Sunday, May 30, 2010


The view from the beach we're running on every morning. (OK. Part walk, part run. But it's still exercise.)

Here's a Memorial Day Weekend update because we're just in one of those moods.

Here's a nice Sun Sentinel article on Federal Judge James Cohn. "A true southern gentlemen" is how he is described. Judge Cohn will be sentencing Former Broward School Board Member
Beverly Gallagher on June 2. A week later he will be sentencing Scott Rothstein and on July 2 he will be sentencing former Miramar City Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman.
Quite a trifecta for the Judge.

The latest attempt to cap the gushing oil well in the Gulf Of Mexico has failed. It is reasonable to assume that the well will continue gushing until August, when a relief well will be finished.

The Gulf of Mexico is considered the "nursery" of the seas. Species as far flung as Blue Fin Tuna, which are harvested off the coast of Massachusetts, Dorado (Dolphin), several species of Turtles, Grouper and Snapper, not to mention several species of whales, all spawn in the Gulf. Currents from the Gulf reach the Atlantic and the Caribbean oceans within a short period of time, and other oceans thereafter. The world and our oceans are much more interconnected than we realize.

Even if the well was plugged today, there would be an ecological collapse of monumental proportions. When a species like Blue Fin Tuna which spends it life in the northern atlantic collapses, it effects the entire food chain below it. Some species will explode in volume, and others will collapse, all upsetting the delicate natural balance that has existed for thousands of years.

And all of these results are from the known problems of oil spills. Who knows the effects the chemical dispersants will cause when it is dumped on currents we barely know about 5000 feet below the surface? When it comes to the effects of humans on nature this much is true- there are things we know and can control; there are things we don't know and can't control; and most importantly- there are things about which we don't know we don't know. And that is the truly scary part because we will soon find out about that.

From a practical standpoint two ideas emerge from this disaster: we shouldn't be drilling a mile beneath the ocean when we clearly can't control accidents. And also this- the wide spread ecological disaster that will come to define our time will also unfortunately define the Obama Presidency. And that is a shame, because this man is so talented, and he has brought back talented and smart people to government. And none of that will matter because this oil spill will over shadow it all.

This is a whole lot worse than we've even begun to wrap our minds around. But let us leave you with this- if you are a cook, or an accountant, or a lawyer, or a taxi cab driver in Miami- just how to do think your life will change when the entire tourist industry in our town collapses? No one visits beaches and oceans ruined by oil and chemicals.

Sorry to be so morose, but this is what is on our mind.


Anonymous said...

love the hamptons! there every summer- enjoy

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, New Yorkers might call that a beach, but to a Floridian, that's a rock-strewn shore where gravel is euphemistically called "sand".

Be careful with any mutant animals escaped from the Plum Island secret lab. They are known to show up in those shores. Likewise, the supposedly shut down facility at Montauk Point is said to have played a key role in the Philadelphia Experiment, and you may end up arrested for trespassing or, worse yet, learning too much.

By the way, I'm surprised to see that you put your hopes on Obama, because his only redeeming social value was that he was not Bush and that he had an eloquent, albeit substantless, way of reminding the voters of that. To me, Obama sounded just like those defendants who every day promise to bring my fee in the afternoon and then ask for a public defender at arraignment.

Anonymous said...

Miguel de la O
Robin Faber
Robert Galt III
Darrin Gayles
Andrew Hague
Patricia Kopco
Robert Kuntz Jr.
Bronwyn Miller
Rodney Smith
Lisa Walsh
Deborah White Labora

The interviews are this Wednesday. For all you future complainers: Which 6 names should go to the Governor and which 6 will go to the Governor? Let your voices be heard! Better yet, call the members of the JNC.

CAPTAIN said...

reprinted from May 20, 2010 with permission from The Captain


So you want to be a Circuit Court Judge .....

The JNC has reviewed 19 applications and has narrowed the list to 11 persons that will be interviewed.

Here is the list of those that will be interviewed:

Miguel de la O
Robin Faber
Robert Galt III
Darrin Gayles
Andrew Hague
Patricia Kopco
Robert Kuntz Jr.
Bronwyn Miller
Rodney Smith
Lisa Walsh
Deborah White Labora

Here is the list of those that did not make the cut

William Altfield
Ofelia Damas Rodriguez
Gary Gorday
Steven Grossbard
Gordon Murray
Gladys Perez
Jeffrey Swartz
Marie Jo Toussaint

Interviews will take place on June 2, 2010.

Once again, instead of complaining about which names get sent up to the governor, why not share your thoughts with a JNC member.

Contact Chair Mark Romance

or any of the other JNC members:

Gonzalo Dorta
Philip Freidin
Manny Kadre
John Kozyak
Rayfield McGhee
Andres Rivero
Daniel Schwartz

Cap Out .......

Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:28:00 PM

Anonymous said...

Give it to Gayles, for god sakes.

But I suspect that the nod will go to whomever will bring Crist some much needed votes.

I see Hague's name pop up every now and again, but I never see Hague. Hanging out in Coral Gables branch court.

Andy, we love you and you are hands down the foremost expert on Cheers trivia, but you're like the Loch Ness monster of judges down here.

Anonymous said...

These vacation photos and out of town court cases from Rump are a red herring. Otherwise, anyone that knows of any attorney that happens to be on vacation or working in or around the same spot would know Rump's identity immediately.

Si o no?

Rumpole said...

I write about a horrible environmental tragedy and all you think about is finding me? It's neanderthal thinking like that that allows me to be so much more successful than you and travel by means you could never afford and stay in places you are not welcome.

Fake Blecher said...

Until Rumpole returns to the Blog I am in charge here. Constitutionally Gentlemen you have Rumpole, then me, then the Captain, then The Colonel, and then perhaps Fake Alschuler.

Anonymous said...

From now on this Blog is restricted to only those who can read French newspapers, travel by private jet, and stay in Members Only Hampton resorts. The rest of you go find your own Blog.

Rumpole said...

Not entirely. This blog is restricted to being WRITTEN by someone who fits that description.

The hoi poloi is free to read it, as I write to serve them (not) but until I charge for access, it's free.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is not in the Hamptons. He is in Miami, perhaps in Cape Florida beach (if he was able to get in before it got filled by the hoi poloi), with a cooler full of Old Milwaukee or Olde English beer, drinking and flipping burgers in a portable grill with a boombox blasting reggaeton music.

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward said...

Rump, you make me so very very hot when you speak French.

Conscience of the Blog said...

For my money the lyrics "There ain't no coupe deville hiding at the bottom of a cracker jack box" in the Meatloaf's 2 Out of 3 are some really great rock and roll lyrics.

For my money the show the Deadliest Catch is the most compelling show on TV. Sig Hansen appears to be the best Captain, but season in season out captain Keith's boat earns the most money and so does his crew. But you know that when it's time to party you want to be with the Hllstrand Brothers- the guys who run the time bandit. You know when the season is over they run down to Cabo and blow their dough on broads and booze.

And Captain Phil Harris will always live in re-runs.

Shot an 82 at Key Biscayne this weekend.

I am and will always remain

Scene Around Town said...

Keith Weathers and Hammerin Hank Mays- the two boys from Boston who are tearing up the criminal defense field, at the Shore Club surrounding by bathing beauties and ignoring them all while watching the Sox on TV. Later on that night they invited some of the local flora and fauna and partied at SET. We lost count at the third bottle of Kauffman Vodka (1000 per).

Tom Terrific Risivy at a local waterin hole with a big cigar and a few cool ones expounding on some brilliant victories of the past.

Kent Coleman walking out of Prime 112 a few hours after walking line he owned the joint past the large line and getting the best seat in the house. The same blonde on his arm each way.

That Judge That Judge, boogeying at Space- and she should know better than to party there.

A few local beach attorneys getting turned away from the Shore Club, Porsche and all.

The North Miami Crew at the Aventura Mortons Sunday night running up a 1000 + bar tab before the meal.

A couple of Dade Prosecutors thinking they can act up because they're on Las Olas on Saturday night. Uhh...guys- people have video phones on their cameras. Kathy wouldn't be happy.

And a few of Carlos's boys and gurls at the Clevelander. They know how to have fun and keep it safe.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who Rump is? The beauty of this blog is that we can post anonymously.........allowing us to speak freely without fear of repercussion and permitting readers to consider our opinions without being weighed down by their personal opinions of the posters.

I hope you all never figure out who Rump is (or me ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey 3:35! I'm surprised those defendants that are visiting you had the courtesy to lie about hiring you. Sometimes we underestimate the judgement of these defendants. Relax we will all have another shot at voting for Sarah soon enough.

Anonymous said...

That is the mountauk point lighthouse. tip of long island. I used to live and fish on block island (commercial), . come on rump, cant keep throwing up soft balls n not expect to get caught. ( we just spoke the other day),but dont worry your secret is safe with me. Jason Grey

Memories... said...


Anonymous said...

If Miguel makes the list to the Governor, I have the inside scoop that you will be calling him, your honor.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the usual suspects having drinks at Harry's Bar in Rosales. A far cry from Further Lane Rumpole...