Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The last time we wrote a post five Dallas police officers had just been murdered in an ambush. 

Since then, a defendant in Illinois grabbed a gun and murdered two bailiffs in court, and currently during the afternoon of Tuesday, the U.S. Capital is on lock down with a security threat. 

Two sets of law enforcement officers killed by a gunman. 
Just wondering about all those gun enthusiasts who argued that the solution to the massacre in the Orlando nightclub was more people being armed. 

Armed officers didn't seem to be able to stop the murders in Dallas and Illinois. 

And now we have armed officers in the REGJB walking around with assault rifles.

Who feels safer?

The Notorious RBG gave an interview over the weekend and trashed The Donald. 

Trump reacted by calling for Ginsburg to apologize, resign, and go to work on a crew building a wall in Texas. 
Query: Supreme Court Justices out of bounds commenting on presidential candidates? Or is their role just limited to stopping recounts when their party's candidate is in trouble? 

Trump to announce his VP pick this week. 

The summer keeps getting hotter and longer, and still no real leader in sight. 

See You In Court. 


  1. Have you been drinking? Is it o.k. for a judge to make political comments as long as she is s pinko? You are a very strange thinker.

  2. Rumpole: take the air bag out of your car, people die notwithstanding having them. Get rid of the breakers in your house, they don't always prevent fires. Oh, and this may shock you, but you should just dump the pool fence, kids will still drown in places where they're installed.

    Your logic is moronic. You don't have the first clue on the subject you're talking about. I think that's what is most infuriating to see over and over again from my end. I just ignore it. It has no value.

    It's literally the same thing as when a guy last week tried to explain his position on the MN and LA and Dallas shootings by beginning his argument with: "Well, you know, the blacks . . ." If you say "the blacks," you've lost me. I turn around and walk away. You're argument is in that same league.

    Why can't we all just be honest?

  3. It was considerate of Justice Ginsburg to recuse herself from any election related legal disputes in order to avoid the possibility of a tie.

  4. These modern right wingers are making Reagan and Goldwater spin. Geez! You suggest that the recent arguments relating to the general safety of universal armament seem to not "hold water" because the trained and armed are getting shot and killed and the response from the learned right is to anonymously scream "pinko". Nobody has defended the right of black people to posses firearms without being subject execution by the police. If you want to have gun control pass through both houses immediately then make sure every black male is issued a firearm.

  5. It was in Michigan that the bailiffs were shot. And I hate seeing armed officers walking around the REGJB with rifles or body armor or whatever. The question we should be asking is, how do all these nuts obtain all this fire power so easily. It's got to stop.