Wednesday, February 10, 2016


From the JAA Broward Blog yesterday:

Imperato to resign? – a bailiff was caught scurrying away earlier this morning with what looks to be some of Cindy Imperato’s personal belongings in an archive box, including an FSU football.  When asked a few minutes later whether Imperato was indeed calling it quits, her JA said she was “undecided“.  We’ll be following up with the chief judge and Tallahassee shortly

Rumpole says: Good riddance.  This judge was a nasty, sarcastic, impatient jurist who pandered to police officers. We had a memorable motion to suppress in front of her, during which she spent the entire time chatting with her clerk, snickering and passing notes to the clerk, and rolling her eyes and playing to the other police officers who were in the courtroom for another case. Our client said "I can't believe this is happening to me in a courtroom in the United States." So, no great loss to the bench or the cause of justice. Karma. 


Just think about this: if ten months ago we told you Bernie sanders, a 74 year old, cranky socialist and former mayor of Burlington, Vermont would WIN the democratic primary in New Hampshire, you would have called us crazy. 

If we further told you that a reality TV crass buffoon named Donald Trump would win the Republican primary, you would have called us nuts. 

If we told you Sanders and Trump would both win their respective primaries, you would have told us to call you when we sober up. 

Truth is stranger than fiction.

See You In Court. 


  1. Here's a good story, for once: Tex. prosecutor disbarred for misconduct in sending innocent man to death row

  2. It would be sad if this was the third time HRC didn't see it coming!

  3. I had bad experiences with this judge also. A number of years ago I had some motions filed that had a small techinical defect and I was next for trial. I asked her if I can have 30 minutes to correct the defect and she said no and brought in a jury panel 5 minutes later. My client was aquitted so it ended well but I always thought it was a slimey thing to do. Good Riidance Judge Imperato.



    She has resigned, effective 2/29/16. That's three Broward Circuit Court Judges that have bitten the dust in just the past year as the result of JQC investigations: Judge Lynn Rosenthal, Judge Laura Watson, and Judge Cynthia Imperato. Only Watson kept up the fight, until the FSC disbarred her. Rosenthal and Imperato both threw in the towel, after seeing the writing on the wall.

    Cap Out .....

  5. Haha. The best part about Trump is watching folks like you panic. To paraphrase from a Batman movie, people like you are going to wonder how you had it so good for so long, while leaving so little for the rest of us.


  6. Imperato was rude and offensive. Good riddance.

  7. I saw Imperato in the elevator this week. I gave a fake smile and hello. She was as grumpy as can be. Good riddance.

  8. I know I am in the minority but I will say this. While Imperato was pretty tough, I always thought she was knowledgeable and fair. She was a ballbuster in sentencing for sure but in terms of the other factors there are many worse than her.

  9. Jason Bloch what happened ?.....Have your big establishment firms finally understand that you are doomed to lose they finally understand that you are widely disliked by lawyers and the majority of your peers?......

  10. While on the civil bench, Imperato was always courteous, thorough and on time. She was fair with her rulings and maintained a friendly, but serious atmosphere during her jury trials. Inperato made a poor choice and now her career has been ruined. It's a lesson for all of us. Best time just Über it!

  11. Imperato was a as arrogant, nasty and unpleasant as the day is long. Her Hubby, an ex-DEA agent was also a royal jerk! Even having known her from her days before her getting on the bench and having dealt with her and her hubby in a social atmosphere she was nasty when I appeared before her. He was a real class act, always taking and claiming the credit for the hard work and achievement of others.