Tuesday, November 26, 2013


What does Rumpole do when not trying and winning cases? 
Well, we read. We write. 

And we try and solve number theory problems. 

Goldbach's Conjecture states that every even integer greater than two can be expressed by the sum of two prime numbers. 

A prime number is a number divisible only by itself and one. 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23....you get the point. 

Goldbach's conjecture states that an even number say 10 can be expressed by the sum of two primes:

7 + 3 =10;  19 +23 =42. Pick any even number. It works.  

For some even integers there can be more than one set of prime numbers. For instance 100= 97 +3;  or 
100= 89 + 11; etc.

Goldach's second conjecture: 
In the margins of Goldbach's letter in which he wrote on June 30, 1742,  Goldbach also wrote that any integer over five can be expressed by the sum of any three prime numbers. 

While we're confident that any test you run will show that the both conjectures work, the conjectures have never been proven. And proof is what drives mathematicians. 

So have at it, but remember that hundreds of the best mathematicians in the world have devoted years of their careers to a mostly fruitless search for a proof. Hint: you need to start at the "prime integer theorem" and go from there. 

It's better than taking a depo on Thanksgiving eve. 

See You In Court in a few weeks. 


DS said...

Wrong, I'd rather take a depo then deal w those #s.
Oh wait, I DO have 2 depos set on the morning before Turkey-day

Anonymous said...

You bad? I have a sounding in Newman tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Rump if you're drafting for Thanksgiving who do you take #1? Do you go safe with the turkey pick or reach for stuffing, potatoes, sweet potato pie?

Fake Colby said...

Another fixed blog contest? Shhesh.


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Make a difference
Change the world one survivor pool at a time.

Rumpole said...

Just picked up four bottles of Charmes Chamberlin Grand Cru 2007 for tomorrow night. The wine store unexpectedly had some.

Anonymous said...

What'd you pay? about $150 a bottle?
Too soon to drink it.
wait til next year

Rumpole said...

Got 4 for $500. They will not make it through the weekend.

Anonymous said...

You have to draft the turkey first. It's thanksgiving for goodness sakes.

Anonymous said...

Can someone, anyone cover my Newman sounding tomorrow. I'll Pay$$

Anonymous said...

Rump, what do you know about the Iriskiny?

Rumpole said...

I think you mean the USS Oriskany, (The Big O) an Essex class carrier completed after WWII. Saw action in Korean conflict and Vietnam war.

I believe she is now the largest artificial reef in the world, sunk in the Gulf off of Florida and a diving attraction.

What else do you want to know?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, have you dive the Oriskany? I'm sure that diving the Oriskany or the Vandenberg beats thinking about crazy conjectures and stuff.

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Come spend a thanksgiving day you will never forget. Just head west on Bird until you see the everglades and the Big Green Alligator smoking a cigar.

Anonymous said...

rumpole is a fisherman ... not a scuba diver.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here now. A big turkey leg, an Arturo Fuente, a cold bud, and a Shumie cutie nearby

Anonymous said...

Dude, he has a Black Dragon or a louixs and you're fooling around with an AF?

Rumpole said...

Jesus was a fisherman. I'm in good company.

Anonymous said...

Shumie deep fried at least a dozen birds at the store today.

Anonymous said...

I knew Rumpole is Jewish. He is on a hannukah fishing trip in the Sea of Galilee ... catch some mutton snapper for us Rumpole the Holy One!

DS said...

Peter was a fisherman,
Jesus was a carpenter