Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The jury has spoken.  Guilty on all counts.  Life without parole.  The fall of this one-time all-pro athlete is complete.  But is this a surprise considering what was known about him as far back as his days at the University of Florida.

What kind of idiot making millions of dollars year commits one murder over nothing but an insult, and then covers it up by murdering his fiance's brother in law because he said something you don't like?  Once a gangster, always a gangster.

They are hardly done with him.  He has another murder in Massachusetts for which he must answer.  It may be time to open up an investigation as to what this evil guy may have done in Gainesville.


Anonymous said...

Be careful with that ganster comment.

Once a "______________" always a "_______________."

Puerto Rican

You get the point.

Anonymous said...

Better call Saul

Anonymous said...

Well that settles it. I'm dropping him from my fantasy football team. He did nothing last year anyway. Feh!

Anonymous said...

I heard he couldn't afford the Q. 21 mil was the fee.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but I just read rumpole's article on Alexander Hamilton's imposition of the whiskey tax in the late 1700's as a forerunner of issues that would create the fertile ground for the civil war. It's on the history blog and it is a piece- white a bit lengthy - worth the read.

Glenn Gary Glenn Ross said...

Put that coffee down Mr Hernandez ! Coffee is for closers - and people not convicted of first degree murder.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS. after signing the verdict form and dating it April 1 2015 the jury sheepishly returned to the courtroom and found hernandez NOT GUILTY. "We thought this would be seen as a funny joke " said Oren Gloujest jury Forman. "He was clearly not guilty. Guess the joke fell a bit flat. "

Anonymous said...

Because he was a troublemaker in college we shouldn't be "surprised" he turned into a cold-blooded murderer? Are you kidding me?

NY JETS said...

With the 73rd pick in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft the NY JETS select AARON HERNNADEZ TIGHT END WALTHAM PRISON. "we like his chances on appeal " said an assistant jet Gen manager.

Fake Alex michaels said...

Dis verdict is bullsheeeeeet.

Anonymous said...

Damn. He had a victory party planned at THE REN (a venue) for this weekend. Hot babes. Cold beer. All gone. Damn.

Anonymous said...

He turned down a w/h 364 +10 probation s/c anger control Dope.

Anonymous said...

Go Gata

Anonymous said...

I once quoted a guy a $100,000.00 for a trafficking case before Moore. He refused. Then his partner came back for the appeal. Now I quoted $200k and they paid I told them the extra hundred was for me to undo all the damage the first lawyer did.

The Professor said...

11:46 - I see your point, but apples and oranges. Gangsters are not a suspect class for civil rights purposes. Nor do I think it establishes a bias or prejudice to call a criminal a criminal.

12:49 - He was not only a troublemaker in college, but there are allegations that he may have committed an attempted murder in college. It is sad, but many NFL teams had concerns about drafting him because of those "character" issues. This one may be on the Patriots, Kraft and Belichick.

Anonymous said...

I too have a problem with once a gangster, always a ganster.

I once tried a meth case in federal court. The client was named Angel. In closing, the AUSA said, he was no angel. I could understand that.

He also said this...
Remember when it was easy to ID the criminals? They walked in with pin striped suits and had Italian names.....

Guess who I am? (Very Italian last name).

The AUSA was black. I was sooooo tempted to say, hey, remember when all idiot prosecutors were black? Instead I used my closing argument to explain how my dad, who was 100% Italian, was on our side in WWII fighting for my right to say how stupid that prosecutor was for making that comment.

Not guilty. Hung on conspiracy, 11-1 for NG. Plea to misd drug possession in federal court. 6 months probation. Original charges had a 10 year min mand.

Once an Italian, always an Italian.

the trialmaster said...

Another name on the trialmaster's Hall of Fame list-- Angus Stephens.

Miserable Guy said...

I struggled through law school. came out 100K in debt. worked at the sao a while. Left for private practice where I scratch out a 100K gross a year and deal with a nagging wife, snot nosed ungrateful kids and drive an old, used car. I take three weeks off a year and spend two of them home, resting and drinking beer. One week we go to a motel in Maine for a week in August. Its a hard, unhappy and unfulfilling life and suddenly I am better off than Aaron Hernandez, Who would have thunk it?


Sorry Rump. Gotta love the 305. Pit Bull's recent hit Time of Our Lives has a great line:

"This for anybody going through tough times
Believe me, been there, done that
But everyday above ground is a great day, remember that."

Cap Out .....

Miserable Guy said...

Hey Capt Crunch! Every day above ground is a good day?

Tell that to Aaron Hernandez.

Pitbull sucks. Give me Captain and Tennille any time.

Life is a terrible blood-sucking grind and then if you're lucky you die in your sleep instead of in some dark, dingy nursing home where young women from Jamaica call you poppy while they let gruel drip down your chin on to your shirt and they steal your meager savings.

FU jerk.

Anonymous said...

MG needs his own blog. Now.

Anonymous said...

This says more about the NFL than it does about Hernandez.

Anonymous said...

Okay, MG is my favorite. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on his attorney admitting he was at the scene of the murder during closing?

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that he murdered people in Gainesville and was shielded from the authorities by the gator nation?

Anonymous said...

ESPN reported that after the verdict Hernandez took his dejected legal team to the local PFC Changs for lunch and to discuss strategy on appeal.

Why is he still out on bond????

Miserable Guy said...

Thanks for the kind words. The only ones I get.

Here's my day today. Drive my beat up car to court early to get a parking space. I don't pay monthly parking because I can save a few bucks. Try and squeeze five hundred out of the money the clients owe me. Run around like a maniac between floors till noon. Then eat my crappy PBJ sandwich in my car while closing my eyes and listening to classical music until 1 when I have depos on a multi defendant case. Here i the worse part of that- one lawyer will show me pictures of his new boat. Another will show me cell phone pics of him and his new model girlfriend on a recent trip somewhere, and probably someone else will talk about where they are going this weekend. Meanwhile the best part of my week is the 40 minutes I sit in my car eating a cheap sandwich listening to music and no one is bothering me.

I rue the day I ever decided to become a lawyer. Be careful what you ask for in life. You may get it.

Claude Erskine- Browne said...

Hernandez just called me, he wants a appeals bond. He said he got a job, he's got a family, kids to support, he ain't got time for this.

Anonymous said...

MG sounds like a Miami version of Jimmy McGill.

Anonymous said...

Anybody taking life lessons from Pitbull has not gone very far in life.

Anonymous said...

6:58 Sounds like the opening lines of a - lawyer about to do something stupid - novel.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez was great on kümmel last night. Funny. Charming. Forgave the jury for making a big mistake. Said that we all make mistakes , including juries. Was confident about the appeal and didn't discount playing in the NFL next year.

Anonymous said...

11:46, get over yourself. I'm so sick of people getting offended when the obvious is stated.

If you make a conscious decision to wear your pants handing down past your ass, don't be offended when someone calls you a gangster or a thug.

If you pose for selfies holding up a gun and grinning in front of a mirror, don't be offended when someone calls you a gangster or a thug.

And if you think you have the right to kill someone because you think they "disrespected" you (not a proper word btw), don't be offended when someone calls you a gangster or a thug.

Please, people are AND SHOULD BE judged based upon how they present themselves to the world.

Anonymous said...

"Special Ed" has opposition

Anonymous said...

Not meant to be patronizing; you should be thankful for your life.
Your buddy with the new boat is hundreds of thousands in debt and hasn't told his wife, he's been stealing from his partnership and it's only a matter of time before he's found out.
Model girlfriend of your buddy is only with him because he drives her around in fancy car and takes her to fancy places she can't afford. When she's not with him and with her 'girl-friends' it's actually her real boyfriend who she wants to get married and start a family with.

Anonymous said...

I really like his chances on appeal on the murder 1 charge (but not anything else). Looks like a strong "insufficient evidence" argument can be made on the element of intent to kill.

Anonymous said...

I second 9:57

"Disrespected" is not a verb. Always irritates me, (affording me a moment of respite from the miserable, pointless workday described by my new guru, MG)

Anonymous said...

Miserable guy please post. How is your day going???

Shumie said...

Miserable guy come by the REN or my cigar store. Dinner drinks and a cigar on me buddy.

Anonymous said...

Why does hernandez get an appeal? Hispanic and black gang members who commit murder should lose all rights. They be lucky they get a trial. Just throw garbage away.

Rumpole said...

Now before everyone emails me about the last comment - think about it for a moment and recognize how many people feel this way. Scary.

Claude Erskine - Browne said...

Dear 11:47
Wouldn't it be easier if we just presumed them all Guilty unless they can prove themselves Not Guilty.
If the Police arrest you and the State charges you , your
obviously guilty, unless you can prove you didn't Do it. Would you prefer that system?

earl rogers said...

Another non-word that has found its way into common usage="conversate" And my favorite misused word of all="manse" I grew up in a series of manses and they sure weren't anything close to mansions.

Anonymous said...

1:04, we have that system already in the red light cameras tickets.

T. S. Eliot said...

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Mistah Kurtz-he dead
A penny for the Old Guy


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We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats' feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

Shape without form, shade without colour,
Paralysed force, gesture without motion;

Those who have crossed
With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom
Remember us-if at all-not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men
The stuffed men.


Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
In death's dream kingdom
These do not appear:
There, the eyes are
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There, is a tree swinging
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Lips that would kiss
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This is the way the world ends
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Paul Petruzzi said...

So you're a thief?

Paul Petruzzi said...

Not guilty

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Hollow Men.

Anonymous said...

MG: Make everyone around you happier and drink a quart of antifreeze.

Scott Saul said...

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Anonymous said...

regarding the 73 year old aux cop who shot the black involved in a drug deal.If you run from the cops after breaking the law you deserve to get shot. Taxpayers saved money in not having to feed and house this felon.

Anonymous said...

Gaba gaba hey!