in an independence referendum. They're having elections to Scottish parliament. Nicola/SNP is promising to have a second referendum in 2023 or so.

  2. Today's election is not a vote on Scottish independence. Today's election is the parliamentary election. Depending on the results of the parliamentary election, there might be a future election on independence. One step at a time Rumpole.

  3. I think Vic Power hit the ball Mays caught. Mays also doubled-up the runner on second base.

  4. I grew up in LA. Never heard of the LA Giants. The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA. The Giants moved to SF and were hated by all sane people. Mays was loved, though.

  5. LA Giants????? C'mon Rump!

  6. Vic Wertz hit the fly ball. There is an article on ESPN that states that had Mays not played in Candlestick, his homer total would have been much greater. Not true. His home/away homer rate was the same. Here is a true story. The Dodgers (O'Malley) wanted to sign him but a scout convinced him other wise. Said he could not hit the curve ball. Mays also did two years in the Army which DID affect his overall homer total.

  7. Rump has obviously lost a step. Will that carry over to trial?

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  9. Rumpole:

    You missed one of the most impt stats of Willie May's career. He was drafted into the Army during the Korean War. As a result he missed playing in 266 games in 1952 and 1953. In the next two years following his discharge:

    1954 - he hits 41 HRs, 110 RBIs, had a batting avg of .345, had the highest slugging percentage of his career at .667, the highest OPS of his career at 1.078, and oh yeah he won the MVP award. All this after taking nearly two seasons off.

    1955 - he hit 51 HRs, 127 RBIs, and had a batting avg of .319.

    Given the fact that he finished with 660 HRs, imagine the number of HRs he would have finished his career with if he had played two full seasons in 1952 and 1953. He certainly would have surpassed Babe Ruth's 714 HR record and he may have achieved that feat a couple of years before Aaron finally did it in 1974.

    Captain Out .......

  10. Rump: besides playing for the NY and SF Giants, he ended his career back in New York playing for the Mets