Friday, July 15, 2016


UPDATE: Trump/Pence phallic symbol quickly nixed as campaign logo as twitter erupts in laughter. 

As quickly as the T, penetrating the P made it's debut as the campaign's logo, it was removed when twitter users noted the obvious homo-erotic connotations of Trump penetrating Pence. 

Scratch San Francisco off the Trump ticket's target area in the upcoming campaign. And things seemed so promising. 


We've obtained a copy of the video of the escape.
We also have a copy of the statement of the State Attorney:
"This incident captured on video will not go unpunished. The SAO has endeavored to make clear that running in the courthouse will not be tolerated. It's a serious violation of the Fort Lauderdale county ordinance and we will prosecute this defendant to the fullest extent of the law."

Two different news organizations reported on the escape of an inmate in Broward County. 

Spot the error.


  1. Death Penalty debates aside, this is an amazing story. The guy *had* to have a lot of outside and inside help. He got out of both handcuffs and the leg shackles that Broward uses? And, once out of the courtroom into the hallway, he knew just which way to run and which stairs to use and found the back exit onto the street? While stripping off his clothes? And disappeared into thin air?



  2. Actually, I did not get the information from but my Twitter sent me an alert from Fox that stated:

    "Manhunt underway after death row inmate escapes from Florida courthouse"

    Then I got the Herald and other news service tweets that informed me that it was an inmate facing the death penalty - which made much more sense.

  3. This incident highlights the problems with Florida Law. Murder defendants should be arrested and immediately brought to death row, where hearings could take place by video link with the court. The inmates would remain on death row and face execution from the day of their arrest and would be required to "litigate" their way off of death row. Put another way, we in Broward never ever arrest or charge innocent people and the public should know that and it is about time liberal judges and the Obama administration stop subverting the administration of American Justice the way the good lord and the bible and constitution want it to be.

    Mike Satz
    Your Broward Prosecutor now and forever

  4. Fox News...fair and balanced, and almost always wrong.

  5. Anyone have a Motion to Set Aside Capias I can copy? I was just retained by a guy with an outstanding bench warrant and I hope I didnt promise him too much. Broward judges sometimes set aside the capias even if the Defendant is not in court, right? I mean, I will be there after all.

    And in further mitigation the warrant is only like one day old. The guy retained me as soon as he learned about it. As you can imagine, he was very surprised and he wants to set this right.

  6. Of course, the BSO immediately said they needed more money.

  7. If a dude escapes the courtroom, can't the deputies simply use their radios and tell the folks at the front/back entrances to close the door. You can outrun people, but not radio calls.

    Like, " hey front door, we have a runner. Close and the exit and post up a few cops there"

    Now in the world does his happen. By the time he exists the court room, the radio call should be in, and the doors closed before he hits the stairwell. Fascinating amount of incompetence.

    hope they catch this dude safely without the public and police being further put at risk.

  8. 11:37, have you never been to Broward? Deputies do not have time to be making radio calls about escaped defendants charged with murder, their role is to protect the judges and keep order in the court and they do this in three ways. 1) Telling lawyers where to sit, 2) telling everyone where to sit and 3) telling everyone to shut up, all day.

  9. They don't have radios. BSO didn't budget for them. Total incompetence up there. God help all the people who work in that courthouse.


  10. Error: he wasn't on death row it was a pretrial hearing. This mess shows just how messed up the Broward courts are right now. How can Judges administer justice without adequate security and with mounds of frivolous litigation that Broward hasn't taken a stand against yet??