Friday, February 19, 2010


UPDATE: Fins cornerback Will Allen has been arrested by the Miami Beach Police Department for DUI. Yahoo Sports article here.

UPDATE: The former self described "vicar" of American foreign policy, and perhaps the savior of the American presidency during his tenure as Nixon's chief of staff during the last days of Nixon's presidency, General Alexander M. Haig has passed away.


Visitors to felony bond hearing court today may have been a bit startled to see a ghost from the past. Who was that strange fellow sitting on the bench with the long gray pony tail?

Just who was that judge who was later seen in Au Bon Pain peddling a CD (proceeds to charity) with his picture on the front canoodling with a well endowed, much younger Panamanian woman?

Why none other than the man, the myth, the legend.......(and the rock star??)

Rick Margolius!!!!

Can't get enough of Judge Margolius a/k/a "Zweig"? (Don't ask us, we have no idea)

Then go here to his website, where you can see the cover of his new hit CD "Running out of Time", and listen to the title track (we've always been partial to the single "I'm drunk"*) while perusing some very interesting pictures of our hero canoodling with some of his legion of Panamanian female fans (and one picture of Rick with Ray Rodriguez in Vegas)

Retirement seems to agree with Rick Margolius, and yet.....we're like a persistent rash. Some how once the REGJB gets in your blood, you can never get it out. So Margolius returns for some part time judging, and some full time Miami fun.

See you in court, just waiting for a bond hearing for old times sake.

*No kidding. That's actually a song on one of his previous CDs.

UPDATE: He's our favourite current president. He's a biologist with a doctorate in Zoology. He was neither elected nor appointed nor did he seize power in a military coup. And after a few weeks as President the man the NY Times says is a "obscure son of a rural canoe-carver and fisherman" who is a "mild-mannered academic in a black fedora" is drawing rave reviews for his presidency. We are of course speaking of Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria. The NY Times article is here.


Anonymous said...

he is horrible at bond hearings. he sets the most ridiculous bonds for misdemeanors.

Fake Jake Thompson said...

TO: Fla Supreme Court and all lawyers world wide
From: Fake Jake Thompson- once and future disbarred lawyer plenipotentiary

RE: Gotcha!

It has come to my attention that all of my filings, pleadings, rantings and ravings have been electronically deleted from the 196 court dockets that I have filed my filing files.

As the late Justice Rutherford Quicy Olmstead of the great Ohio Municipal court once wrote in 1923 in Smythe v. Barum Amusments, "The Florida Bar will one day cause the destruction of the ozone layer, global warming, the collapse of a mortgage bubble, the evisceration of the infield fly rule, the ruination of baseball by the designated hitter rule, and will be indirectly responsible for a woman named Sarah Palin".

You are now seeing that startling prediction coming true.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You can reinstate me now
or pay me later.

Your choice.

Fake J T Plenipotentiary disbarred lawyer extraordinaire, Earl and OBE (which makes me an Ear lobe), Esq.

Anonymous said...

Margolis is a character. Not a great Judge, but a character. Don't miss him on the bench.

Fake Kenny W said...


Anonymous said...

Old Fingers Bleed is an amazing song. Go Judge Zweig

REal fake blecher said...

Rock, roll and remember with Rick Zweig!

Anonymous said...

What next? Al Sepe parading the halls singing "that's amore."

Anonymous said...

Personally I like
"I'm Drunk " off the 1st CD

Anonymous said...

Margolius was a bully when he was on the bench. Now he's a freakish has-been jamming with a garage band. Big deal.

Anonymous said...


I'm amazed no comments here about the emial to all in the court system from AOC about Blake LEAVING criminal and the opening being filled by seniority of whoever wants to transfer to the criminal division. He's apparently off to family replacing Amy DOnner who's returning to civil replacing Hubbard who's going to Probate replacing Gersten who resigned.

EYEONQ said...

Dolphins Corner Back arrested for DUI......


Scott Saul said...

Living in exotic places, canoodling with pretty girls, chasing the dream,living with no boundaries, making music, looking better and more relaxed than ever...I used to think Margolius was nuts but obviously he is not.

Anonymous said...

Did the Dolphin player hired the L & L Twins & Hot Associate firm to represent him, like other players do?

Anonymous said...

rick is probably popping vitamin V in copious amounts to keep up with the little firecracker from panama

Anonymous said...

did I see the chick on ricks website on 8th street latinas?

Anonymous said...

No, it was on CostaRicaTicas.Com.

Ric is a very odd dude, no question. But he seems to be living la pura vida south of the border. I know for a fact that crazy old white guys with a few sheckels can live VERY well down there.

Who gives a shit if his music doesn't go platinum? I bet he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:48 - most NFL guys hire
Eddie O'Donnell. Not to hate on the L&L twins but they've just gotten themselves in the mix recently.

Anonymous said...

I hope this football player hires a DUI expert like Hersch, Catalano or Reiff.

Lyons seems to have some lock on the beach high profile cases and is a good lawyer but, is not an expert at DUI's.

This is a run of the mill DUI case and only an expert could pull this one off.

Anonymous said...

She's not hot! A woman being called attractive in the REG is like being the tallest midget! Relax and re-evaluate the decisions you've made in your life.

I'd expect Allen to hire Adam Swickle...he's married to Drew Rosenhaus' sister...that was Roscoe Parrish's attorney.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting on Adam Swickle as Wil Allen is one of "Drew's boys" and blood is thicker than water.