Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Longtime and careful readers of the blog know our deep and abiding affection if not outright love for the courthouse and its denizens north of the border. Not. 

Check out the post on the Broward Blog entitled "Broweird." (the title of the post links to the blog article) 

A statue of Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward  stands in the hallway to the entrance to the new wing of the courthouse. Against this bronze behemoth  we have often banged our head in frustration having once again been "browarded" by a judge up there- be it having our client's bond revoked for getting a speeding ticket, or some other Broward nonsense. 

Now, posted on the Broward blog, comes word that ol' Napoleon Broward was....(steady now) an avowed racist.  

Broward judges want to send every client who comes before them to state prison. Napoleon Broward just wanted to send all African Americans to a colony purchased for them for the purposes of keeping the races pure and separate. Since most defendants  Broward Judges send to prison are African American, perhaps the statue is a good thing, as it appears Napoleon Bonaparte Broward is getting his wish, albeit a hundred or so years later than he wanted. 

Why are we not surprised that of all the possible persons significant in the history of Florida and this nation, that the powers that be  north of the border put a statute of a racist in their courthouse?

Of course they named the whole damn county after this racist, so why would anyone be surprised at anything that happens up there? 

See you in court, just not in certain courts, and now you know why. 


  1. How about the statue of Robert E. Lee on the main street leading up to the courthouse in Fort Myers? I'll bet this doesn't make too many African American defendants confident about their chances inside the building. As far as Florida counties named after racists, I would imagine that over half of the counties in the State have racist namesakes. At least eleven counties--Calhoun, Clay, Jackson, Jefferson, Lee, Levy, Madison, Monroe, Polk, Taylor, and Washington--were named after slaveholders. And don't forget the Confederate Civil War monuments that I have seen in front of at least three county (Columbia, Hillsborough, and Madison) courthouses in Florida. What a wonderful legacy.

  2. broward is a complete bass ackwards swamp . the judges are silly, the prosecutors ignorant, and not enough cases are tried.

  3. This is our heritage. Deal with it.

  4. Surprisingly this story here, while it doesn't necessarily rule out Broward as a racist, certainly seems to speak well of his ability to avoid a riot and a lynching.


  5. Abraham Lincoln was in favor of sending blacks to Liberia rather than integrating them into white America (according to Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of "Team of Rivals"). Do you propose that we destroy the Lincoln memorial?

    The stupidity of our forefathers is a fact. Let's just hope that we have evolved as a society.

  6. Michele Towbin Singer is a good judge up North of the border. Of course, she came from Dade County. Actually, alot of the judges north of the border originally lived in Dade County-they are just afraid to admit it.

  7. Perhaps Broward judges are not handling it correctly. I don't think they people should be sent to prison.
    This matter can be solved some else way.

  8. That statue scares me, Wah. 400 years ago slave ships hit Africa, Wah. In 1776 I would have been 4/5ths of a white man, Wah.

    A black man ran the U.S. Army. A black woman is the suckyest-ever Secretary of State. Stop your whining, roll up your shirtsleeves and get to work you whining little babies.